Logs for December 2009

244 logs posted for December 2009.

Date Time Title Participants
12/01 Pre-Dawn Qui A Bu Boira Francois and Teo
Late Morning Sick Lies Candy, Claire, Eileen, Huruma, and Sanderson
Late Morning Sponsored By... Alia, Brennan, Corbin, Delilah, Doyle, Joseph, Kain, Kaylee, Lola and Robin
Evening From Russia, With Warm Thoughts Abby and Joseph
Late Evening You Left Eileen and Gabriel
12/02 Lunchtime Aristocrat and Desperado Buck and Ygraine
Mid-Afternoon Communication Barriers Candy, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma and…
Evening Getting Nowhere Fast Abby, Elisabeth and Ethan
Night The Nightmare Duet Aaron, Peyton and The Nightmare Man
Night Sleeping In Shifts Aaron and Peyton
Night Secret Answer E Gillian and Raith
Night The Scab Is A Traitor Felix
12/03 Early Morning Welcome to the Jungle Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Hector, Iago, Magnes, Peter, Raith, Rico, Ross and Veronica
Afternoon The Resistance Aviators, Bosede, Candy, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson, Tau, and Usutu
Late Afternoon Intel Worth Having Elisabeth and…
Late Afternoon Big Guns Dahlia, Gillian, Magnes, Raith and Veronica
Evening Pooling Information Abby, Elisabeth, Francois and Teo
Evening Enter The Friendzone Abby and Francois
Late Evening Name the Bull Ygraine, Buck and Robin
Night Pokerface Aviators and Eileen
12/04 Early Morning Back Track Cardinal, Peter and Ross
Early Morning Fascists and Revolutionaries Cardinal and Veronica
Afternoon Charon's Angels Colette, Katherine, Peyton and Ygraine
Early Evening Dinner Party Abby, Carlisle, Cat, Elisabeth, Felix, Francois, Katarina and Teo
Early Evening Odd Men Out Hector and Nathan
Early Evening No Running Constantine and Kaylee
Night Questions of Intent Ethan and Grigori
Night Drink If You... Abby, Ethan, Francois and Teo
12/05 Asscrack Of Dawn A Zombie Musical Eve and Nightmare Man
Mid Morning Picked For Paint Crew Kaylee and Ygraine
Noon Story Time Abby, Elisabeth and Francois
Late Afternoon Further Instructions Aviators, Candy, Claire, Dajan, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Kwasi, Tau, and Usutu
Evening Cruel Eileen and Gabriel
Evening Your Nose is Welcome Mack and Peyton
Evening Diminished Capacity Bella and Deckard
Evening ERRAND Deckard and Joseph
12/06 Late Morning The People We Help Alistair, Brennan and Megan
Noon Lunch Break Conversation Kaylee and Ygraine
Dusk What's All This Hoopla? Delilah and Perry
Late Night Eden Station Kaylee and Nightmare Man
12/07 Before Daybreak Tango Abby and Caliban
Morning Crazy Russian Guy Gillian and Veronica
Morning Staining Cabinets Harrison and Kaylee
Late Morning Miala Tsiny Aho Dajan and Huruma
Late Afternoon Circling Colette and Ygraine
Early Evening Oh Ny Rah Wha? Brennan and Peyton
Evening Running Guns and Saving the World Abby, Caliban, Ethan, Felix, Francois and Teo
Night Getting Away With It Logan and The Nightmare Man
Night Running Out Of Luck Daphne, Hiro, and The Nightmare Man
12/08 Early Morning The Chain Helena and The Nightmare Man
Noon Not Alone In This World Harrison and Kaylee
Afternoon Danger Orange Colette and Joseph
Evening Just Your Monster, Cheerleader Claire, Eileen, Huruma and Sylar
Evening Boy Scouts Stay Virgins Gillian and Magnes
Evening Grand Central Storage Kaylee and Robin
Evening All About Balance Mack and Peyton
Late Night Subject C-1 Bella, Dema and Jet
Late Night Out, Damned Spot! Daphne
12/09 02:00 Hunter's Paradox Wendy and The Nightmare Man
Early Morning Conversations Before Dawn Cardinal, Gillian and Veronica
09:00 Just A Very Alarming Coincidence Logan, Peyton and Wendy
Early Afternoon Unacceptable Risk Brennan and Megan
Late Morning Divide and Conquer Aviators, Bosede, Candy, Claire, Dajan, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Lang, Kwasi, Sanderson and Tau
Late Afternoon Shipping in Supplies Alia, Brian, Darla, Delilah, Grace, Kain, Kaylee, Viviane, Ygraine
Late Afternoon Choosing to Act Abby, Caliban and Sasha
Late Afternoon Comorbidity Aaron and Bella
Evening To Dine With Mr. Grinch Bennet, Helena, Lyle and Sandra
Evening Roughage Ethan and Teo
Night Southern Hospitality Adam and Meredith
Night God Willing Abby and Elisabeth
Night Not a Fiddler Aviators, Dajan, Danko, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma and Tau
Late Night Maybe Not Joseph and Bella's Company Goons
Late Night He's Back Corbin, Helena and Hokuto
12/10 Pre-Dawn Laugh Before You Forget How Cat, Felix, Francois and Teo
Morning Unfinished Business Abby, Felix, Sasha, Teo and…
Morning Victory Is At Hand Ethan and Francois
Early Afternoon Easy Objectivity Francois and Teo
Early Afternoon Nightmares and Secret Crushes Corbin and Kaylee
Night Urgent: Dogsitter Needed Dema and Joseph
Night Here Comes The Night Adam and Maury
Night Call Me Kazimir Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Jamon, Kazimir, Magnes, Raith, Rico, Ross, and Veronica
12/11 Morning It's Settled Then Abby and Francois
Mid Morning I Need To Find Her Kaylee and Molly
Evening If Only They Died Candy, Claire, Don, Gregor, Rasoul, Sanderson and Six
Evening Two Different Paths Bella, Dema, Jet and Joseph
Night "It Should Have Been You" Rebecca and Tallie
12/12 Pre-Dawn How It Could Have Been Angelina
Pre-Dawn Hey, Darling Bones, Mack and Peyton
6am Pothole Aaron and Peyton
Morning Like Arks Candy, Claire, Don, Rasoul and Sanderson
Morning Entertainment Candy and Lang
Noon Karma Bones and Peyton
Afternoon We're Going To Need Help Colette, Kaylee and Robin
Late Afternoon Codename Vidar Carlisle and Francois
Late Afternoon Blood Red Cookies Aaron, Peyton and Wendy
Evening Not Bartering Luc and Daphne
Evening Legacy Danko and Huruma
Evening Misinformation Ethan, Francois and Teo
Evening Mot Juste Francois and Teo
Night Your Prerogative Angela, Corbin and Helena
Night The First Drop Of Blood Wagner
Late Night This Object Is Not Orange Delilah, Doyle, Kaylee and Mouse
Late Night The Scientist Bao-Wei and The Nightmare Man
Late Night If You're Looking For Someone To Pull You Out Of That Ditch Deckard and Eve
12/13 Morning Ananke Hana
Late Morning Nuclear Impasse Elisabeth, Felix, Francois and Teo
Late Morning The Key is in Her Bra Giselle and Mack
Noon Trees for Summers Meadows Delilah and Kaylee
Afternoon Making Music in the Park Adelaide and Harrison
Afternoon Lighthouse Assistance Brian and Kaylee
Afternoon Cursed, Probably Dead Cat, Francois and Lyuba
Late Afternoon If This Is it Eileen and Gabriel
Early Evening Blink Twice Abby, Caliban and Muldoon
Evening Not The Beauchamps You Are Looking For Elisabeth, Teo and… who?
Evening Attempt To Ford The River Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Kazimir, Magnes, Raith, Rico, Ross, and Veronica
Night Monster Living Under My Bed Elisabeth and Felix
Late Night The Damned Elisabeth and Teo
12/14 Early Morning Fool's Errand Magnes and Veronica
Morning Connection Aviators, Cat and Sarisa
Morning Not Scary Today Peyton and Tamara
Late Morning Just Like Old Times Aviators, Dajan, Danko, Eileen, Huruma, Gabriel, and Tau
Late Morning Disassemble Candy, Claire, Gregor, Rasoul and Six
Noon "Creepy Dream Dude" Corbin and Kaylee
Afternoon Remembering the Words Robin and Kaylee
Afternoon Anything to Stay Alive Angelina and Murdoch
Late Afternoon We Were Children Dajan and Huruma
Night Sorting Santa's Letters Colette, Doyle, Kaylee, Peyton and Robin
Night Christmas Is Family Aaron, Peyton and Wendy
12/15 Morning Spilt Milk Abby and Ethan
Afternoon Two Man Enter, One Man Leave Candy, Claire, Don, Lang and Sanderson
Early Evening The Poison Maiden Delilah and The Nightmare Man
Night La Mer, Part II Dajan, Danko, Huruma, and Usutu
Night La Mer, Part III Eileen and Gabriel
Night La Mer, Part IV Aviators, Dajan, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Tau, and Usutu
Night Unimaginatively Self-Destructive Francois and Teo
12/16 Mid Morning I'll Live With The Wigglers Candy and Claire
Early Evening Just A Little Stoned Abby and Anya
Evening Izvinite Elisabeth, Ethan, Francois, Grigori and Teo
Evening The World In Solemn Stillness Abby and Elisabeth
Night Predestination Cardinal and Kazimir
12/17 Pre-Dawn Illusion Proof Cat, Felix and Skoll
Noon Christmas Tree Deliveries Kaylee and Robin
Evening Richest Bum in the City Daphne and Diego
Night Stubborn Cardinal, Gillian, Magnes, Peter, Rico and Veronica
12/18 Sunrise No Need To Be... Francois, Teo and Yvette
Sunrise Painkillers, No Sugar Abby, Anya and Elisabeth
Sunrise Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away Gillian, Iago, Magnes, Rosco and Veronica
Morning Baby It's Cold Outside Cardinal, Hector, Kazimir, Nathan and Raith
12/19 Pre-Dawn Not Just Rusalka Abby and Yvette
Afternoon The Girl With The Scarf Brennan and Daphne
Noon To The Work Iago, Nathan, Peter and Raith
Dusk Birds From The Cage Abby, Anya, Cat, Elisabeth, Felix, Francois, Sasha and Teo
Night Ave Maria Meredith and the The Nightmare Man
Night The Curious Tale of Mortimer Jack Hokuto, Mortimer and The Nightmare Man
12/20 Pre-Dawn the-warren Cat, Francois and Teo
Morning I'm Telling Colette and Kaylee
Afternoon Anya Did Abby, Anya, Cat, Elisabeth, Felix and Teo
Night Forever Ago Colette and Tamara
Night Out Of Order Colette, Cooper and Tamara
Late Night Lazarus Claire and Gregor
12/21 Pre-Dawn Dance Yourself to Death Angelina
Morning Do Tell Abby, Anya and Elisabeth
Late Morning Official Inspections Brennan, Colette, Darla, Doyle, Grace, Harrison, Kaylee, Megan, Peyton, Praeger, Novikov and Vincent
Noon Omniscient T.Monk and R.Ajas
Noon Shadow Puppets Cardinal and Kazimir
Afternoon Burn The Forest Down Cat and Kazimir
Afternoon The Dreyfus Boy Anya and Teo
Night And She Dies Again and Again Len, The Nightmare Man and Tamsine
Night Ghost Of Island's Past Candy, Claire and Etana
Night Let's Burn a Bum! Angelina, Mortimer, Jack, The Nightmare Man
Night Lethargy Francois and Teo
12/22 Afternoon Not Noah Hector and Kazimir
Afternoon Hired Help Gillian, Jamon, Magnes, Rosco and Veronica
Night Storming the Katschei's Castle, Part I Ethan, Francois, Grigori, Sasha and Teo
Night Storming the Katschei's Castle, Part II Cat, Elisabeth and Yvette
12/23 Morning Could Just Ask Me Colette, Grace, and Kaylee
Morning Don't Change Eileen
Night A Good Night's Sleep Hokuto and Logan
Night Irish Nachos and Fake Wasabi Bones and Daphne
12/24 Early Morning Two Pieces Colette and Tamara
Afternoon Le Coq Gaulois Abby, Cat and Francois
Early Evening Happy Christmas, Brother Amato and Elias
Night The Fine Print, Part I Abby, Cat, Elisabeth and Sarisa
Night Save Us A Mojito Elisabeth, Francois and Teo
12/25 Early Morning Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Bolivar, Colette, Delilah, Doyle, Kaylee and Raquelle
Early Evening Betting Men Cardinal, Hector and Nathan
Night On The Fourth Day Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Magnes, Nathan, Ross and Veronica
12/26 Wee Hours Wrong Turn Abby, Deckard and Logan
Wee Hours Or Stay Abby and Teo
Wee Hours Navy Coffee Cat and Elisabeth
Morning I Hope They're What They Want To Be Brennan and Megan
Late Morning Loose Ends Brennan and Colette
Late Morning Supervillains Hector and Raith
Afternoon You're Wrong Kendall and Wendy
Night A Mighty Big Wave Cardinal and Veronica
12/27 Early Afternoon You Are Our Heroes Cat and Elisabeth
Night Ralph Kramden and Xenia Onatopp Chamberlain and Daphne
Night Save Them Candy, Claire, Don, Kwasi, Lang, Sanderson, and Six
Late Night The Weakness Of Men Deckard and Kaylee
12/28 Late Morning Rumors Tracy and Novikov
Early Afternoon Something Is Better Than Nothing David and Kaylee
Afternoon Pray You Are Right Cat, Elisabeth, Felix and Sarisa
Afternoon Stop //Worrying//? Cat and Elisabeth
Evening Confidence Cat, Elisabeth and Sarisa
Night Without Having To Say We're Sorry Colette and Kaylee
Night Smokes and Statues Buck and Chamberlain
12/29 Late Morning A Little Help Wanted Corbin and Kaylee
Late Morning Long-Distance Pillow Talk Elisabeth and Mack
Afternoon More Help Is Good Corbin and Wendy
Afternoon Coded, I Think Daphne and Laura
Afternoon Children of Ghosts Francois and Sarisa
Afternoon It Builds Character Delilah, Kaylee and Teo
Late Afternoon Bleed Aviators, Dajan, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma and Tau
Late Afternoon This Argument Cat and Francois
Evening Strickland, Garner, Howe, And Landers Cat, Felix, and Sarisa
Evening A Virtual Thermopylae K.Apila, T.Monk and R.Ajas
Evening Hammering Nails Abby, Adam, Kendall and Peyton
Night The Fool's Journey, Part II Helena and Hokuto
Late Night Burn Candy, Claire, Don, Etana, Gregor, Sanderson and Six
Late Night Backstage Logan
Late Night Secret Burning Thread Logan and Wendy
Late Night They All Have Tea Cups Lola and Mortimer
12/30 Morning Operation: Apollo's Arrow Aviators, Dajan, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Kwasi and Tau
Morning Scorched Earth, Part I Bosede, Candy, Claire, Etana, Gregor, Rasoul, and Sanderson
Morning With A Flash And A Bang Rachel
Morning Scorched Earth, Part II Aviators, Bing, Eileen, Gabriel, Gregor, Lang, Rasoul and Six
Morning Scorched Earth, Part III Dajan, Etana, Huruma, Rasoul and Tau
Late Morning Scorched Earth, Part IV Aviators, Candy, Caocao, Claire, Dajan, Etana, Huruma, Sanderson, Tau and Usutu
Late Morning Honey Pot Abby and Raquelle
Early Afternoon Just Keep Going Kaylee and Tamara
Afternoon Suspension of Disbelief Hector and Iago
Afternoon The Star And The Fool Corbin and Helena
Afternoon Decoy and Bait Kase, Kendall and Daphne
Night Here's Your Receipt Colette, Kaylee and Molly
12/31 Wee Hours The Snake of Eden Corbin, Kaylee and The Nightmare Man
Wee Hours Always With You Corbin and Hokuto
Morning Scarf Whipped and Puppet Slapped Colette, Doyle and Kaylee
Morning ¿Ha visto usted a mis hombres? Abby
Late Morning Tiny Dog Radar, Activate Kendall and Sandra
Dusk Final Iteration, Part I Iago, Kazimir and Raith
Dusk Final Iteration, Part II Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Hector, Iago, Kazimir, Magnes, Nathan, Raith and Veronica
Night Penumbra Paulo, Steyr and Wagner
Night Your Balls Will Drop For Joy Abby, Bolivar, Daphne and Raquelle
Night It Sounds So Futury Aaron, Peyton and Wendy
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