Logs for April 2011

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295 logs posted for April 2011.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Wee Hours Do As Mother Tells You Yana Woven Worlds
Morning The Fear of Tomorrow Elisabeth and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Morning What's Complicated Devon and Graeme
Early Afternoon A New Leaf Devon and Trevor
Afternoon Gingervagis Magnes and Sable
Afternoon Follow Your Conscience Elisabeth and Emerson Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon Oh. My. God. Adisa and Rue
Evening Stoned Walls Delia, Sable, and Sasha
Evening Dreamers at the Orchid Elaine, Lynette, Nicole and Quinn
04/02 Morning Naive Little Girl Delia and Nick
Afternoon The Silver Lining Constantine and Delia
Afternoon Secrets in the Attic Brian, Quinn, Samara and Tasha
Late Afternoon Home Is Where Your Rump Rests Delilah and Sable
Evening Moving On Elaine, Magnes, and Quinn
Late Night Gingerbread Men I Francois, Griffin, Liza, Lynette and Nick Liberty or Death
Late Night Gingerbread Men II Curtis, Eileen, Emerson, Megan and Raith Liberty or Death
Late Night The Princess with the Golden Slippers Elle and Odessa Woven Worlds
Late Night More Than Anything Elle Woven Worlds
Late Night The Moment of Truth Elisabeth, Felix, Ryans, and Teo Liberty or Death
Midnight Triangulate Daphne Liberty or Death
04/03 Afternoon The Hustle Delia and Smedley
Afternoon Another First Birthday Delilah, Elaine, Magnes, Quinn, and Sable
Afternoon I'm Just Waiting Abby and Kaylee
Afternoon More Now Than Ever Aric and Graeme
Late Afternoon An Investment Devon, Melissa, and Trevor
Evening Cruel Like a Cat Delia and Tania
Late Evening Postmortem Lynette and Ryans
Late Night Fugue, Part I Raith Woven Worlds
Late Night Fugue, Part II Amato Woven Worlds
Late Night Special Day Elaine Woven Worlds
04/04 Just After Midnight Make Our Own Future Elaine and Quinn Woven Worlds
Before Dawn Concentrate On The Moment Elisabeth, Jaiden, Trask, and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Early Morning Hope You'd Do The Same Devon and Graeme
Early Morning Facilitating Miracles Eileen and Francois Liberty or Death
Morning Toasted Amato and Raith Woven Worlds
Morning 30 Days To Live Trask and Aimee
Afternoon Contingencies Alia, Cardinal and Monica
Afternoon Rough Times Ahead Curtis and Emerson Liberty or Death
Afternoon A Long Overdue Apology Elisabeth and Trask
Afternoon Not A Phone Conversation Elaine and Sable Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon What You Need Huruma and Ryans
Early Evening Red Queen's Croquet Field Elisabeth and Jane Liberty or Death
Early Evening Brother & Sister Adisa and Tahir
Evening Fear of Failure Cardinal and Kaylee Woven Worlds
Evening Sounding Boards and Secret Societies Evan and Marcie
Late Evening Mom and Dad Are Fighting Alia and Elisabeth
Night Three For Tea with the BMLLC Delia, Samara, and Tania
04/05 Early Morning A Call of Duty Jaiden and Smedley Woven Worlds
Morning Herding Cats Might Be Easier Elisabeth and Lene Woven Worlds
Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon Not Harder, But Smarter Raith and Rue
Early Evening Steady As You Look Nicole and Smedley
Evening Primum Non Nocere Bella and Calvin Woven Worlds
04/06 After Midnight By Bond Quinn, Tasha and Ygraine Woven Worlds
…Immediately After You've Got The Love Elaine and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Morning It's Only Just Begun Audrey and Graeme
Afternoon Time Marches On Barbara and Abby Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon Can't Take It Anymore Delia and Quinn
Evening Indefinitely Hannah and Kaylee Woven Worlds
Evening Knicks and Nicks Candice and Daryl
Evening Not A Factor Devon, Griffin, Melissa, Nadira and Perry
Evening Point of Origin Calvin, Hortense and Yana Woven Worlds
Late Evening I'm Always Careful Devon and Melissa
Late Evening A Peaceful Existence Brian and Koshka
Night Jeremiah 31.15-17 Delia Woven Worlds
Night Picked the Wrong Night D.L. and JJ Woven Worlds
04/07 After Midnight Not Without a Fight Monica Woven Worlds
Morning Sharing is Caring Amadeus, Delia, and Tania
Morning Checking on a Feeb Elisabeth and Felix
Late Morning Pushernoia Barbara and Joseph Liberty or Death
Noon Threnody Ingrid, Lene and Walter Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Acting In The Dark Elisabeth and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Early Afternoon Baby Fix Elaine, Melissa, and Quinn
Early Evening Not Exactly the Viennese Magnes and Monica
Evening Life Itself Is A Gamble Cardinal and Elisabeth Liberty or Death
Evening Nothing Exercise Can't Fix Quinn and Raith
Late Evening School Dance Awkward Lynette, Quinn and Rue
Night The Final Corruption Elisabeth and Teo
Late Night Crass Menagerie, Part I Delia, Dema, Logan, and Tania
04/08 Midnight The Dying Swan Quinn and Rue
Past Midnight Untapped Bao-Wei and Elisabeth
Wee Hours Figments Kendall Woven Worlds
Wee Hours The Missing Stocking Melissa Woven Worlds
Wee Hours Sung to a Harp Eileen Woven Worlds
Wee Hours Hiding From The Dark Elisabeth and Trask
Wee Hours Travel Safe Nora and Quinn Woven Worlds
Dawn Exodus 21.23-24 Barbara, Benji, Cat, Eileen, Francois, Huruma, Nora, Raith, Rue and Ryans Liberty or Death
Early Morning The Serpent and the Hare Delia and Kaylee Woven Worlds
Late Morning Dumbass Luck Daphne and Delilah Liberty or Death
Afternoon I'll Pay You To Get The Snake Audrey and Cooper
Evening Around The Dinner Table Devon, Kendall, Melissa, Perry and Valerie Woven Worlds
Evening Anti-Semantic Psychosomatic Bella and Odessa
04/09 Late Morning A Bit Of Company Megan and Ryans
Afternoon The Right Things To Say Elisabeth and Jaiden Liberty or Death
Afternoon A Second Pair of Eyes Elisabeth and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon God Bless Joseph, Rue and Ygraine
Sunset Breadcrumbs, Part I Brian, Koshka and Sable Liberty or Death
Woven Worlds
Sunset Breadcrumbs, Part II Brian, Koshka and Sable Liberty or Death
Woven Worlds
Sunset Disconnected Cardinal and Peyton Liberty or Death
Sunset Five Banquets a Day Claire, Elisabeth, Lene and Ygraine Woven Worlds
Night When They Come For Me Cardinal Liberty or Death
Night Begins and Ends Cardinal and ??? Woven Worlds
Night Breadcrumbs, Part III Howard Woven Worlds
Night Less of Them Calvin and Ingrid Woven Worlds
Night Everything's Fine Brian, Koshka, and Samara Woven Worlds
Night Operation Make Samara Stop Frowning Brian and Samara
Night Real Weird Brian and Koshka Woven Worlds
04/10 Morning Just A Reststop Abby, Huruma and Megan
Early Afternoon Unhinged Her Jaw Daryl, Devon, Hortense and Quinn
Evening Weight of the Situation Elisabeth, Harmony and Jaiden
Evening No Justin Bieber Experience Hortense and Tahir
Evening Of Terrorists and Basketball Devon and Graeme
Late Night Dialogue Redux Adel, Astor, Benji, Calvin, Cash, Hannah, Howard, Ingrid, JJ, Joshua, Kincaid, Lene, Nora and Walter Woven Worlds
Late Night Five Francois, Teo and Walter Woven Worlds
04/11 Wee Hours Heart of Stone and Fire Abby Woven Worlds
Early Morning Doesn't Belong Here Brian, Delia, Delilah, Koshka and Sable Woven Worlds
Midmorning Give Her Two Choices and She Will Kick In The Door Elisabeth, Jaiden, and Ygraine
Midmorning Another Day, Another Failure Magnes and Yana
Late morning When You Need It Mynama, and Nora
Late Morning Sorry Doesn't Cut It Curtis and Elisabeth
Noon A Little Ho Delia, Lucille, and Nicole
Midday Goldenrod Cash and Samara Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Easy On You Devon, Graeme, and Melissa
Late Afternoon Better Off Out There Elisabeth and Graeme
Evening Separation and Anxiety Brian and Veronica
Early Evening Dining Un-alone Travis and Yana
Night Good Intentions, Part IV Peter and Lee Shadows of the Future
Night Good Intentions, Part V Amid, Bennet, Peter and Lee Shadows of the Future
Night We Should Go Niki and Peter
Late Night Spark Elle, Delilah and Sable Woven Worlds
Late Night An Unexpected Gift Jaiden and Monica Woven Worlds
Late Night Nothing More to Be Done Barbara, Nadira, Nicole, Raith and Tasha Woven Worlds
Late Night Sought Gabriel Woven Worlds
Late Night Defective Deckard and Delia
04/12 Early Morning Azkarah Hana and Nora Woven Worlds
Morning The New Face of War Elisabeth and Jaiden Liberty or Death
Late Morning Every Small Thing Graeme and Savannah
Afternoon Errant Lesbian Moods Abby, Huruma and Liza
Afternoon Nice To Dream Delia and Lynette
Evening The Primal Scene Bella and Deckard Woven Worlds
04/13 Morning Does That Sound Crazy? (When it Comes to Family) Nicole and Tasha
Mid Morning It's Just A Haircut Megan and Ryans
Late Morning Two Thumbs and One Eye Magnes? and Odessa
Late Morning A Bit Personal Abby and Kaylee
Early Afternoon More Than Just Shooting Hoops Devon and Graeme
Afternoon All Eileens Are Mine Magnes? and Raith
Afternoon No One Wants That Barbara and Magnes?
Afternoon Sticks and Scrap Metal Koshka and Sasha
Afternoon Authentic Hope Pt. 2 Harmony and Ygraine
Evening Psychotic Break Eileen and Raith
Late Night In The Sky With Diamonds Elaine, Magnes, Quinn and Sable Woven Worlds
Late Night Not Alone Adel and Magnes Woven Worlds
Late Night Something Is Gonna Come Delilah and Sable Woven Worlds
Late Night We'll Get There Someday Elaine and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Night Whatever God Intends Joseph and… Woven Worlds
04/14 Early Morning Requiem Gillian Woven Worlds
Morning DEFCON Five Huruma and Lynette
Afternoon Ben Who? Nicole and Ryans Woven Worlds
Afternoon Butterflies In The Sky Elaine, Lene, and Quinn Woven Worlds
Afternoon Too Much of a Heart Magnes and Yana
Immediately After Go See Her Elaine and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Not A Joke Kincaid and Russo Woven Worlds
Evening F-Minus Magnes and Monica
Evening Labor and Love Bella and Odessa Woven Worlds
Night You Were Right Brian and Samara Woven Worlds
Late Night Helping People Melissa Woven Worlds
Late Night Whatever Happens Devon and Melissa Woven Worlds
04/15 Wee Hours Upon A Loom Delia and Jasmine Woven Worlds
Early Morning If These Walls Could Talk Elisabeth, Jaiden, and Ygraine
Late Afternoon How Bad Does It Get Elisabeth, Jaiden, JJ, Lene, Monica and Ygraine Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Now, Then, Forever Lene and Ygraine Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Apples to Apples Delia and Tania
Early Evening Red Flower Huruma and Magnes?
Early Evening I Am Not Making This Up Abby, Barbara, Eileen, Raith and Ryans
Early Evening Happy Adel, Elaine, and Quinn Woven Worlds
Night Take Backs Koshka and Ted Liberty or Death
Woven Worlds
Night Good Graces Eileen and Magnes?
Night Mixed Blessing Elisabeth and Joshua Woven Worlds
Night On a Darkling Plain Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
Late Night An Offer She Can't Refuse Kristen and Magnes?
Late Night Invisible Braille Eileen, Gabriel and Raith
04/16 Early Morning Miss Carry My Future Delia and Jaiden
Morning O Canada Remi and Varlane
Early Afternoon HaRosh Mistovev Hana and Nora Woven Worlds
Afternoon Default to Love Adel and Sable Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Properly Rue and Ygraine
04/17 Wee Hours Saying It Out Loud Elisabeth and Jaiden Woven Worlds Liberty or Death
Evening Fan Loyalty Aimee, Elaine, and Quinn
Night What You're Looking For Emerson, Leon, Nadira, Ziadie
Late Night Give It Back Astor, Brian, Koshka, and Walter Woven Worlds
04/18 Midday Whirlwind Tamara and Veronica
Early Afternoon A Lot To Live Up To Abby and Delia
Early Afternoon Work on the Skills Devon and Graeme
Early Afternoon Far From Pointless Lene and Quinn Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Awkward and Necessary Delilah and Francois Woven Worlds
Afternoon Not That Little Boy Anymore Kincaid and Melissa Woven Worlds
Early Evening The Tissue Solution Delia and Kincaid Woven Worlds
Evening Devoured In Its Hate Calvin and Odessa Woven Worlds
Evening Keep Staying Alive Elisabeth and Emerson Liberty or Death
Evening Corporal Punishment Bella and Calvin Woven Worlds
Night Difficult Bella, Calvin and Deckard
Night Hello Darkness My Old Friend Lancaster and Vincent Woven Worlds
Late Night Plastic Fantasies Delia and Nicole
04/19 Early Morning Such An Idiot, Brad Russo
Early Morning Bacon To Go Daphne and Delia Liberty or Death
Morning A Few Surprises Devon and Graeme
Morning Crazy Stunt Alia and Hana
Late Morning Let Me Devon and Jet
Late Morning Future Blame Elaine, Melissa, and Quinn Woven Worlds
Afternoon Another Life Graeme and Jaiden
Afternoon A Place in the Sun for Anyone Benji and Rue
Afternoon Family Law Sable
Afternoon There's Always A Market Logan and Samara Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon What the Heart Deserves Eileen and Nick Woven Worlds
04/20 Morning Going Brian, Delia, and Koshka Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Coincidence Or A Sign? Elisabeth and Leon
Afternoon Red Oni, Blue Oni Adel, Magnes, Remi and Magnes? Woven Worlds
Afternoon Want vs. Allowed Amato, Edgar, and Ethan Woven Worlds
Afternoon Be Safe, Be Smart Emerson and JJ Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon It Happens Delia and Russo Woven Worlds
Evening Daphne Meets Shaggy Amadeus and Daphne
04/21 Late Morning Beggars and Fugitives Can't Be Choosers Megan and Ryans
Noon You Can't Go Alone Delilah, Koshka, and Sable Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon I Think I'm Lost Karrie and Kincaid Woven Worlds
Afternoon Magnes vs Magnes, The Plan Magnes and Yana
Afternoon Stan Delia and Savannah
Afternoon Never Easier Barbara, Liza, Nora and Rue
Early Evening Won't Break Your Asterisk Amadeus, and Daphne
Early Evening Blunt In Public Aric, Graeme, and Melissa
Evening Abuse of Power Devon, Griffin, Luke, Ziadie
Late Evening Ratios and Addition Nora and Rue Woven Worlds
Night The D-Word Abby and Caliban
Night Same Damn Side Aric and Graeme
04/22 1am A Hundred Times Abby and Cash Woven Worlds
Early Morning The Legend Carries On Delia and Ryans Woven Worlds
Late Morning Not If But When Karrie and Lydia
Early Afternoon My Raven Sable and Varlane
Afternoon Skeet Shooting and Wildfowl Edgar, Eileen, and Raith Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon The Foundation Devon, Melissa, and Trevor
Early Evening The Manifested Delia, Gael, Leon, Magnes, Savannah, Quinn, and Yana
Late Night As Raw As Ever Abby and Huruma Woven Worlds
Late Night No Place Joseph and Kaylee Woven Worlds
04/23 Morning A Crappy Sales Pitch Daphne and Koshka Liberty or Death
Woven Worlds
Evening A Little Discussion Elaine, Magnes?, Quinn
Night Proper Time Travel Methods Adel, Elaine, and Quinn Woven Worlds
Night Kinda Bitchy Sometimes Elisabeth, and Lene Woven Worlds
Night Welcome Home, Carmine Eddings Brian, Logan, Samara, and Sasha
Night Deserved To Know Brian and Samara
04/24 Early Morning Life Will Find A Way Elisabeth and Ryans Woven Worlds
Afternoon Future Growth Delia and Samara
Late Afternoon Small Circles Odessa and Yana
Evening Game Changer Alia, Elisabeth, and Russo Liberty or Death
Night Matka Astor, Edgar, Eileen, Gabriel, Nick and Raith Woven Worlds
04/25 Morning The Dam Breaks Elisabeth and Jaiden
Afternoon You Are Our Family Brian, Koshka and Samara
Late Afternoon Not a Lost Cause Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
04/26 Late Morning Or Lack Thereof Elisabeth and Graeme
Late Morning Caulksuckers Huruma, Liza and Rue
Noon Dial a Chef Harmony and Trask
Early Afternoon Small Epiphanies Graeme and Remi
Afternoon Foundation Diva Devon and JJ
Afternoon What Everyone Else Feels Graeme and Trask
Late Afternoon Commissions and Cupcakes Lene and Ygraine Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Still a Jerk Karrie and Russo
04/27 Mid-Morning Sowing Seeds Ingrid, Nicole and Ryans Woven Worlds
Late Morning Lonely Gillian and Kaylee Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Not Just a Visit Graeme, Jaiden, and Ygraine
Early Evening Hypothetical Family Kincaid and Lucille Woven Worlds
Evening Dervish Tamara and Veronica
Evening Family Stuff Devon, Graeme and Melissa
Evening A New Sublease on Life Amadeus and Daphne Liberty or Death
Evening Too Terrible Benji and Ingrid Woven Worlds
04/28 The Wee Hours The Times Delia, Kaylee, and Quinn Woven Worlds
Early Morning Look At The Bigger Picture Megan and Ryans Woven Worlds
Morning For the Moment Devon and Graeme
Morning Preventative Measure Abby and Calvin
Early Afternoon Radiating Suspicions Hana and Nora Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Looking for Trouble Graeme and Savannah
Afternoon The Ghost Of... Gillian and Quinn Woven Worlds
Sunset La Vie En Rose Francois and Teo
Evening Losing Bets Adisa, Evan, Graeme, and Trask
Late Night For Too Long Eileen and Gabriel Woven Worlds
Late Night When You Need A Piano Elisabeth, Jaiden, and Quinn
Late Night Needs and Wants Calvin and Nora Woven Worlds
04/29 Midnight Big Girl Panties Elisabeth and Ygraine
Morning Profundity Cash and Huruma Woven Worlds
Morning It Was Unnecessary Abby and Cash Woven Worlds
Afternoon They Might Be Geniuses (But Probably Not) Francois, Huruma, Raith and Ryans Liberty or Death
Early Evening Love Is Blind Aimee, Devon, Elaine, Elle, Evan, Graeme, Kendall, Melissa, Quinn, Trevor and Yana
Evening A You Intervention Gina, Jessica and Niki
Late Evening The Classics Never Die Delia and Luka
04/30 The Wee Hours It Shouldn't Be This Hard Delia and Nick
Noon Closer Than They Aren't Abby, Barbara, Benji, Cat, Eileen, Hannah, Huruma, Joseph, Megan, Nick, Nora, Rue and Ryans Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon She's Just Like Mercury Lene and Quinn Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon Everything a Riddle Veronica and Brian
Afternoon Time Like Clay Benji and Nick Woven Worlds
Evening Instant Attraction Aimee and Trevor
Late Night Curiosities And Questions Cat and Noa Woven Worlds
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