Logs for August 2010

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422 logs posted for August 2010.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/01 Morning Like Dexter Warren, Elle and Delilah
Morning You Can Never Go Home Again Bob and Elle Severance
Afternoon Naughty Old Man Elisabeth and Felix
Afternoon This is an Automated Message Magnes and Teo
Evening Open Mic Night Aric, Delilah, Eileen, Elaine, Melissa, Quinn and Sable
Evening Abduction Nelson and Elaine
Evening Pantyhose Can be a Useful Thing Evan, Jaiden and Nadira
08/02 Early Morning Dancing Around the Truth Evan and Nadira
Morning Hot In Here Indeed Elisabeth and Jaiden
Morning Suffocated Warren and Elle
Noon One Hard Lesson Left To Learn Joanna, Tasha and Vincent
Afternoon The Prodigal Son Returns Kendall and Melissa
Afternoon It Only Gets Harder Colette, Tasha and Quinn
Evening Dealing with the Devi-l Devi and Luther
Evening Convergence Bennet and Ryans Severance
Night Old Flames Elaine, Magnes, Sable, Quinn, Cardinal, Huruma and James Nelson
Late Night Changed Eileen and Gabriel
08/03 Afternoon Shared Burden Amato and Nick
Afternoon Didn't Seem Odd? Cat and Kaylee
Early Evening Impossible to Ignore April and Silver
Early Evening Bribe Him with Beer Nick and Raith
Early Evening Those Who Judge Abby and Amato
Evening Worst Service Plan Ever Cardinal and Devi
Evening Super Date Elle and Warren
Night You'd Best Be Moving Along Now Abby, Bao-Wei, Eileen and Smedley
08/04 Early Morning Paint Me Hope Broome and Eve
Morning No Rest for the Wicked Eileen and Nick
Morning A Giant Stork Abby, Doyle, Huruma and The Lighthouse Kids
Late Morning What's Wrong? Elle and Ryans Severance
Afternoon On The Backs Of What If's Abby and Amato
Mid-Afternoon The Bloody Good Guys Martin and Odessa Severance
Late Afternoon Wrapped Around Tiny Fists Huruma and Ryans Severance
Evening Some Drink to Remember Abby and Deckard
Evening Another Change In The Air Cardinal, Eileen, Francois, Peter and Rupe As Icarus Descends
Messiah Complex
Evening It Pays to Be a Bitch Logan and Sasha Messiah Complex
Late Evening What You Bring With You Cardinal, Devi, Elisabeth, Elle, Felix, Juliette, Maria, Michael, Sanderson and Veronica Severance
08/05 Noon Double Agent Eldridge, Elle and Harper Severance
Mid-Afternoon Sisters Two Abby, Barbara and Niki
Late Afternoon A Few Bent Laws Eileen, Jaiden and Raith
Dusk The Sword of Revolution Ash, Claire, Harrison, Huruma, Ling, Peter and Rupe Messiah Complex
Evening Not Going Home Nadal and Nadira
Evening Dance a Bit More Bryan and Elle
Evening Nothing Is Guaranteed Cardinal, Lydia and Peyton
08/06 09:00 Masks On Masks Cat and Gabriel
Midday The Get Lucky Pizza Cardinal, Elisabeth, Elle and Jaiden
Afternoon Smoking is Bad Elle and Nadal
Late Afternoon Shooting the Rapids Elisabeth and Jaiden
Early Evening Redbird Reunion Aric, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Monica, Niki and Peyton
Evening Decide What You Love Odessa and Susan
Evening Pride and Providence Amato, Melissa and Nick
Evening Unreasonable Expectations Evan, Nadira and Chase
Night Contending Troubles Amato and Raith
Late Night Call It Vanity Amato, Eileen and Raith
08/07 Noon Eat, Drink and Be Distracted Francois, Daphne and Melissa
Noon Banco Un-Populaire Delilah, Quinn and Nadal
Late Afternoon Something To Discuss Kendall, Ling and Melissa
Night Harmless Francois and Sadie
Night Dinner Conversation Jaiden and Felix
08/08 Afternoon Hidden Answers Abby and Melissa
Afternoon Sushi and Secrets Cardinal and Elle
Afternoon Usagi Yojimbo and Phone Numbers Delilah and Kendall
17:00 Of Mice And Cats Abby, Cat and Elaine
Early Evening Random Act Of Kindness Card Abby and Nadal
Early Evening Love and Rock'n Roll Delilah, Magnes, Quinn and Sable
Evening Placeholder Elisabeth and Felix
Evening Invasion of Space Peyton and Zachery
Evening Business and Pleasure Cardinal, Peyton and Smedley
08/09 Afternoon Secrets in the Green House Kendall, Ling, and Melissa
Mid Afternoon Feet First Into the Deep End Cardinal, Elisabeth and Jaiden As Icarus Descends
Every Prophet In His House
Late Afternoon Darker Than Black Elisabeth and Sarisa As Icarus Descends
Sunset Negotiating Relationships Hana and Rebel As Icarus Descends
Evening A Foreign Notion Melissa and Nick
Evening Old Spice Kendall
Evening Cheshire Cat Scratch Corbin, Hokuto and Lydia
Evening Setting the Tone Alia, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Felix, Jaiden, Jessica, Monica, Niki, Niklaus and Peyton As Icarus Descends
Evening A Matter of Choice Abby, Bennet, Cardinal, Cat, Eileen, Grace, Joseph, McRae, Patrick, Peter, Scott, Serrato, Susan and Tien As Icarus Descends
Evening Right or Wrong Joseph and Susan As Icarus Descends
Evening Signs and Semblances Sable and Tasha
Evening Deconstruction III Allison, Bryan, Flora, Isabella, Lashirah, Maria, Martin, Ryans and Veronica Severance
Late Evening Internal Matters Allison and Bryan Severance
Night He's -My- Hero Dema and Lynette As Icarus Descends
Night Remembering the Steps Peyton and Smedley
Night Cohabitation Bella and Deckard
08/10 Morning A Very Merry Unbirthday Abby, Nadira, Odessa, Quinn and Raquelle
Morning This Week in History Smedley and Peyton
Morning A Quiet Homecoming Kaylee
Late Morning My Baby Did Something Legal Joanna and Tasha
Afternoon It's In the Cards Corbin and Lydia
Afternoon Lasagna and Dead Dogs Abby, Melissa and Sasha
Afternoon Sell Your Soul... for comics! Kendall and Quinn
Evening No Happy Ending Gabriel and Odessa
08/11 Early Morning Excuse Granted! Diogenes and Isis
Morning When The Wax Begins To Melt Eldridge, Harper and Pierce As Icarus Descends
Morning Ideology Schism Cat and Elisabeth
Early Afternoon Geeks and Their Toys Kendall and Melissa
Afternoon A Call For Help Diogenes, Kaylee and Isis
Late Afternoon The Shadow of Smoke, Part I Cardinal and Samson
Late Afternoon London Calling Colette, Jaiden, Quinn and Tasha
Late Afternoon De Oppresso Liber Knight, Renard and Rupe
Late Afternoon How to Fix a Flat Jaiden and Mika
Evening Just Us Corbin and Daphne
Evening Tactical Reassessment Ash, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma, Ling, Melissa, Peter, and Rupe Messiah Complex
Night Not Unlike Confession Abby and Peter
Night Thin Layer of Filth Delia
08/12 Wee Hours Crooked Logan and Vincent
Early Morning Gummy Bear Picnic Delia
High Noon Ripples Hiro and Rhys
Afternoon Undercover Offer Elle and Ryans Severance
Early Afternoon Preparing for the End Melissa
Evening Take My Whole Life Too Cardinal and Elisabeth As Icarus Descends
Evening Too Insane to Care Elle and Molly Severance
Evening Subway Two-Step Luke and Renard
Night Down in Flames, Part I Abby, Ash, Cat, Eileen, Elisabeth, Hana, Jaiden and Rickham As Icarus Descends
Night Down in Flames, Part II Claire, Colette, Daphne, Francois, Gillian, Gregor, Kris, Lynette, Magnes, Melissa, Noriko, Peter, Teo and West As Icarus Descends
Night Down in Flames, Part III Bao-Wei, Cardinal, Jessica, Lacombe, Ling, Monica, Niki and Raith As Icarus Descends
Night Cracks in the Ice Gabriel and Lacombe Messiah Complex
Late Night Ungrateful Eileen, Gabriel and Odessa
08/13 Pre-Dawn 50% Francois and Teo?
Pre-Dawn Hostile Country Avi, Eileen, Gabriel and Raith
Sunrise Longest Two Hours Of Your Life Aric, Cardinal, Cat, Daphne, Elisabeth, Jaiden, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Megan, Melissa, Noriko, Tasha
Sunrise The Rose Bao-Wei As Icarus Descends
After Sunrise Support System Elisabeth and Lynette
After Sunrise Too Long, And Not Long Enough Corbin and Daphne
Mid-Morning Foxes and Wolves Colette, Sasha, Tamara and Tasha Every Prophet in His House
Morning Y Ddraig Goch Quinn and Ygraine
Morning Gillian Childs Is Dead Gillian and Peter Every Prophet In His House
Morning All Mine Elle and Warren
Late Morning What Rarely Is Niki and Peter
Late Morning The Great And Terrible Oz Cardinal, Clara, Elisabeth, Julien, Sabine and Sarisa Messiah Complex
Afternoon Train Brawl Luke and Toru
Afternoon Not a Kid Anymore Kendall and Melissa
Early Evening Prosaic Hana and Logan Every Prophet In His House
Evening Peep and Pincer Amato, Nick and Raith
Evening Sashay, Not Stomp Kelly and Logan
Late Night Dream Scar Delia, Hokuto, and Ryans
08/14 Morning Genesis 20:12 Nick
Morning The Implications Logan and Margaret
Mid-Morning Not Ever For Good Darren, Eldridge, Elle, Harper, Odessa and ???!!! Severance
Noon Horrifying Abby, Magnes and Tasha
Noon To Be A Star Mayes and Nadia
Early Afternoon The Tower Renard and Nadia
Early Afternoon Veiled Inhospitality Harper and Sabra Severance
Early Afternoon Identity Crisis Cardinal, Gillian and Juniper
Afternoon Puppies and Politics Peyton and Smedley
Afternoon Out of Spite Elle and Warren
Sunset No Voice Leaves Quiet Colette, Tamara and Tasha Every Prophet in His House
Early Evening Not Just A Girlfriend Elaine, Linus, and Quinn
Evening Immature Strategy Melissa and Sasha
Evening Mad Tea Party Evan, Mika, Nadal and Nadira
08/15 Late Morning Acton Reed, Red Herring Dante and Flora Severance
Noon Sunday Shenanigans Abby, Adelaide, April, Cardinal, Elle and Prince
Noon New Chances Elle and Odessa
Early Afternoon The Kingdom is at Hand Amato and Delia
Afternoon Books and Palms Lydia and Quinn
Afternoon Back to Normality Barbara and Ygraine
Sunset Flashbacks Amato and Mika
Dusk Pack Mentality Kain and Logan
Early Evening Chariot, Empress, Lovers, Hermit, Page Alia and Cardinal
Early Evening Random Awkwardness April, Ina and Quinn
Early Evening A Possibly Invaluable Service Cat and Gillian Every Prophet in His House
Evening Lowered Expectations Delia and Huruma
Late Night Temporary Fix Lynette
Midnight To Give and Receive Eileen, Gabriel, Margaret and Raith
08/16 Pre-Dawn Bounty Abby, Avi, Nick, Quinn and Raith
Dawn Reunion Abby, Avi, Eileen, Nick and Raith
Morning A Hand to Hold Lynette and Toby
Morning Welcome to the Crazy Farm Elle, Warren, and Zachery
Mid-Morning Distractions Eileen and Raith
Late Morning Don't Stay In A Place You Don't Believe In Brennan and Megan
Late Morning Enough Daphne and Francois
Late Morning An Empty Apartment Silver
Noon I Do Cat and Silver
Early Afternoon Rolodex Colette and Logan
Afternoon Game, Set, Match Harper and Elle Severance
Afternoon Freaks of Human Nature Adelaide, Gin, Luther and Renard
Sunset Up From The Depths Bao-Wei and Samson
Sunset The After Party Elle
Evening Dirty Secret Bella, Deckard and Joseph
Evening Never Just A Beer Nadira and Prince
Evening Ember Abby, Delilah, Lynette and Teo
Late Evening Well Aged Mika and Rupe Messiah Complex
08/17 Early Morning New Start, Take Two Diogenes, Isis, and Kaylee
Late Morning Clean Up On Aisle Three Brennan, Delia, Jaiden, and Mika
Afternoon Nothing Can Be Secret Forever Allison and Bianca Severance
13:03 A Long Term Job Cat and Renard
Late Afternoon A Working Girl's Job Bryan and Veronica Severance
Early Evening Lambskin - The Wash Eileen, Gabriel and Raith
Evening A Promise Kept Kendall, Lynette, Magnes, Melissa and Peter
Evening Maddening Kendall, Melissa and Peter Messiah Complex
Evening Invitation By Hot Dog Lashirah and Ryans Severance
Late Evening Social Butterfly Linus and Quinn
Late Evening Those Are Beautiful Aric and Lola
08/18 Early Morning Analogues Eileen and Francois
Morning Motivations Bianca, Bob, Fitzpatrick, Gael, Lee, Liza, Martin, and Rossling Severance
Morning Deadbeat Abby and Amadeus
Morning Dedia Delia and Lydia
11:00 The Secret Boss Cat and Delia
1:00pm A Second Try Abby and Rebecca
Afternoon Beast in the Bay Bao-Wei and Bella
Afternoon That Went Well Dante, Donald and Elle Severance
Afternoon Little Girl Lost, Old Woman Found Mika, Elisabeth and Jaiden Messiah Complex
Late Afternoon A Posterchild For Insanity Dante and Flora Severance
Late Afternoon Authorian Answers Delilah, Diogenes, Linus, Lola, and Savannah
Evening Shock Treatment Elle and Zachery
Evening Possible Face Stabbings Amadeus, Jaiden, and Mika
Evening Cause I'm A Creep Finney, Huruma and Nadira Severance
Evening If Only It Were Raining Logan and Toru
Evening Labyrinth Cardinal, Elisabeth and Peyton
Evening From a Worn-Out Picture That My Mother'd Had Amadeus, Deckard, Margaret, and Raquelle
Evening Lambskin - Flat Conveyer Chuckles and Eileen
Late Evening Standard Fare Jaiden and Mika Messiah Complex
Late Evening Limbo Nick
Night The Ninth Circle Dante and Harper Severance
08/19 03:45 Cat And Moral Authority Cat and Lashirah
Morning Welcome to the Underground Jaiden and Ygraine
Morning Gainfully Re-employed Kaylee and Lydia
Morning Everything in Its Season Raith and Amato
Noon The Only Offer Broome and Odessa Severance
Afternoon Time For Your Check-Up Bella and Lynette
Afternoon Oil and Cloth Abby, Bennet, Cat, Lashirah, and Ryans Severance
Late Afternoon Or By This Time Tomorrow Hiro and Kaylee
Late Afternoon SWM LF Feminist Amadeus and Bella
Evening Non-Violent Tolerance Bella and Deckard
Evening My Dear Lady Disdain Dante and Lynette
Evening Buy a Date Amadeus, Aric, Cardinal, Kendall, Linus, Lola, Melissa, Nadia, Nadira, Peyton, Quinn, Rain and Raquelle
08/20 After Midnight Surprising Confidences Peyton and Smedley Every Prophet in His House
Morning (RT) Her Self-Chosen Mission Abby and Cat
Late Morning (RT) Russian Tea Rooms Abby and Ryans
Morning Dirty Fighting Elaine, Quinn and Ygraine
Afternoon (RT) The Russian Beer Capital Cat and Ryans
Afternoon A Banner Year Elisabeth and Peyton
Afternoon A Smiling Stylist Kendall, Melissa and Raquelle
Afternoon The Sailing Club Weekly Jaiden, Lynette, Quinn, Toby and Ygraine
Afternoon Ryans Has a Nightmare Amadeus and Delia
Early Evening Hopefully Not Faye and Joseph Every Prophet in His House
Evening Gaining Leverage and Perspective Cardinal, Mika and Peyton Messiah Complex
Night What You Give It Bryan, Elle, Fritz and Veronica Severance
Late Night The Good Old Days Abby, Bennet, Cat, Ivan, Lashirah, Rene and Ryans Severance
Late Night Loudly Sung And In A Foreign Tongue Harper, Katarina, Kelly, Lancaster and Tania Severance
Late Night The Color Red, Part I Cat, Harper, Katarina, Kelly, Ryans and Tania Severance
Late Night The Color Red, Part II Abby, Bennet, Eileen, Gabriel, Ivan, Lashirah, Raith and Rene Severance
Late Night Expecto Patronum Delia, Huruma, and Lydia
Late Night Secrets Told in the Dark Elisabeth and Jaiden
Late Night Your Only Way Out Eileen and Gabriel
08/21 Early Morning A Mixed Day Lashirah and Ryans Severance
Early Morning Old Dogs and New Tricks Bennet and Ryans Severance
Morning A Brand New Hue Gillian, Peyton and Raquelle
Morning Curious About That Figure Elle and Odessa
Early Afternoon Faux Starstruck Amadeus and Peyton
Afternoon The Cajun Finger Snap Amadeus and Lola
Afternoon They Do It Sometimes Magnes and Sable
Late Afternoon Cast Your Coat Bao-Wei and Bella
Late Afternoon So Easily Thrown Away Colette, Doyle, Else, Mouse, Quinn, Rourke and Tasha
Late Afternoon Terrible With Geography Cardinal and Nadia
Evening Bad Futures Cardinal and Francois
Late Evening Shot Down Ash and Delia
Night Making Promises Colette and Tasha Every Prophet In His House
Night Friendsies, For Realsies Linus and Quinn
08/22 Dawn I'll Get it to You Daphne and Odessa
Late Morning Made Personal Francois and Sarisa
Early Afternoon Shock Tart & Looney Tune Devi, Elle and Warren
Late Afternoon Take It From Me Cardinal and Smedley
Late Afternoon Man Up Amadeus and Delia
Early Evening At Least We're in the Same Book Elisabeth and Veronica
19:00 Jack The Ripper's Son Amadeus and Logan
Evening Looking for an Outlet Cardinal and Devi
Evening Cut My Hair Delilah and Sable
Evening Goldilocks and the Bear Melissa and Nick
Evening The Seduction of Judith Amato and Gillian
Night Never Too Early To Be Blitzed Elisabeth and Felix
Late Night Buried Treasure Eileen and Gabriel
08/23 Early Morning En Passant Broome and Elle Severance
Morning Food For Thought Brennan, Delia, and Megan
Morning Drunken Donuts Cardinal, Elisabeth and Niki
Morning Once Upon a Time in New York City Kelly and Tania
Morning Hardly Priest-Like Delia and Melissa
Late Morning God's Word, Cheap and Used Delia, Lydia and Nick
Noon Safe Place Logan, McRae and Tania
Afternoon Causes and Effect Lynette and Sable
Afternoon He Didn't Find Her Cat and Veronica
Afternoon (ET) Covalent Bonding Abby and Raith
Afternoon Sherry and Bourbon Abbot and Savannah
Mid-Afternoon Where's April? Elisabeth and Silver
Mid-Afternoon Bringing the Specialist In Cardinal and Jaiden
Late Afternoon Tarot and Pirates Delia, Lydia and Odessa
Late Afternoon I'm Richard //fucking// Cardinal Cardinal, Elle, Elisabeth and Jaiden
Late Afternoon Slide Bella and Joseph
Early Evening On Trust Aric and Monica
Early Evening Squeeze II Donald, Elle, Finney, Flora, Rain and Veronica Severance
Evening Exceeding Expectations Amadeus and Peyton
Night Illusionists Shouldn't Drink Kendall and Quinn
Late Night The Birth Of A Mad Muse Elaine, Magnes, Quinn, and Sable
08/24 Early Morning G'Morning Dio Diogenes and Isis
Early Morning Sketches of Yesterday and Tomorrow Barbara, Cat, Lynette and Scott
Early Morning White Noise of Doubt Kaydence and Matt
Early Morning Welcome Home Daddy Delia and Ryans
Morning It Wasn't You Kain and Kaydence
Morning Pretty Ice Demons Bao-Wei, Elle, Nadira, and Warren
Morning In Search of Honest Men Diogenes and Lola
Lunch The Hardest Person to Know is Yourself Aric, Cardinal and Monica
Early Afternoon Ellen Degeneres Must Die Elle and Warren
Afternoon Research and Development Alia, Cardinal, Devi, and Elisabeth
Afternoon Kindness of Strangers Delia, Gillian and Lydia
Afternoon Illicit Contacts Allison, Bryan and Veronica Severance
Early Evening Beginnings Anew Amato and Gillian
Early Evening College Hit List Prince, Jaiden and Nadira
Early Evening Ooo Kittens! Delia, Huruma, and Lydia
Early Evening Real Men Can Drink Smoothies Amadeus and Savannah
Evening Estimated Casualties Ash, Harrison, Huruma, Ling, Melissa, Oleander, Peter and Rupe Messiah Complex
Evening Dance Machine Linus and Peyton
Evening Barroom Politics Ash and Isis
Evening Raw Fish Elle and Luke
08/25 Early Morning Needle and Thread Abby, Bennet and Rene Severance
Morning Record of an Approaching Fall Cardinal, Colette and Elisabeth Every Prophet In His House
Morning The Silver Tongue Ash and Rupe Messiah Complex
Every Prophet In His House
Early Afternoon I'm a Peanut! Brennan, Devi and Jaiden
Early Afternoon Sane, Insane and More Insane Diogenes, Elle and Zachery
Early Afternoon My Eyes, Your Eyes Fox, Gillian and Hailey
Early Afternoon Tradition and Decorum Gideon, Ina and Marie A Thing of Straw
Afternoon Mi Mama Delilah and Tania
Late Afternoon Peer Pressure Amadeus and Delia
Late Afternoon Gizmos and Gadgets Devi and Smedley
Evening Why Are You Here? Delia and Jaiden
Evening Face To Face With It Ina
Evening Writer's Block Abbot and Savannah
Night Watching Entropy and Pain Peyton and Smedley
Night How I Saved The World Elaine and Magnes
08/26 Morning Analogies Kendall and Melissa Messiah Complex
Late Morning Interdepartmental Cooperation, Part IV Audrey, Matt, Pierce and Sarisa Secret Wars
Late Morning Paradigm Shift Elisabeth and Nash
Lunchtime Culture Clash Luke and Smedley
Lunchtime Good Cause Gone Bad Kendall and Peyton
Afternoon Tricky Ricky and the Dangerous Double Cross Rain and Ricky Severance
Afternoon Staying The Same Lydia and Quinn
Afternoon Kind Of Kind Francois and Ghost
Afternoon Isaac's Work Cat and Peter
Late Afternoon A Long Time Since Freud Bella and Odessa
Early Evening You... Delia and Jaiden
Evening Burdened Colette and Joanna Every Prophet In His House
Sunset Contented Fool Delilah and Eileen Every Prophet In His House
Late Evening Until The Clock Strikes Twelve Delia and Logan
08/27 Early Morning Children Or Midgets Not Allowed Delia, Elisabeth, Felix, and Jaiden
Morning There Will Be No Lawyer Audrey and Magnes
Late Morning Rite of Passage Delia, Lydia, and Quinn
Noon Missing Time Joseph and Kaylee
Early Afternoon Names On Paper In Red Ink Logan and Sasha
Afternoon Duty Magnes and Matt
Afternoon Equilibrium Delia, Huruma, and Lydia
Early Evening Aren't You A Little Short to be a Stormtrooper? Cardinal and Elisabeth
Early Evening I Don't Care Amadeus and Delia
Early Evening He's NOT My Boyfriend Elle and Odessa
Evening Messiah Complex Ash, Claire, Huruma, Kendall, Ling, Melissa, Oleander, Peter, Rebel, Rupe and Thalia Messiah Complex
Evening Chopsticks Aric and Raquelle
Evening Child Support Amadeus and Deckard
Evening Odie Amadeus and Savannah
Evening Feeling Sick Abby, Elisabeth and Tania
Evening Squeeze III Elle, Finney, Flora and Ryans Severance
Night Guilt and Grief Ling and Melissa
Night Afloat Peyton and Smedley
Late Night Grief's a Slippery Bastard Melissa and Raquelle
Late Night Stay Safe, Dammit Melissa and Nick
Late Night Kelp Deckard and Ghost
08/28 Early Morning The Most Important Meal Hiro and Tamara
Early Morning Birds in a Pod, Peas of a Feather Deckard and Joseph
Morning Not Good News Melissa and Quinn
Morning The State of Denmark Cat and Elaine
Morning Waiting For The Bullet Audrey, Magnes and Matt
Noon Cannibalize Abby, Bennet, Barbara, Cardinal, Cat, Daphne, Delilah, Eileen, Joseph, Kaylee, Melissa, Quinn, Reynold, Sable, Susan and Tasha
Early Afternoon We'll Take Care of You Abby and Melissa
Early Afternoon Who is Hiro Nakamura? Cat and Kaylee
Afternoon Looking Much Better These Days Elisabeth and Rebecca
Afternoon Bike Locks and Bodyguards Delia and Peyton
Afternoon Italian Ice Bao-Wei and Bella
Late Afternoon Teaching Moments and New Teammates Aric, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Francois, and Peyton
Early Evening The Small Amount of Solace Peyton and Smedley
Early Evening Off Your Feet Isis and Sable
Evening Pledge of Support Delia and Renard
Evening Did You Mean It? Evan and Nadia
08/29 Early Morning When Unpleasant Reality Catches Up April, Cardinal and Veronica
Morning A Grief That Can't Be Spoken Sable and Tasha
Late Morning The Serpent's Lesson Delia and Kaylee
Noon The Payout Elle, Lola, and Warren
Afternoon In The Cards Kaylee and Lydia
Afternoon The New You Bella and Elle
Late Afternoon I Could Just Eat You Up Delia, Huruma, and Jaiden
Late Afternoon Your First Lie Elaine and Rebecca
Evening The Fine Line Peyton and Smedley
Night Jack Gets All the Glory Melissa and Nick
08/30 Pre-Dawn Neither Enemies, Nor Friends Goodman and Veronica Severance
Morning Preemptive Maintenance Cardinal, Peyton, and Smedley
Morning You Are A Long Term Client Audrey and Rebecca
Morning Every Good Reason Bob and Elle Severance
Morning Two Slices of Pie Quinn and Diogenes
Morning Why Yes... It IS Blue Abby and Nash
Late Morning Bootstraps Benjamin's Brothers
Noon Blood, Violence and Hot Guys Melissa and Raquelle
Noon Loyal to the Very End Elle and Warren
Early Afternoon Cat-ered Delia-very Cat and Delia
Afternoon A Different Us Gillian and Lynette
Afternoon A Fire Extinguisher And A Dream Abby and Delia
Afternoon Mental Knots Elaine, Kaylee, Magnes, Quinn and Sable
15:57 Was It Elvis? Cat and Katya
Late Afternoon How We Got Here Aric, Elisabeth, and Jaiden
Dusk They Didn't Train Him for This Eileen and Nick
Dusk What You Take Away From It Bryan, Fritz, Ryans and Veronica Severance
Sundown A Tiny Prick Delia, Tam Finnley and Vincent
Evening Lay Flowers Down and Walk Away Eileen and Gabriel
08/31 Varies Every Prophet Angela, Avi, Brennan, Broome, Cardinal, Claire, Colette, Corbin, Delia, Delilah, Edward, Eileen, Faye, Francois, Gillian, Hokuto, Jessica, Joanna, Julie, Kaylee, Lashirah, Luis, Lydia, Lynette, Matt, Monica, Mitchell, Niki, Peyton, Raith, Ryans, and Tasha Every Prophet In His House
Wee Hours One of Them Delia and Vincent
Morning Basements Abby and Jaiden
Morning The Beginning of the End, Part I Bob, Bryan and Elle Severance
Morning Survival of the Fittest Candice and Hiro Secret Wars
Morning The Beginning of the End, Part II Allison, Balfour, Bianca, Corbin, Fitzpatrick, Flora, Gael, Hokuto, Lashirah, Lee, Liza, Martin, Rain, Rene, Rossling, Ryans and Veronica Severance
Morning The New Recruit Darren, Harper and Veronica Secret Wars
Late Morning Ferried Away Cat, Delia, and Huruma
Noon Hey Southern Chick Abby and Amadeus
Early Afternoon You Can Be Curious Abby and Cat
Afternoon Coffeeshop Scene Audrey, Lancaster and Vincent
Afternoon Definitely Not A Hero Linus and Ygraine
Afternoon Creative Responsibility Quinn and Ygraine
Early Evening Big City, Little World and Destiny Lydia and Samuel Butterflies
Evening Little Loving Lies Joanna and Tasha
Evening Coping Felix and Smedley
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