Logs for April 2009

236 logs posted for April 2009.

Date Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Modus Operandi Coren, Elisabeth and Muldoon
April Fools' Rebecca and Coren
On The Horizon Kaito and Kimiko
Tripwire Thingies Cardinal, Brian, Linderman, and Nicole
The Way You Are Sonny and Teo
Doing Better Than Finger-Wiggling Elisabeth, Felix, and Leland
04/02 Your Face Sonny and Teo
Hooked on a Feeling Satoru and Django
How To Make Friends And Influence People Alec and Elisabeth
Bourbon Drunk Abby and Coren
04/03 It's Sort Of Like High School Sometimes Elisabeth and Terry
Too Easy Kimiko and Magnes
It Takes A Thief Cardinal and Elisabeth
Hunger, Hurt and Hope Sebastian and Ygraine
04/04 Lifetime Movies Make Everything Better Abby and Elisabeth
For Family Hiro and Kimiko
04/05 I'll Be Bach Huruma and Joseph
Unwelcome Reunion Sebastian and Veronica
Cut And Blow Raquelle and Veronica
04/06 So... I'm Dealing With It But We Got A Problem Elisabeth and Trask
Cops and Homeless Vets Elisabeth and Jake
So Not Hair Kids Mallory and Simon
In the Darkness of Everybody's Life Brian, Deckard and Joseph
Too Cute To Say No Katherine, Schuyler and Veronica
So Mature Alexander, Django, Doyle, and Elle
To Err Is Human Mason
Are There Really Any Coincidences? Cardinal, Cat, and Mason
Wounds a Mile Wide, a Fathom Deep Sebastian and Tamsine
Risky Behavior at Rapture Kimberlynn and Tobias
04/07 And the Wind Began to Howl Brooke and Tamara
Abby-sitting Date Cardinal and Elisabeth
Getting Tough Minea, Sebastian and Simon
Lost and Found At Super Snips Matt and Raquelle
Welcome To The Club Abby and Cardinal
Here, Kitty Kitty Alexander, Helena, and Jessica
What Time They Had Helena and Peter
Curtain Call Alexander and Verse
When Lightning Strikes, Part I Boxer, Canfield, Cat, Diego, Django, Eileen, Helena, Hiro, Jessica, Knox, Lucrezia, Shard, Teo and Trask
When Lightning Strikes, Part II Alexander, Brooke, Elle, Gabriel, Gillian, Helena, Hiro, Isabelle, Lucrezia, Peter, Tamara, Teo and Verse
When Lightning Strikes, Part III April, Doyle, Edward, Hiro, John, Nathan and Niles
Snip Edward and John
Iron Heart Edward and Rickham
Men Are On Mars Gabriel and Teo
Freedom Came My Way One Day Boxer and Shard
Three Places At Once Cat
04/08 What Happened Out There? Cat and Elisabeth
New Faces In The Precinct Cassidy and Elisabeth
The Condensed Version Deckard and Simon
Just An Update Cardinal and Elisabeth
Do Martians Dream Of Crimson Sheep Gabriel and Teo
04/09 Dragons, Denial and Disbelief Abby, Cardinal and Xiulan
Inconclusive Abby and Cat
Assholes and Advice Cardinal, Deckard, Emilie, and Pearl
04/10 Personae Non Gratae Claude and Ygraine
Village Bodega Cassidy, Elisabeth, Rebecca and Terry
Q's And Booze Eliot, Nalani and Veronica
Robin Hood Robin Hood
When Earthlings Attack Gabriel and Teo
04/11 More or Less Polite Robin Hood and Wireless
Moonshine By A Rocket Fuel Fire Gabriel and Teo
IM Simon and Robin Hood
Hey Big Spender Nathan
04/12 No Face Eliot and Minea
Opposites... Or Variations Cat and Elisabeth
It Wasn't Me Abby, Canaan, Doyle and Xiulan
Semantics Grace, Sebastian, Minea and Coren
Narrowing The List Abby, Cardinal and Xiulan
04/13 Cold Coffee And A Crush Kimberlynn and Robin Hood
I Have A Few Things Abby and Elisabeth
Magnes J Varlane Meets Joseph H Christ Abby, Joseph, and Magnes
Scone? Cassidy and Coren
Greetings From Nepal Hiro and Kimiko
Business at Dinner Amato and Grace
Fucking Antarctica, Part II Gillian and Peter
Out of Antarctica Gillian and Peter
Thou Seest My Needs Abby, Arnold and Samuel Butterflies
04/14 Passacaglia Eileen
Making Nalani Scream Nalani and Robin Hood
Go Marching One By One Eileen and Julian
And The Little Blue Planet Keeps Spinning Kinney, Gabriel and Teo
Dude, Where's My Car? Edgar and Russo
Like a True Nature's Child Edgar, Maeve, Melissa, and Russo
04/15 I Felt A Funeral In My Brain Deckard
Not Merry Malware and Wireless
Hello Kitty Cat and Kimiko
Forces of Nature Joseph and Raquelle
White Rabbit Bebe and Felix
It Never Rains In Southern California Aaron, Abby, Eileen and Felix
The Kids Are All Right Rocket, Simon and Zuleyka
04/16 Sauna Strategy Alec and Cat
Not Technically Breaking Rules... April and Reed
My Independence Seems to Vanish in the Haze Deckard and Joseph
For What You Will Do Niles
Change Needs to Happen April and Edward
The Cats Came Back The Very Next Day Abby, Bebe, Cat, Felix and Teo
Eyeing Zoe Robin Hood and Zoe
A Return in Investment Eileen and Teo
One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila Floor. Bebe, Cardinal, Mallory, Minea, Murdoch, Simon and Terry
Two For One! Mallory, Minea, Simon and Terry
04/17 Praemonitus Praemunitus Abby and Ben
Handing out Homework April, Doyle, Nathan, Niles and Reed
The Alistairs Interviews Katherine, Mallory, Minea, Nalani and Simon
When You Assume Gillian and Nathan
Pissing in HomeSec's Cornflakes Elisabeth and Murdoch
04/18 A Brief Blessing Abby and Magnes
Justification April and Nathan
Following Orders Eileen, John and Julian
If You Happen To See A Spare Body Lying Around Abby and Robin Hood
Self-Correcting Problem Edward and Doyle
Plea From A Cat Named Virtue Deckard and Teo
Hey Baby. What's Your Ability? Kimberlynn and Robin Hood
Intrusion Detected At Pinehearst Reed
No Gloves No Love Cardinal and Magnes
The Littlest Badguy Logan and Satoru
Taking the Gray Out Raquelle and Tuck
Thanks For Shooting That Guy Cardinal and Pearl
04/19 Raison d'Etre April
Utopia's Not For Guys Like Us Satoru and Niles
The Most Excellent Way Abby, April, Bebe, Cardinal, Daphne, Deckard, Huruma, Joseph, Kinney, Magnes, Raquelle and Teo
I Do See You Sonny and Teo
He's Just The Prime Suspect Cat and Elisabeth
04/20 Strawberry Shortcake And The Case Of The Missing Leg Abby and Raquelle
Dude, Where's Your Husband? Bolivar and Raquelle
My Brains Are Turning To Tapioca Elisabeth and Terry
Like An Old Glove Adam and Huruma
Another Day, Another Dollar Aaron and Abby
Soy un Perdedor Deckard and Delilah
Boys Will Have Their Toys Doyle and Niles
04/21 Splashdown In Tokyo Hiro and Kimiko
Good News Joseph and Teo
Balloons Over Europa Delilah, Sacha and Teo
If Not 'For Life' Sonny and Teo
04/22 The Way We Were Carmichael and Goodman
That's The Way To Do It Abby, Doyle and Magnes
Honor Thy Father Arthur, Mason, Maury and Peter
Mixed Messages Deckard, Felix and Raquelle
About A Rat Elisabeth and Teo
Pest Control Fedor and Teo
The Monroe Detective Agency Abby, Adam, Eve and Huruma
04/23 Hiding Abby, Ben, Ewan
Blood Oaths Eileen and Felix
The Evil League of Evil Adam, Cardinal, and Ethan
I Saw A Film Today Cat and Joseph
A Cat In Hand Felix and Teo
Monsters Playing Heroes Canfield, Hector and Iago
What's Your Poison? Satoru and Adam
They're Both Like Cockroaches Abby and Felix
04/24 Clue Mu-Qian and Bebe
I Am Not Quite Myself Eileen and Teo
Neither Saints Nor Heroes Felix and Teo
I Make House Calls Too Abby and Coren
A Strange Absentee Threesome Indeed Bebe and Felix
Shouldn't You Have a Partner? Felix and Leland
Do You Remember When... Gabriel and Gillian
Seeking Solace Abby and Joseph
Birds in the Bush April, Darla, Felix, Minea, Raquelle and Samantha
Dealing Joseph and Raquelle
One Ring To Rule Them All Adam and Zoe
04/25 Tyler Case And Nathan Too? Cat and Kimiko
The Siege Of Reporters... Abby and Cat
Motivated Decision Making Adam and Nalani
A Healthy Arrangement Adam and Deckard
Give Them What They Want Abby and Delilah
Shaggy And The Puppeteer Doyle and Reed
Company in April Katherine and Minea
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Abby, Cardinal, Huruma and Magnes
If I Feel Tomorrow Like I Feel Today Bolivar and Raquelle
Insanity Plea Deckard and Teo
04/26 Dial H For Hiro Kimiko and Magnes
Hiro's Whore Kimiko and Minea
Of Puppets and Fairies Chloe and Mortimer
Can I See Your Tag? Nalani and Veronica
Love, Adam Abby
Honest Work Cat and Teo
Adam Happened Adam, Chloe, Hugh, Katherine, Minea and Veronica
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Adam and Zoe
He Likes You Abby and Huruma
Earth Sucks Gabriel and Teo
04/27 Priveleged Adam and Paul
Ice Cream and Tits Adam and Mortimer
Orders To Bring You Flowers Minea and Terry
Job Abby and Adam
Plausible Deniability Cardinal, Cat, and Elisabeth
In Search Of Aria... Cat, Elisabeth, and Felix
Elephants And Stick Men Sonny and Teo
Can I Smell You? Lawrence and Minea
To Catch A Predator Lita, Mallory, Adam and Amy
A Far Better Course Cat, Edward, John, and Mason
My Eyes and Ears Elisabeth and Simon
Sociology Abby, Adam, Deckard, Huruma and Lita
Possession Mallory and Reed
Awkward Silence Abby and Deckard
04/28 Little Red Riding Hood Adam and Amy
Graffiti Cardinal, Lita, Reed and Terry
An Expected Guest Cardinal and Simon
Get Well Soon, Minea! Bolivar and Minea
Occam's Razor April, Lawrence and Minea
What We Do Gillian and Peter
Metaphorical Butterflies Adam and Zoe
Pot Calling Kettle Black Aaron and Abby
Listen Like Thieves Ewan and Rocket
Everyone's A Critic Gabriel and Gillian
Fighting Back the Wolves Eileen and Ethan
04/29 All Valid Questions Cat and Elisabeth
Hired Reaper Cardinal and Mortimer
How to Shop for Mallory Reed
Rapping on the Past Simon and Sebastian
Garden Stroll Linderman and Mortimer
Square One Eileen and Ethan
15, 31 and Forty Deckard and Mortimer
Just Confirmation Abby and Mortimer
The Backdoor to Heaven Elisabeth and Katherine
Questions 67 and 68 Nicole and Rickham
Two In No Man's Land Minea and Teo
Planning April and Doyle
Marks Katherine, Minea and Veronica
And In This Moment I Am Happy Abby, Sonny and Teo
Paths Not To Take Simon and the Monster
The Grumpy Cop Supper Club Bolivar and Leland
Reforged By Fire Gabriel, Gillian, John, Peter and Rickham
04/30 Shush girl, shut your lips Abby
Monochrome Delirious, Part I Dorothy and Toto
Breakfast and Bradley Lawrence and Minea
Adam Doesn't Know Hiro Adam and Magnes
Door Number One Cat and Hana
Q and... A? Terry
Lament Of The Night Owl Felix and Minea
Hurt Eileen and Gabriel
Iron Maiden Gillian, Bebe, and Tuck
Bavarian Steel Dutch and Mortimer
Zombie Island Cardinal and Simon
No Eating The Protege Abby. Adam, Amy and Huruma
Perpetuity Revealed Abby and Adam
Violence and Variations Eileen, Gabriel and Teo
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