Logs for August 2009

512 logs posted for August 2009.

Date Time Title Participants
08/01 Early Morning Curt Awakening Curt and Veronica
Afternoon Roach Motel Stories Adelaide, Eve, Grace and Minea
Afternoon Something Good In Her Name Alec and Rebecca
Late Afternoon It Bill and Danko
Late Afternoon Business And Boating Bebe, Brian, and Cardinal
Evening Of Stitches and Selfishness Magnes and Bella
Evening A Case of Mistaken Identity Peter and Tracy
Late Evening Menaces To Society Delilah, Minea and Teo
Night Push Bao-Wei, Ling and Wendy
Night Serpent and the Raven Eileen, Feng and Peter
Night Wrong Idea Eve and Teo
Night Saving Grace Huruma and Logan
Night Within Reason Caliban and Logan
08/02 Past Midnight Watchdog Eileen, Gabriel and Peter
Morning Best Last Resort Elisabeth and Len
Morning Hiring the Help Alec and Elisabeth
Late Morning Catchup Over Cantaloupe Cardinal, Eileen, Ethan and Raith
Late Morning Flipping the Switch Brian and Peyton
Mid-Day Big Softy Brian, Hadley and Isis
Early Afternoon It Made You Dangerous Bella and Tamara
Afternoon Because There's Not Enough On Your Plate Abby and Elisabeth
Afternoon How Blurry Can It Get Before The Line's Not There Anymore? Cardinal and Elisabeth
Afternoon Until You Believe It Too Cat and Maya
Afternoon Is that a Resume? Alia and Carla
Afternoon Personal Interest Bella and Deckard
Late Afternoon A Personal Matter of Public Relations Caliban and Tracy
Late Afternoon Consider The Facts Deckard, Joseph and Phoebe
Evening Swell Eileen and Gabriel
Evening Broken Trust Elisabeth and Hana
Evening The Encyclopedia Genetica Bella and Wendy
Late Evening Badassitude Delilah and Magnes
Night Kabam Eileen and Raith
Night Tired Of It Cardinal and Claire
08/03 02:00 Eighth Plague Joseph and Teo
05:00 At Cross Purposes Cat and Elisabeth
Morning A 'Thank You' Card Wade
Morning To Stop a Heart Ariel and Jamie
Morning Pastor's Friends Elisabeth and Joseph
Noon Just A Little Paranoid Are We? Doyle and Wendy
Early Afternoon Facades Ellen and Hao-Tung
Afternoon Lunch and Legalities Elisabeth and Niki
Afternoon Ask An Ambiguous Question Gillian and Hokuto
Afternoon Evo Hidey Hole Peyton and Wendy
Afternoon Cataloguing the Possibilities Peyton and Cat
Afternoon To Break A Heart Colby and Coren
Sunset A Supermodel? Claire and Magnes
Sunset 700 mph Abby, Victor and Dean Beauchamp
Evening How Do I Stack Up Against SIG? Abby and Victor
Evening To Stop Another Heart Colby and Coren with Jamie
21:00 Play Along Elisabeth, Hana and Teo
08/04 10:00 In The Loop Cat and Claire
Late Morning Just Browsing Ellen, Veronica and Brian
Noon Be Safe Joseph and Raquelle
Afternoon Manifesto Cardinal, Elisabeth, Sal, Xiulan
Afternoon School's In Session Maya and Brian
Afternoon Extraction Cook, Hugh, Len, Magnes, Minea and Veronica
Afternoon You're Still Weird Brian and Cat
Late Afternoon Stranger Still Gillian and Sal
17:03 You Really Hate The Man Cat, Helena and Mona
Evening Sentimental Delphine, Eileen and Ethan
Evening Boy Hits Car Adam, Adelaide, Alia, Brian, Deckard, Maria and White
Evening Trying Not To Hurt Magnes and Veronica
08/05 Morning Mildly Successful Len and Veronica
Morning Pizza For Breakfast Claire and Magnes
Late Morning Police Records Cardinal and Elisabeth
Late Morning Room For Multiple Dooms Cardinal and Cat
Late Morning Walking the Straight Line Len and Minea
Afternoon Idle Chatter Caliban and Tuck
Early Evening Life Never Features Perfect Agreement Cat and Elisabeth
Evening He Knows About Peter Cat and Claire
Evening Discussing SOPs and SOBs Minea and Veronica
Evening Comfortable Cardinal and Gabriel
Late Evening Be Nice, We're Co-Workers Now Brian and Kaylee
Late Evening Strengthless Logan and Niki & Jessica
Late Evening Neverland Logan and Teo
Late Evening This Is Going To Be Harder Than It Looks Alec and Elisabeth
Late Night Be A New Beginning Bebe, Cardinal, Libby and Tyler
08/06 Morning What We Need Is.. Someone on the Inside Cardinal, Elisabeth and Niki & Jessica
Late Morning Too Many Shades Of Gray Cassidy and Elisabeth
Early Afternoon The Pardon of Sins Colby, Coren and Len
Afternoon As Subtle As A Brick Through A Window Aaron, Ellen and Wendy
Late Afternoon Spoonfuls of Salt Eileen and Gillian
Late Afternoon Good As New Leonard and Teo
Evening Memories of the Dead Winters and Cardinal
Evening Discussing The Field Trip Adam, Kaylee and Sabrina
Evening Grave Error Of Judgement Coren and Azrael
Late Evening Eating Chinese Food In Central Park Brian and Kaylee
Late Evening Ivy and Thorn Eileen and Gabriel
Night Han Solo For The Win Cassidy and Elisabeth
Late Night After Hours Company Abby and Diego
08/07 Early Morning Whisper and Hush Brian and Veronica
Early Morning God of Small Problems Bao-Wei and Hao-Tung
Morning Resignation Helena and Sal
Late Morning Never The Same Eve and Gillian
Afternoon Stealing From Big Business Is Always Fun Kaylee and Tony
Afternoon Vengeance Can Be A Powerful Motivator Len and Veronica
Late Afternoon Peace Love Dope Scott and Tamsine
Early Evening Unbroken Ground Ellen and Hao-Tung
Early Evening Goddamn Pigeons Eileen and Felix
Early Evening Suspicious Roof Dwelling Leonard and Magnes
Evening Non-Office Gossip Kayla and Veronica
Evening For Those About To Rock Rocket, Sable and Zuleyka
Evening Triad Of Refrain Aaron, Peyton and Wendy
Evening What's Your Motivation? Gabriel and Raith
Night Thanks For The Advice, Dr. Ruth Kaylee and Sabrina
08/08 06:30 Post-Trip Blues Aaron and Peyton
Morning Returning the Key Alec and Elisabeth
11:00 The Small Things Cat and Gillian
Noon From Enemies To..? Diogenes and Kaylee
Late Afternoon Friar Lawrence Cardinal, Cassidy, Mortimer - Cameo by Coren
Evening Picnic In The Sky Claire and Magnes
Evening Enter The Sandman Maeve
Late Evening A Strange Meeting Diogenes, Agnes and Teo
Night Spectators And Motorcycles Ash and Kaylee
08/09 02:00 Swim, Said The Mama Duck Gabriel and Teo
Early Morning In The Dim Morning Light Cassidy and Mortimer
Morning Is There Something You Need To Do Before Graduation? Elisabeth and Magnes
Afternoon Too Good to Be True, Too Good to Lie Magnes and Bella
Afternoon Above The Bar Abby and Joseph
Evening A Light in the Darkness, Part I Adelaide, Agnes, Brian, Carla, Cat, Danko, Faith Kelly, Helena, Hope Kelly, Len, Phoebe, Teo and Tracy
Evening A Light in the Darkness, Part II Adelaide, Elisabeth, Faith Kelly and Hope Kelly
Evening A Light in the Darkness, Part III Brian, Carla, Cat, Helena and Teo
Evening A Light in the Darkness, Part IV Agnes, Cat, Danko, Helena, Len, Megan, Mona, Phoebe, Sal and Tracy
Evening Not The Smartest Move You Ever Made Adelaide and Elisabeth
Evening A Partygirl of Interest Gina and Peyton
Evening Place Your Bets Cardinal and Devi
Late Evening Not All Caged Birds Sing Diogenes and Isis
Late Evening Double Standards Do Apply Elisabeth and Mortimer
08/10 Morning Too Much To Do, Not Enough Bodies Cardinal and Elisabeth
09:00 Clannish Minea and Teo
Early Afternoon A Discussion Between An Unlikely Trio Diogenes, Isis and Kaylee
Afternoon We Can Rest When We're Done Cardinal and Niki
Afternoon Foreplay and Cuddling Logan and Tuck
Afternoon You're Not A Lone Ranger? Elisabeth and Felix
Late Afternoon The Evils of Good Whiskey Ash and Kaylee
Early Evening No Such Thing As Coincidences Gillian and Magnes
Evening Twain Sawyers Sawyer and Veronica
Evening Jensen Raith's House of Pain Eileen and Raith
Evening Monster's Refrain Aaron, Cassidy, Elisabeth, Peyton and Wendy
Evening You're A Dick Abby, Claire, Deckard and Diogenes
Late Evening Becareful What You Say To Him Cardinal, Claire and Magnes
Night The Blue Pill Agnes and Devi
Night Initial Discount Adam and Brian
Night Like Moses Risa and White
Night The Zoo At Night Brian and Kaylee
08/11 Early Morning Aaron Can't Even OD Right Aaron, Peyton and Wendy
Morning Sometimes A Woman Just Needs Her Father Elisabeth
Late Morning Unwitting Hospitality Kayla
Noon Sleepers, Awake! Aaron and Peyton
Lunchtime Good Luck... You're Gonna Need It Elisabeth and Bennet
Afternoon The Push Bebe, Brian, Cat, Claire, Cook, Cardinal, Delilah, Gillian, Helena, Joe, and Zuleyka
Early Afternoon Action Heroes and Their Choreographers Elisabeth and Maxwell
Late Afternoon Don't Ask Don't Tell Danko, Felix and Mona
Evening A Narrow Fellow in the Grass Danko and Phoebe
Evening It's Not Dinner and Candlelight Cardinal, Cassidy, Coren and Elisabeth
Late Evening It's Time For Some Honesty Claire and Magnes
Late Night No Harm, No Foul ???? and Gillian
08/12 Early Morning Tidings of Joy Abby and Elisabeth
Early Morning I'm Elisabeth Fucking Harrison Elisabeth and Teo
Early Morning Education Cat and Mona
Late Morning Nerds Are So Troublesome Elisabeth, Sal, and Xiulan
Morning The First Student Alec and Megan
Afternoon You're Heroes Michael and Sarisa
Afternoon Crossing Paths Abby and Agnes
Afternoon For Saying Hello Danko and Tamara
Afternoon Interdepartmental Cooperation, Part II Felix and Feng
Afternoon Family Picnic Brian, Gillian and Veronica
Afternoon Nothing Dangerous Adam and Alia
Afternoon For Each Caesar A Brutus Cardinal, Elisabeth, Xiulan and Zuleyka
Early Evening This Shit is Bananas Devi and Wendy
Evening The Punchline Sal and Teo
18:00 Else Refrains... Cat and Else
Late Evening Like The Grim Reaper? Grim and Kaylee
Night Thin Ice Ellen, Liu and Song
Night Prelude to a Coming Storm Abby, Caliban and Elias
Night Mama's Girl Devi
08/13 Morning The Frozen Mask, Part I Brian, Isis and Tracy
Morning The Frozen Mask, Part II Autumn, Brian, and Isis
Morning Staining the Mask Brian and Isis
Morning The Frozen Mask, Part III Brian, and Tracy
Morning The Frozen Mask, Part IV Brian, Isis, and Tracy
Noon If You Knew What I Know... Doyle and Kaylee
Noon Delivery! Agnes, Devi, and Wendy
Afternoon Hunting Evolved Psychopaths Len and Minea
Afternoon Shadows of Prophecy Cardinal, Eve and Gillian
18:00 The World Is Broken Abby and Cardinal
18:20 She's My Sister Abby and Thalia
6:30 pm Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Martyrs Abby and Deckard
Early Evening Aches and Pains Eileen and Gillian
Early Evening Recapitulation Logan and Toru
Evening Night On The Town Elisabeth and Maxwell
Evening In Memoriam Les Paul Sable and Zuleyka
Evening Body Shots Bill, Felix, Peyton and Wendy
Night A Canary Under The Bus Bill, Peyton and Wendy
Night We'll Look Into It Aaron and Felix
Night Sleuths Diogenes and Kaylee
Night Digging Up The Sandman Diogenes and Kaylee
Night Lock Eyes From Across The Room Danko and Teo
Night Devil in the Details Eileen, Helena and Raith
Night Winter Wonderland Brian, Elle, and Magnes
Night As Normal As It Gets Brian and Veronica
Night Fucked-Up Redemption Toru and Logan
08/14 Early Morning Civil Over Coffee Elisabeth and Len
09:30 Forgiveness For Broken Promises Gillian and Joseph
09:45 Minea, Norman, Tyler, And Refrain Too Cat and Elisabeth
Morning Tea For Two Bebe and Logan
Morning Dying Arts Eileen, Gabriel and Hokuto
Late Morning One More Black Sheep Colby and Len
Late Morning The Itch Eileen and Gabriel
Afternoon Baiting the Hook Aude and Rebecca
Afternoon Sane Enough for Company Work Bella and Colby
Afternoon Cheaper Than Thirty Pieces of Silver Bella and Len
Afternoon Naivete and Crooked Cops Adelaide and Aude
Late Afternoon Is That An Arrow In My Face Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? Curt, Minea and Veronica
Early Evening A Glass Rose And A New Recruit Adam, Ash, Grim and Kaylee
Early Evening Stitched Up Sal and Teo
Evening Onomatopoeia Rebecca
Evening A Girl In His Room Claire and Magnes
Night Get Over It Abby and Deckard
Night Ten Dollars a Minute Adam, Agnes, and Devi
08/15 Morning Trading Up Elle and Len
Morning Wooden Piece Of Wood Brian and Elle
Morning It's Been 24 Hours Coren
Morning You Live With Miss Whitney? Aaron and Cassidy
Morning We're Working The Same Case Coren and Felix
Late Morning Bigots and Killers Are Easier Than Personal Problems Elisabeth and Felix
Afternoon Ex-Partner's In Lock Up Len and Veronica
Afternoon Watch Your Step Adam, Felix, Lola and Sawyer
Late Afternoon Of Sigrun and Skogul Hana
Early Evening Edward Nipplehands Brian and Elle
Evening Manly Fruit Cocktails Bebe, Charity, Christina, Delilah, Elisabeth, Eve, Felix, Logan, Martin, Sawyer, Thornton, Teo and Tuck
Evening In Truce Felix and Teo
Evening Magnetic Bebe and Logan
Evening Stuff Abby and Deckard
Night Come Down, Shake Down Adam, Agnes, Ash, Devi, Gillian, Risa, Shard, White
Night Follow up to Wierdness Adam, Ash, and Lola
Night For Good Reason Agnes, Gillian, and Shard
Night The Truth Behind The Illusion Grim and Kaylee
Night Planning a Foursome with Jose Colby, Minea and Veronica
Late Night Lying a Lot Brian and Veronica
Near Midnight Did Somebody Order Pizza? Abby and Deckard and Teo
08/16 Dawn A Step Above Norman Bates Gabriel and Magnes
Late Morning Lazy Sunday Cardinal and Elisabeth
Early Afternoon Just One Kiss, M'lady! Diogenes and Isis
Afternoon Delilah's Samson Delilah, Joseph and Teo
Afternoon Outsourcing Rebecca
Afternoon Downtime Ruth and Tris
Afternoon Puff Piece Adelaide, Faith Kelly and Hope Kelly
Afternoon Wild Rodent Chase Bella, Carrie, Colby, Kayla, Len, Magnes, Minea and Veronica
Early Evening Batman and Shopping Sprees Agnes, Cardinal, Devi, and Shard
Early Evening I'll Take It Under Advisement Adam and Sabrina
Early Evening TroubleShooter Cardinal and Devi
Early Evening Persistence Gillian and Shard
Evening Another For The Front Abby and Emilie
Evening Home Field Advantage Devi and Rebecca
Evening When Burning Birds Meet... Brian, Cat, Cook, Delilah, Elisabeth, Gillian, Helena, Jenn, Mona, Rickham, and Teo
Evening Involvement Ellen and Hao-Tung
Night An Honest Job Brian, Deckard, Felix and Hadley
Night Good Little Girls Peyton and Wendy
Late Night May We Live In Interesting Times Agnes, Cardinal, Gillian, and Shard
08/17 Morning Crisis NOT Averted Cassidy, Coren and Elisabeth
Morning By Request Minea
Morning You Were Missing? Abby, Coren and Elisabeth
Morning Find the Phone Carrie and Len
Late Morning Heading for the Low Ground Abby, Cardinal and Niki
Late Morning It's Jimmy Buffets Fault Peyton and Wendy
Early Afternoon Gods Having a Chat Diogenes and Kaylee
Afternoon Camels and Straw Gabriel and Gillian
Afternoon Howdy Partner Carrie and Corbin
Afternoon Allergic Elle and Magnes
Afternoon Club Fed Reunion Helena and Toru
Early Evening Father and Daughter Bill and Helena
Early Evening Batter Up Bao-Wei and Brian
Early Evening Cupcakes, Conversations and Plans. Abby and Leonard
Early Evening Coming Clean To The Boss Adam, Ash, Brian, Grim and Kaylee
Evening A Question of Clarity Eileen and Eve
Evening You Gotta Leave It At The Door Elisabeth and Magnes
Evening Shades of Gray Adam and Alia
Late Evening Bumper Cars and Skeeball Elisabeth and Maxwell
Night Happy Feet Brian and Kaylee
Night Concerned Citizens Magnes and Teo
Night Thanks Tracy! Claire and Magnes
Late Night There's No Coming Back Peter
08/18 Past Midnight Situation Normal Eileen and Raith
Earliest Morning The Respect He Deserves Ethan and Feng
Before Daybreak Twenty-Nine Centimeters Eileen and Gabriel
Barely Dawn Time To Come In Elisabeth and Mack
08:00 Admirable Elisabeth and Joseph
09:00 It's All In The Comic Cat and Claire
Late Morning Expecting Nothing But Dead Ends Coren and Rebecca
Late Morning Just Aim and Squeeze Bella and Len
Noon Self Saving Women of Means Peyton and Wendy
Noonish Surprise! Felix, Peyton, Wendy and Yamaguchi
Afternoon On The Restorative Properties Of Gossip Hadley and Teo
Afternoon Columbia 14 Curt, Minea, Samantha and Veronica
Late Afternoon What You Know Jenn and Rickham
Early Evening Someone To Come Home To Aaron and Peyton
Evening Where Would You Like Them Left? Ling and Ellen
Evening Eclipsed Matt and Maury
Evening Windup Before the Pitch Colette and Judah
Late Evening Frankenstein's Mortimer Bao-Wei and Mortimer
Night Acetaminophen Eileen and Ethan
Night Black and Gold Go With Everything Deckard and Yamaguchi
22:45 Grown-Up Decisions Molly and Matt
Night Mister Fail-safe Raith and Amato
Late Night Dreams of Niflheim Eve
08/19 Morning Salvation of Immortal Souls Gabriel and Peter
Noon Memory Lane Colby and Elisabeth
Noon Any Other Way Bella and Magnes
12:07 I Do Get Spirituality Abby and Cat
Afternoon He's A Good Kid Elisabeth and Len
Afternoon Repent! Adam, Kaylee and Thalia
Afternoon There Is A Musical Here Somewhere Helena and Huruma
Late Afternoon You Did It For Claire Claire, Elisabeth and Magnes
Early Evening Moving In Cardinal, Claire, and Zuleyka
Early Evening Been Here Before Eileen, Felix, Minea and Raith
Early Evening The Last Call Cassidy and Coren
Early Evening Seeing Double Molly and Tracy
Evening Refrain From Explaining Ling and Peter
Evening Shouldn't Have Come Thalia
08/20 Morning Chick on Parade Veronica and Yamaguchi
Late Morning Twilight Zone Nathan and Tracy
Noon Beggars Can't Be Choosers Tuck and Magnes
Afternoon They Might Be Holding A Grudge, Though You Don't Know Why Len and Minea
Afternoon Who's Mr. Hand Grenade Kitty? Felix and Minea
Afternoon Free Pizza Card Aaron, Peyton and Magnes
Afternoon One Last Goodbye Cassidy and Mortimer
Late Afternoon Applications, Passwords, Mysteries Alia
Late Afternoon Finding Your Balance Eve and Gillian
Late Afternoon Dying for Something Adam and Doyle
Early Evening West Side Story Bill, Danko, and Douglas
Early Evening The New, Improved Redhead Brian, Isis and Sal
Evening The Item In Question Len and Tracy
Evening That's a Shitload Of Money Abby and Thalia
Night If the Price is Right Eileen and Logan
Late Night Be Happy Gabriel and Hokuto
08/21 Early Morning Hello Tink Aude and Christine
Morning Who's Watching The Present? Joseph and Rebecca
10:43 Half For One Dollar Abby and Cat
Late Morning Beloved Boss; Fiery Spirit Thalia and Magnes
Afternoon June Cleaning June and Thalia
Afternoon Seeking An Invite Tracy and Magnes
15:08 I Was Told To Find You Cat and Ling
Early Evening Phase 1 Complete Daphne and Magnes
Evening A Poor Choice Of Words Abby, Azrael, Coren, Elisabeth and Leonard
Evening Go Green, Not Blue Eliot, Logan and Wendy
Late Evening Come Join Our Club Niki and Peyton
Night Meaningful To Who? Cardinal and Magnes
Night Meeting Mr Happy Feet Brian and Yamaguchi
08/22 Early Morning Couch Surfing Delilah and Magnes
Early Morning Four Missed Calls Abby and Deckard
Morning It's Broken Aude and June
Morning Good To Be Home Cassidy and Coren
Late Morning Dumpstered Jessica and Magnes
Noon Have You Lost Your Mind? Tracy and Magnes
Noon Beach Bums Abby, Brian, Cat, Cook, Delilah, Gillian, Helena, Leonard, Teo
Noon Blah Blah Blah... Diogenes and Isis
Noon 'New' Employee Adam and Isis
Noon Save Staten Devi, Agnes, Stef, Thalia, and Shard
Noon Apple Pie With A Side Of Trust Brian, and Isis
Noon Duty Calls Aaron, Diogenes, Minea and Peyton
Afternoon Guess Who Feng and Logan
Evening A Mutual Failure To Trust Helena and Magnes
Night Else Kjelstrom and the Shattered Skies Cardinal, Cat, Delilah, Else, Eve, Feng, Gillian, Helena, Magnes, Mona, Sable and Veronica
Night It's Our Curse Cat, Else, Eve, Gillian and Mona
Night Who The Bad People Are Boxer and Shard
Night A Snake in the Grass, Part I Feng and ???
Late Night A Snake in the Grass, Part II Feng and Eileen
Late Night Patience And Procedure Cardinal and Feng
Late Night Somebody's Gonna Hurt Someone Aude, Danko, Douglas, Elisabeth, Khalid, Lola, Teo and Tuck
08/23 Early Morning If We Only Had An Island Sized Vacuum June, Lola and Magnes
Afternoon A Salute To What Might Have Been Abby and Brian
Afternoon Infiltration Elle, Kaylee, and Winters
Sunset Reluctance Brian, Cardinal, Jessica and Peyton
Early Evening How Do I Bought Drugs? Ellen and Magnes
16:00 Why Are You Interested? Delilah and Minea
16:07 Don't Forget To Sleep Cat and Magnes
Early Evening Not The Brothel Basement Abby and Maya
Late Evening Echoes Of A Distant Past Aaron and Peyton
Night Nothing Before His Eyes Cole, Liu and Song
Night Botched Celebration Agnes and Devi
Night Utility In Death Bao-Wei, Hao-Tung, and Liu
Late Night Just Meat Doc, Risa and White
Late Night So Black, He's a Hole Felix and Minea
08/24 Morning 1.5 Miracles Len and Minea
Morning California Prescription Bella and Wendy
Morning Doing It On My Own Abby and Magnes
Noon Daddy Issues Claire and Helena
Noon That Same Clash Tune Cat and Sable
Afternoon The Replacement Cardinal, Christina and Jessica
Afternoon Determinate Sentencing Deckard, Douglas, Khalid, Magnes, Thalia, Tamsine and Yamaguchi
Afternoon When Asthma Attacks Len and Tamsine
Late Afternoon Serpent in the Garden Cardinal and Hana
Late Afternoon Bad Drugs? Devi and Wendy
Late Afternoon Sparky And Bright Eyes Maxwell and Wendy
Early Evening Crunch Abby and Lola
Early Evening Step Ahead Ethan and Gabriel
Evening Colorful Futures Delilah and Gillian
Evening Leapin Lovers Adam and Lola
Night Money or Power Liu and Winters
20:00 Nothing Is Futile Cat, Helena, and Peyton
Night Tell Me What I Don't Know Cardinal and Minea
Night Mutually Beneficial Eileen, Helena and Magnes
Late Night Brevity Eileen and Logan
08/25 Wee Hours Ready Steady Go Deckard and Gabriel
Early Morning What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men Cardinal and Felix
Late Morning Grieve Abby and Megan
Late Morning He Was Behaving Before Deckard, Ethan and Gabriel
Midday One Foot In The Door Cat, Peter and Peyton
Midday One Foot In The Grave Cat and Peter
Early Afternoon There's A Peace You'll Know Elisabeth and Teo
Early Afternoon Technical Assistance Alec and Cardinal
Late Afternoon My Game, My Rules Azrael and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon New Song Sable and Magnes
Late Afternoon Don't Insult Animals Cardinal and Helena
Late Afternoon Boob Jobs and Lipo Claire and Magnes
Early Evening Blue Brotherhood Aude and Magnes
Early Evening I Can Feel Her Cardinal and Cassidy
Evening Maybe She Doesn't Like Bagels Danko, Douglas, Elisabeth and Khalid
Evening Bone to Pick Azrael and Danko
An Hour Later Sinking Ship Butch, Cat, Colette, Danko, Darla, Deckard, Delilah, Douglas, Joseph, Khalid, Leonard, Megan, Rickham and Trask
Late Evening Anatomical Discombobulation Eileen and Teo
Night The Dead We Carry Hana and Teo
Night The Time And In Between Elisabeth
Night Meet Your True Constituency Delilah and Rickham
Night Caught Blue-handed Gillian and Winters
Late Night Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust Else, Feng and Peter
08/26 Post Midnight You Know She's A Cop, Right? Cardinal, Deckard, and Elisabeth
03:00 30 Digit Delight Felix and Minea
Sunrise Perception and Perspective Colette and Joseph
Morning The Shield of Aegis Adelaide, Autumn, Corbin, Holly, Magnes, Michael, Minea, Mitchell, Nathan, Tracy, and West
Late Morning A Ranger Can Beat A Marine Any Day of the Week Len and Minea
Pre-Noon Fancy Business Cards Laura and Logan
Afternoon Like A Lot of Little Pinches Devi and June
Afternoon Retro Vade Felix
Afternoon Leave a Message Peyton
Afternoon BFFs are Purple Gillian and Magnes
Late Afternoon The Emotional Lives of Animals Caliban, Carrie, Corbin, Minea and Veronica
Evening Kamikaze Kindness Rocket and Shard
Evening It's On, Now! Isis and Diogenes
Evening Is This The Real Life Or Is This Just Fantasy? Cardinal and Elisabeth
08/27 02:00 Vide Cor Meum Minea
Morning Hunter's Guide Bella and Len
Morning The Voice on the Other End Cardinal and Len
Morning It's Gonna Take a Bit Abby and Elisabeth
Noon What Is Your Angle? Cat and Magnes
Noonish Peter Pan And The Lost Girl Baxter and Bebe
Afternoon Apology Cake and Smoked Gouda Magnes and Tracy
Evening Still Friends Wendy and Peyton
Evening Irish Car Bombs Isis and Nicolas
Night A Fist In The Air Adam, Cat, Cardinal, Claire, Doc, Helena, Knox, Leonard, Lola, Maeve, Magnes, Raith, Risa, Shard, Stef, Thalia and White
Night Whipped Claire, Magnes, Shard and Stef
Night He Knew Cassidy and Elisabeth
Night Versatile Caliban and Logan
Late Night What If I Am? Helena
08/28 Early Morning The Birds Are Singing Sweetly Danko and Tamara
Morning Good Cop, Bad Cop Aude, Magnes and Tamsine
Late Morning Reaching Out Elisabeth and Len
Late Morning I Just Wanted It Over Cat and Elisabeth
Early Afternoon A Surprise Recruiting Adam, Sabrina and Sam
Early Afternoon Collecting Cards June and Raquelle
Afternoon Job Opportunity Nicolas and Adam
Afternoon Two Queers And A Dark Prophesy Bolivar and Raquelle
Late Afternoon Tattletale Felix, Judah and Leland
Late Afternoon What Happens in Gillian's Head Gillian and Mona
Early Evening Let Sleeping She-Dogs Lie Brian and Elle
Early Evening One Foot In Front Of The Other Cardinal and Elisabeth
Evening Evolved Anonymous Adelaide, Douglas, Megan and Nicolas
Evening Left Hanging Azrael and Cassidy
Night Morrie's All-Occasion Liquor Cassidy, Coren and Felix
Night We the People Adelaide, Autumn, "Aviators", Bill, Cat, "Craig", Danko, Douglas, Eileen, Eve, Felix, Helena, Juliette, Len, Magnes, Michael, Minea, Nicolas, Sarisa, Tracy and Tris
Night Suture, II Eileen and Gabriel
Night Mouthing Words Peter and Helena
Night Until The Lights Go Out Len and Tamsine
Night Criminal Enterprises Nicolas and Adam
08/29 Very Early Morning Just Another Nightmare Cassidy and Coren
Early Morning Ashes to Ashes, Death to Life Else, Eve, Feng, Gillian and Peter
Late Morning No More Formals For You Len and Minea
Late Morning Honey Bunches of Fab Peyton and Raquelle
Late Morning Do We Or Don't We Out HF? Elisabeth and Helena
Early Afternoon Just One Hit Adam and Lola
Afternoon Who Am I To Judge? Claire and Magnes
Afternoon Vindictive Much? Elisabeth and Jessica
Late Afternoon What Tour Guide? Buck and Veronica
Late Afternoon Unorthodox Fortune Telling Miranda and Mortimer
Sunset Seeds of Doubt Cardinal and Doc
Sunset Follow The Leader Brian, Cat, and Helena
Evening Save Staten: The Message Shard, Cardinal, Agnes, Claire, Peyton, Aude and Magnes
08/30 Morning Familiar Names and Faces Brian and Veronica
Noon When I Said 'Action' Cat, Leonard, Maxwell, Sable and Wendy
Early Afternoon The Damage Logan and Miranda
Afternoon Pepperoni, Extra Stress Magnes and Tamsine
Afternoon On the Rocks Bella and Deckard
Afternoon Late Bloomer Cat, Leonard and Maxwell
Late Afternoon Safe and Less Sound Judah and Tamara
Evening No Words Colette and Tamara
Evening So Wet Behind The Ears, It's Amniotic Fluid Aude and Magnes
Evening Islands In The Stream Len and Minea
Night Right as Rain Bill, Danko and Felix
08/31 Wee Hours Personal Security Alec, Cardinal and Elisabeth
Early Morning Getting The Story Straight Cassidy, Coren and Elisabeth
Morning Bad Company, Part I Minea and Martin
Mid Morning Rogue Jurassic Airport Carrie, Corbin, and Grim
09:00-10:40 Discussing The Dwarf Cat and Len
Lunch They Don't Need A Reason Elisabeth and Leland
Afternoon There's a Jacket June
Afternoon Mobile Command Unit Delilah and Helena
14:00 Wonderfully Enigmatic Cardinal and Cat
Early Evening The Meaning of Peter, The Bomb, and Everything Peter and Magnes
Night There Is Only One Of You Claire and Magnes
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