Logs for Thomas Ray Cooper
cooper_v8.jpg A detective from New Jersey comes to New York to join the department to fill in gaps left by the loss of so many detectives. He doesn't exactly fit in, but he meets some interesting characters, too include a mysterious girl, named Tamara. He even gets to use his skills from his years in Narcotics to bust a drug house dealing Refrain.
Detective Cooper is put on the case of evolved individuals having their brains removed. These killing supposedly have the same MO of Sylar who killed many people back in 2006. However, something is off about the case and Cooper will possibly have the challenge of proving a serial killer innocent, while finding the one who really did it. cooper_v9.jpg
Cooper_V10.jpg Things have been pretty bland since the mini Ice Age. Cooper is feeling the need for a change. That change comes at the suggestion of Audrey. "Join Me At Home Sec."
Cooper is moving on up! No longer a Detective with the NYPD, he is now a member of Homeland Security. That's right, he now works with Audrey. And they will see each other more and more. This is either a good… or a bad thing. Cooper_V11.jpg
Cooper_V12.jpg Something fishy is going on in law enforcement land, when a suspect is snatched out from under the nose of an agent, by people posing as DHS. Will Cooper be able to help his partner Audrey Hanson figure out what up? Faced with threats to jobs and such… it only seems to make them all that more curious. What's going on behind that curtain, Oz?
Coopers life continues on as he works beside his partner, Audrey, trying to solve murders and stuff. At work, it is business as usual for the two, but off duty, she likes to make his life hell. It is not a bad partnership. Cooper_V13.jpg
Cooper_V14.jpg It only takes a moment to change someone's life. Cooper's moment came with a phone call from his hysterical daughter. He cannot stand outside looking in anymore. Daddy's little girl is evolved.
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