Logs for April 2021

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68 logs posted for April 2021.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Morning Mediocre Expectations Dirk and Kendall
Afternoon Vampire Diary Kendall and Robyn
04/02 Afternoon Bridge of Pain Asi, Elisabeth, Geneva, Hailey, and Lance Blood and Sand
Evening You Won't Be Mine Aman and Odessa
04/03 Late Morning Broken Crown, Part VI Baruti, Ra'id, Tafero, and Uluru Distant Shores
04/04 Afternoon Endless Energy Asi and Monica
04/05 Night A Hundred Places Where I Fear Cooper, Odessa, and Seren When Dreams Do Show
04/07 Night ...and Charybdis Hull and Richard Distant Shores
04/08 Morning Preserving Our History Delilah, Kaylee, Kendall, Megan, Rue, Tasha, and Wright
Early Evening Present Ace and Odessa
Evening The Cult of Personality Karen and Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Night Of A Copy Richard and Weiss Distant Shores
Late Night Cobwebbed and Comfortless Devon, Megan and Wright When Dreams Do Show
04/09 Pre-Dawn How Many More Secrets Marlowe Onryō
Mid-Morning Discordant Dream Team Chat 2: Freddy's Revenge Cooper, Elliot, Megan, Odessa, Seren, and Wright When Dreams Do Show
Afternoon Pirates on the Playground Delilah and Elisabeth
04/10 Late Morning Mosaic II Aura, Brynn, Carl, Delilah, Elisabeth, Hailey, Jonah, Kaylee, Kendall, Peyton, Seren, and Walter
Afternoon Let's Be Real Kendall and Seren
Evening And Golden Venus Was There Kaylee and Richard
04/11 Afternoon Secret Lives of Pokemon Everleigh and Kendall
04/12 Morning Brain Food Cooper and Dumortier
Morning Hot Seat Byrne and Dumortier
04/13 Morning Shadow Shenanigans Dumortier, Emily, Geneva, Kendall, and Veronica
04/15 Late Afternoon Tempora Firma Lene and Walter Distant Shores
04/16 Late Morning Dearly Departing Chess, Elliot, Richard, Robyn, and Wright Distant Shores
Late Afternoon At the Limits of the Earth, Part I Chess, Elliot, Gates, Hall, Richard, Robyn, and Wright Distant Shores
Late Afternoon At the Limits of the Earth, Part II Bright, Castle, Chess, Elliot, Emmie, Eve, Gates, Hall, Mohinder, Richard, Robyn, and Wright Distant Shores
Early Evening And All Shall Be Well Chess and Richard Distant Shores
Evening The Worst is Yet to Come Kravid and Robyn Distant Shores
Late Evening Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow Delilah, Elaine, Matthew, Odette, Tom, and Walter Distant Shores
Night Something is Wrong Cedric and Hesser Distant Shores
04/17 Late Afternoon In the House of the Open Gate Chel and Richard Distant Shores
Existential Cry Sis Brynn and Hailey Like Pygmalion
04/18 Late Afternoon Good Vibrations Cooper and Emily
Evening When Shall We Three Meet Again Asi, Chess, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Night Cut The Strings, She Says Elisabeth andRichard
04/19 Noon Anarchy in the UK, Part I Cooper, Emily, Gutierrez, Lance, and Liza Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Anarchy in the UK, Part II Lance and Liza Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon Anarchy in the UK, Part III Nigel and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Early Evening By Fire Devon, Elisabeth, Erin, Harry, and Odessa Children of the Ashes
Evening Cracks Cedric and Hesser Distant Shores
Evening Anarchy in the UK, Part IV Alistair, Claude, Cooper, Emily, Esme, Gutierrez, Lance, Liza, Reeves, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Night Of All The Places Emily and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Late Night Anarchy in the UK, Part V Alistair, Claude, Cooper, Emily, Esme, Gutierrez, Lance, Liza, Reeves, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
04/19 - 04/20 Night - Afternoon Look What The Cat Dragged In Hailey and Lance Like Pygmalion
04/20 Early Morning Follow the Gunpowder Colette, Elisabeth, Elliot, Erin, Hailey, Hart, Modi, Wells, Wilson, and Wright Children of the Ashes
Afternoon Waffling Over Waffles Aman and Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Find Me in the Lies Elliot and Merlyn
Late Afternoon International Incident Emily, Indira, Farah, and Veronica Like Pygmalion
Early Evening ...And I Feel Fine Alia, Asi, Devi, Gatter, Odessa, Richard, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Evening Annals and Clouds Richard, S.Attva, and Odessa Distant Shores
Late Evening Could You Learn to Love This Ace and Odessa
Night Cold Case Colette ???
04/21 Early Morning Making Up is Hard to Do Nicole and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Morning I Still Question Where I've Been Everleigh and Odessa
Afternoon Pizza Girl Elliot and Merlyn
Evening Happy Hour Placeholder
Evening Fear of Love of Hope Elliot and Merlyn
04/22 Morning These Hands, This Voice Emily
Afternoon Some Reason to Be Angry Lance and Nicole
Late Afternoon Erinyes Kay and Richard Distant Shores
04/23 Night Beneath the Stains of Time Faulkner and Nova Like Pygmalion
04/24 Morning The Wizard King Merlyn and Wright
04/26 Morning We Don't Talk About UK Kendall and Nicole
Evening And All in Tune Gatter and Pride Distant Shores
04/30 Afternoon Probably Not A Ghost Dumortier and Zachery
From To Title Participants Storyline
02/15 04/13 A New Frontier Cooper and Marlowe
04/10 04/17 Whose Blood Jac Like Pygmalion
April 2021 Après Moi Rue Distant Shores
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