Logs for August 2011

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98 logs posted for August 2011.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/01 Morning Flaws Of Youth Devon and Elisabeth
Afternoon Babies Are Hard Delilah and Nadira
Evening Findings Odessa and Valentin A House Divided
Late Night Do What Is Right Lene and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Night Salmon, Not Just For Eating Abby, Delia, Huruma and Lynette Woven Worlds
08/02 Night Imagination Huruma and Jasmine A House Divided
Woven Worlds
Midnight They Will Hunt You Elisabeth and Odessa Woven Worlds
08/03 Wee Hours Just This One Last Time Quinn and Rue Woven Worlds
Early Afternoon The Wrong Moment In Time Megan, Nicole and Ryans
Afternoon It Just Takes Some Time Lynette and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon They Don't Follow the Three Laws Devon and Tasha Liberty or Death
Late Night Honest Women Bella and Odessa Woven Worlds
08/04 Wee Hours Savvy and Excellent Taste Lynette and Nicole Woven Worlds
Early Morning Are You Fucking Kidding Abby and Tania Woven Worlds
Evening Oh, Another Family Member Lucille and Nicole
Late Night Tonight You Belong To Me Lynette and Ryans Woven Worlds
Late Night New Life Alone Kaylee Woven Worlds
Late Night As You Were (Song for Magnes) Elaine, Quinn and Sable Woven Worlds
08/05 Wee Hours On Parole Lucille and Ryans Woven Worlds
Late Morning From A Tree Delia and Logan Liberty or Death
08/06 Wee Hours The Easiest Thing Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
Morning No Buyer's Remorse Delia and Nick
Noon Snake in a Cage Daphne, Delilah and Sandi Liberty or Death
Noon Playing Fetch Eileen and Gabriel Destiny
Noon The CIA Party Audrey, Avi and Ziadie Destiny
Early Afternoon Time Travel Etiquette is Hard Lene and Ygraine Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Safe As A Paperweight Alia and Devon Liberty or Death
Evening Toe The Line Elisabeth and Jane
08/07 Afternoon Anger to Conviction Odessa and Tania A House Divided
Afternoon Ferry Le Flambeur Delia, Eileen and Nick Liberty or Death
08/08 Wee Hours Aaaawkward Devon, Elisabeth and Monica
Wee Hours Marrow Bella and Deckard Woven Worlds
Late Night Dissemination Barbara, Delilah, Elaine and Monica Woven Worlds
08/09 Afternoon Blow Ye Gentle Huruma
Late Night Burned Aftermath Abby, Delilah, Nadira and Quinn Woven Worlds
08/10 Early Morning Converging on an Idea Devon and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon This Is Gonna Sound Bad Jane, Praeger and Vincent A House Divided
Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon Flashback Delia and Nick
Late Night Another Kid's Sandbox Delia, Delilah, and Sable Liberty or Death
Late Night Fight and Flight Graeme, Huruma, Jaiden, Monica, Nicole and Ryans Woven Worlds
Late Night Seeking Monsters Francois Woven Worlds
08/11 Wee Hours Stick Together Graeme and Monica Woven Worlds
Wee Hours Memories Always Have Power Elisabeth and Ygraine
Lunchtime Normality Break Elisabeth, Jaiden, Trask, and Ygraine
Afternoon Auf Achse Delilah and Quinn
Late Afternoon Dreams of Futures Not To Be Elisabeth and Graeme Woven Worlds
Early Evening A Blade of Time JJ and Monica Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Cloudy Judgment Abby, Eileen, Liza, Lynette, Rue and Tasha Liberty or Death
08/12 Early Morning Ghosts With A Negative Age Tania A House Divided
Woven Worlds
Afternoon Sungura Huruma and Tania
Late Afternoon Outside the Box Elisabeth and Phillip Liberty or Death
08/13 Wee Hours The Curse of Leadership Benji, Delia, Monica, Noa, and Raith Woven Worlds
Afternoon Karma's a Bitch Bella and Nora Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Talking Sense Elisabeth and Jaiden Liberty or Death
Evening To Hurt Them Odessa and Valentin A House Divided
08/14 Noon Cools the Sting Delia and Nicole
Evening Venom And Blood Delia, Eileen, Lynette, Nora and Rue
08/15 Wee hours War Haven Astor, Delia, and Raith Woven Worlds
Morning Hangovers and Memories Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
Evening Love A Rainy Night Devon and Remi
Night She's Crazy Devon and Graeme
Late Night Doll's Eyes Delia, Eileen, and Lucille Woven Worlds
Late Night Widow Of My Own Making Abby and Tania Woven Worlds
08/16 Midnight Stay and Chat Calvin, Lynette and Nick Woven Worlds
Morning On Maniacal Metal Manipulators Brennan, Michelle and Nick Woven Worlds
Afternoon The Curve Devon, Elaine, Evan, Graeme, and Holly
Afternoon Misstep, Part I Daphne, Delia and Koshka Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon Misstep, Part II Abby, Cash, Monica, Quinn and Raith Liberty or Death
Early Evening Misstep, Part III Eileen, Gabriel and ??? Liberty or Death
Late Afternoon Bearers of Bad News Daphne, Delilah, and Koshka Liberty or Death
08/17 2AM God Gives Us... Abby and Cash Woven Worlds
Wee hours Mon Cher Graeme and Remi Woven Worlds
Noon Just a Git Delia, Lynette and Nick
08/18 Early Evening In This Climate Audrey and Jane
Night Coming To Frution Devon, Elisabeth, Jaiden, Remi, and Trask
08/19 Wee hours Even In War Life Goes On Elisabeth and Remi Woven Worlds
Evening Hugs Devon, Jaiden, and Remi
08/20 Late Afternoon Bliss Bella and Benji Woven Worlds
Evening By Rook Or By Crook Brennan, Edgar, Lynette and Nora
08/21 Noon The School Paper Audrey and Devon
08/24 Afternoon Period Abby and Monica
Evening A Walk On The Rough Side Devon and Elisabeth
Evening Not a News Flash Elisabeth and Graeme
Late Evening Aside From Thinking Devon and Graeme
08/25 Morning The Point Devon and Elisabeth
08/27 Wee hours Not Fair Graeme and Remi Woven Worlds
Morning A Continual Farewell Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
Early Evening Mysterious Devon, Jaiden and Remi
Evening He's Not Here Deckard and Joseph
Wee Hours Out Of The Fire Francois and Teo Woven Worlds
08/28 2AM The Lies That People Tell Themselves Brennan and Michelle Woven Worlds
Early Evening Bound to Change Kincaid and Nicole Woven Worlds
08/29 Afternoon Doing Okay Brennan, Devon and Michelle
Late Afternoon Civil Blood Odessa, Sasha and Tania A House Divided
Night Makes Civil Hands Benji, Edgar, Griffin, Huruma, Nick, Nora and Ryans A House Divided
Night Unclean Elisabeth and… A House Divided
Night Cohorts Of A Kind Logan, Odessa, Sasha, Tania, and Valentin A House Divided
08/30 Wee Hours Give Up Bella and Deckard
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