Logs for April 2010

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314 logs posted for April 2010.

Date Time Title Participants
04/01 01:00 Sick Jokes Brennan and Daphne
05:00 Like Cockroaches Alexander, Anders, Brennan, Corbin, Daphne, Delilah, Else, Francois, Kendall, Liette, Melissa, Mouse and Teo
Early Morning If The Situation Changes Alexander and Francois
Morning Bye Bye Blonde Claire and Gillian
Late Morning The Strip-O-Gram Incident Cooper
Afternoon Drives Pregnant Women Into Labor Audrey and Pandora
Afternoon Herbal Remedies Magnes and Mu-Qian
Late Afternoon What We're Fighting For Gillian and Rickham
Late Afternoon I Will Abby and Caliban
Night Components, Part I Eve
Night Components, Part II Leonardo
Night Components, Part III Kaitlyn
Night The Red Room Logan and Niki
Late Night Times Are Gone For Honest Men Deckard and Teo
04/02 Pre-Dawn Unbreak My Francois and Teo
Late Morning Green Isn't Good Abby and Ryans
Late Morning The Should Haves Corbin and Daphne
Late Morning A Lack of Yelling Joseph and Melissa
Noon With Minimal Violence Corbin, Eileen, Joseph, Luke and Ryans
Afternoon Another Company Shrink Abby and Allison
Afternoon On His Good Sides Veronica and Mister Jack
Afternoon Something Very Tragic Angela and Magnes
Evening Shill Anders and Vincent
04/03 Early Afternoon And Then They Got High Bella and Magnes
Late Afternoon Swinging By Brennan and Delilah
Early Evening Best Present Possible Gillian, Hailey, Lance, Magnes and Mala
Evening A Different Type of Racism Kendall and Melissa
Evening Specialties Allison and Bella
Evening Things Slipped Magnes and Peyton
Night A Microwaved Wallet Huruma and Ryans
Night Healing? Or Not Abby and Melissa
Night Like Unicorns Felix and Maddie
04/04 Past Midnight Something Beautiful Eileen, Gabriel and Raith
01:00 Cross That Bridge When I Get There Brennan and Michelle
Morning Sunrise Services Elisabeth
Morning Practically the Ritz Daphne and Joseph
Late Morning A Change is Going to Come Brennan and Praeger
Noon Vigil Deckard and Joseph
Noon Stop Being Nice To Me Abby and Odessa
Early Afternoon What I Do Have... Abby and Cardinal
Early Evening Last Time I Saw... Gillian
Evening Things Fall Into Place Brennan, Kendall, Liette, Melissa and Rourke
Night The Journal, Part I Luis and Zimmerman
04/05 Morning Daidō Shōi, Part V Hiro
Late Morning Bitter Exchange Abby and Darren
Late Morning If He Had More Time Kaylee and Peter
Late Morning Acquisition Rights Alexander, Chuckles, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Jericho, McRae, Melissa, Meredith, Raith and Teo
Afternoon Are They... Together? Kaylee and Molly
Evening Does The Butterfly Remember The Caterpillar Gillian, Helena, McRae and Michelle
Midnightish I Don't Know What It Is About You Abby and Peter
04/06 Late Morning Just A Few More Pieces Audrey, Cooper and Rebecca
Noon Would You Do It? Abby and Melissa
Evening Research Partnership Bella and Mohinder
Evening Snowfall Abby, Adelaide, Cooper, Luke, Maddie, Magnes, Michelle, Noriko, Peter and Samson
Night No One Calls Him Ashley Ash, Claire, Knox and Kris
Night Officially His Own Island Aviators and Eileen
04/07 Morning Taking It Out On Cooper Audrey and Cooper
Late Morning Scum of the Earth Audrey and Maddie
Late Morning Awkward Confessions Magnes and Sparrow
Noon Beware the Ides of March Kain and Roderick
Late Afternoon Blindsided Allison, Brandon and Ryans
Late Afternoon Pursuit Billy, Brandon, Corbin and Veronica
Early Evening In the Name of Hope Abby and Tamara
Early Evening Catch 22 Allison, Billy, Brandon, Corbin, Ryans and Veronica
Early Evening Snow Drops and Memory Snatchings Adelaide and Ash
Evening See you later, Dick Ash and Melissa
Night On the Tequila Niki
Late Night Necessary Precautions Corbin and Vincent
04/08 Pre-Dawn If You Turn Into A Fly Monster... Abby and Melissa
Pre-Dawn ...I'll Fly After You Abby and Peter
Morning Relevant Answers Audrey, Magnes and Veronica
Morning To Empty a Full Cup Magnes and Rebel
Late Morning Daidō Shōi, Part VI Delilah, Else and Hiro
Early Afternoon Plans Brennan and Vincent
Early Afternoon The Monster's Cage Darren and Melissa
Early Afternoon The Monster's Heart Abby, Darren and Melissa
Afternoon Feels Better Deckard and Eileen
Evening No Love In This Elevator Ash, Ina, Magnes, Peyton, Roderick, Tommy and Vincent
Night No Place For Us "Batsu" and Luke
Night Margaritas and Brownies Abby and Melissa
Night Thanks Beefy Ash and Lucille
04/09 Mid-Morning The Loop Elisabeth and Jessica
Morning A Speedy's Recovery Brennan and Daphne
Morning Different Bags, Different Tags Martin, Ryans and Veronica
Late Morning That Happy Thing Melissa and Odessa
Late Morning Ask And Ye Shall Receive Audrey and Felix
Early Afternoon Tony's Angel Melissa and Tony
Afternoon Murphy's a Bitch Lola, Luke and Mister Jack
Evening Bait and Trap Elisabeth, Francois and Teo
Night Up in Smoke Abby, Colette, Eileen, Maddie, Magnes, Melissa and Tommy
Night On My Way Raith
Night For Now, I'm Your Worst Enemy Claire and Gabriel
Night Try Harder Colette, Eileen, Francois and Raith
Night A Dangerous Profession Lashirah and Ryans
04/10 Pre-Dawn Absurdly Familiar Abby and Teo
Early Morning Finally Legal To Drink Claire
Afternoon Inside Out Deckard and Teo
Afternoon An Unexpected Birthday Call Claire and Magnes
Late Afternoon Slaves To The Buns Caliban, Felix, Ina, Luke, Miranda, Rain and Roderick
Late Afternoon Like Pulling Teeth Felix and Luke
Early Evening I Want A Pet Dinosaur Kendall and Melissa
Evening Special Interest Noriko
Evening Not a Visit Magnes and Melissa
Late Evening Glib Eileen and Gabriel
04/11 Afternoon Comfort And Confusion Abby and Joseph
Evening His and Hers Melissa and Peter
Evening Suppression Is Total Bao-Wei, Bella and Noriko
Evening Go Get Drunk Abby and Melissa
Evening Setting the Knife Down Feng and Odessa
Late Evening Table of Three Francois, Odessa and Teo
Late Evening Ice Cold Tequila Ash and Melissa
Night Did I Ever Tell You... Melissa and Odessa
04/12 Morning Flesh & Spirit Francois, Teo and ???
Morning One Of Us Again Martin and Rain
Afternoon Like Watchmen Magnes and West
Late Afternoon The Cold Comfort of Faith Ash and Knox
Late Afternoon Pretty Good Story Gillian and Jenny
Evening Civilized People Bennet, Cat and Sabra
Evening Bartender's Orders Abby and Darren
Evening InvisiBoy and Weather Girl Anders and Helena
Evening Shalt Not Kill ??? and Teo
Night Shot Glasses In A Row Ash and Claire
Night Cabbage and Kindness Melissa and Rain
04/13 Early Morning A Friend Of Your Father Colette and Walsh
Afternoon I Really Needed This Melissa and Raquelle
Afternoon Et Tu Cardinal, Kain and Peyton
Afternoon Old Lions Cardinal and Roderick
Afternoon The First Nail Francois, Raith and Teo
Late Afternoon The Right of Conscription Abby, Corbin, Darren, Paulson, Rain and Ryans
Late Afternoon Gone Audrey, Gabriel, Gillian, Jenny and Michael
Early Evening I Doubt It's Haunted Kendall and Melissa
Evening The Makings of Absolute Disaster Colette and Hana
Evening The Kitten and the Lion Colette and Hana
Evening Non-mutual Hatred Ash and Melissa
Night Borrowed Time Harper
04/14 Early Morning Fire and Ice Melissa
Late Morning One Day More Daphne and Francois
Early Afternoon To Help Us Grow ??? and Teo
Late Afternoon Dust In The Wind Deckard and Joseph
Late Evening Treading Water Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Unto Iscariot Harper and Praeger
Night The 11th Hour Brennan, Cat, Chelle, Eileen, Jonas Liette, Melissa, Raith, Rourke, Tien and Vincent
Night I Will See Him Harper
Night Multi-Ability Temper Tantrum Cat, Claire, Jonas, Liette, Melissa and Rourke
04/15 Morning Collective Problems Elisabeth and Sarisa
Morning Institutionalized, Part I Brennan, Broome and Harper
Morning Institutionalized, Part II Brennan, Julie and Luis
Morning Find Your Grail Helena
Late Morning Try Not To Think Audrey and Gabriel
Afternoon What She'd Have Wanted Corbin and Darren
Afternoon Freeze! Holly and Sable
Late Afternoon Whatever Cost Bennet, Cat, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Jonas, Joseph, Melissa, Raith, Rourke, Susan and Scott
Late Afternoon The Fear of Emptiness/The Fear of Excess Joy and Ruiz
Late Afternoon Quorum Bennet, Eileen and Scott
Late Afternoon Conventional Healing Francois and Melissa
Night He Sent Me Huruma and Knox
Late Night Daidō Shōi, Part VII Delilah and Else
04/16 Noon White Lies for White Knights Kaylee and Peter
Midday Follow the Bird Eileen, Jenny and Tavisha
Early Evening Darkhole Corbin, Deckard and Teo
Dusk Unfortunate Bing, Carlisle, Cat, Elisabeth, Felix, Feng, Francois, Raith, Sasha and Teo
Evening Hiring the Daphne Express Daphne and Magnes
Evening A Whole New Ballgame Magnes and Melissa
Evening What Have I Become? Ash and Melissa
Late Evening Off To A Good Start Colette, Magnes and Sable
Late Night I've Never... Colette and Sable
04/17 Dawn Someone 'Round to Shoot You in the Leg Eileen and Joseph
Late Morning Existentialism and Shortcake Peyton and Magnes
Late Morning A La Votre Abby and Francois
Late Morning If I'm Going To Be Snowed In Ina and Maddie
Afternoon See You Later Aaron and Peyton
Afternoon Missing Something Aaron, Gillian and Magnes
Early Evening Apologize Ash and Logan
Evening Clash of the Sound Bites Faye and Peyton
Night Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting Ash, Huruma, Luke and Magnes
Late Night Ass Kicked Gillian and Magnes
04/18 Morning Don't Trust Them Clara and Odessa
Mid-Morning Choosing the Amnesiac Ex Magnes and Sparrow
Afternoon Woosh Abby, Colette, Eileen, Hana, Meredith, Raith and Tasha
Afternoon RAAAIIIIIIDDDD!! Caleb and Kendall
Afternoon The Crippled Leading The Blind Audrey and Cooper
Late Afternoon Still Human Abby and Sasha
Evening He Flashed Bao-Wei, Bella and Noriko
Late Evening Man Gets Beat Up, Swears Off Women Magnes and Sable
04/19 Morning So Far As We Know Megan and Michelle
Morning A Crown of Daisies Audrey and Veronica
Late Morning When The Going Gets Tough... Melissa and Scott
Late Morning Paradise Will Come Abby and Elisabeth
Late Morning No More Homeless Kaylee and Molly
Afternoon It's Just a Jump to the Left... Holly and Sable
Late Afternoon The Country Girl, The Cat, and the Nightingale Daphne and Else
Early Evening Something to Salvage Eileen and Gabriel
Evening Oliver and Company Alexander, Delilah and Tasha
Evening Secure, Untraceable Dema and Jet
Evening Hate Yourself Abby, Caliban and Odessa
Late Evening Foresight Ina, Jimmy and Ryans
Late Evening Dreaming Tree Corbin
Night Punishment Rain and Ryans
04/20 Wee Hours Problems Vincent
Morning Keep An Open Mind Ina and Kain
Afternoon Human Crutches Allison and Bella
Afternoon He's A Very Unique Case Felix and Kaylee
Late Afternoon Not His Plan Magnes, Matt and Sarisa
Late Afternoon 10 Weeks Delilah, Francois and Teo
Early Evening Another Brick in the Wall Colette, Kendall, Magnes, Melissa and Odessa
Night Terminator 2 - Ryans Faceoff Delia and Lucille
Night Impact Ash, Claire, Huruma, Michael, Rachel and Rickham
04/21 Early Morning Doing Nice Things Elisabeth and Magnes
Morning Was It You? Abby and Peter
Morning The Third Recruit Amber, Mohinder and Walsh
Late Morning Go West Elisabeth and Laura
Late Morning More Than A Painted Smile Colette and Tasha
Afternoon Relatively Normal Delia, Magnes, Sara and Tony
Early Afternoon Handyman Ash and Melissa
Afternoon Pulling One Over The Cocky Cajun Ina and Roderick
Late Afternoon To the Benefit of Everyone Angela and Melissa
Late Afternoon Nil Admirari Cat, Colette, Eileen, Gabriel, Helena, Magnes, Odessa, Raith and Tasha
Early Evening Suspicious Minds Francois and Teo
Early Evening The Space Pharaoh's Tomb Cat, Eileen, Gabriel, Helena, Lorraine and Raith
Evening Potential Futures Abby and Melissa
04/22 Morning Breakfast and Battle Scars in Bed Colette and Tasha
Morning All Of Us, Part III Allison, Corbin, Henry, Martin, Rain, Ryans and Veronica
Late Morning Deadlier Than Fiction Brennan and Broome
Early Afternoon Coffee Crippling Confidence Delia and Magnes
Afternoon You'll Do Until I Find A Replacement Ina and Logan
Late Afternoon I'm Not Most People Colette and Magnes
Early Evening A Peaceful Solution Brennan and Melissa
Night Double Dees Delia and Delilah
04/23 Morning Tell Me What Happened Brennan and Megan
Morning Sides of the Bed and Anniversaries Cardinal and Elisabeth
Morning Seeing Colors Audrey and Cooper
Morning How You Make Me Feel Claire and Magnes
Noon Kodachrome Delia and Ryans
Afternoon No Understanding Peter and Tamara
Afternoon Paint Kendall and Melissa
Afternoon Two More Gillian and Joseph
Late Afternoon My Favorite Hallucination Colette and Tasha
Evening Locked In The Pantry Alexander, Delilah and Else
Evening Harkness' Gambit Megan and Scott
Night Pathetic Stukach Cat and Sasha
04/24 Morning If You Can't Handle Not Touching Me Abby and Elisabeth
Morning Evolved Demon Penguins Cardinal
Afternoon Kaleidoscope Eyes Delilah and Magnes
Afternoon People Playing at Gods Cat and Veronica
Afternoon Catching Up With A Friend Doyle and Kaylee
Early Evening Ultimatum Brennan, Cat, Colette, Delilah, Doyle, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Joseph, Kaylee, Lorraine, Megan, Raith, Scott, Susan and Tasha
Evening Awkward Impressions Delilah, Gillian, Kaylee and Tasha
Evening Never About You Gillian and Kaylee
Evening The 'Avoid It' Stage Gillian and Megan
Evening Time Is of the Essence Daphne, Francois and Teo
Night Arrangement Broome and Harper
04/25 Morning Entirely Honest Colette and Tasha
Morning Instincts Eileen and Magnes
Morning You Don't Have To Abby and Cardinal
Evening You've Got Us Caleb, Else, Kendall and Rourke
Evening Please Colette and Judah
Night She Didn't Like The Sales Pitch Delia, Huruma and Ryans
Night Your Capacity For Forgiveness Abby and Teo
Late Night Un Ange Dreyfus and Francois
04/26 Morning Maybe There Was An Emergency Abby, Francois and Teo
Late Morning The Best Intentions Abby, Peter and Sasha
Afternoon Twenty Foot Tall Snowman Gillian and Magnes
Afternoon Be Still Francois, Peter and Teo
Afternoon The Beauchamp Gambit Abby, Logan and Sasha
Early Evening A Side of Fun Felix and Melissa
Evening Unfortunately Serendipitous Knox, Matt, Rebel and Rickham
Evening In Good Faith Brennan and Kaylee
Evening Drunk Dialing Delilah, Magnes and Sable
Evening Errors In Lovering Francois, Magnes and Teo
Evening Code 6 Delia, Luke and Ryans
Evening Unseen Hands Corbin, Luke, Paulson and Veronica
Evening The Boss' Daughter Delia, Henry and Ryans
Evening The Devil in Still Waters Bella, Dema and Jet
Night Foregone Conclusions Brennan, Cat, Eileen, Odessa and Raith
Night A Dangerous Conversation Tasha and Vincent
Night The World Needs Janitors Tasha and Joanna
04/27 Morning Skeletons in the Wall Cavities Kendall, Melissa, and Sable
Late Morning The Apple of Discord Hana, Rain and Veronica
Late Morning Positive Colette and Sable
Afternoon A Dog With Two Bones Colette, Tamara and Tasha
Afternoon Not Quite Dead, Yet Delia and Ryans
Afternoon Not Infallible Corbin
Late Afternoon Superman and Batman Ash and Magnes
Late Afternoon The Sims RL Delilah and Kendall
Evening You Belong Here Doyle and Gillian
Evening Her Canvas Colette and Tasha
Evening Conversational Distance Gabriel and Odessa
04/28 Early Morning The Most Pragmatic Solution Cat and Vincent
Morning Coincidental Baldness Cat and Colette
Morning A Rude Awakening Kaylee and Peter
Morning A Legacy Continues Colette and Elisabeth
Morning Sick Sad World Cardinal and Jessica
Morning Like Sirens Allison, Kain and Rain
Morning Simply Their Time Dreyfus and Odessa
Late Morning What Brings You Out Here? Abby and Gillian
Noon Snippets of Intel Cardinal and Elisabeth
Evening Populate the Earth Abby and Melissa
Evening Paper Planes Bella and Deckard
Evening Magnes Makes Pizza Ash, Delia, Huruma and Magnes
04/29 Morning You Have To Choose Eileen and Kaylee
Morning Damn Kids Cat and Jared Harrison
Early Afternoon Calling For Answers Cardinal and Claire
Early Afternoon Can't Explain Magnes and Sable
Afternoon The Venetian Effect Abby, Gillian, Kendall and Melissa
Afternoon Electric Meeting Adelaide, Caleb and Rain
Late Afternoon Chocolatey, With a Touch of Marshmallow Colette and Tasha
Evening He Left Us Joseph and Teo
Night Speed Bumps Avi, Clara and Eileen
Late Night Dirty Little Secrets Karen and Samson
04/30 Morning The Slip Clara, Daphne, Hiro, Odessa and Samson
Morning Through the Window Bella and Magnes
Noon That's A Start, Ain't It? Brennan and Joseph
Afternoon Severely Frivolous Bella and Ina
Afternoon Where the Sun Don't Shine Veronica and Luke
Night Art of War Bing, Cat, Chester, Elisabeth, Felicia, Felix, Faye, Francois, Michael, Rachel, Sanderson, Sarisa, Teo and Tris
Night Karma's a Redheaded Scot Elaine and Magnes
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