Logs for December 2008

346 logs posted for December 2008.

Date Title Participants
12/01 Favors For Friends Brian and Jennifer
It's A Small, Inbred Little World Elisabeth and Trask
See SCOUT Flirt William and Elisabeth
Pity Bolivar and Felix
Matters Of Security Brian, Conrad, Helena, and Teo
The Other Fed Abby, Ben and Felix
Out of Hiding Odessa and Wu-Long
12/02 Fail Brian, Deckard and Miles
Dearest Daddy Deckard Brian, Munin and Teo
Upside Down Alexander and Teo
Not Quite As Planned Colette and Helena
Mistaken Insanity Victoria, William, Lysette, Abby, Alexander, Magnes and Miles
Flex Your Trigger-finger Hana and Teo
Aiming Westwards Gillian and Sylar
T&A Brian, Danny, Deckard, Felix and Pam
A Good Position to Play Coy Dina, Felix, Munin and Sylar
Inconvenient Introductions Christian and Minea
Kidnap the Girl, Save the World Alexander, Brian, Munin and Teo
12/03 Prisoner Of War Abby, Alexander, Brian, Munin and Teo
Blank Slate Niki and Elisabeth
Six Degrees of Separation ... Not! Abby and Elisabeth
Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right Ethan, Sylar and Wu-Long
Mistaken Insanity - The Escape Victoria and Miles
Anniversary Colette and Grace
Arts and Crafty Christian, Felix, Minea and Sonny
Care and Feeding of a Fed Felix and Minea
Real Friends Help You To Christian and Teo
Bad Words Belinda and Deckard
Sydney, NY Magnes and Sydney
12/04 None Escape Deckard and Moreau
Lying Liars Who Lie Brian, Helena, and Munin
Mystery, Babylon The Small Alexander, Brian, Munin and Teo
Prisons Abby and Christian
In For a Penny... Elisabeth and Trask
In For a Pound Elisabeth, Helena, Owen, and Trask
Ride Around the Town Lysette and Miles
On A Park Bench Paul and Sydney
You're a Cheap Date Abigail Abby and Conrad
Heeeey Lady! Conrad and Minea
Stool Pigeon Christian and Deckard
Soundly Directed Anger Hagan and Julian
The Surly Jerks Alexander, Hagan and Teo
A Point Made Kazimir and Yvette
Munin's Down A Well Ethan, Sylar and Wu-Long
12/05 Undercurrents Bolivar, Rami and Tamara
So Just Who Are You? Trask and Elisabeth
Just a Little Nip Minea and Sonny
Rebuilding a Life Niki and Elisabeth
In Their Footsteps Colette and Judah
Sledgehammer Brian and Munin
Doo Wa Ditty Owen and Sydney
All Dressed Up With No Place To Go Claire and Helena
Choices and Chances Felix, Christian and Minea
A SCOUT in the Making William and Elisabeth
Welcome to Phase Three Kazimir and Odessa
A Night at the Orchid Lysette and Sonny
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Deckard and Teo
Who He Was Brian and Helena
12/06 Pull the Trigger Claire and Peter
Pull the Strings Elle and Peter
A Funny Way to Show Concern Hagan and Ben
On Danger, Visiting Dignitaries, and Lunch Laura and Steve
Trust Ethan and Odessa
Knock Knock Haitian, Magnes, Montag and Rami
Lollerskates Magnes, Montag and Rami
Coffee and Changeling Abby, Mallory, Miles, Owen, Teo and Victor
Not One of Us, Not One of Them Sonny and Elvis
In Somnis Veritas Peter and Peter
Five Minutes to Midnight Agent Petrelli, Claire, Gillian, Peter, Sylar
12/07 Responsibility Peter
Broken Pieces Gillian
2.5 Inches of Steel Brian, Munin and Teo
Price Of Blood Abby and Teo
Of Hugs And Car Jackings Abby, Deckard and Elvis
Worst Recruiter Ever Elvis, Miles, Owen
Show and Tell Kain and Laura
Telling Tales Cat and Grace
A Bit Much To Swallow Amato, Elias and Wu-Long
Dinner with SCOUT William and Elisabeth
God, Guns and Glory Abby, Brian, Elias and Wu-Long
Shattered Lies Ethan and Gillian
We Can Rebuild Him Felix, Minea and Sonny
Insight and Wisdom Gillian and Kent
Hemingway Was A Badass Brian, Owen
12/08 It Started So Simply Trask and Elisabeth
And Got Worse As It Went Abby, Elisabeth, and Jessica
Ending in A Clusterfuck Conrad, Elisabeth, and Helena
Leaving The Garden Conrad, Elisabeth, Elvis, and Helena
More Than Names Alexander, Brian, Munin and Teo
A New Warden Abby, Niki and Teo
Check-Up and Pie Sonny and Dantes
Cognitive Dissonance Dantes, Deckard, and Miles
How The Cracks Begin To Show Alexander, Brian, Elvis, Helena, and Teo
12/09 And The Stones Cry Out Ethan and Amato
Finite Resources Niki and Linderman
Talk About A Doozy of A Secret Niki and Elisabeth
Civil Disturbance Cat, Danielle, Ethan, Odessa and Yancey
Stoicism, Cruelty, And Screaming Cat, Danielle, and Ethan
Safe House Teo, Conrad, and Elisabeth
Schaedenfreud Dantes, Deckard, Miles, Pam and Teo
You're So Vain Dantes, Hagan, Ben and Laura
Deckard Ex Machina Dantes, Deckard and Teo
12/10 Two To Tango Danielle, Ethan, and Helena
Seek Higher Ground Alexander and Teo
Critiques On The Art Of Negotiation Alexander, Brian, Conrad, Diego, Elisabeth, Elvis, Hana, Helena, Monica, Owen, and Teo
Ongoing Negotiations Abby, Alexander, Niki and Teo
Olive Branch Munin and Teo
Thirty Minutes Or Less Conrad, Elisabeth, Ethan, and Helena
Crossing Phonelines Cat, Ethan, Helena, Munin, and Teo
There Was No Meeting Judah, Kathleen and Tamara
There's No Argument Cat and Danielle
Recruiting a Messenger Brian and Munin
Hey There, Cowboy Conrad and Elisabeth
A Conspicuously Casual Conversation Christian and Teo
Strictly Business Brian and Elias
Exit Wound Dantes, Hana and Teo
Now You See Me Dantes, Deckard and Teo
12/11 Jumping At Shadows Gillian and Victor
Vendetta Helena and Teo
The Devil's Due, Part I Kain and Linderman
The Devil's Due, Part II dixon and Kain
The Dinner Date Sonny and Lysette
Revelations Abby and Niki
The Price of Charity Lysette, Mack, and William
Rules of Engagement Conrad and Minea
12/12 Risky Business Deckard and Elias
Been A While, Sailor? Trask and Elisabeth
Exchange Cat, Elias, Ethan, Helena, Munin, Owen, Trask and Wu-Long
After Exchange Cat and Helena
Result: Failure Abby and Niki
More Dysfunctional Than You Christian and Teo
In Search of a Wayward Fed Minea and Sonny
12/13 Trigger NPCs
Brown Paper Bag Christian and Deckard
Three Babes and a Scrapyard Elvis, Eve and Minea
Alter Egos Sonny and Miles
Have To Be Hana and Teo
Put Your Foot Down Cat, Elisabeth, and Helena
The Devil's Due, Part III Kain, Liu and Song
12/14 Parental Permission Jennifer and Ygraine
Lost and Found Abby and Hagan
A Kiss Good Night Baxter, Bolivar, Claire, Elisabeth, Erim, Isabelle, Julian, Karl, Knowles, Mack, Melinda, Vance and William
Hang Together Cat and Helena
Make 'Em Bleed Claire and Julian
Breathe Her Eve and Teo
Old Faithful Abby and Teo
Out Of The Loop Conrad and Helena
Fathers And Daughters Elvis and Helena
Quiet in the Library Brian, Cat, Diego, Elvis and Jennifer
12/15 Guilt In Common Cat and Gillian
Flavors Of Guilt Cat and Helena
One Burger, Two Burgers, More? Cat and Jennifer
Just Call If You Need Me Abby and Ygraine
Skinned Abby, Deckard, Sonny and Teo
Code 21.25 Drake, Ellinka, Hans, Kazimir, King and Rico
Brilliant, Watson Claire, Hagan and Julian
12/16 Dashboard Jesus Abby and Brian
To Be Called Upon Cat and Hana
The Academic and the Terrorist Erim and Rupe
Wheel Fans Abby and Ben
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Cat, Gillian and Helena
To Be Alive Amato, Kazimir and Yvette
Full Blown Woman Isabelle and Magnes
Pride Ethan, Kazimir and Odessa
Like Brother Like Sister Nalani and Rami
Or Bury Your Head Pam and Teo
Escape Route Drake and Rico
A Caricature Of Vigilantism Alexander, Hagan, Isabelle and Teo
Mostly Harmless Alexander and Teo
Keep Your Enemies Close... Abby, Brian and Niki
Ab asino lanam Dantes and Deckard
12/17 Fucking Antarctica Elias, Ethan and Sylar
Spy Versus Spy Dantes, Christian, Minea and Teo
Finder's Fee Hagan and Teo
Like The Odessa File Cat and Hana
Timelagged Ethan, Munin and Sylar
A Little Princess Ethan, Wu-Long and Yvette
Just Read It Abby and Conrad
A.T.M.U.C.F.C.L.S Abby and Victor
As Seen On TV Ben, Deckard and Marla
Stalk King and Rico
Popcorn Claire, Flint and Julian
Lookout Ellinka and Hans
A Night In Abby, Alexander and Teo
Meeting James James and Anne
12/18 Fools, Drunkards And Children Dantes, dixon and Teo
To Make an Omelette Anne, Cat, Grace, and James
Hope springs... Trask and Ygraine
Regarding Dani Helena and Trask
Nemesis Elias, Ellinka, Haitian, Kazimir and Odessa
It's as simple as... Colette and Ygraine
Shifting Winds Magnes, Nalani, Rami and Tamara
The Hypothetical Building Cat and Laura
A Corner Of Normalcy Abby and Elisabeth
The Apostle Paul Abby and Brian
Speed Dating Abby and Victor
A Goodnight To Lost Love Ethan and Danielle
How Not to Eavesdrop Ethan, Munin and Sylar
12/19 Some Hours Later Cat
To Save Rickham, Part One Cat, Grace, Jezebel, Trask. and Wireless
To Save Rickham, Part Two Cat, Helena, Trask, Alexander, Owen, Conrad
Free Information Anne and Grace
No Strings Attached Abby. Ben and Hagan
Prelude to Disaster Steve, Sylar and Rickham
Disaster Within Disaster, Part I Cat, Conrad, Edward, Elias, Ethan, Helena, Owen
Disaster Within Disaster, Part II Abby, Alexander, Cat, Conrad, Dina, Edward, Elias, Elisabeth, Helena, Matt, Owen, Rickham, Sylar, Trask, Wu Long
Sometimes The Dragon Wins Alexander and Wu-Long
Exile Ethan and Munin
The Devil's Due, Part IV Kain
Trusting The Untrustable Ethan and Sylar
The Rear Window Ellinka and Rico
One If By Sea Drake, Hans and King
The Devil's Due, Part V Kain and Zoe
After The Ball Was Over Abby, Cat, Conrad, Edward, Elvis, Helena, and Rickham
Trying To Help Anne and Grace
12/20 Licking the Wound Abby, Cat, Edward, Helena, Matt, Rickham and Teo
All You Have To Do Is Try Helena and Matt
Abby Makes A Hospital Call Abby and Elisabeth
Will's Name Should Be Dick William and Elisabeth
Consultation Bennet and Hana
Hear the Music Colette and Tamara
The Barflies and The Healer Abby, Deckard and Hagan
Misplaced Trust Eileen and Sylar
We Put the Fun in Dysfunctional Family Dinner Elisabeth, Abby and Conrad
Prelude to Armageddon, Part I Ellinka and Rico
One More For The Ranks Isabelle and Rupe
12/21 Outside Our Control Gillian and Sylar
Braced Bolivar and Darius
We Few, We Happy Few Matt, Elisabeth and Cat
On the Antics of Imps dixon and Laura
Volunteering Anne, Ben and Grace
In Denial Malware and Wireless
In The Foxhole Christian and Teo
Associates Grace and Sonny
In the Midst of Heaven Claire, Julian and Rupe
A Display of Trust Brian, Cat and Ygraine
Steamingly Rancid? Cat and Ygraine
Bad Influence Brian, Deckard, Nalani and Pam
Red and Black Deckard and Pam
We Don't Serve No Stinking Bitch-Drinks Deckard. Abby, Teo, Ben, Niki, and Vivienne
In or Out Deckard and Teo
Nite Owls and Exploding Manatees Brian, Delilah and Zachery
12/22 I Said It Was Complicated Helena, Edward, and Cat
It's Everyone's Problem Hana, Helena, and Matt
If You Love Someone, Set Them Free Elisabeth and Trask
Sewing Sylar's Survivor Cat and Gillian
Niki Pops In Niki and Elisabeth
A New Friend Elisabeth and James
A Cop, A Paramedic, and a Fireman Walk Into a Bar.. Abby, Danny, James and William
Prickly Brown Caterpillar Dantes and Tamara
Futures Craved Odessa and Sylar
Chilli and Picks at the Owl Jezebel, Victor and Ygraine
Info Dump Brian, Cat, Diego, and Helena
Come Marching In Hans and Kazimir
12/23 Not A Fan, Really Cat, Jennifer
Roundup King, Rico
Stocking Stuffer Drake and Ellinka
A Proposed Experiment Cat and Matt
Partnership, Phoenix and Plans Jennifer and Ygraine
A Brief Encounter of the Telephonic Kind Elisabeth and Ygraine
What I Can Do For You Helena and Ygraine
Redcrosse In The Cave of Despair Abby, Alexander and Teo
Blood Loss Abby, Cat, Helena, and Teo
12/24 Like This Abby, Cat, Colette and Teo
While Shepards Watch Abby and Dantes
Becoming Colette and Teo
Different Kind of Christmas Dinner Mohinder, Nalani and Rami
The Devil's Due, Part VI Kain and Kaydence
The Devil's Due, Part VII Kain
In Thy Dark Streets Shineth Abby, Claude and Sylar
Composure Cat, Dantes and Eileen
Après Sylar Abby, Magnes and Mohinder
It's A Wonderful Life Elvis, Helena, and Teo
Strangers in the Park Eve and Darius
12/25 La Vigilia di Natale Abby and Teo
Mysterious Ways Cat, Gillian, and Edward
Coffee Corner Mohinder and Nalani
Hospital Christmas Elisabeth and Trask
Sticking It To 'The Man' And Other Topics Elisabeth, Conrad, and Abby
Merry Happy Christmas Ethan and Odessa
Experiments With Faith Abby and Mohinder
Shengdan Kuaile Sylar and Wu-Long
Protection Ethan and Odessa
The Dream Has Just Begun Eve
12/26 Starbucks vs Hospital Coffee Abby and Trask
Boxing Day Gift Exchange Abby and Hagan
They Who Give Up Essential Liberty Elisabeth and William
Skate for Charity Laura, Magnes and Paul
First Time At Headquarters Cat, Ygraine, and Ben
Healthy Skepticism Deckard and Grace
Seriously Conrad and Deckard
Neither Friend Nor Foe Abby, Brian, Deckard, Eileen, Tamara and Teo
Friends In The Strangest Places Elisabeth and Bolivar
Frauds, All Odessa and Wu-Long
Extreme Makeover Magnes Edition Isabelle, Magnes
The Beaten Path Ethan and Sylar
12/27 Welcome Help Anne, Grace and Helena
Anonymous Call Sonny
How Many People You Got In There?? Elisabeth and Niki
Flying Sandwich Eater Colette, Maria and Tamara
The Human Can Opener Abby and James
Checking In With The Boss Ben, Cat, Elisabeth, and Helena
Float On Christian and Teo
Of Cacti and Cops Trask and Ygraine
12/28 Darkest Before the Dawn Elisabeth and Trask
Hatching Dawn Anne, Elisabeth and Teo
If These Walls Could... Ethan and Odessa
Caution, Baked Goods, And Naming Informants Cat and Elisabeth
It Would Be Easier Gillian and Sylar
Sing a Song of Six Pence Eve, Mohinder and Nalani
Touch The Sky Deckard and Magnes
Old Comrades Reunite Vinnie and Ethan
Dead Passerine Express Deckard and Teo
Thrill Ride Isabelle and Miles
12/29 Dimes and Lint Ezra and Kaydence
London Town Ethan
Lunchtime Interruptions Maria, Rami and Tamara
I Dream Of Kazimir Cat and Eve
Not Purgatory Dantes and Teo
A Terminally Ill Party Sonny and Zachery
Dear Sister Deckard, Leah and Maria
Secret Meeting... Mohinder and Magnes
12/30 No Right To Complain Alexander and Teo
Give a Man a Rope... Hans, Kazimir and Rico
...and He'll Hang Himself Kazimir and Ellinka
Fear Is A Killer Maria and Elisabeth
The Kill Squad Gwendolyn, Hugh, Rami and Sabra
I Dream of Skippy Eve and Jezebel
Backup Plan Hana and Jezebel
Get Smart Alexander, Delilah and Montag
Recruitment Over Coffee Claire, Hagan and Julian
Reminisces Over Cocoa Ben, Cat, and Helena
The Training Begins Gwendolyn, Hugh and Rami
Batten Upon Lambs Eileen and Magnes
Swimming with Sharks Hana and Teo
The Shape of Things to Come Drake, Kazimir and King
12/31 Not Awkward at All Hagan and Laura
Getting a Jump on the Day Elisabeth and James
An Ivy Popsicle Jennifer and Maria
Lets Make A Deal Eve, Nalani and Paul
Conversion Cat, Hana and Matt
New Year's Garden Abby, Alexander, Ben, Brian, Cat, Eve, Grace, Helena, Jezebel, Miriam and Sonny
Irish New Year Laura, Hagan and Tony
You, Shook Me All Night Long Abby, Huruma, Isabelle and Magnes
The Bianco Bash Dantes, Lysette, Minea and Sonny
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