Logs for Colette Nichols-Demsky
Logs for Colette Nichols-Demsky
colette_v1.jpg An orphan living off of the generosity of the New York City Department of Social Services, Colette Nichols is a wayward young teen looking for her missing sister. But in the city rend asunder by the bomb, she discovers companionship in an inscrutable girl who can see the future, and a guardian in the form of one of New York City's finest.
08/27 An Ever Thinning Thread of Hope Colette searches for Nicole, and has a chance encounter.
A Good Thing A fated meeting with a girl who sees the future results in the future being set in motion for Colette.
Return to the Scene of the Crime Back in the Bronx, Colette seeks out Detective Demsky, but finds herself caught by his partner instead.
Those Freaks Colette has a conversation with Judah and Kaydence at a diner, and the pair catch a glimpse into Colette's attitude on the Evolved..
08/28 Collision In the wrong place at the wrong time, Colette has a brush with death.
09/04 Attracting Attention Subtlety was never Colette's strength.
09/05 Conflicting Convergence Colette has a conversation about the Evolved that makes her question her views.
09/13 Point Of No Return Colette is confronted with the truth about Tamara's gift, and must come to terms with it or risk losing her.
This Is My Friend Spending the evening together, Colette and Tamara begin to bond as friends.
09/14 Hold Out Hope Colette has an unwanted suggestion given to her after an accident at lunch.
09/15 Are You Sure? Colette's life as a runaway finally catches up to her when Detectives Demsky and Damaris do. But the outcome isn't what Colette expects at all.
09/16 Oranges and Bananas Deciding to show her thanks to Judah, Colette heads out to the market for prepare for dinner and quite literally runs into an old friend.
09/18 Chili and Children Judah takes Colette down to the Central Park Chili Cookoff; antics ensue.
09/21 Give and Take Colette returns to the Cathedral of St.John to offer volunteer help, and she learns a valuable lesson — Don't poke Grace.
09/23 Do More Than Hope Colette heads to the public library and runs into an old aquaintence who gives her something to think about.
10/02 Favors Colette finally goes to meet Detective Reinhold, and the search for Nicole begins.
colette_v2.jpg With a string of serial killings gaining a high profile in the New York area and Judah suffering from a grevious injury, the Detective makes a difficult decision in having Colette live with a close friend of his in Queens. Meanwhile, Colette begins to struggle with the difficult nature of Tamara's ability and how it will impact their future together, and finds her own way to come to terms with it.
10/14 Not Ever A weary Judah and Felix discuss the string of recent murders, and Colette finds out what tough love is.
10/18 We'll Be Okay Colette visits a recovering Judah in the hospital, and recieves a surprise visit from Felix and Tamara
10/19 Confessional An overwrought Colette returns to the hospital to spill her guts to an unconscious Judah.
10/20 What do you Want? Colette and Felix have a heart to heart, and discover they share certain unspoken similarities
10/21 Running Into Neighbors Chasing after an escaped cat, Colette runs into one of her neighbors; literally.
10/22 Runaway Orange Chasing after an escaped orange, Colette runs into a surly girl her age.
Normality At Cliffside Apartments, Felix, Colette and Tamara pretend that the world is far simpler than it truly is.
10/23 All That Glimmers Is Gold On the rooftop of Cliffside, Colette vents her frustration in paints and attracts a curious onlooker.
10/24 One Plus One Investigating her sister's disappearance at Nicole's college, Colette discovers a surprising secret of one student.
10/25 One Person At A Time While volunteering at the soup kitchen, Colette is drawn into a discussion of politics, rights, and registration.
Through A Mirror, Darkly Following her discussion with Brian and Ygraine, Colette is surprised by the appearance of Tamara and discovers that she and Ygraine know one another. Surprise that earns a touch of jealousy.
Ghosts Facing her fears, Colette confronts Tamara about her feelings and Tamara's memories.
10/26 Sister Colette's plans don't often go as she'd hope, and sometimes unexpected things pop up in conversation.
10/27 Being Different Colette and Felix discuss things they have in common, things that make them different.
10/28 Fingerpainted Memories On the rooftop of Cliffside, Colette and Tamara engage in fingerpainting while Felix enjoys an early morning.
10/29 Guardian Angel Colette may have her own guardian angel, but Felix's encounter with a man named Gabriel was anything but heavenly.
10/30 Home Home is where the heart is, and despite his best intentions, Colette discovers just how big Judah Demsky's heart truly is.
colette_v3.jpg Reunited with Judah, Colette begins her search for Nicole again, amidst the backdrop of a city quickly losing its mind in the wake of staggering terrorist attacks and a still unsolved serial murder case. But when PARIAH's attempt at getting New York's attention strikes too close to home, Colette finds herself reliving one of her darkest moments.
11/04 The Many And The Few An encounter in Chinatown leads Abby and Colette towards an unfortunate collision of desires.
11/05 Breadcrumbs Colette and Trent have a discussion about southern belles.
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Colette interrupts a meeting with her special style of bluntness, much to Helena's frustration.
11/07 Three's A Crowd Colette stumbles into Delilah at the library, and Brian tries to stumble into their conversation.
11/08 Two Years Gone An evening volunteering ends in fear for Colette.
Considerations After leaving the cathedral, Ygraine gives Colette a lot to think about.
11/09 The Extra Mile Visiting Nicole's former college again, Colette finally gets to meet the elusive Professor Gilbert, and the trail of breadcrumbs leading to Nicole's past grows longer.
11/10 If I Were Special... Some things are easier said than done.
Guilt Colette regrets what was said to Abby, and finds a shoulder to lean on.
11/11 Closing In Ygraine makes a house call down to her neighbor to see how she's doing.
11/12 In Need of Help A chance meeting near a bus stop sends word out that Felix Ivanov's life is in danger.
11/16 Echoes of Fire Tamara's vision of the future, and the fiery reality of the present bombards Colette with terrifying flashbacks.
11/17 Come to Terms Colette struggles with her fear after the PARIAH attack on the Financial District.
colette_v4.jpg Struggling with her own personal demons, Colette is thrown into an all together greater struggle when she discovers that she possesses an Evolved ability. Her attempts to control this fantastic power lead her to a closer relationship with Tamara, and allow her to forge a strong bond with a mentor figure, and gradually begin to learn to trust again, even as the rest of the city prepares for the end.
11/21 Solitary Four days later, and the fear still reigns.
11/26 The Nature of Fear Roads cross when Cat and Grace discover Colette struggling to overcome her fears.
11/28 Happy Here Judah fails at empathizing, so he enlists a veteran of the force to do it for him.
11/29 Light on Water, Part II Colette is lead into a dangerous situation, and comes to a horrifying realization as she manifests an evolved ability.
I'm A Monster Colette fails to cope with realization of what she has become.
12/02 Not Quite As Planned Helena's attempt to send information to Judah through Colette doesn't quite go as planned.
12/03 Anniversary Not all anniversaries are happy celebrations, especially for Colette.
12/05 In Their Footsteps Colette talk with Judah about her role models, and how best to go from where she has been placed.
12/18 It's As Simple As... Colette seeks advice about how to move on from Ygraine, and begins to pursue a darker path.
12/20 Hear the Music When you don't know where to go, you can't get lost. Tamara proves this wrong, and yet somehow Colette finds her way despite herself.
12/24 Like This Christmas Eve finds no forgiveness for dark deeds done…
Becoming …However, it can lead to new opportunities when dark deeds must be done.
12/27 Flying Sandwich Eater The river flows on, and Tamara meets Colette on an unexpected shore to throw stones and watch the ripples.
01/06 Strangers in Vans The conversation with Teo pays off, but it seems no one taught Colette not to get into vans with strangers.
01/09 In Darkness There's something to be said for fear as a motivator.
01/14 Breaking Point Studies are canceled when someone rises from the grave. Also, Judah terrifies Trent.
01/17 Paint Me Strength Colette practices her illusory ability on the rooftop of a parking garage in order to get a clear mind. However when Grace Matheson realizes who's showing off their ability, she decides to instruct Colette in lessons of discretion.
01/17 Waitin' For The Bus After her meeting with Grace, Colette has a strange conversation with an unfamiliar woman.
01/19 Everyone Has Limits Practicing her ability with Conrad's help, Colette discovers that there is a painful limit to her power.
01/22 On Pawning Children Colette mishears a conversation between Grace and Judah, and a wedge is driven between the father and daughter.
01/23 Ten Years Grace gives Colette a call, following up her talk with Judah.
01/27 Fireflies Colette and Tamara spend time together in the twilight before the end of the world.
colette_v5.jpg When presented with a choice to endanger her family or flee from unknown individuals from her past seeking her out, Colette is forced to relocate to Staten Island and acclimate to that hostile region while still struggling to come to terms with her own power, and the responsibility that comes with it. But when things seem their darkest, Colette is treated to an unexpected reunion.
02/02 Be The Match A visit to Trent at his trailer park winds up putting Colette into the middle of a riot.
02/04 Desaturate Colette discovers that Conrad has died.
Hue Mourning the loss of Conrad together, Colette and Ygraine bond.
02/05 Something For The Pain Three days after losing her dog in the trailer park riot, Colette finds him in the hands of a surly NYPD officer. They both give each other a little something for the pain.
02/10 Orange Colette has a run-in with a ghost.
02/19 There Is A Time For Everything Turning to Teodoro Laudani for advice, Colette inadvertently lets slip to Trent that she's Evolved.
02/21 What The Hell Did You Say, Teo? Colette turns down the offer of a new mentor.
On The One Hand... After turning down Elisabeth's offer, Colette goes to see Trent, and her longtime friend has nothing but fear to give her, and an order to leave Manhattan.
02/22 Three Hard Words Colette makes the hardest decision of her life.
02/24 Learn By Imitation On her way to Staten Island, Colette meets a strange ship pilot and gives him quite a scare.
She Has The Light Arriving at the Lighthouse, Kameron discovers that the young girl seeking shelter is anything but usual.
02/25 I Know Him Her first day on Staten Island, and Colette is already up to her neck in trouble.
Gentle Into That Good Night Colette discovers that Eileen Ruskin is on Staten Island, but doesn't have much time to talk to her about it when Tavisha nearly sucks the life out of her.
03/03 To The Point Colette and Kameron share a heart to heart.
Like Moths Later in the day, Colette goes to see Tavisha again…
Trying Science …and the two proceed to explore their powers.
03/04 Leaving Breadcrumbs Colette finally hears from Tamara after over a month of absence.
03/09 Beacon On top of the Lighthouse, Colette thinks about Tamara.
03/12 If... One person can make a change, two people can make a difference. Colette attempts to do both things.
03/26 Starlit Trip Colette receives a call from a dead woman.
Blue After two years, Colette is finally reunited with her sister, Nicole.
The Spiral's Completion, Part II …but before Colette can get ready to go home, something disastrous happens.
colette_v6.jpg Now living with her sister Nicole, Colette is forced to grow up when the fuzzy memories of life years ago with her sister seem duller now that she's living them again. Having grown up from the little girl she once was, Colette begins to seek out a purpose for her ability, even while struggling with the 'one step forward, two steps back' progress her relationship with Tamara is making.
05/03 Guiding Light Having been told of Tamara's arrival at the Lighthouse, Colette leaves Manhattan for the first time in a month to be by her side.
05/04 Is It Dark For You? Felix Ivanov shows up at the Lighthouse while Colette and Judah watch over Tamara, and the two have a revealing discussion.
05/05 Seeing In Every Color Colette reunites with Teo after being scared out of her whits by a strange old man who apparently lives in the basement of an orphanage. That's not weird or anything, right?
06/10 You Just Might Get It What you wish for, that is. Colette got it, but she never really wanted it.
06/11 I Don't Dance Colette returns home after a trying day and Nicole does her best to comfort her without babying her in the process.
06/26 Searching For Charon Colette crashes a conversation in order to ask the sybil where she can find Ferrymen.
06/29 ...In Mysterious Ways Colette follows Tamara's guidance to meet Joseph Sumpter, and ask him about a Ferry.
07/12 I Reckon One conversation with Joseph affirms to Colette that everything truly does happen for a reason.
07/13 The Distant Sound of Rain Colette isn't allowed to mope. Not this time.
The Distant Echo of Thunder When the Sybil leaves, Colette finds a trail of breadcrumbs…
07/14 Gray Squirrel Colette, guided in Cat's direction, finds her.
07/15 Blind Faith Faith, even for the seeing, can be contagious. Two people with more connections than they realize encounter each other at just the right time.
07/22 Made Of Awesome Helena and Colette resolve their differences with the help of delicious baked goods. Helena speaks of the future.
07/23 Checkmate - Fade to Black When Edward Ray's grand scheme finally come to fruition, Phoenix and Pinehearst clash in the backdrop of the mad mathematician's grand design for the fate of the future.
Checkmate - Black Knights The Vanguard Remnant venture into the reactor level of Pinehearst Company along with Richard Cardinal, Flint Deckard, Tyler Case and Teodoro Laudani in order to bring down Arthur and Pinehearst once and for all.
07/28 Of Trust And Issues Thereof Felix tracks down Colette to the Lighthouse, but their conversation takes a turn for the worse when mutual acquaintances come up.
07/31 Happiness Is A Warm Gun Danko decides to round out his evening by breaking curfew and murdering Ferrymen operatives. Fortunately, by Colette, Magnes and Huruma's powers combined, things get a little too chaotic a little too quickly for him to take it as far as he might've liked to.
Incorrigible After fleeing an unexpected turn of events, Colette is recovered by perhaps the last person in the world she ever expected — and also the one she should have expected.
colette_v7.jpg Having put her life on the line in the bowels of Pinehearst, Colette has begun to learn what it means to bear the burden of responsibility for her power. But when a terrorist organization begins threatening her newfound friends and family, Colette must walk the precarious line of handling her responsibility, and being honest to her father about what she's done.
08/18 Windup Before The Pitch In the wake of the slayings at Columbia University, Colette decides to finally face her fears and make an important confession to her adoptive father.
08/25 Sinking Ship The Ferrymen have one hour's notice: a cell of militant Humanis First! operatives is mounting an attack and capture on a significant safehouse on Staten Island. It's a race against the clock for the Ferry's ragtag band of last-minute hands and allies to get everyone and everything out, and maybe collect a little blood for everything that they've done before, and stop them from taking what they might later.
08/26 Perception and Perspective Colette's perception is outside of normal vision, Joseph's perspective comes from the wisdom of life. Together, they meet somewhere in the middle after the terrible tragedy on Staten Island.
08/30 No Words Colette is woken up from her sleep to find Tamara injured. She consoles the sybil by communicating without words.
09/02 Reach Out Helena finally catches up with Colette a month after the Pinehearst incident.
09/07 Clarity of Vision At the Suresh Center, Colette has an unexpected run in with someone she's seen frequently, but never truly met and is given an eye-opening introduction.
10/01 Autumn and Ashes After several months, Colette is painfully reunited with a friend she ran out on.
10/02 On Being Late Colette reunited with Ygraine over dinner to discuss the past and the future and those missing places in between.
Ink, Shadow, and Light On Staten Island, Colette makes acquaintances with a mechanic, and finds out from a shadow the identity of the man who destroyed Joseph Sumpter's life.
10/10 Seeing By The Fireflies When a new arrival at the Lighthouse is shown around by Colette, she discovers more than just the young girl's ability, but the location of a hated enemy.
10/13 Running In The Family Colette is called out to Manhattan to find a shocking revelation from her sister.
10/14 With A Map The night after the revelation, Colette endeavors to pin down Danko's location, while trying to console her sister in this difficult time.
10/19 The Beast's Rose In the basement of the Lighthouse, Colette discovers some of the truth behind Brian Fulk's identity, and is given the last thing she needs to take revenge on Danko.
10/22 In The Absence of Light One rainy night in October, Colette finds another human being's life held in her hands, and she is forced to make a painful decision.
colette_v8.jpg In the aftermath of the death and destruction wrought by the operatives of Humanis First, Colette Nichols has found her own personal dark side. Now faced with having to come to terms with the world she has had her eyes opened to, the young girl — now coming of age — must strive to find her place in a city that has spiraled out of control.
11/24 The Structural Survey Weeks following her encounter with Danko, Colette comes out to the aid of the Ferrymen investigating a series of tenement buildings on Roosevelt Island. Unfortunately, a reunion with Doctor Brennan turns ugly when secrets of two Ferrymen come to light.
11/26 Cranberry Substitute The _ferrymen do their part at helping revive Summer Meadows, and helping out with this, Colette spends some time becoming better acquainted with her unlikely friends [[Doyle]]] and Kaylee.
In The Absence of Truth Hiding out at the safehouse known as Hotel California in the ruins of Midtown, Colette and Kaylee discuss the past, and Colette struggles with the guilt of failure at killing Emile Danko and her self-imposed isolation from her friends and family.
12/04 Charon's Angels Working good deeds for the Ferrymen, Colette makes a connection between her old friend Ygraine and one of Brian's accomplices, Peyton.
12/07 Circling For the first time since her encounter with Danko, Colette recounts what happened that fateful night in the confidence of Ygraine, who has a wholly different perspective on things.
12/08 Danger Orange After having come clean about her attempt on Danko's life, Colette finally goes to visit Joseph and confess the attempted murder to her friend. She opens up to him in a way neither of them expect.
12/12 We're Going To Need Help Days after confessing her sins to Joseph, Colette and Kaylee fear that he has gone missing, and turn to fellow Grand Central Station operator Robin to help come up with a plan for Joseph's rescue.
12/14 Sorting Santa's Letters Unable to find a lead on Joseph's whereabouts, Colette struggles to keep up with her Ferrymen duties, but when Kaylee and Doyle have her help them read letters from unfortunate children the Ferrymen are trying to help, she is confronted with the memories of her childhood, combined with her inability to help those in need.
12/20 I'm Telling Snowed in by a blizzard, Colette and Kaylee discuss Joseph and their families, and the lack of them still in their lives.
Forever Ago Caught smoking by Tamara, Colette is dragged out on an unexpected and wonderful night that she has desperately needed.
Out Of Order Heading to Le Rivage after her night out with Tamara, Colette is forced to keep a nosy detective from digging too deeply into Tamara's past.
12/21 Official Inspections Working alongside the Ferrymen, Colette endeavors to help clean up Summer Meadows from a strong blizzard, only to find the unexpected presence of the Department of Evolved Affairs nosing around into the Ferrymen's business.
12/23 Could Just Ask Me Just a few days before Christmas, Colette goes to St.John's Cathedral to secure information about the vaccine riot to see if Eric Doyle and Kaylee Thatcher were truly to blame, but makes a discovery about an entirely unknown enemy all together.
12/24 Two Pieces On Christmas Eve, Colette spends her time with Tamara, and makes a promise that Tamara has known since she met the girl, but only now becomes spoken.
12/25 Santa Claus is Coming to Town Christmas Day arrives in Summer Meadows and so does Santa! Surprises, Mysteries and some tears. It's the perfect holiday really!
12/26 Loose Ends Colette comes to Brennan with what she learned in the security footage from St.John's to convince the doctor that Eric Doyle is innocent of inciting the vaccine riot.
12/28 Without Having to Say We're Sorry Kaylee and Colette discuss the details of Joseph Sumter's planned rescue, while debating on how to go about freeing him and the lengths they're willing to take to do it.
12/30 Here's Your Receipt On their way out of Grand Central Station, Colette and Kaylee have a run-in with Molly Walker, who aids them in discovering the location of Joseph and gives them their first huge break in the investigation.
21/31 Scarf Whipped and Puppet Slapped Colette spends New Year's Eve out on Staten Island with Eric Doyle and Kaylee, when it's discovered that a visitation by the Nightmare Man nearly took Kaylee's life.
01/01 Open Doors, Closing Doors Colette visits Ygraine on the first day of the New Year to inform her that her life is about to get much more complicated and brings her to meet the nerve center of the Ferrymen. But Colette's emotional difficulties in dealing with Joseph's predicament has her putting herself at a distance to others.
01/04 Family Network Unannounced one night, Colette arrives at Ygraine's apartment under the pretenses of bringing supplies for a mission, but in truth she's just lonely and needs some human contact.
01/06 Sensing the Blue Devil Colette and Kaylee take some of Joseph's thinks to the psychometrist David Rivkin, who in turns give them another clue about Joseph's location and his captors.
01/09 On Not Judging By Covers Kendall shows up for his 'appointment' at Ichihara Bookstore and finds himself in the company of way too many openly Evolved girls. He's less normal than he seems; they're close enough to harmless, all rumors aside; and the book he's gifted with is a case in point on why judging by covers leads to erroneous conclusions. On the other hand, his first impression of Colette is just about right on the money.
Sharing the Words When it becomes abundantly clear that Colette is becoming emotionally entangled with Kaylee, the telepath tries to explain her feelings to Colette, but fails in doing so verbally, and relies on a mental form of communication to more expressively share what they are to each other, and a strong friendship is cemented in place.
01/12 A Little Tug Back Engrossed in the Joseph problem to the exclusion of (almost) all else, Colette needs one. Drawn in too many directions by the burden of prescience, Tamara could probably use more than a little tug. Kaylee's the well-grounded one.
01/20 Always a Fee When Colette turns to her sister's coworkers for help in recovering Joseph, she discovers that there is always a price in dealing with Robert Caliban and John Logan.
01/23 On the Subject of Trust When Kaylee comes to Grand Central Terminal with word of Joseph's status from a dream, Colette lays out the first steps in her plan to recover the pastor.
01/27 Welcome to the Neighborhood While the Ferry fix up a building within Summer Meadows, trouble comes to their doorstep in the form of drug-running residents looking to mark their territory once more. In the heat of the scuffle that ensues, Colette is tasked with trying ot save Eric Doyle's life from a stray bullet.
Forty Percent Andy, Colette and Else bring an unconscious Eric Doyle to Eileen's apartment in Brooklyn for treatment after a disaster at Summer Meadows.
02/02 Really Really Colette comes to the Brick House to plan a scouting mission for the warehouse that Joseph is being detained in.
Respite That night, Colette seeks comfort in the arms of her sister to try and clear her mind before she puts her life on the line to rescue Joseph.
02/03 Within, Without Colette and Kaylee recruit the help of the Remnant to gather intel on Bella's Refrain research operations. This goes mostly according to plan, until they're forced to leave Colette behind inside the facility.
02/04 A Heartbeat Away Trapped inside Bella's research facility, Colette makes a daring attempt at a rescue, but finds herself unable to rescue Joseph, and instead becomes a prisoner herself.
02/08 Empyrical Revelations Bella Sheridan begins her testing of Colette Nichols, but an unexpected result in the tests opens amazing new doors.
In The Absence of Hope After being injected with Refrain, Colette suffers a visitation from the Nightmare Man that has her questioning everything about her life and herself.
02/11 All The Things She Said Home alone and contemplating, Nicole Nichols recalls the last few words she had with her sister on the 3rd of February before she disappeared.
02/14 Thanks For The Memories, Part I On Valentine's Day, Bella Sheridan plans to evacuate her facility and start over somewhere new and the unexpected change in plans puts a damper on the Ferrymen and Remnant's attempt at rescue, putting Colette's life in severe Jeopardy.
02/15 In the Absence of Faith Though she was saved by the Ferrymen from the clutches of Dr.Sheridan, the emotional damage done to Colette by her time in Bella's care will leave deeper and more profound scars than the battle at Pinehearst could ever have done.
02/16 Not My Problem Torn apart by conflicting emotions, Colette finds herself on the path of a downward spiral as she abuses the trust of a friend and turns her back on people who care about her to distance herself from the pain and humiliation of having been unable to protect herself from Dr.Sheridan.
Connecting The Ever Thinning Thread Leaving Grand Central Terminal, Colette returns to the ground floor of Hotel California where she stashed the handgun Brian gave her after her confrontation with Danko. It's here where Colette finds herself confronted with Peyton Whitney who quietly attempts to win herself over to Colette's good side, for ulterior motives.
The Cruelty in Surviving On getting home to her sister's condo after her imprisonment at Dr.Sheridan's hands, Colette breaks down and finally lets the full weight of everything that happened hit her.
02/19 Odd One Out Avoiding her past ties with the Ferrymen and trying to hide from her problems, Colette uses the newest Ferrymen safehouse in Roosevelt Island to try and start over again. However, despite it's operator's welcoming invitation, Colette still feels uneasy in her own skin there.
Ghosts of Families Past …and later that night out on Manhattan, Colette runs into Felix Ivanov and then something far less giving than the federal agent.
In The Absence of an Excuse In the hospital the night of her accident, Colette is visted by her sister to whom she confesses the great and small secrets of her life, and begins to come to terms with her own truths and the realization that the Ferrymen is all she has in her life that makes her feel fulfilled.
colette_v9.jpg Having endured a great hardship at the hands of the Company and having been forced to confront her own personal demons and questions of self-worth, Colette takes up responsibility for her life and her own personal happiness to fully commit herself to the Ferrymen. But when the city is thrown into chaos and the ice grip of winter threatens to crush the life out of everyone dear to her, Colette will be forced to take not only responsibility for her own actions, but responsibility for the lives of those around her.
02/23 Please Stay Back home with Judah after her accident and recovering from her injuries, Colette is confronted by the person who has been absent from her life for too long. When Tamara's return, Colette is forced to make the decision of reconciling her feelings towards the absent love in her life, or pushing her away and continuing on a self-destructive path.
02/28 One Fish, Two Fish After storming out on Kaylee and nearly driving a wedge between their friendship, Colette returns to Grand Central Station to reconnect with her friend and try to mend their frayed bond.
Je Ne Sais Quoi After meeting with Kaylee, Colette crosses paths with someone she's been looking for and follows Jensen, but is unaware that the old spy has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Her penchant for putting her nose where it doesn't belong earns Colette instruction about a few of those tricks.
03/04 Cherish The Time When Tamara's birthday rolls around, Colette's extended family are brought together to reconnect and enjoy the time when they can be together, because Tamara is aware of something coming that they can't possibly see.
03/11 When Thou Hast Shut Thy Door Bringing supplies to the Brick House, Colette crosses paths with Joseph, and the two start on a rocky course of mending their relationship after both suffered brutally at the hands of Bella Sheridan.
03/12 Penguins, Prophets, and Plagues When Colette meets up with Melissa, Ygraine and Else at the Brick House, an unexpected infection of the H5N10 virus sends Else into a prophetic overload, and Colette photographs the prophet's insane ramblings.
At Fault …but after Colette receives a harrowing message from her sister, she and Melissa rush to Nicole's apartment, and Melissa learns first-hand about Colette's run in with the former leader of New York's _humanis-first cell, Danko.
03/16 Corroboration Ferrymen and leadership rally together to discuss what to do about the H5N10 virus and the Department of Evolved Affairs, while Colette attempts to offer her sister, Judah and Felix up to the Ferrymen as operatives, only to have her suggestions largely shot down, save for one.
03/22 Man's Best Friend, Part II A gruesome discovery made at the Lighthouse on Staten Island brings the Ferry and its associates together in a small but significant way.
03/25 Not Here, Not Now When Colette attempts to draw her sister into the Ferrymen, Nicole resists and instead warns Colette about trusting others too deeply.
03/31 From Where They Were In the days following the aftermath of the dog attack at the Lighthouse, Colette and Doyle catch up with one another, and Colette tries to mend her broken relationship with the puppetmaster.
Forward Momentum That evening, Colette is reunited with Tamara for one of their fleeting times together, and Colette tries to solicit a direct answer from the woman she loves… only to find a cryptic answer.
04/09 Up In Smoke When Colette ventures to Cliffside Apartments to look into an apartment for rent, she is instead caught in a blazing inferno and finds her life hanging in the balance.
Try Harder Injures form the fire, Colette is whisked off to the Remnant's headquarters to receive treatment, but Eileen's grievous condition leaves Colette worried for the young woman's life.
04/13 A Friend Of Your Father Recovering in the Dispensary under the watchful care of the Remnant, Colette runs across one of Jensen's arms suppliers, and Colette is given a warning about Jensen Raith.
The Makings of Absolute Disaster When Colette heads home after meeting Detective Walsh she finds herself stranded on a lonely, icy stretch of highway, only to be rescued by one of the Ferrymen's most reclusive members: Hana.
The Kitten and the Lion Allowed to stay in Hana's care until morning, Colette finds herself trying to look in places that should not be, and Hana instead finds a way to entertain and instruct the young woman, even if it wasn't her intention.
04/16 Off To A Good Start When Colette takes the initiative to feel out two prospective Ferry members, she finds herself in unexpectedly familiar territory and surprisingly enjoying the company of people closer to her own age…
I've Never... …though later that night, Colette finds herself cornered by Sable's magnetic personality, and she helps Colette open up about herself and makes Colette question whether her fairy-tale romance she pines for is more fiction than reality…
04/18 Woosh Days later, Colette infiltrates a Ferrymen meeting about a vaccine shipment, and practically throws herself at the opportunity to prove herself.
04/20 Another Brick In The Wall When Melissa asks Colette to help do some repairs on her new house on Staten Island, Colette struggles with a horrifying discovery in the basement, and the decision of what to do with it brings up a traumatic past.
04/21 More Than A Painted Smile In helping devise a plan of attack for a raid on a vaccine shipment, Colette Nichols comes to discover a kindred spirit in the Ferry.
Nil Admirari The Ferrymen's raid on the H5N10 vaccine shipment turns bloody when the _institute unexpectedly gets involved, forcing Colette to risk her own life to save the life of another.
Breakfast and Battle Scars in Bed Following the violent raid in Jersey, Colette finds herself awakening to the concern and care of Tasha, and the two bond over the battle-scars they've collected in life, or lack thereof.
I'm Not Most People Colette scolds Magnes over the importance of following orders, but the young girl insists on giving Magnes a chance to prove himself to the Ferry.
04/24 My Favorite Hallucination Still recovering from the serious injuries she sustained in the conflict with the Institute, Colette is tended to closely by the girl who'se life she saved. Tasha and Colette bond over stories of their lives, of growing up and of becoming the women that they are, and Colette finds an admirer in Tasha.
Ultimatum When the Ferry hosts a meeting on the topic of Liette where Colette is recovering, she and Tasha quietly attend the meeting, feeling somewhat relegated to the kids table.
04/25 Entirely Honest On their way back to the mainland, Colette talks to Tasha about her life, and about the prophet in it. The admission of her love for a young woman who cannot remember the past seems to draw Tasha and Colette closer together, despite it being neither of their intentions.
04/25 Please Back home with Judah, Colette finally talks to her father in simple terms about what she does as a Ferryman, how she became injured, and that she desperately wants and needs her father's help. Judah's answer doesn't surprise her, but it does remind her how much he loves her, and how much she loves him.
04/27 Positive Colette makes an unannounced visit to Magnes' apartment to bring something by for Sable, which has revelatory significance. In turn, Sable's given a lot to think about regarding her life, and Colette makes a deicision regarding hers.
A Dog With Two Bones Preparing to leave Manhattan with Tasha, the two young women are confronted by Tamara, who dispenses her unique brand of prophecy and symbolism, leaving both Colette and Tasha confused, and Colette with a heavy heart.
Her Canvas To help Tasha de-stress from her encounter with her father, Colette takes her down to Grand Central to add her fish to Joseph's wall.
04/28 Coincidental Baldness When delivering video of the coffins recovered from the Institute, Colette learns from Cat that Vincent Lazzaro, of the Department of Evolved Affairs, has been secretly feeding the Ferryman aid.
A Legacy Continues Over a year after they first met, a chance encounter between Colette and Elisabeth brings up a legendary name from their past. But when the name Vincent Lazzaro is invoked, Elisabeth drops further bombshells on Colette, and vice-versa.
04/29 Chocolatey, With a Touch of Marshmallow A night together at the Garden on Staten Island has Colette and Tasha drawing closer than before, and when the two share an intimate moment together Colette discovers just how much someone like Tasha has been missing from her life.
05/04 Show Me The Ropes Having taken up residence at the Lighthouse while Gillian is away, Colette and Tasha bond in a more physical and intimate manner, finding themselves distracted from life and responsibilities by their own infatuation for one another. Colette finds the prospects of a relationship that she can more readily understand intoxicating.
Under One Roof As a part of her responsibilities with the Ferry, Colette organizes Magnes, Sable and Tasha to help out at the Lighthouse and Doyle finds the group's appearance a (mostly) pleasant surprise even if at times it more feels like he's babysitting them.
05/05 What The Shadow Whispered On her way to investigate a Ferrymen crisis, Colette Nichols is caught by a shadow.
Tracks in the Snow Colette returns to the Lighthouse with news about a missing shipment for the Ferry, and she is forced to make the difficult decision of getting new Ferrymen members involved in a dangerous situation in the worst of the weather. The decision leads Colette and the three under her leadership into a dangerous situation where Colette very nearly loses her life.
05/06 L Words The morning after Colette was attacked by one of the feral dogs, Sable comes to see how she is, and the two share a heart to heart.
05/08 Souvenirs When Gillian returns from her week-long trip to Las Vegas, souvenirs are handed out. However, Magnes has found something else on his trip back to the mainland, and discovery that Tasha's father is looking for her threatens to reveal her secret to the whole network.
A Bird and a Wire After Magnes' revelation to Tasha, she struggles to make contact with Eileen, and Colette stands by her side when Tasha reveals to one of the Ferry's more influential members that she's the daughter of a DoEA agent.
Heart-Shaped Wedge After an emotionally-charged conversation with her parents, Tasha comes to Colette for comfort and counsel, and Colette takes away all of the other young woman's worries in just the same way she had hoped someone would've taken away her pain before. In that sympathy and empathy, Colette finds the heart to share three powerful words with Tasha.
05/10 On Improbability When Cat comes to the Lighthouse to discuss something with Gillian, Vincent Lazzaro comes to ambush Cat with a question, only to find his daughter present. Colette is forced to walk a precarious balance between her responsibilities to the Ferrymen and their operatives and her feelings for Tasha.
You Don't Choose Them After Vincent's departure, Colette goes to tend to Tasha's wounded emotions, and comforts her as best as she can, by comparing scars— these ones emotional, more so than physical.
05/11 Everyone Can Change After Magnes' outburst against Vincent, Colette confronts the gravitokinetic and tries to make him come to terms with the fact that VIncent is not as bad a figure as Magnes has made him out to be. But is her view of agent Lazzaro based on facts, or based on her feelings for his daughter?
05/12 Would Have Sleepless nights bring Colette and Sable together, to talk of what could have been. Conflicting and powerful emotions come to the fore, and Colette finds herself struggling to remain true to Tasha in the face of advances from a well-loved friend.
05/13 Scared of the Dark When Tasha realizes just how often Colette fails to sleep at night, Colette is forced to admit a painful truth about her past to Tasha, and come to terms with her own emotional baggage regarding her biological father.
05/14 Man's Best Friend, Part IV When a tragedy strikes the Lighthouse, all of its residents including Colette and her Ferrymen companions venture out into the blizzard raging outside to try and rescue a child and her caretaker before the feral dogs can do more damage. Presented with a threat to her friends and the Ferry, Colette takes a considerably risk to stop the dogs, and severely injures herself.
05/16 A Burnt Out Lightbulb Still Shines Waking up after having been unconscious for nearly two days, Colette is greeted by the Company of Tasha and her old friend Joseph Sumter. Surviving the incident in the snow, Colette realizes just how blessed she is to have the friends and loves she does, and with the great storm dissipating looks forward to a new start.
colette_v10.jpg Surviving the deadly winter, Colette has found new love in a fellow Ferrymen, but the complications in her life are only going to grow as the Ferry tries to rebuild from its losses and a shocking revelation of the future threatens to forever severe the bond she has with Tamara.
05/18 Sage Advice Magnes decides to talk to Colette about a potential problem in Aaron Michaels, and Colette inadvertently reminds Magnes of something his father once said.
A Really Long Day Minutes after Magnes tells Colette about Aaron seeing things, she encounters the nearly crazy musician in the laundry room in need of a friend and serious professional help. Colette is forced to face someone with issues deeper seated than her own.
05/24 Three Hard Words, Reprise Wanting to try and do something special for Tasha and not knowing how to show her appreciation, Colette tries simple romantic sentimentality and finds that sometimes the simplest answer is really the best.
05/25 Wonderland When Fox and Caleb, two residents of the Lighthouse are struggling to adapt to their new homes, Colette tries to spread her own unique brand of hope in a place where it is in short supply.
Euphoria's Knife Colette comes to regret her offer of negative emotions to feed Aaron's ability and spare him pain when the actual claiming of them removes the guilt and regret from her about a tempting situation.
Honesty's Wound Colette comes to confess to Tasha about what happened with Sable and finds understanding in the arms of someone who trusts her.
A Place Like Home Colette brings her team to Gun Hill to help Lynette recover from all the damage the Great Storm caused and for some of them it means finding the titular subject.
06/02 Meet the Parent Tasha brings Colette to meet her mother. Awkwardness and acceptance ensue, even when the "F bomb" is dropped.
How To Maintain An Effective Front During a Ferrymeet called to discuss Lynette's disappearance and how to maintain an effective front, several operatives are already doing it on a much smaller scale. One of them loses her cool.
06/08 Inbetween Days In between the harder days, the Gun Hill crew takes to more casual pursuits, and is introduced to a new friend of Sable's.
06/09 Putting Together Packages Eileen asks Abigail and Colette to deliver an important one to Melissa.
06/10 Decode Colette Nichols hides in the sanctuary of a burned out church from the nightmares of a future that has yet to come to pass.
06/12 Don't Stop There can never be too much when it comes to words of love and reassurance.
06/14 Choice Tamara confronts Colette and offers her a crossroads she can't bring herself to tread. Not choosing is also a choice — with unforeseen consequences.
...And Consequences Tamara is brought to the clinic at Gun Hill to be cared for by the resident physician.
06/15 In The Presence of Sleeping Prophets Colette summons her father to Tamara's bedside and somewhat inadvertently introduces him to Tasha for the first time.
06/16 You're Doing It Wrong A surprise visit to Gun Hill turns into two photokinetics talking about the extant of their powers, jobs, and the possibility of of adding a new occupant to Gun Hill.
06/17 The Sound of Distant Footsteps When Sable comes to stand vigil over an unconscious seer, she unexpectedly crosses paths with Colette, who reveals that not all wounds and scars are physical, and best left untouched.
06/18 Casting Stones The Ferry convenes below ground by boat to discuss proposed changes to the network's structure.
Half Asleep After pushing her limits to speak with Colette, Tamara at last shows signs of waking up — and Colette, sitting vigil, is there to see.
06/19 Stay Tamara wakes up, for real this time, to talk with Tasha and to strike an understanding of sorts with Colette. If the future is still an ominous looming specter, the present may just work out into something they can cope with. …Once a certain brunette gets around to finishing the communication loop and enlightening Tasha with that idea.
I Can Share Too Being together means being generous — of space, time, sandwiches, and one another's hearts.
06/20 User Manual Permission having been given, Tamara takes up residence with Colette and Tasha — and Tasha gets a crash course in interpreting Tamara-isms.
06/21 Little Women On the eve of Aida at the Metropolitan Opera, Ferry chaperones put the finishing touches on their wards and answer a slew of earnest questions.
Intermission As Aida breaks and opera-goers briefly retire to the lobby for drinks and refreshments, Messiah and the Ferry cross paths.
06/22 Futures Sought Colette and Sable both apologize for their prior behavior, and in that apology Colette tasks Sable with an important job.
If It Were Fate Things are looking brighter to Tasha and Colette than they did in previous days.
06/23 In Darkness, Again Following in the footsteps of her mentor Conrad, Colette Nichols takes a new photokinetic through the same training that Conrad had put her through.
Wooden Inquisition Quinn begins the process of moving into Gun Hill, and shenanigans ensue on all fronts, and Joanna stops by to check on her daughter and is introduced to the eccentric Gun Hill crew.
She's Going To Need You Joanna's visit to the girls' apartment is an emotional one for all involved, for varying reasons.
06/28 Then Be Happy After an upsetting discussion with Sable, Tasha finds reassurance from both Tamara and Colette.
06/29 The Party Plan Quinn visits her new neighbours in hopes of both finally finding Colette about something, and maybe hanging out a little.
06/30 The Ones You Love Finally managing to catch Colette, Ygraine dumps onto her a mass of fretful worry. Some of it's even justified, though a good portion has been inspired by a recent conversation about another willfully self-sacrificing teen. In return, she receives a healthy dose of confusion… and a commission.
07/02 Sandcastles Tasha, Tamara and Colette take time off from worry and stress at the beach.
Trusting Each Other Complications arise around Colette as members of the Ferrymen begin tearing each other apart over suspicions.
07/04 The Party Scene The residents of Gun Hill, as well as a few friends, congregate on the rooftop with the aim of throwing a party on the 4th of July. However a request for help from McRae draws Colette and Tasha away from the party and out to business.
07/05 Tests of Faith Waiting for a man of faith to come by, Colette masks her personal questions behind God.
07/07 Building Blocks Colette is building a garden, Cat is building a plan, Tamara is building… something.
07/10 Tamara Brooks, Plumber Doyle gets a little unexpected help in finding repairable problems at the Gun Hill apartments.
07/14 A Bullet For The Gun That Murders The Future On her lunch break from work, Colette reviews some of the video recordings that she's made over the week.
07/15 Just A Knife Surprises of both the good and the bad kinds await Tasha when she finds Colette and she have the apartment to themselves.
07/16 She's Fine (But You Should See The Other Guy) Sable receives callers inquiring after her health, and the circumstances of her injury.
Cloudy, With A Chance Of Meatballs Inviting an injured Sable over to dinner, Colette accidentially turns what could have been a quiet evening into a foodfight… and misses something very significant changing hands.
07/20 Not So Different When Colette Nichols stumbles onto Wayland Powers just after a workout, she finds herself presented with someone just as lost as she was after discovering her own manifested fate.
07/25 Promises and Chances One is usually broken, the other usually doesn't come around for a second time. Both of those commonalities are shattered in a stroke of good fortune and luck.
08/02 It Only Gets Harder Colette, Tasha and Quinn discuss the Ferrymen and the situation surrounding Elaine's disappearance.
08/11 London Calling For once a Ferry mission is completed without disaster striking when Jaiden is recruited.
08/12 Down In Flames, Part II A joint attack against the Staten Island Hospital to liberate the captives there stumbles upon the grisly work of Doctor Dmitri Gregor and Colette Nichols is brought in to help the team infiltrate successfully.
08/13 Foxes and Wolves Among the expected visitors at her bedside, Tasha finds a stranger with an even stranger connection to her.
08/14 No Voice Leaves Quiet Tamara gives cryptic answers to an important question posed by Colette about how to prevent the future she saw in the Flash.
08/17 Rolodex Colette makes an unlikely informant when Logan needs a little help with hiding an important person.
08/21 So Easily Thrown Away Furniture is. Past histories and current worries are not. So these Ferry operatives find as they work to put a safehouse back in order.
Making Promises Returning from their work at the Brick House, Colette and Tasha discuss the future they've seen and how best to prepare Tasha's family for it.
08/25 Record of an Approaching Fall Colette Nichols brings the results of her sweep of the Ferrymen's visions to someone other than the Ferrymen Council…
08/31 Every Prophet In the dark of night, Colette decides to take the future into her own hands…
colette_v11.jpg After having taken personal responsibility for changing the future she saw on June 10th, Colette begins a descent down a slippery slope of morality. As the world begins to spiral towards a seemingly inevitable war between the Evolved and the Non-Evolved, she is presented with a chance to change the future for the better and must choose between turning away from a dangerous and dark path or embracing a side of herself she has been struggling to keep in check.
09/02 One've Us Has to Have Our Head on Straight Colette spends the night at Nicole's side at her request. Conflicted, Nicole intends to admit to one thing, but ends up admitting something else all together. Something infinitely more embarrassing, if we're honest.
09/03 Trouble Brewing After spending the night with her sister, Colette brings Nicole home to meet Tasha. Things don't go according to plan, as Catherine Chesterfield is waiting for the younger Nichols with a dire warning for the both of them.
09/07 Tiny Crane Days after receiving a warning from Catherine about her safety, Colette discovers that she has been warned about someone else's safety — Sable's.
09/10 Origami It is only days later, however, that Colette discovers that she was not the only person to receive one of the cranes and a world of impossibility opens up before her.
09/11 Impossible Stuff Colette comes home exhausted and worried about having to do impossible stuff but finds her support system is supportive, as always.
09/12 Come Back A reassurance, from the vantage point of a future that hasn't happened yet for Colette; a demand, or perhaps a plea, when Tamara leaves sooner than either would prefer.
Do Something The message that Colette had delivered to Vincent Lazzaro finally come back to haunt her in the form of Lazzaro himself.
Interlude: The Song of Carrion Birds
June 12, 2004 Held Up Without A Gun When Hiro Nakamura comes to collect Colette and Elaine for their journey to protect Sable from herself in the past, the two young women are not prepared for how literal that warning will become.
Delta T Elaine and Colette have a lot to change, and a lot of change to undo, and who knows how much time in which to do and undo it.
Angels in Atlanta Finally finding some solace in the past, Elaine and Colette try to bring peace of mind to Sable's young self, and instead wind up having to tell her some of the truth about who they are and where they're from…
June 13, 2004 Your Own Worst Enemy The angels from the future try to help the girl skip town, but destiny intervenes when the devil has other ideas.
October 31, 2006 Blood Colette Nichols is afforded time with someone long since lost while she recovers from her injuries sustained while traveling through time.
And Then…
09/20 Whatever Happened Colette is reunited with Tasha, only to discover that she was not the only person thrown through time and space and that Tasha mission was to protect someone even more dear to Colette than Sable is.
09/22 Where You Left Me Colette asks Kaylee to remove the Amp created block in Sable's head. It works, but at a cost to the telepath.
09/23 The Way Of Things When Quinn comes looking to talk to Colette, the younger of the pair is not feeling up to conversation, and Ygraine's presence only exacerbates the issue.
Lambskin - Lifter Later that day, Colette is able to redirect her frustration outwards in the presence of Eric Doyle and Jericho Powers when she discovers that the rumors of a child kidnapping ring on Staten Island is more than just a rumor…
10/02 (Nothing's) Meant To Be On the rooftop of Gun Hill, Colette confesses about her visitation with her mother to Sable and for the first time in many months, the two disparate friends grow close once more.
10/06 Work To Do Intent on changing the future, Colette attends a meeting of members of the Endgame Conspiracy.
10/07 In The Absence of Mentors Colette takes her student of photokinetics out to the ruins of Midtown for a lesson in hiding. Unfortunately, Colette's lovely assistant for this training assignment is not aware of the Con involved in it. That Con, being short for Conrad.
10/08 Everyone Still Has Limits On their way to Grand Central Station, Colette discovers that Conrad's saying is still true.
10/09 A Perfect Storm Finally breaking down about the terrible things that occurred to her in the past, Colette Nichols confides in Tasha about her experiences and the difficulties she is facing — and hiding.
10/10 Labyrinth I - The Minotaur Traveling with a large group to Massachusetts, Colette Nichols prepares for the rescue of Teodoro Laudani from the clutches of the Institute, but finds her mind attacked by the stabbing needles of doubt of one of the Institute's dangerous agents.
10/24 By Any Other Name Tasha opens up about the situation with her father Vincent, and Colette tries her best to offer sympathy and affection to the girl who stole her heart.
10/30 Dead Man's Party Colette is treated to a surprise when what she thought was a simple Halloween party turns out to actually be her surprise birthday party, courtesy of Tasha, Quinn, Sable, and Nicole.
11/02 N Bringing a new arrival to the Ferrymen into their midsts, Colette introduces Nelly to the Grand Central Terminal. Given her rushed introduction, going fishing will have to happen later.
11/03 Nothing But The Worst Vincent calls in a favour and obtains key evidence against the Institute, courtesy of the Ferrymen network and it falls on [[Eileen]]] and Colette to supply it for him.
11/07 United We Stand, Part IV All around New York, people brace for the coming storm.
colette_v12.jpg Despite all her struggling against the visions that came months prior, Colette Nichols has been forced to endure the nightmare of a future she could not bear to come to pass. In the wake of the most disastrous riot in American history, Colette is forced to pick up the pieces of not only her life and relationship, but also of the Ferrymen network.
11/08 "Away" Heading out to warn the residents of the Brick House about Susan's treachery, Colette instead finds everyone missing, save for the last two to depart…
Pyrrhic Victory When the riots overwhelm the Brick House, Colette is forced to flee into Queens proper, and the future finally comes to pass with startling clarity and sorrow.
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