Logs for April 2019

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161 logs posted for April 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Early Morning Honey, I'm Home Dirk and Isis
Late Morning Not Sexting Francois and Teo
Evening Pink Tie Gala -- Cherry Blossom Festa Many
Evening Pink Tie Gala -- Women's Restroom Eve, Delia, Tania, and Zachery
Evening Whisky is Liquid Sunshine Caspian and Devi
Late Evening Supposedly Safe Spaces That Aren't Elisabeth and Silas
Late Night Well, Let Me Tell You Asi and Godfrey
Late Night Sealed With A Bite Eve and Warren
Late Night So That Happened Byron, Charity, Chris, Eileen, Finn, Kara, Ollie, Yi-Min
Late Night Motherfuckers Isabelle, Namiko and Shaw
04/03 Morning Reunion in the Ruins Diogenes and Isis
Mid Morning Truth Will Out Jared and Kaylee
All Day This Is(n't) Home Kara and Yi-Min
04/04 Noon These Little Wonders Aura, Devon, and Elisabeth
Noon Do Your Research Remi and Tibby Manifest Destiny
Early Evening Sick and Tired Yi-Min and Zachery
04/05 Afternoon A Ghost is a Wish Chess, Lynette, and Miles
Late Evening Heaven Will (Not) Betray Kara and Yi-Min
04/06 Afternoon What Nature Provides Dequan and Kara
Afternoon Real Life or Fantasy? Elisabeth, Kaylee, and Richard
Early Evening A Touch of Grey Avi
Evening Not What It Should Be Yi-Min and Zachery
Evening The Color of Your Energy Chess and Ignacio
04/07 Morning Fake It Til You Make It Kaylee and Luther
Morning From General to Gardener Kara and Lang
Noon Red House Skye and Zachery ???
Afternoon Little Does She Know Emily and Teo
Afternoon No Emily, Eileen, Richard
Late Afternoon Picking at Scabs Devi and Elisabeth
Evening Shut Out the Darkness Claire
Evening Let the Darkness In "Noah" The Dragon
Night A Play in Contrasts Abby and Lisa ???
Night The First Time Always Hurts Byron and Eileen
Late Night Struggling in the Dark Eileen and Gabriel
04/08 Early Morning The Old Barn Chris, Kara, and Yi-Min
Mid Morning Eight Years Kaylee and Richard
Late Afternoon A Complicated Relationship With Faith Abby and Pines
Late Afternoon A Friend, A Favor Cassandra, Isabelle and Shaw
Evening The Scarlet Spirit's Tribe Eve and Isis
Evening Changes Odessa and Waite The Dragon
Evening Her One Phone Call Lynette, Odessa, and Ruiz
Night Something Different, Something New "Noah" and The Entity The Dragon
Night A Time for Action Charity, Eileen, Kara, Sharrow, and Yi-Min The Dragon
Late Night Cause and Effect ???
04/09 Pre-dawn (GMT+2) Chalal I Hana
Pre-dawn (GMT+2) Chalal II T.Amas
Early Morning The Taste of Blood Kara
Early Morning (GMT+2) Chalal III Hana and T.Amas
Midafternoon (GMT+2) Deagah I Huruma and Rue
Evening Lead Me To Your Fire Garza, Ignacio, Isis, Salem, Skye, Spencer, Wiley, and Zachery The Dragon
04/10 Early Morning Turning Point Francois and Teo
Late Morning (GMT+2) Deagah II Huruma and Rue
Late Morning (GMT+2) Chalal IV Hana and T.Amas
Afternoon Retired, Still Dangerous Jared and Ryans
Evening A Pointed and Vicious Critique Teo and Yi-Min
04/11 Afternoon Is Anybody Out There? Lance and Squeaks
Early Evening Augur Lisa and Zachery ???
Evening Tipping the Scales Kara and Yi-Min
04/12 Afternoon A Warrior's Hand Adam, Joy, and Skye The Dragon
Afternoon Far From Home Adel and Magnes
Late Afternoon Salvageable Chris and Iago
04/13 Morning A Dreamer's Anarchy Caspian and Devi
Noontime The Red King Is Dead Elisabeth and Richard plus kids
04/14 Afternoon Painful Decisions Kaylee
Late Afternoon The Color of Anarchy Brynn and Devi
Evening Stop Helping Lucille and Nathalie
04/15 Evening Pending Kara and Yi-Min
Evening Pending Finn and Chris
Evening Trickster Dinner Eve and Jonathan
Evening A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody Lucille and Rue
Late Night Bad Guy Eve and Zachery
04/16 Late Morning No Prison Breaks Here Elisabeth and Odessa
Morning He Will Come For You Adrienne, Cesar, Eve The Dragon
Noon Just A Peek Devi, Seren, and Tibby Manifest Destiny
04/17 Morning The Hustle, Part I Choi, Nicole, and Voss The Dragon
Morning Spider's String, Part I Asi and Silas
Noon Of Bridges and Crossings Delilah, Kyle, and Richard The Dragon
Afternoon Second Life Emily and Teo
Evening Tomato Juice Weasel and Zachery
04/18 Evening The Hustle, Part II Kenner, Nicole, and Richard The Dragon
Night What's Yet to Come Abby, Colette, and Elisabeth
04/19 Late Morning Auntie Rosie's Package Faulkner and Isis
Early Afternoon Pervasive Pests Dumortier and Weasel
Noon Spill the (Coffee) Beans Isis and Sahara
Afternoon Black Pawn White Pawn Raul and Teo
Afternoon Eenie Meenie Devi and Richard
Afternoon Happy Accidents Emily and Joaquin
Early Evening Scared Children Colette and Kaylee
Night The Hustle, Part III Kenner The Dragon
Pre-Dawn Messaggini Teo, Teo and Teo
04/20 Noon Pandora's Picnic Devon, Elisabeth, and Emily
Afternoon Caged Nightingale and Paper Crane Luther and Odessa
Evening What Are Best Friends For Lucille and Yi-Min The Dragon
Evening Light at the End Elisabeth and Richard
Night The Enemy of My Enemy Lucille and Yi-Min The Dragon
Night The First Letter Squeaks
04/21 Morning Fancy Meeting You... Again? Emily and Zachery
Afternoon Solve For X Brynn, Joaquin, and Squeaks
Afternoon Before I Go Magnes and Pete
04/22 Early Afternoon Dinu Support Group Godfrey, Isis, Nikola, Spencer, and Zachery
Evening A Not Date At Not Eight Yi-Min and Zachery
Evening Ordinary World Devon, Emily, and Teo
Night Save Her Bolivar and Raquelle
04/23 Afternoon Pandora's Crumble Devon, Emily, Kaylee, Luther, and Richard The Dragon
Afternoon Capable Hands Amelie and Caspian
Midday Tree Spirits Jim
Evening Connected Dumortier and Zachery
Evening Radio - Starlight Raquelle
Evening Figure This Out Avi, Emily, and Julie
04/24 Midday A Failsafe Diogenes and Isis
Afternoon Anonymous Chat Emily, Monica, Nicole, Richard and Silas
Evening An Unprofessional Turn Nicole and Zachery
Evening What About Eve? Eve, Greg, and Jonathan
Evening One-Hundred Percent Fatality Astor and Berlin The Dragon and Time For Rest
04/25 Late Morning How Did You Not Know? Devi and Elisabeth
Afternoon Glad For You Odessa and Richard
Afternoon Whole Authentic Self Emily and Raquelle
Late Afternoon Elusive Blonde in the Wild Elisabeth and Niki
Late Afternoon Lateral Francois and Teo
04/26 Late Morning The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part I Kimiko and Monica The Dragon
Late Morning The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part II Asi, Kitada, Komura, and Sako The Dragon
Late Morning Morning Alcoholic Huruma and Megan
Evening Cupido Tirano Ignacio and Reena
Evening The Meaning of Trouble Dumortier and Zachery
Night The Fire Inside, Part I Garza and Jaiden The Dragon
04/27 Morning Fractured Fairytales Cassandra, Devon, and Elisabeth The Dragon
Morning Interdimensional Cooperation Robyn, Saito, Squeaks, and Voss Uncharted Territory
Afternoon Lawless Time-Hooligans Astor and Benji Time For Rest
Evening Perfectly Pleasant Nicole and Zachery
Evening A Bit Like Praying Joseph
Evening Inevitable Comparisons Chess and Miles
04/28 Morning (Un)Becoming Monica The Dragon
Noon Not Kitten Around Cooper, Ellen, Emily, Raquelle, Squeaks, and …
Afternoon Tell Me The Ending Elisabeth and Francois
Afternoon The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part III Kimiko, Marlowe, and Otomo The Dragon
Afternoon The Plant One Dumortier and Yi-Min
Afternoon Purr Devi, Remi and Silas
Evening What Grows in Park Slope Chris, Faulkner, Isis, Rue
Evening What Grows on Lookout Hill Faulkner and Isis
Late Evening Pretty Solid Chris and Rue
04/29 Morning The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part IV Kay and Kimiko The Dragon
Morning Pull Back the Curtain Marlowe and Monica
Morning World-Saving-Level Shit Alia and Devi
Morning Into the Woods Odessa, Waite, and Woods The Dragon
Late Morning Flash Flood of Memory Jim and Kaylee
Late Morning Disjointed Bits and Pieces Elisabeth and Richard
Noon The Long Hello Raquelle and… The Dragon
Afternoon The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part V Monica and Nia The Dragon
Afternoon All's Well Devon, Emily, and Kaylee
Afternoon We All Have Our Kinks Amelie and Godfrey
Late Afternoon You Have A Deal Cassandra and Lucille
Late Afternoon Meet Me Out Back Raquelle, Richard and Cooper
Late Evening Effing Love Raquelle and Bolivar
Night Showing a Mask of Strength Chel and Elisabeth
04/30 Morning Old Friends, Part I Choi, Claudia, Nicole, "Noah", Ryans, and Voss The Dragon
Morning The Two of Us Nicole and Ryans The Dragon
Midday Naming the Baby Brynn, Caspian, Devi, and Seren
Afternoon A Long Road Elaine, Matthew, and Robyn
Late Afternoon Salt in the Wound Chess and Luther
Late Evening Talk It Out Devon and Richard
Night The Depository of Horrible Forbidden Knowledge Monica and Richard The Dragon
Night If You Meet the Buddha on the Road Gabriel and Ghost The Dragon
Late Night Zeitgeist Cesar, Remi, Rue, and Tibby A Rising Tide
From To Title Participants Storyline
03/18 04/29 To a Brighter Future Colette and Kaylee A Rising Tide
04/05 04/30 Phantom Pain Avi and T-Amas The Dragon
04/07 04/23 Phantom Life Avi and Berlin
04/17 05/23 Montague Emily and Teo
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