Logs for April 2018

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153 logs posted for April 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Afternoon Visiting Hours are Over Brynn and Caspian
Evening Die, Burn, Explode Shambrook and Wieland Hunters
Evening Noodle Dream Marlowe and Tania
Evening Little Seedlings Avi, Devon, and Lucille
Night A Storm of Change Eve Garden of Forking Paths
04/02 Morning Indiana Squeaks and the Market of Doom Squeaks, Raquelle, and Ygraine
Morning But You Gotta Have Friends Raquelle and Squeaks
Mid-Day Mother May I? Frank and Kyla
Early Afternoon Bang Cassandra Eve, Peyton, Tania, and…
Afternoon Kitten and Crisis Peyton and Richard
Afternoon A Demonstration of Ability Jaiden and Veronica
Afternoon The More Boys I Meet Eve, Ghost, and Teo
Afternoon Power vs. Celebrity Alister, Margaux and Sibyl Fires of Creation
Afternoon (Non)Sensible Bowie, Cesar, T.Amas, and Veronica
Evening I Miss You Elaine and Robyn
Late Evening What Makes Sense Des and Richard
Late Night All Eyes On The Liar Robyn
04/03 Morning The Well Eve, Samson, and Sibyl
Morning The Monster Inside Samson and Sibyl
Morning Above Board Avi and Richard Hunters
Afternoon The Temporary Lighthouse Brynn, Caspian, Joe, Lance, and Ygraine Nothing to Fear
Afternoon Man in the Moon Eve and Gabriel
Late Afternoon To New Beginnings Robyn and Ygraine
Early Evening The Circular Ruins Des, Kaylee, Lynette, and Mateo
Twilight Without It Etienne and Sibyl
Late Evening Better Memories Lynette and Mateo
Night Human Drama Alix, Chess, and Ivy Fires of Creation
Night Another First Birthday, Again Elaine and Robyn
Late Night Couchside Confessional Cassandra and Elaine
Late Night Important Information Caspian and Raquelle
04/04 Wee Hours Personal Danko
Morning 27 Alix, Chess, and Luther Fires of Creation
Morning Magic Will Happen! Brynn, Caspian, Joe, Lance, Raquelle, and Squeaks
Afternoon Do Dead Men Tell No Tales Cassandra, Cesar, Choi, Robyn, and Sylvester
Night The Things We Do For Love Dave Hunters
Garden of Forking Paths
04/05 Mid-Afternoon Our Other Selves Des and Mateo Garden of Forking Paths
All Day If We're Lucky Carlos, Eimi, and Rafael
04/06 Early Morning 34 Candles Des and Sera Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Aunt Kaylee vs the Fear Monger Brynn, Joe, Kaylee, Lance, Sera, Squeaks, and Silvia
Early Evening Going and Going Claire and Gabriel Hunters
Evening Estranged Alone Des and Frank
Night Clay Eve and Robyn
Night 607 Lynette Garden of Forking Paths
Night What Are You Wearing? Hana and Logan
04/07 Afternoon Before Things Get Worse Eve and Gillian
Early Evening Two Russians and an Englishman Walk into a Bar Logan, Sasha, and Tania
Evening A Celebration of History - Entrance Alister, Alvin, Barney, Bella, Caspian, Cesar, Claire, Colette, Dearing, Devon, Elaine, Emily, Eve, Ghost, Gillian, Graeme, Hana, Huruma, Jaiden, Jonathan, Joseph, Julie, Kay, Kaylee, Keira, Logan, Lucille, Lynette, Marlowe, Mateo, Monica, Nicole, Noa, Pearl, Richard, Remi, Rex, Robyn, Rue, Sable, Sasha, Sasha, Sibyl, Tamara, Tania, Tasha, Tibby, and Ygraine
Evening A Celebration of History - The Bar Alister, Bella, Claire, Colette, Devon, Emily, Graeme, Hana, Huruma, Julie, Lucille, Marlowe, Noa, Pearl, Richard, Robyn, Sable, Sasha, Sibyl, Tamara, Tania, Vincent, and Ygraine
Evening A Celebration of History - Ladies' Room Colette, Eve, Pearl, Sibyl, and Tania
Evening The Appearance of Yatagarasu Emily
Evening Bad Habits Lynette and Mateo
Evening A Celebration of History - Water Garden Caspian, Choi, Colette, Devon, Eizen, Graeme, Hana, Kenner, Logan, Marlowe, Remi, Tamara, Tania, Tasha, and Tibby
Evening A Celebration of History - Gallery Astrid, Barney, Buddy, Caspian, Cesar, Colette, Devon, Eizen, Elaine, Eugene, Eve, Ghost, Gillian, Huruma, Jonathan, Joseph, Kaylee, Keira, Kenner, Logan, Lucille, Monica, Nicole, Nisatta, Pearl, Richard, Rex, Robyn, Sibyl, Sylvester, and Tamara
Evening Woman to Woman Colette and Sable
Evening Leviathan Hana and Jiba Fires of Creation
Evening Fancy Ladies Go Home Astrid, Buddy, Eugene, Jiba, Marlowe, Monica, Nicole, Rex
Evening Kaleidoscope Colours Elaine and Robyn
Late Evening Champagne Supernova Bella and Des
Night Kensei and the Princess Huruma and Nisatta
04/08 Morning The Bearer of Bad News Tyler and Richard
Early Evening Her First Birthday Party Des, Kaylee, Lynette, Mateo, Richard, Sera, and Valerie
Evening If I Knew You Were Coming Kaylee and Luther
Evening Every You, Every Me Lynette and Mateo
04/09 Evening See Something, Go Ahead and Say Something Devon and Rue
04/10 ??? Bad Karma Astrid, Buddy, Eugene, Logan, Rex, and Sylvester
04/11 Morning Sisters of Sorts Alix, Chess, Luther, and Lynette Fires of Creation
Early Afternoon Ongoing Concerns Hana and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
04/12 Afternoon Not For The Tea Gillian and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Evening The Way We Live Colette and Pines
Night Human Curiosity Leroy and Marlowe Fires of Creation
04/13 Late Morning Levels of Hell Hana and Kenner Hunters
Noon I Want It Back Richard and Robyn
Early Afternoon Suspicion, Shared Hana and Vincent Hunters
Afternoon Sugar Schnookums Alister and Keira
Afternoon The Techie Is In Leroy and Monica
Late Afternoon A Hard Look Huruma, Lucille and Ryans
Early Evening A Community United Caspian, Cesar, Delilah, Eve, Gillian, Greg, Ingrid, Joanne, Jonathan, Lynette, Mira, Niki, Raquelle, Savannah, Sofia, Squeaks, Sue, Tasha, and Tuck Dark Below
Evening Gold Dust Woman Eve and Gillian ???
04/14 Afternoon Much Ado About Wireless Leroy and T.Amas Fires of Creation
Evening Ten O'Clock with Louise Campbell Lynette and Oscar
Evening Backstage Pass Huruma, Lynette, and Mateo
Evening Raytech Meeting - April Barney, Des, Jared, Kaylee, Luther, Richard, Remi, Sera, and Valerie
04/15 Evening Curiosity Joe and Squeaks
Evening In Theory and In Praxis Kay, Monica, and Jiba Fires of Creation
Evening Mechanics R Us Marlowe and Monica Fires of Creation
She's Coming Eve and Gillian ???
Evening Busy Work Chess, Lynette, and Mateo
04/16 Morning Into the Dead Zone, Part I Avi, Claire, Nick, and Ray Hunters
Morning Plugging a Hole Cesar, Vincent and Veronica
Afternoon Speculative Fiction Berlin and Colette
Evening Near Miss Caspian, Cesar, Des, Huruma, Lynette, Mateo, Nicole, Samson, and Veronica
Night Into the Dead Zone, Interlude I Avi and Richard Hunters
04/17 Afternoon Attempt #2 Squeaks Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon A Wendigo's Story Huruma and Lynette
Early Evening Similarities Colette and Huruma
Evening Revelations 9:6 Barbara, Kin, and Nisatta ???
Evening Antiques Roadshow Brynn, Caspian, Joe, Lance, and Squeaks Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Better Than Flowers Cesar, Eve, and Lynette
Night Looming Uncertainties Barbara and Eileen
Night A Freakout Cassandra and Eve
Night Cthulhu Ate the Video Star Brynn, Caspian, Gillian, Joe, Kaylee, Lance, and Squeaks Garden of Forking Paths
04/18 Morning Old Dogs, Old Tricks Lynette, Mateo, and Rafael
Morning Not Going to Work Cassandra, Cesar, and Squeaks Dark Below
Afternoon Start Fresh Eimi and Lynette
Night Physically, Financially Alister and Eileen
04/19 Wee Hours Sinister Purpose Danko and Huruma
Morning Rock, Paper, Scissors Alvin, Eileen, and Monica
Morning Into the Dead Zone, Part II Avi, Claire, Nick, and Ray Hunters
Afternoon Into the Dead Zone, Part III Avi, Claire, Nick, and Ray Hunters
Afternoon Power Is In The Mind Alister and Etienne
Late Afternoon Into the Dead Zone, Part IV April, Candice, Claire, Cyrus, Joss, Nick, Richard, Sophie, and Walker Hunters
Early Evening Snoqualmie Maybe Benji, Calvin, Claire, Phoenix, and Walker
Evening Into the Dead Zone, Interlude II Claire and Noah Hunters
Night Into the Dead Zone, Interlude III Noah and Richard Hunters
04/20 Afternoon Talk Back Radio Alister, Eve, Kitty, Leroy, Lia, Mr. Sanders, Oscar, and Ricketts
Afternoon New World, New Life Lynette, Mateo, and Robyn
04/21 Night Into the Dead Zone, Part V Iago, Nick, and Richard Hunters
Night Into the Dead Zone, Part VI Avi, Charity, Lang, Odette and Johannes Hunters
04/23 Morning Living in Interesting Times Eizen and Tamara Fires of Creation
Early Evening Regarding A Curious Cat Hana and Otomo Fires of Creation
Evening The Weirdest Santa Luther, Lynette, and Mateo
04/24 Afternoon Nothing Except Robyn
Late Afternoon New But Not New Colette, Curtis, Felix, Hana, Lucille
Night Swallow the Moon Eileen and Mateo
Night With All Urgency Des, Lynette, and Mateo
Night Calculated Realities Alister and Chess
Night No More Bullet Holes Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
04/25 Evening Perspective From A Paper Crane Des and Luther
Night Beers on the Roof Curtis and Felix
04/26 Late Morning Hospital Coffee Doesn't Change Abby and Megan
Afternoon Finding Friday Jevaun, Marlowe, and Tania
04/27 Night 3000 Miles April, Calvin and Jasmine Hunters
04/28 Afternoon In The Neighborhood Lynette and Vincent
Evening Genesis Jiba, Hana, and Otomo Fires of Creation
Evening A Stone Unturned Benji and Lucille
Evening Newb Berlin, Devon, Felix, and Robyn
Night Clearance Benji and Vincent Hunters
04/29 Morning Synecdoche Alvin and Eizen Fires of Creation
Late Morning Cross Purposes Hana, Lynette, and Vincent Hunters
Late Morning Cookie Toast Eve and Rasheed
Afternoon <--! Careless Whisper --> Jiba, Leroy, Marlowe, and Otomo Fires of Creation
Afternoon Rough Around the Edges Devon and Felix
Afternoon My Favorite Investment Alister and Sibyl
Afternoon Simple Matter of Time Des and Rasheed
Evening 以眼還眼 Ivy, Val, and Vi Fires of Creation
04/30 Daybreak Mutiny, Part I Alister, Barney, Des, Etienne, and Kaylee ???
Early Morning Mutiny, Part II Des, Etienne, Kaylee, and Sibyl ???
Morning You Get a Choice Des and Kaylee ???
Noon Sending a Message Alvin, Barbara, Eizen, Elaine, Jiba, Kay, Kimiko, Kin, Leroy, Marlowe, Monica Nisatta, Otomo, and Taiki Fires of Creation
Evening Missed Understanding Kaylee and Luther
Evening Whatever It Takes Marlowe Fires of Creation
Night Return 0 Otomo Fires of Creation
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