Logs for December 2010

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406 logs posted for December 2010.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/01 Morning Not A Prison Benji and Vincent Four Quarters
Morning The Pitch Kincaid and Kristen
Late Morning Advice and Donuts Christine and Tess
Noonish Good To See You Cat and Quinn
Afternoon Wheeler Dealer Lola and Elisabeth
Afternoon Lab-BOR-ra-tory Brennan and Elijah
Afternoon The Message and the Bottle Cardinal and Monica Shadows of the Future
Afternoon Unifying Principle Bella and Magnes
Afternoon It's A Date Marjorie and Warren
Late Afternoon A Best Friend Is A Priceless Commodity Elisabeth and Felix
Early Evening Can't Buy Me Love Christine, Elaine, Harmony, Kendall, Kincaid, Kristen, Magnes, Melissa and Quinn
Early Evening Solidarity Eileen, Lynette and Perry Four Quarters
A Brave New World
Early Evening Land of the Living Brian and Samara
Evening Wasteful Odessa and Samson
Night Marshal Ryans and the Wayward Waif Delia and Ryans In Dreams
Night The Sparrow's Poison Delia and Eileen In Dreams
12/02 Early Early Morning No(ra) Interruptions Kincaid and Nora
Early Morning The Wickerman Delia and Huruma In Dreams
Early Morning The Love Child of Sisyphus And Atlas Abby and Cardinal
Morning The Easiest Lie Aric, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Lene and Peyton
Late Morning Four And Twenty Black-Birds Of Bad Romance Brennan, Julie and Luis In Dreams
Late Morning Has Anyone Found Doctor Price? Bella, Brennan, Dante and Odessa
Immediately Following Board Meeting of Two Cardinal and Peyton
Still Late Morning! The Cure For What Ails You Cardinal and Elisabeth
Lunchtime! Recruiting Poster Lynette and Savannah
Afternoon Laying The Grounds Abby and Hana
Afternoon A Strip Of Justice Amadeus, Calvin Elaine, Ingrid, Jane and Quinn
Afternoon Free and Alive Griffin and Perry
Late Afternoon She's Gone Colette and Sable Four Quarters
Early Evening Little Brother, Big Sister Brian and Gillian
Early Evening Seduction.. Or..? Eve and Warren
Late Evening What Are Your Intentions? Griffin and Warren
Night Small Increments Eileen and Gabriel
12/03 Dawn One Cold Morning Amid Shadows of the Future
Early Morning A Reason Colette and Sable Four Quarters
Morning Tricky Ricky and the Cajun Damsel Lola and Ricky
Late Morning Pass Along The Message Benji, Gabriel and Nick
Noonish Meeting Again For The First Time Angela and Gillian
Early Afternoon To Friendship, Tempura and Sushi Lucille and Quinn
Late Afternoon Nu-c-u-lar U-mans Kincaid and Russo
Late Afternoon Master Plan Griffin and Owain
Evening Grow Mushrooms Delia and Nick In Dreams
Evening The Life and Times of a Dead Deodorant Christine and Milton
Evening Brian and Sami Sittin' in a Tree Brian and Samara
Evening Games Lucille and Tahir
Night We're Not In Karakura Anymore, Magnes Delia, Dema, Hokuto, Jasmine, Lynette, Magnes, and Ghost In Dreams
12/04 Early Morning Kiss Like an Elephant Brian, Delia, and Samara In Dreams
Morning Fairytale of New York Kristen and Russo
Noon The Wandering Tree, Part I Amato, Huruma, and Sullivan Four Quarters
Noon The Wandering Tree, Part II Huruma and Juwariya Four Quarters
Noon The Wandering Tree, Part III Amato, Noah and Sullivan Four Quarters
Afternoon Direct And To The Point Barbara and Hana
Afternoon Damned Commies Boyce and Elijah
Afternoon Special Occasion and Just Because Astor and Lucille
Afternoon Sweet And Lowdown Barbara, Eileen, Joseph, Lynette and Quinn
Late Afternoon Choking on Our Own Blood Doyle, Howard, Mynama, Nelly, Nora, and Quinn Four Quarters
Late Afternoon The Symmetry of Isolation Howard and Nelly Four Quarters
Late Afternoon Facing the Music Aric, Elisabeth, Matt, and Molly
Early Evening How You Doin'? Abby, Anna, Brand, Cash, Christine, Ingrid, JJ, Kendall, Koshka, Lene, Nicole and Zach A Brave New World
Early Evening Chocolate and Sarcasm Kaylee, Monica, Nora and Shannon
Evening Is That Your Blood? Calvin, Cardinal, Dax, Dong-Tian, Eileen, Griffin, Harmony, Ingrid, Jason, Joshua, Lene, Logan, Lola, Luke and Melissa
Evening Hogwarts for the Evolved Brian, Doyle, Gillian, Kaylee, Monica, Quinn, Samara, and Ygraine
Evening Responsible Bella and Deckard
Evening Scoot Over, Bitch Peyton and Brian In Dreams
Evening Sylar Killed _____ Gabriel and Gillian
Late Evening All the Best Ways to Cock Things Up Quinn, Rue and Ygraine
Night Flophouse Blues Elisabeth, Gavyn and Kaitlyn
Night I Had This Weird Dream Brian and Samara
12/05 Morning You Are Not In Trouble Griffin and Koshka
Morning The Dead Man's Tree Delia and Gael In Dreams
Morning Ryans, The Sperm Donor Lucille and Russo In Dreams
Morning Nobody to Steal From Lola and Tess
Late Morning No One Gets A Vacation Aric, Elisabeth, Molly, and Matt
| || Late Morning || It's Not a Myth || Brennan and Skyler || ||
Afternoon Adaptation and Manipulation Kincaid and Melissa
Afternoon No Better Puppeteer Doyle and Kaylee
Afternoon Contributions Brian and Savannah
Afternoon Not A Word Barbara and Nora
Evening Ho Ho //Boom//! Jason, Keira, Lexington, Lucille and Seamus A Brave New World
Late Evening Come Together Logan and Nicole
Night The Cat's Meow Amadeus, Delia, and Keira In Dreams
Late Night The F-Word Huruma and Ryans
Late Night Physics Amato, Ethan, Raith and Eileen
12/06 The Wee Small Hours We Don't Even Need Six Degrees Of Separation Lexington, Lucille and Seamus
Morning Our Worst Fears Boyce, Brennan, Calvin, Dante, Darren, Elijah, Goodman, Odessa, Roland and Veronica Shadows of the Future
Morning The Angel on the Queen's Shoulder Elisabeth and Eve Shadows of the Future
Morning Trading in the Pawns, Part I Aric, Cardinal, Eldridge, Elle, and Harmony Shadows of the Future
Morning Someone Should Not Be a Mother Rue and Samara
Morning Gray, Gloomy Day Brennan and Peyton Shadows of the Future In Dreams
Late Morning Make Your Own Kind Of Music Lene
Late Morning You Were Missed Cardinal and Elle Shadows of the Future
Noon In Defense of Family Benji, Howard, Nora and Ryans
Afternoon 6 Bitches, 1 Room Elisabeth, Harmony, Cardinal, Peyton, Elle and Aric Shadows of the Future
Afternoon He Fucked With The Wrong Bitch Elisabeth and Elle Shadows of the Future
Afternoon I Get All Gooey Quinn and Tess
Afternoon Koshka In Underland Bao-Wei and Koshka
Late Afternoon Common Ground Amato and Nick
Early Evening Myopic Colette and Sable
Early Evening Trading in the Pawns, Part II Cardinal, Eldridge, Hana and Logan Shadows of the Future
Early Evening Well, Hell Hana and Logan
Evening Good On Paper Cardinal, Teo, and Teo
Evening When Fortune Calls Dirk, Kristen, and Quinn
Evening That's Why It's Plan B Brian, Gabriel, Gillian and Samara
Evening This Bird Has Flown Evan and Anna
Late Evening Natural Talents Emerson, Ingrid, Joshua and Odessa
Late Evening Four Years and Twenty-Eight Days Later Rue and Samara
Night Rob In Hood, Woman In Tights Abby, Cat, Delia, and Lydia In Dreams
12/07 Sunrise By Written Word Hana and Ygraine
Morning No'Only a Black Swan Dante, Odessa and Walsh Shadows of the Future
Morning God Help Us Elisabeth and Ygraine
Afternoon Are You Seeing Anyone? Calvin and Odessa
Evening We Were Friends Gael and Melissa
Evening Stone Soup Gillian and Kaylee
Night Almost Worth Celebrating Smedley, Lola, and Raith
Night Rising of the Moon Abby, Eileen, Elaine, Hannah, Nora, Quinn, Raith, Rue and Shannon Four Quarters
Night Silver Bells and Cockle Shells Benji and Eileen Four Quarters
Night The Catalyst Anna, Clint, and Delia In Dreams
12/08 Pre-Dawn A Staleness in the Air Colette A Brave New World
Dawn I'll Be Home For Christmas Colette and Nicole A Brave New World
Morning A Call to Answer Sable and Ygraine
Morning My Name Is Barbara... Barbara and Cat
Morning We're Running Out Of Time Fast Cat, Lynette, and Ryans In Dreams
Morning You Want Me To Play Bait? Cat and Shannon
Morning Something of an Invitation Hannah, Joseph and Kaylee Four Quarters
Noonish Strawberry Fields Forever Quinn and Sable
Early Afternoon Fame and Fortune Abbot and Tess
Afternoon Not Okay, But Safe Melissa and Odessa
Afternoon Some Kind of Trouble Koshka and Ygraine
Afternoon Struggling to Sustain Amato and Nora Four Quarters
Afternoon Wanting To Pay It Forward Abby and Kendall
Late Afternoon Placeholder Lydia and Quinn
Evening Can I Be Lazarus? Brian and Samara
Evening Little Things Like Christmas Trees Junko and Melissa
Evening Chicken Wings and Wingwomen Adel and Quinn
Evening Good Kid Sable and Ygraine
Night Duty to Country or Family Heller and Marjorie A Brave New World
Night Paint Me A Glue-By-Four Griffin, Koshka, Nadira and Tess A Brave New World
Night He's Underground Barbara and Elisabeth
Night Do What You Do Danko and Delia In Dreams
Night A Good Samaritan Christine and Tess
Late Night You Never Saw Me Brennan and Koshka
Late Night Rosary Griffin and Owain and the corpse of Marjorie
Late Night All I Want For Christmas Is Him Abby and Teo
12/09 Morning String Quartet Cardinal and Broome Shadows of the Future
Morning Learn Hana and Logan Shadows of the Future
Late Morning Eternally Mercurial Loyalties Walsh and… A Brave New World
Afternoon Misunderstandings Kendall and Melissa
Afternoon Tell Her I'm Trying Brennan and Dema In Dreams
Afternoon Her Choice Anna and Zach A Brave New World
Late Afternoon Ribbon Patrol Benji, Bennet, Huruma, Liza and Rue
Early Evening Goths and Geeks Dax and Melissa
Evening So Not Romeo and Juliet Anna, Brian, and Samara
Evening Flashing Goodbye Sven
Night Wasted Calvin and Odessa
Night To Start an Avalanche Cardinal and Niklaus Shadows of the Future
Night We Were Friends Once Eve and Peter
Night Go N-eiri An Bothar Leat Abby and Griffin A Brave New World
Night Kinda Like Scrubs Brian, Koshka, and Quinn Four Quarters
Late Night Boone and Crockett Club Heller A Brave New World
Four Quarters
12/10 Pre-Dawn What Happens Now? Koshka, Quinn, and Sable Four Quarters
Late Morning How Would You Like To Learn Kung Fu? Griffin, Kendall, Monica, Owain, and Wilhelmina
Late Morning False Starts Brennan and Dante
Early Afternoon Through a Door Chain Anna and Savannah
Late Afternoon We Live In A Terminator Movie Elisabeth and Warren
Late Afternoon Racist Terrorist Cardinal and Keira
Late Afternoon Eighty Five, Fifteen Abbot and Tess
Early Evening Red Pill, Deep Rabbit Hole Alia and Skyler
Early Evening Be Smart, Help Out, Keep Quiet Elaine and Lynette
Evening Strange Bedfellows, Stranger Friends Elisabeth and Lola
Evening The Blue Box Cardinal, Kaylee and Valerie
Evening Like a Thief in the Night Christine and Misaru
Night Night Blooming Delia and Jasmine In Dreams
12/11 Morning Go Team! Brian, Cardinal, and Samara
Morning Over A Bowl Of Oatmeal Koshka and Sable
10:00 What Some Call Paranoia Alia, Cardinal, and Cat
Noon The Flood's Coming Alia and Elisabeth
Afternoon FNG Elisabeth and Zavia
Afternoon Best Laid Plans Anna, Brian, and Samara
Afternoon Striking Out Skyler and Warren
Evening Imperfect Future Tense Cardinal and Alia
Evening Cops-N-Robbers Barbara, Brian, Griffin, Huruma, Nora and Owain
Evening Trust.Enabled Skyler and Evan
Night Cuphands Brian and Samara
12/12 Wee Hours Back to Basics Logan and Sasha Shadows of the Future
Wee Hours Speak to Me Calvin and Nora
Late Morning Not Coming Home For The Holiday Kaylee
Late Morning Gloomy Gus Joanna and Tasha
Afternoon Theory into Practice Elisabeth and Evan
Late Afternoon Gumshoe Kristen, Rainmayr, and Russo A Brave New World
Late Afternoon Someone To Run Back To Nicole and Sable
Evening Gloomy Colors Colette and Tasha
Evening Teehee Hector and Mayes A Brave New World
Late Evening If Jessica Had More Class Jessica and Niklaus Shadows of the Future
Night The Weight Of It All Aric, Claire, Elisabeth
Night Lady and the Tramp Brian and Samara
Night The Fork In The Road Cardinal and Eve
Night The Tortoise and The Bear Bella, Delia, Dema, and Ghost In Dreams
12/13 Morning Ask Me No Questions Elisabeth and Gavyn
Afternoon Not Like It Seems Aude, Christine, Nadia, Savannah, Tess, Wilhelmina and Zavia A Brave New World
Afternoon Fair Is Fair Khalid, Keira and Walsh A Brave New World
Sunset Don't Defend It Eileen and Tavisha
Evening It's Like a Manga Kendall and Valerie
Evening Mother and Child Reunion Brian and Samara
Evening Love has Warts Abbot and Savannah
12/14 Early Afternoon In the Back Row Doyle and Odessa
Afternoon Ringwraiths and the Bible Kaylee and Kendall
Afternoon Adopted but Not Lola and Anna
Afternoon Can Haz Your Cheeseburger and Eat It Too D.Crypt and Logan
Afternoon Have Hoodie Will Travel Cardinal, Monica and Smedley
Late Afternoon Rest Well Huruma and Lashirah
Late Afternoon Numbers Code Raith and Lola
Late Afternoon Bitter Abby, Barbara, Bennet, Cat, Claire, Eileen and Lynette Four Quarters
Shadows of the Future
Early Evening He Know You're Offering His Dick To Your Friends? Melissa and Odessa
Evening Interesting Choice of Words Heller and Nicole A Brave New World
Late Evening Woodsmoke Colette, Koshka and Sable A Brave New World
Night Delia's Gone Delia and Smedley In Dreams
Late Night Dancing Around The Issues Lynette and Ryans
12/15 Morning Violin Cover Adel and Elaine
Afternoon Horseback Chat Huruma and Ryans
Mid Afternoon Troubling Designs Kaylee and Warren Shadows of the Future
Late Evening Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Joshua and Shannon
Late Evening A Friend in Need Kincaid and Lorine
Late Evening What the Dickens Amato, Nora, and Raith
Night I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Insidious Calvin and Jasmine
12/16 Early Morning Something to Numb the Pain Gina and Kincaid
Morning Iocane Powder Elisabeth and Warren
Morning Sorry To Burst Your Bubble Bao-Wei and Zavia
Afternoon Scaramouch Cardinal and Griffin A Brave New World
Evening Caught Frilly Handed Emerson and JJ
Evening I Don't Wanna Talk Cardinal, Gina and Jessica
Night Winter's Harvest Yana
Night Nice Drinking With You Calvin and Quinn
Night The Shadow Knows Cardinal and Delia In Dreams
12/17 Wee Hours Hidden Doors Delia and Jasmine In Dreams
Noon There'd Better Be Coffee! Koshka, Sable and Ygraine Four Quarters
Early Evening Neither Going Alone Barbara and Jessica
Evening Hell of a Christmas Anna, Cardinal, Daphne, Gael, Griffin, Harrison, Kendall, Melissa, Nadira, Quinn, Raquelle and Ygraine
Evening Theories Before the Theater Magnes and Yana
Evening Gossipy Fuckers Logan and Teo
Evening Right Hand, Left Hand Skyler and Evan
12/18 Late Morning Am I Going To Regret It? Brennan and Cardinal In Dreams
Afternoon Pooling Resources Nicole and Russo A Brave New World
Afternoon I'm not that kind of girl Jason and Dong-tian
Afternoon Scribblenauts Doyle, Huruma, Nora and Lighthouse Kids
Afternoon Manly Coffee Drinkers Kincaid and Ryans
Late Afternoon Shipping Anna, Lola, and Smedley
Early Evening On A String Gabriel and Raith
Evening Trying to Save One's Self Peyton and Smedley
Dusk Unfair, Unflattering Logan and Nicole A Brave New World
Night Scamp Brian and Samara
Late Night Everyone Is Guilty Kristen, Rainmayr, and Russo A Brave New World
12/19 Early Morning Dustface Brian and Koshka
Early Morning Humanity Amato, Doyle, and Nick
Early Morning Jelly Beans Keira and Russo
Morning No Excuse for Stupidity Hana and Nora Four Quarters
Morning Where There's a Will Elisabeth and Jessica A Thing of Straw
Afternoon Gift or Curse Ingrid, Kayla, Russo and Yana
Afternoon A Bit Charlie's Angels, Maybe JJ and Nicole
Night Where I Have To Go Delia and Nick In Dreams
Late Night A Barrel of Monkeys Calvin and Melissa
12/20 Wee Hours Mon Cœur Qui Bat Eileen and Gabriel
Early Morning You Started It Ethan and Nick
Early Morning Dance Like a Butterfly Brian and Samara
Morning Just Like a Dog JJ and Kaitlyn
Morning A Difficult Decision Cardinal and Russo
Afternoon Prince Valiant and the Drunken Damsel Nicole and Russo
Afternoon Sibling Awkwardness Cardinal, Kaylee and Valerie
Evening Shattered Glass Griffin, Melissa, Nadira and Perry
Evening This Time It's Really Over Russo
Evening The Importance of Family Russo and Ryans In Dreams
Evening A Nuclear Problem Barbara and Doyle
Evening Dining With Enemy? Alia and Skyler
Evening A Different Kind of Homecoming Anna, Brian, and Samara
12/21 Wee Morning Hours Wishes On Moonbeams Huruma, Kendall, Nora and Lighthouse Kids
Early Morning Adrift Delia and Nick In Dreams
Early Morning Look At You Eileen and Ethan
Morning A Very Eligible Gay Househusband Nicole and Russo
Afternoon Little Cat Brennan and Elijah
Afternoon A Wrench in the Works Ethan and Nick
Afternoon Christmas Shopping Lola and Sacha
Late Afternoon Entertainment Tonight Koshka, Sable, and Samara
Evening Of Common Enemies Cardinal and Gideon A Thing of Straw, A Brave New World
Late Evening How High? Cardinal, Harmony and Griffin
Evening In The Absence of Family Colette
Evening Grammar Lessons Peyton and Smedley
Evening A Rare Opportunity Kristen and Quinn
12/22 Late Afternoon Awkward Much? Cardinal and Elisabeth
Evening The Gift of Security Donovan and Elisabeth A Brave New World
Night Bearing Gifts Nick and Odessa
Afternoon Not Even Mostly Dead Brian, Samara, and Tahir
Late Night It's Overrated Brian and Samara
12/23 Early Morning Dobraye Utra Elijah and Yana
Morning Did You See The Fires Before They Were Lit? Cardinal and Sarisa A Brave New World
Morning Bonding Agent Boyce, Goodman, Roland and Veronica
Morning Eight Seconds Hana and Nora
Morning Given Values of Better Broome, Cardinal and Tamara Shadows of the Future
Afternoon Grifter Dong-Tian and Samara
Late Afternoon Damn Sentient Machines Alia, Elisabeth, and Kaitlyn
Early Evening A Very Sheridan Christmas Bella and Deckard
Early Evening Shattered Peyton
Night Merry Christmas, Nicky Khalid, Nick and Walsh A Brave New World
Night Cup of Joe? I DUNNO Kincaid and Russo
Night Human Is First Armond, Clint, Irons, Keira, Lockheart, Mayes and Walsh A Brave New World
Night Efficiency's the Name of the Game Eileen and Teodoro
12/24 Midnight Civil Obedience Alia and Colin A Brave New World
Early Morning If Anything Happens Benji, Calvin and Nora
Early Morning Flumpy Pillows Koshka and Ygraine
Afternoon Sensitive Renard Noses Joanna and Tasha
Early Evening Silent Night, Part I Abby, Aoi, Benji, Brian, Calvin, Griffin, Kaitlyn, Marie, Nadira, Nora, Samantha and Zavia A Brave New World
Early Evening Silent Night, Part II Brian, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Gideon, Lene, Melissa, Nick, Perry, Skyler, Toru, Warren and Yana A Brave New World
Early Evening Safe and Sound, If A Little Bruised Abby, Cash and Nadira
Early Evening A Very Un-Merry Christmas Brennan, Elijah and Koshka
Early Evening Always Have Prague Abbot and Savannah
Evening Let Them Know It's Christmas Time Brennan, Kincaid, Kristen, Nicole, Quinn, and Russo
Evening More Important Than Others Kincaid and Russo
Evening Longest Van Ride Ever Benji, Brian, Calvin and Nora A Brave New World
Evening Terrorist Type Thing Toru and Griffin A Brave New World
Evening Loyalty and Loneliness Melissa and Perry
Evening Earning a Christmas Skyler and Warren
Evening This Must Be Misery Elijah
Evening Happy Xmas Delilah, Elaine, Kendall, Magnes, Quinn, Sable, Tess, Ygraine
Evening Latecomer Adel and Ygraine
Night A Plea For Help Cardinal and Griffin A Brave New World
Night So This Is Christmas Elisabeth and Felix
Night Imperfect Ingrid and Joshua
Late Night On a Cold Winter's Night Skyler and Griffin
12/25 01:00 Light of the World Elisabeth
03:00 I Had Been Hoping You'd Stay For Christmas Abby and Cash
03:00 Not Even a Mouse Griffin and Russo A Brave New World
Morning Milk and Cookies Koshka and Samara
Dawn After the Storm Nick
Late Morning Father Knows Best Brian, Elijah, Koshka and Yana
Late Morning A Very Difficult To Unwrap Present Cardinal, Kaylee and Valerie
Noon The White Room Delia and Nick In Dreams
Noon I'm Caviar, You're... Magnes and Yana
Early Afternoon A Place To Belong Brian, Koshka, and Monica
Early Afternoon A Real Christmas Movie Cardinal and Elisabeth
Afternoon Beauty and the Beast Ryans
Afternoon A Not So Institute Christmas Boyce and Veronica
Evening Are Suicide Bombs Returnable? Anna, Brian and Samara
Evening Antlers Diogenes and Lola
Evening Blue Christmas Lynette
Night A Slumber Party Brian and Nick In Dreams
12/26 Mid-Afternoon The Other Marley Gillian and Lene
Late Afternoon Easier Said Than Done Gillian and Lene
Early Morning Doctor. Doctor. Bella and Yana
Mid-Afternoon Picking a Pro Lola and Keagan
Late Afternoon Stray Cats and Whiskey Smedley and Raith
Early Evening Snowglobe's Echo Colette, Sable and Tasha
Evening Off to a Running Start Anna and Keagan
12/27 Morning Unwanted Attention Elisabeth and Sarisa A Brave New World
Afternoon Delicate(ssen) Matters Cardinal and Veronica Shadows of the Future
Afternoon Play Nice Hana and Logan Shadows of the Future
Afternoon Stolen Goods Barbara, Howard, Huruma, Liza and Nora Four Quarters
Afternoon The Best You Can Koshka and Samara
Late Afternoon Relationship Advice Amadeus, Anna, and Keagan
Late Afternoon Ochre and Clay Benji and Nora
Evening Talk To Dalton Cardinal and Ryans
Evening Man Of Honor Lexington and Rainmayr
Evening Sheep Amato and Kendall
Late Evening Liars By Nature Nicole and Russo In Dreams
Night No Quintets Brian and Samara
Night A Healthy Profit Eileen and Logan A Brave New World
Four Quarters
Night Impromptu Decision Eve and Quinn
12/28 3 a.m. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Calvin and Nora
Early Morning What Are You Here For Goodman and Veronica Shadows of the Future
Afternoon Puppies Fix Everything Keagan and Yana
Afternoon Seeing Innocence Amato, Mala, Nora, and Paul
Afternoon A Good Word For It Kaylee and Quinn
Late Afternoon Emotionally Compromised Bennet and Hana Four Quarters
Late Afternoon Strike Two Elijah, Magnes and Yana
Late Afternoon Low Tide Peyton and Smedley
Early Evening Baba Waaahh Ba Delilah and Magnes
Early Evening The Other Irishman Lexington, Logan and Seamus A Brave New World
Evening Practicing Moral Support Lynette and Ryans
Evening So Much Pleasure That It Feels Like Pain Gina and Kincaid
12/29 Early Morning Unexpected Call Lynette and Ryans
Morning Tahir and Brad's Hidden Camera Adventure Russo and Tahir
Late Morning Come In April and Veronica Shadows of the Future
Noon Unwanted Employment Offers Cardinal and Kayla
Afternoon Not There Yet Koshka and Sable
Afternoon Mind Your Manners Anna, Evan, Keagan and Yana
Afternoon Dangling High Elisabeth and Katie A Brave New World
Late Afternoon Ain't a Bed of Roses Keagan and Anna
Late Afternoon Much Assembly Required Magnes and Yana
Evening Insomniac Vigil Nick and Russo In Dreams
12/30 Morning The Grinch Koshka and Samara
Noon Calling for Christmas Joseph
Afternoon Dr. Raquelle Kendall, Melissa and Raquelle
Night Things, Stop Doing Them Joseph and Kaylee
Night Consensus in Purgatorio Hokuto and Hokuto In Dreams
12/31 The Wee Hours Time To Say Goodbye Delia, Dema and Nick In Dreams
Early Morning Just a Dream Nick and Russo In Dreams
Afternoon Odd Ball Astor and Kincaid
Early Evening The Business of Insurance Cardinal, Gina, Jessica and Luke Shadows of the Future
Evening Next Week May Never Come Kincaid and Melissa
Late Evening A Transient State of Mind Huruma and Liza
Night Hot and Heavy Brian and Calvin
Night Intermission in the Third Dimension Calvin and Jasmine
Night Charity Not So Impromptu Dirk, Kristen, Magnes, Russo, Seamus, and Yana
Night New Years Revolutions Harmony Shadows of the Future
Midnight Another Year Alive Cardinal and Elisabeth
Midnight Indian Summer Colette and Tasha
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