Logs For Claire Bennet
claire_v1.jpg Volume Summary
September 2008
1st Hazing 101 Aidan, Claire, Eve, Grace, Helena, Trask A "sorority hazing" in Central Park goes very wrong and attracts way more attention than the "sisters" really needed.
Scars Claire, Peter After years apart, Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennett finally reunite in the ruins of Midtown.
2nd We Dont Know Them Claire, Helena Helena brings Claire up to speed on recent PARIAH goings-on.
3rd The Terrible Crime Of Cameron Crushing Claire, Daniel, Eve, Helena, Trask Helena and Daniel discuss the fine art of espionage, with interjections in the form of Eve, Trask and Claire.
4th A Change in the Air Cameron, Cat, Claire, Daniel, Helena, Peter Peter approaches PARIAH with a proposition.
6th Permit Yourself Happiness Claire, Eve, Helena, Peter It seems like the folks of PARIAH could use a little more happiness in their lives.
8th A Meeting Crashed Claire, Daniel, Eve, Helena, Peter, Trask Peter calls a meeting of PARIAH, which is interrupted near its end by an unexpected visitor…
10th War Torn Claire, Peter Cheerleaders are the most insecure creatures on the planet.
11th Wish to Forget, Remember to Learn Claire Helena Helena approaches Claire about a conversation she had with Peter.
18th Friends in Digital Places Claire, Hana, Mohinder, Peter Claire brings Mohinder some food and Peter gets in touch with Wireless.
19th Into the Dragons Mouth Part I Alexander, Eve, Claire, Helena, Mohinder, Peter, Trask PARIAH appears at Primatech Research, intent on accomplishing their goals.
Into the Dragons Mouth Part III Claire, Matt, Peter, Trask Claire, Peter and Trask are confronted by Matt Parkman and his unit.
Into the Dragons Mouth Part IV Alexander, Claire, Eve, Helena, Matt, Peter, Sylar PARIAH reunites at the scene of the rather unfortunate discovery. Peter surprises no one by taking matters into his own hands. Matt Parkman surprises everyone by taking Claire into Homeland Security custody. And Claire Bennet surprises her friends by agreeing to it. Everything is relative.
21st Imagine Claire, Matt Imagine all the people…
23rd Grounded Angela, Claire, Matt The Homeland Security Agent releases his newly-registered detainee to her grandmother's custody.
24th Pizza and Plotting Claire, Helena Helena manages to sneak into the Petrelli Mantion and touch base with Claire. She also gets free access to Claire's entire wardrobe. Score!!
28th A Shiny Record of Truth-Telling and Other Such Honest Behavior Alexander, Bryan, Claire, Gina, Kain, Sylar All manner of dealings happen at Rapture.
Im In Claire, Helena Claire tells Helena about Sylar's offer.
29th Mind the Sunflowers Claire, Helena, Sylar Claire and Helena meet with Sylar.
claire_v2.jpg Volume Summary
October 2008
7th Evil Preppy Young Republican Claire, Hana, Helena Claire meets Wireless and Helena convinces her friend to come home.
29th From The Ashes Abby, Alexander, Cat, Claire, Erim, Helena, Jennifer, Karl, Melinda, Trask, Teo, West Helena announces her intention to join forces with the Ferrymen, prompting a schism not only between members of the group, but between her and her dearest friend.
claire_v3.jpg Volume Summary
November 2008
9th A Tainted Touch Claire, Kazimir On a trip to Staten Island for PARIAH, Claire Bennet has a dreadful encounter with death itself.
22nd Hold Your Liquor Brian, Cat, Claire, Conrad, Helena, Owen, Rosa Members of Phoenix celebrate their day of miracles a the Surly Wench.
25th Knitting Needle Stab Wounds Claire, Teo Teo meets with Claire to confirm some details of PARIAH's supposed dirty deeds.
claire_v4.jpg Volume Summary
December 2008
5th All Dressed Up With No Place To Go Claire, Helena Claire and Helena meet up at a shop to discuss the state of Peter(s).
6th Pull The Trigger Claire, Peter Peter gives Claire some answers, and the two resolve to fix the problem.
Five Minutes To Midnight Agent Petrelli, Claire, Gillian, Peter, Sylar The ultimate showdown begins. One Petrelli dies.
14th A Kiss Good Night Baxter, Bolivar, Claire , Elisabeth, Erim, Isabelle, Julian, Karl, Knowles, Mack, Melinda, Vance, William The PARIAH raid goes horribly, horribly wrong.
Make Em Bleed Claire, Julian Two drifting PARIAH band together as reality comes crashing down about their heads and make tentative plans for their shaky futures.
15th Brilliant Watson Claire , Hagan, Julian Hagan makes astute observations.
17th Popcorn Claire, Flint, Julian Claire and Julian go for a beer and popcorn run, only to find a man they both know for entirely different reasons.
21st In the Midst of Heaven Claire, Julian, Rupe Rupe proposes the latest incarnation of the new world order to Claire and Julian.
30th Recruitment Over Coffee Claire, Hagan, Julian Claire and Julian pay Hagan a visit and invite him to join the new world order. Again.
January 2009
2nd How Do You Refine A Blunt Instrument? Charity, Claire, Hagan, Isabelle, Julian, Rupe …or "Yes We Can."
15th Woolgathering Claire, Rupe Rupe takes regrettable but necessary action and implants a trigger in Claire.
claire_v5.jpg Volume Summary
March 2009
10th Rats Under The Moon Cat, Claire, Claude, Deckard, Flint, Hiro, Teo It would seem that even a man with no sense of who he is still manages to rally friends about him. Friends and… blood-thirsty, crazy people in stolen convertibles.
20th Tourists Claire, Laura Laura takes Claire out for a "field test" of sorts. Claire is out of her element, but finds she sort of enjoys Laura's brand of artistry.
22nd The Kids Are All Fucked Up Abby, Cat, Claire Claire comes to Abby looking for a friend. While she's baring more of her soul than usual, Cat arrives to discuss the state of things.
23rd Cant Not Claire, Hiro The time traveling samurai asks the indestructible cheerleader on a date.
25th Like a Can of SpaghettiOs Cat, Claire Cat shares the intelligence she's gathered on Moab Penitentiary with Claire before dropping two considerable bombshells on her.
Easy Street is a Blind Alley Cat, Claire, Eve Claire catches up with Eve for reasons both selfish and social.
Divide the Light from the Dark Arthur, Claire, Goodman, Maury Claire finds herself faced with the terrible secret that is Arthur Petrelli.
claire_v6.jpg Stripped of her ability, Claire is faced with her mortality and it's a bleak thing. However, with the assistance of her friends and new allies, Claire will survive the inevitable. In the end, she will regain what belonged to her and then some.
May 2009
4th Do What We Must Claire, Peter Having been locked away in Pinehearst's research facility since her power was taken from her, Claire receives an unexpected meeting from Peter.
June 2009
9th Hurry Up And Wait Abby, Claire, Helena Abby discovers Claire has re-emerged and calls Helena over to help her regroup.
14th Back To Square One Claire, Hana Claire turns to an unlikely ally for help.
July 2009
5th An Innocent Meeting Aaron , Claire An innocent meeting between two people, starts the countdown to something that could be deadly for one of them.
11th Being Sick Sucks Abby, Claire It really does! Oh.. and Claire wears fuzzy bunny slippers.
16th Hope And A Box Of Pictures Cat, Claire, Eve After dreaming about Claire's illness, Eve comes to the Safe House to visit with Claire. Cat shows up as well and hints are made about the trouble going on, but more importantly… there is hope for Claire.
21st Little Red Hearts Abby, Cardinal, Claire, Deckard Cardinal comes to get Abby out of town and Claire comes to get some help. Deckard comes to give that help. Little red hearts? That's what claire's underwear is decorated with, which everyone gets to see.
Only Mostly Dead Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Delphine, Helena A crisis is faced.
24th It Was All Over The News Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Hiro The rest of the story is sought.
25th Can't Be A Terrorist Forever Claire, Elisabeth Claire and Liz do some singing and then the detective tries to make Claire think about what she wants with her life.
26th No Guarantees Brian, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Maya Help is sought and given, but there are no guarantees.
27th Suitcase Full Of Clothes Claire, Delilah, Maya Three women have a discussion while looking through a suitcase full of clothes.
30th Not The Lone Wolf Cat, Claire, Helena, Peter Peter tries to leverage information about Else Kjelstrom from Phoenix.
claire_v7.jpg On the rooftop of a building Claire meets two men that change her life. One is Cardinal, he doesn't keep her in the dark and tells her what is what. He also gave her a shotgun! The second is Magnes, a young man that showed her how special she is, even if he is a bit of a goof. Her outlooks start to change and she throws her lot in with the shadow man and his talk of saving the future.
August 2009
2nd Tired Of It Cardinal, Claire Claire discusses with Cardinal how tired she is of feeling on the outside of everything going on.
3rd A Supermodel? Claire, Magnes This is exactly what Magnes thinks Claire from the 9th Wonders Comics would be today. If he only knew.
4th In The Loop Cat, Claire Claire is given the beginnings of what she wants.
5th Pizza For Breakfast Claire, Magnes Magnes comes to visit Claire again and this time brings Pizza and it jsut so happens to be her favorite.
He Knows About Peter Cat, Claire Cat and Claire discuss a guy.
8th Picnic In The Sky Claire, Magnes Magnes and Claire have something like a first date — in the sky!
10th Becareful What You Say To Him Cardinal, Claire, Magnes As Claire and Magnes get ready for another date, Cardinal shows up. He has a warning for Claire and a something he needs her to do.
You're A Dick Abby, Claire, Diogenes, Deckard A conglomeration of people at Old Lucy's, an attempt to pick a fight, an attempt to ask some questions and a successful returning of a key.
11th The Push Bebe, Brian, Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Cook, Delilah, Gillian, Helena, Joe, Zuleyka Everyone teams up to make the Lighthouse habitable again. Also, hotdogs.
It's Time For Some Honesty Claire, Magnes Claire decides it's time her and Magnes had a talk.
14th A Girl In His Room Claire, Magnes Magnes has a girl he's dating in his room!
17th Thanks Tracy! Claire, Magnes Awww… Magnes gets to make out with a girl!
18th It's All In The Comic Cat, Claire Cat and Claire touch base.
19th You Did It For Claire Claire, Elisabeth, Magnes Liz takes Magnes home, and arranges for someone to meet him there to take care of him.
Moving In Cardinal, Claire, Zuleyka Claire accepts an invitation to join a group of squatters in Midtown. They discuss prophecies and the future. NOT A CULT HONEST.
24th Daddy Issues Claire, Helena What starts as a talk about Claire's boyfriend becomes a discussion about Daddy Issues. Both girls have them.
25th Boob Jobs and Lipo Claire, Magnes ..which is totally what Claire thinks Super powered women in comics do to look like they do.
27th A Fist In The Air Adam, Cat, Cardinal, Claire, Doc, Helena, Knox, Leonard, Lola, Maeve, Magnes, Raith, Shard, Stef, Thalia, White Similar sounding ideals conflict at a meeting of powers on Staten Island.
Whipped Claire, Magnes, Shard, Stef Magnes is. Shard isn't. There's an aftermath for the rally gone wrong for a small group who flew away.
29th Who Am I To Judge? Claire, Magnes Well… Claire and Magnes have a somewhat serious discussion.
Save Staten:The Message Aude, Agnes, Cardinal, Claire, Peyton, Magnes, Shard Shard preaches a message on live TV.
31st There Is Only One Of You Claire, Magnes Magnes calls Claire over to talk about what Peter said. She drops another big secret on him.
September 2009
4th A Moment Of Happiness Abby, Claire, Magnes, Nicolas Claire and Magnes spend sometime at Old Lucy's.
6th Learning To Skate Claire, Magnes While out skating, Magnes asks Claire for her help.
7th Moving Out Of Zugzwang Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth, Gillian, Jessica, Peyton, Xiulan Cardinal gets his people together to get a little bit of organization going.
13th First Fight? Claire, Magnes Honeymoon is over! Claire and Magnes get into a little arguement, among other things.
23rd An Awkward Conversation Claire, Magnes The title says it all…. Seriously, just read.
29th Asking The Wrong Person Cardinal, Claire Claire goes to Cardinal for advice on her non-exsistant sex life.
October 2009
2nd In The Dark With A Girl Claire, Magnes Magnes is in the dark with Claire…. and yet he still doesn't score. Poor poor Magnes.
3rd Trying To Think Straight Claire, Magnes Their first night together was innocent enough, but seems to have had an effect on Claire. Course, instead of taking advantage of the situation, Magnes actually takes the adult route.
Just A Bunch Of Girls Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth, Mack, Xiulan Magnes is in the dark with Claire…. and yet he still doesn't score. Poor poor Magnes.
6th In Pursuit Of Liberty Adam, Cardinal, Claire, Delilah, Doc, Helena, Magnes, Nicolas, Peyton, Risa, Shard, White Norman White begins his plan to take vengeance on the United States Government for his imprisonment in Moab.
Waterlogged Cardinal, Claire, Shard Cardinal and Shard return to Coney Island to search the waters for Claire's body.
10th Tried To Call Claire, Magnes Claire and Magnes catch up to each other after the events at Coney Island.
11th Live Report Miracle Day Rescue Claire Claire rescues a child from a aparment fire. News Report from the bboards.
12th Trip To The Mall Claire, Magnes Claire and Magnes enjoy an evening at the mall.
16th The Shipment Aaron, Andrew, Canfield, Cardinal, Claire, Magnes, Peyton, Robin, Stef Due in part to his absence, the delivery of Shard's shipment of food and medical supplies goes somewhat awry.
Waking Up To Bad News Cardinal, Claire, Peyton, Robin Claire is there when Cardinal wakes up with a splitting headache. Peyton shows up to share some worrisome news.
17th Third Base Claire, Magnes Magnes brings Claire to his place after the chaos on Staten.
claire_v8.jpg Handed an envelope by a strange young girl, the message within comes from the man that Cardinal works for. It sends her on an adventure unlike any other she's had before. She finds herself in the war zone of Madagascar and what happens to her there… well… best read for yourself. Needless to say it's mind blowing and turns a young woman into a soldier.
November 2009
4th Shoot Me Claire, Magnes Claire has Magnes shoot her to prove to him that she doesn't need saving and to teach him to trust her.
6th A Slice Of Apple Pie Claire, Magnes Magnes talks about the lady he met in the park, who he finds out was none other then Claire's adoptive mom.
9th Shut The Door Cardinal, Claire, Eve Claire and Cardinal chat about a varity of things and get a surprise visit by Eve.
10th Family Is Important Claire , Sandra Claire finally gets up the nerve to go see her adoptive mom.
12th Shotguns, Rifles, and a Pink AK-47 Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth, Peyton, Sparrow, Zuleyka Weapons practice and name discussion beneath the New York Public Library.
20th Off The Grid Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth Elisabeth informs Claire that there is no sign of Magnes anywhere.. He's off the grid.
21st Search Party Cardinal, Claire, Peyton Cardinal and Claire are worried about the MIA Liz and Magnes; Peyton's power seeks them out to find one in a far off place, the other behind bars.
Getting Mom's Support Claire, Sandra Claire goes to see her mom and ends up getting her support in looking for Magnes.
22nd You, or Everyone Else Cardinal, Claire, Tamara Tamara brings a message to Cardinal. Upon revelation of its contents, Claire faces the choice her companions have already made — to pursue one's own dreams and desires, or to make of them a sacrifice towards other ends. After Claire leaves, Tamara offers a sacrifice Cardinal doesn't understand enough to use; nor does he understand the significance of what he finally does ask for, but she gives it to him anyway.
23rd Operation Apollo Autumn, Candy, Cardinal, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Magnes, Sarisa, Raith The United States Government rallies its forces against the Vanguard.
24th What's That Noise? Claire, Sandra Claire finally gets the time to tell her mom that she won't be home for Thanksgiving.
25th 32 Feet Per Second Candy, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson Team Bravo makes a daring landing in Madagascar and finds the country most hostile than the one they left behind.
26th The Only Easy Day... Candy, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson Team Bravo makes their way across the Malagasy wilderness to the plane's crash site…
27th Something In The Air Candy, Claire, Danko, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson Team Bravo prepares to set out on the water, but the arrival of an unexpected newcomer and unforeseen wrinkles in their plans complicates matters immensely.
28th If A Bomb Falls... Claire, Huruma, Sanderson …and no one is around to hear it, has the apocalypse come?
30th With One Stone Candy, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson Eileen is reunited with Team Bravo.
December 2009
1st Sick Lies Candy, Claire, Eileen, Huruma, Sanderson Sandersons secret orders are revealed, and no one is happy.
2nd Communication Barriers Candy, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma Having reached the end of their journey along the Ankofia River, Team Bravo works to secure passage to Mandritsara via the roads. Danko remains MIA.
3rd The Resistance Aviators, Bosede, Candy, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson, Tau, Usutu Team Bravo is led by an undercover member of the Madagascar Liberation Front to the ruins of Mandritsara to meet the Resistance.
5th Further Instructions Aviators, Candy, Claire, Dajan, Eileen, Huruma, Kwasi, Sylar, Tau, Usutu Team Bravo finally is able to meet the MLF's leader, and there's more than one revelation in store for them.
8th Just Your Monster, Cheerleader Claire, Eileen, Huruma, Sylar It was bound to happen sometime, Sylar makes a play for Claire's ability, while Eileen and Huruma have to try and stop him.
9th Divide And Conquer Aviators, Bosede, Candy, Claire , Dajan, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Lang, Kwasi, Sanderson, Tau Team Bravo is beset upon by the Vanguard.
11th If Only They Died Candy, Claire, Don, Gregor, Rasoul, Sanderson, Six …they would not have to suffer Edmond Rasoul.
12th Like Arks Candy, Claire, Don, Rasoul, Sanderson Taken for a meeting with Rasoul, Claire is explained the purposes of the Vanguard bunkers, while Candy, Don Dixon and Sanderson find different fates.
14th Disassemble Candy, Claire, Gregor, Rasoul, Six Dr.Gregor's plans for Claire Bennet are like something out of a terrible movie, and the more horrifying revelation has yet to even come…
15th Two Man Enter, One Man Leave Candy, Claire, Don, Lang, Sanderson Candy and Claire are reunited briefly with Sanderson and Dixon at Rasoul's arena.
16th I'll Live With The Wigglers Candy, Claire Candy and Claire talk the day after their fight in the arena.
21st Lazarus Claire, Gregor Claire Bennet's blood is used to bring back someone from an eternal state of near death by the machinations of the mad Doctor Gregor.
Ghost Of Island's Past Candy, Claire, Etana Late at night, Candy and Claire are visited by a spirit and shown glimpses of the past and the future…
27th Save Them Candy, Claire, Don, Kwasi, Lang, Sanderson, Six Late at night, Six comes to take Candy and Claire deep into the Muspelheim bunker to reveal more of Rasoul's dark secrets.
30th Scorched Earth, Part I Bosede, Candy, Claire, Etana, Gregor, Rasoul, Sanderson, Six Candace Allard and Claire Bennet arrive at Rasoul's Palace in an attempt to bring him down and recover his information on Munin.
Scorched Earth, Part IV Aviators, Candy, CaoCao, Claire, Dajan, Etana, Huruma, Sanderson, Tau, Usutu As the war for Madagascar reaches its climax, the surviving members of Bravo Team each find more than just escape awaiting them, and for one a difficult decision must be made.
January 2010
4th Jagged Edges Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Felix, Magnes, Noriko Members of Bravo team talk about the horrific ordeals they faced in Madagascar.
Serious Deja Vu Claire, Magnes Magnes arrives at Claire's room with food so that they can try and talk.
5th You Choose Claire, Elisabeth, Noriko Every minute of every day, you choose who to be… and who not to be.
The Honest Truth Claire, Kazimir, Rene Claire doesn't back down when Kazimir tries to send her home.
The Sky Is Falling -- Again Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fiiiiine.
6th Footprints Of Nuclear Fire Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Huruma, Magnes, Noriko, Sanderson Operation Apollo continues with a raid on the Vanguard's ship-repair facility, Midgard.
7th I Wonder Why The Hold Up? Claire, Magnes While cleaning their weapons, Claire and Magnes talk more about what was.
Girly WooWoo Shit Cat, Claire, Elisabeth Liz, Claire and Cat have a rather girly discussion while clearing out the living quarters of Marion Island. Men, spa dates and living forever is just some of it.
8th Trusting The Enemy Cat, Claire Claire and Cat talk about trust.
Unenlisted Company Claire, Veronica Claire and Veronica meet for the first time, and the Company agent is told about what they face.
9th Debriefing, Disappearing Too many people! When Kazimir Volken instructs the crew of the USS George Washington about Operation: Apollo's Shield, one woman's curiosity makes things much more difficult.
10th Old Me Is Dead Claire, Magnes Claire and Magnes talk more about how things have changed.
11th Kill Switches And Trust Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth Claire comes with some intel.
Invincible/Fragile Claire, Haitian, Magnes Claire Bennet asks the Haitian for something very difficult, and Magnes asks of him something impossible. The Haitian asks of both of them — be strong.
Like A Chuck Palahniuk Novel Cat, Claire, Haitian Cat has an odd request of the Haitian in preparation for the final confrontation with the Vanguard.
12th Calling Home Claire Claire is unable to sleep, so she decides to make some phone calls.
Missing Memories Claire, Magnes Claire and Magnes talk about missing memories and then he tells her something shocking!
13th What Do You Believe? Claire, Gabriel Claire and Gabriel just happen to be in the same place at the same time… so they talk.
14th Morning Workout Claire, Elisabeth Claire and Liz chat… and some information comes out.
15th Passing On Bad News Cardinal, Claire As she promised to Liz, Claire goes to tell Cardinal that a certain old man is free and out in the world again.
16th Code Niflheim So Many People! Eve's vision of the future comes to pass, after a fashion, in the wastes of Antarctica.
Midnight, Part IV Cardinal, Claire, Danko, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Hector, Kazimir, Wagner Team Shield-4 makes their way to disarm Munin, but a horrible chain-reaction of events turns a sound plan into a catastrophic one.
This Twilight ALL THOSE PEOPLE! TOO MANY TO LIST The end of a long journey finally arrives.
17th Shadowed Legacy Claire, Elisabeth The game is still in motion — there is much remaining to be done. But the shadowmorph left other legacies too.
18th Something Like A Happy Ending Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Gillian, Magnes, Noriko, Peter, Sanderson, Veronica Scattered remnants of teams Alpha, Bravo and Charlie gather on the observation deck of the USS George Washington for their last day together, and in their own way, celebrate, mourn, and reminisce about the days they spent saving the world.
19th Heading Back To Normal Claire, Elisabeth, Magnes Claire, Liz and Magnes discuss the fact that a normal life is waiting once they leave the carrier.
Times Change Cat, Claire, Eileen Three women meet in Central Park to say their goodbyes.
The Unknown Bones, Claire Claire meets the newest resident of the Library.
20th Big Shoes To Fill Claire, Elisabeth Claire and Liz talk about the size of the task before them. Richard Cardinal left some big shoes to fill.
21st The FNG Pulls His Weight Bones, Claire, Elisabeth Meeting Bones for the first time is interesting, and he finds something the first time out of the gate that was overlooked.
24th Cause He's Not Dead Yet! Cat, Claire, Danko, Eileen, Elisabeth, Noriko, Peyton, Raith, Xiulan A wake is held in honor of those who fell saving the world at Old Lucy's. Though many people wish Danko was dead or try to make him just that when he shows up at the wake. Cause he can dance and he can sing.
We Said Goodbye, Now Move Forward Claire, Elisabeth After Danko's surprise appearance, Claire and Liz walk home and talk about where to go next.
26th Ariah-Pay Bones, Claire, Knox, Kris, Risa, West Following a lead given to them by Rebel, Bones and Claire venture into the ruins of Midtown to find something old unearthed.
27th King's Ransom Claire, Elisabeth … Not really, but definitely some interesting things in this cache.
The Tangled Web Alia, Bones, Claire Alia goes to the Midtown Library, and finds more than she expects.
29th Yes, Virginia, There Is A God Claire, Elisabeth, Raith A cryptic message from a galaxy far, far away.
30th Don't Fly With Strange Men Claire, Magnes Magnes calls Claire and she comes to visit him at the hospital… it doesn't go exactly as he plans.
31st A Small World After All Bones, Claire, Mack, Peyton Members of Endgame discuss whether or not PARIAH has any place in their plans or vice versa, and it's a split decision.
An Unusual Gift Bones, Claire Claire and Bones have a small chat after Peyton and Mack leave. Bones gives Claire an unusual gift.
February 2010
2nd Not So Black And White Claire, Elisabeth Liz runs back to New York to confront Claire on what happened while she was gone.
4th Sparring Company Bones, Claire Claire talks about her father and the Company, while Bones shows her some pointers in using staves for combat.
5th Don't Help Them Condemn Us Claire, Magnes Claire comes across Magnes in Midtown beating up on a guy. She reacts in a way he doesn't expect.
7th Enough To Feed An Army Alia, Bones, Claire, Elisabeth Liz brings enough food to feed an army to the Library. Of course, with Bones around it might only be enough food for one guy. Orders are given and then the FRONTLINER is bound for a plane… again.
12th Family Secret Bones, Claire Claire breaks down and tells Bones about her secret… who her biological family is.
13th I Want You Claire, Magnes That's what Magnes tells Claire when she mentions changes in her life.
Tell Me Again Claire, Elisabeth, Lola I still can't figure out what it is you know that's so important.
15th Castling The King Bones, Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth, Peyton Cardinal finally returns to the library haven.
17th Still Fun To Tease Claire, Magnes Magnes gives Claire her Valentine's gift.
19th The Eternal Crane Bones, Claire The Crane is the ancient Chinese symbol of longevity because of its extremely long lifespan. In many legends the spirits ride on cranes which are said to bear the souls of the departed to heaven.
claire_v9.jpg While the others look for Scientists and avoid getting sick with the Evo Flu, Claire works on a secret plan. With the blessing of Richard Cardinal, the young regenerator will throw away everything she has now to try and slip into the ranks of an organization that is populated with Old PARIAH friends and enemies alike. To do so, she'll have to prove herself. If she succeeds, Richard will have eyes and ears within the newest Evo movement and another piece in his game will be moved into place on his board.
March 2010
2nd Twice Blessed Cardinal, Claire, Gillian The Library gets a box of research, Gillian meets Claire and finds out about the possibly reborn PARIAH, and then Cardinal makes an appearance, showing he's alive to one of the last people associated with Endgame to find out.
10th If You're Not With Us... Claire, Knox, Rickham …you're against us.
11th J'Adoube - Meeting EndGamers Endgame has a quick meeting to lay out information.
15th Secret Subterfuge Cardinal, Claire Claire has her mission from Knox and she shares it with Cardinal, the only person who knows what the regenerator has planned.
Web Chattin' Claire, Eve A very sick Eve and a healthy Claire chat it up over web cams.
20th Gotta Take Risks, Gotta Move On Claire, Magnes Magnes and Claire catchup on things at a Chinese restaurant.
28th In Sheep's Clothing Claire, Lemay Claire Bennet breaks into the residence of Homeland Security's CDC liaison Howard Lemay to earn Rebel's trust…
29th I'm In... Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth Claire returns to the Library the next morning, she debriefs Cardinal and Elisabeth. She also receives Rebel's verdict, she's in.
Dodge My Dad Cat, Claire As promised, Claire takes the Intel from her break-in to Cat, well, a piece of it anyhow.
30th Fortis Est Veritas Claire, Knox Truth Is Strength: Claire Bennet is sought out by Knox, who turns her preconceptions of the group MESSIAH on its ear.
Disappointed Bennet, Claire On her way back from the meeting with Knox, Claire Bennet is cornered by her father.
Decisiveness and Aggression Claire, Eileen, Raith Claire informs Eileen what she's been up to and receives a warning to slow down and watch her step.
April 2010
1st Bye Bye Blonde Claire, Gillian Claire needs to dye her hair, and calls on one of the closest members of Cardinal's ragtag group for help, Gillian.
5th No One Calls Him Ashley Ash, Claire, Knox, Kris When the Institute moves to recapture a Moab escapee, members of the elusive group Messiah emerge to lend a helping hand.
9th For Now, I'm Your Worst Enemy Claire, Gabriel Gabriel seeks out Claire at The Garden to give her a warning about his clone 'Sylar.'
10th Finally Legal To Drink Claire Claire wakes up in the wee hours of April 10th. It's her birthday today.
An Unexpected Birthday Call Claire, Magnes Claire gets a surprised birthday call from Magnes.
13th Shot Glasses In A Row Ash, Claire Claire and Ash do some team bonding over shot glasses.
14th Multi-Ability Temper Tantrum Cat, Claire, Jonas, Liette, Melissa, Rourke Wanting to go home, Liette throws a temper tantrum, forcing harsh action to stop her. Claire Bennet finds herself in the presence of the girl that Rebel asked her to find.
20th Impact Ash, Claire, Huruma, Michael, Rachel, Rickham Messiah comes into direct conflict with FRONTLINE when a CDC vaccine shipment is raided.
23rd How You Make Me Feel Claire, Magnes Magnes lays out his feelings and Claire cruelly stomps all over them.
29th Calling For Answers Cardinal, Claire Claire, hearing about Elisabeth Harrison's arrest, turns to Cardinal for some answers.
May 2010
22nd Born In The U.S.A. Lots of People As the sharp edge of an elongated winter fades away, as the blizzards pull back from obscuring visibility and as the lights come back on, there is something to see as men and women across New York City take stock of what's to come and what has been. There is also something to hear — you need only listen.
Alliances will be tested as a once again brunette Claire finds herself straddling the line of loyalty between Messiah and EndGame.
May 2010
28th Cards Angels and the New Revolutionaries Claire, Elisabeth, Niki Claire Bennet and Niki Sanders are the only ones dumb enough to answer their phones when Elisabeth calls to get help moving things at the Library. The three run into some very unexpected squatters.
June 2010
9th The Path to Hell LOTS OF PEOPLE Messiah's membership is called together for the first time.
July 2010
2nd Suicide Bomber Targets Pentagon Claire A News post and yes… It was Claire.
15th It Had To Be Done Claire, Cardinal Claire finally calls to check in with her boss and he finds her a different person then last time they talked.
16th Begrudging Cooperation Abby, Claire, Peter Peter may not like the idea of reaching outside of Messiah for help, but when Abigail Beauchamp brings up knowledge about the potential source of the Ferry's leak, he has to take steps to see the leak plugged.
26th Ambush Claire, Faron, Gabriel, Ling, Melissa, Sasha Messiah liberates a familiar face from Institute captivity.
29th Sympathies Claire, Kellar Claire Bennet rendezvous with a sympathetic party.
Preemptive Strike Messiah People! & Sylar >:( Messiah moves on a cell of Humanis First, and a killer in the night makes a move on one of Messiah.
August 2010
5th The Sword Of Revolution Messiah People Peter Petrelli and Rupert Carmichael deliver news of the Staten Island Hospital attack to Messiah.
11th Tactical Reassessment Messiah People Messiah attempts to hold a tactical meeting regarding the attack on Staten Island Hospital, but an undercurrent of personal issues makes tactical coordination difficult.
12th Down in Flames, Part II LOTS OF PEOPLE A joint attack against the Staten Island Hospital to liberate the captives there stumbles upon the grisly work of Doctor Dmitri Gregor.
27th Messiah Complex Messiah Peeps Messiah comes together in mourning the deaths of their own one day after a mission goes decidedly wrong.
31st Every Prophet Many Many People Across the country, those affected by the Flash Forward months ago create new ripples and currents in the waters of time, and those distant ripples crash violently on distant shores…
Between the return of her memories of Madagascar and the mental manipulations of Rupert Carmicheal, Claire's mental health is in disarray. Her Uncle won't help her, her father won't see her… At this point, Claire's sanity is left in the hands of her closest friends. The question is, will Claire recover?
September 2010
3rd Feel Like A Monster Claire, Ling, Melissa There once was a young woman that took a trip across the pond, most of what she experienced was thought destroyed. Melissa and Ling witness what happens, when she remembers it all. (Warning: Some what graphic.)
13th Wreckage Claire, Gillian Two broken people meet again among the graveyard of old wreckage. They have a few things in common and even where they don't, they have a common understanding.
October 2010
1st Should've Called Sooner Cardinal, Claire, Huruma Cardinal finally calls Claire to try and get her home again, but he seems to be a little too late and has to call in a favor to get her back.
6th An Inescapable Destiny Lots of People! When Messiah converges on Georgia Mayes for the first part of their plan to restructure the DoEA by making key assassinations and feints, Richard Cardinal acts through the help of Huruma in extracting Claire from Messiah. Chaos ensues.
Hogtied Claire, Huruma Huruma does as she's asked and wrangles herself an ex-cheerleader.
9th When We're Done Bennet, Cardinal, Claire Daddy goes to see the extent of damage done to his little Clairebear. He's not very happy about what he witnesses.
10th Stubborn Truths Claire, Elisabeth Liz brings food for Claire and tries to convince the younger woman that her guilt is for nothing.
25th Eye Of The Sandstorm Bennet, Cardinal, Claire, Matt Cardinal brings Noah and Matt together to pay a visit to Claire. While they are successful in their agenda, the aftermath is bittersweet.
29th A Little More Herself Claire, Elisabeth Elisabeth check up on Claire for the first time since Matt Parkman tried to fix the ex-cheerleader, who seems a little more herself.
Feeling like a failure for things she could not prevent, Claire Bennet, must prove to herself and to her friends that she is still worthy of being apart of EndGame. Or will something else come along to trip her off the path to redemption.
November 2010
8th Waiting For Godot Aric, Cardinal, Claire, Harmony, Peyton, Smedley It isn't easy waiting for a storm's approach.
Old Soldiers and Company Men Claire, Niki, Raith Both are made of sterner stuff. Too tough to let a little thing like attempted assassination slow them down.
20th Let's Be Friends Claire, Magnes Claire reveals she has her memories and both agree to be friends.
December 2010
12th The Weight Of It All Aric, Claire, Elisabeth Elisabeth has a break down and Claire and Aric are there to listen.
14th Bitter Abby, Barbara, Bennet, Cat, Claire, Eileen, Lynette There isn't one person at Bennet's impromptu meeting who isn't about something.
January 2011
14th Easy Knock Out Claires, Joshua A bouncer at a fight club gives a girl a hard time.
31st A Stone's Throw LOTS OF PEOPLE In the wake of a terrorist attack, citizens in Queens find themselves immediately on the front line of the latest New York disaster, with help barely out of range.
Along For The Ride Claire, Doyle, Elle, Jaiden, Malcolm, Valentin The coast provides something by way of answer and solution, but not everyone accepts the latter.
February 2011
11th Salem, Part II Brand, Brennan, Claire, JJ, Luis, Odessa The Suresh Center discovers itself to be a target of extremist response, but as with all things New York, the truth lies deeper than that.
20th At Any Length Brennan, Claire, Julie, Luis A father has a responsibility to his offspring, to do anything to protect them, to go to any length to ensure their safety. Doctor Luis and Doctor Brennan push those limits.
21st Survive Cardinal, Claire, Luis Taken by the Institute, Claire Bennet is simultaneously made aware of one of their greatest secrets and released into the world, changed.
24th New And Scary Life Claire, Elisabeth This is only the beginning. Luckily she has a friend to comfort her.
25th Facing The Victim's Family Claire, Curtis Claire learns exactly who Ashley really is.
26th Ezekiel 16:22 LOT OF PEOPLE And in all your abominations and your prostitutions you have not remembered the days of your youth, when you were naked and bore, and were polluted in your blood.
March 2011
5th Payload Claire, Elisabeth, Odessa, Russo Sleeping minds open to something new together, while the sky opens up to something terrible and ultimately familiar.
Powerless and left to the cruelty of the world, Claire's life has taken on a new aspect. She'll find herself questioning her place in the world, if she's going to be a liability to everyone she cares about. In it all, she's found herself confronted by the grandson of one of her victims. Even if she killed Autumn under the influence of Rupert's ability, the guilt will eat at her. Where is her life going from here? She doesn't know, but she's scared and alone.
March 2011
10th Try Some Normal Living Claire, Curtis Claire shows Curtis the results of Rupert's meddling in her memories. She asks him for help learning to defend herself like a normal person and he pushes her to try some normal living.
17th Why Edward Got Headaches ENDGAME Endgame gathers for another strategic meeting, and Cardinal discovers why the future incarnation of Edward Ray always looked a little… strained.
April 2011
9th Five Banquets a Day Claire, Elisabeth, Lene, Ygraine Lene brings a motley amount of food, glorious food, to the Endgame safehouse, meeting two more of its inhabitants.
May 2011
22nd A First for Everything Claire, Lene, Quinn Lene takes it upon herself to bond with a family member and finds another in the process.

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