Logs for December 2018

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88 logs posted for December 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/01 Evening Great Balls of Fire Godfrey, Marlowe, and Monica
12/02 Late Afternoon The Art of Being Fabulous Brynn, Emily, and Raquelle
12/03 Afternoon The Babe with the Power Jim and Peyton
Afternoon And So This is Christmas Cassandra and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Pie Advice Emily and Joe
Evening Home Invasion Geneva and Hailey
Evening Personal Shorthand Huruma and Megan
12/04 Early Morning Bifurcation Lynette, Mateo, and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Lunchtime Dammit, Jim! Huruma, Jim, and Megan
Evening Deep Down In Electric Blue Eve and Geneva
12/05 Early Morning Much Improved Klaus, Tibby and Waugh Manifest Destiny
Evening Resting Grinch Face Emily and Geneva
Night Fox in the Henhouse Asi, Eizen, Ivy, Jiba, Monica, Val, and Vi Fires of Creation
12/06 Afternoon Welcome to Inspector Gadget, Inc Geneva and Richard
Evening Don't Be Sad, Mommy Kaylee
Evening Favor For Favor Nicole and Richard
Night More Emily and… Garden of Forking Paths
12/07 Morning Origin of Darkness, Part II Cassandra, Cooper, Corbin, Kenner, Nicole, Rasheed, and Rhys Dark Below
Early Afternoon A Thorny Patch Delia, Emily, and Nick
12/08 Late Morning One and Many Eve and Squeaks Garden of Forking Paths
Late Morning Casual Business Meetings Asi, Kimiko, Monica, and Richard
Afternoon Burn The Rest Geneva, Joe, Lance, and Weasel
12/09 Evening Out of Hades Asi, Hana, Jiba, Marlowe, Monica, Richard, and Otomo Fires of Creation
Night I Saw Him Chess and Eve
Night Dead End In Tokyo Asi
12/10 Morning The Ambush Kaylee and Luther
Late Morning Instant-Coffee Latte Decisions Emily and Tamara
Afternoon Seeing Things Richard and Squeaks
Evening In The Balance Luther
Night With Facts and Lies Khalid
Night The Least Shitty Option Chess and Monica Fires of Creation
12/11 Late Morning Unless the Worst Happens Keira and Richard
Late Morning Prometheus, Part I Asi, Eizen, Luther, Monica, Richard Fires of Creation
Night How Do We Forgive Our Fathers? Berlin, Eileen, and Emily
Night Two Masks Keira and Khalid Fires of Creation
12/12 Evening The Book Of Three Berlin and LeRoux Garden Of Forking Paths
Late Evening Rain Keeps Falling Delia, Lynette, Mateo, Nicole, and Njorun
12/14 Morning The Breakfast Club Berlin and Emily
Evening That's Life Ezra and Luther
12/15 Early Morning Snoopy Come Home Emily and Julie
Afternoon Inkvestigations Berlin and Squeaks
12/17 Morning Same But Different Emily and Emily Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Big Fucking Jerk Berlin, Colette, and Lucille
Afternoon Speak No Evil Lynette and 'Abraxas'
Evening Gotcha Avi, Devon, Emily, and Richard
12/18 Evening Be Careful What You Ask For Emily, Eve, Geneva, and Sibyl
Evening Crisis of Identity Des, Mara, and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Night No Good Deed Goes... Emily, Geneva, Julie, Sasha, and Sibyl
Night Accessory Julie and Sasha
Night Tough Calls Part I Eileen, Emily, and Geneva
Night Tough Calls Part II Emily and Etienne
Night Mission Impossible avi and Devon
12/19 Midnight Tough Calls Part III Eileen, Emily, and Geneva
Early Evening Metronome Des Garden of Forking Paths
Late Evening/Early Morning Holy Bird Shit Eve and Geneva
Late Morning A Little Birdie Told Me Geneva and Kaylee
Noon Make Mommy Not Sad Carl and Luther
Late Afternoon Cosa Dai Delilah, Teo and Walter
12/20 Evening Blood Ties Gillian, Rhys, and Squeaks
12/21 Morning A Predisposition to Megalomania Kenner and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Hummingbird in Winter Emily and Geneva
Afternoon There Is Always A Cost Eileen, Finn, Lynette, Manuel, and Mateo Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Bookworms Des and Squeaks
12/22 Afternoon New Year, New You Gillian, Lene, and Nathalie
Evening A Christmas Market Vignette Alvin, Asi, Godfrey, Kay, Luther, and Zelda
Evening Deep In My Heart Des and Richard
12/23 Afternoon In the Spirit of the Holiday Tasha and Waite
Evening Chapter 7, The 5th Dimension Part 9 Kaylee and Varlane Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Sailors Take Warning Des, Eve, and Lynette
Night Potential Problems Kaylee and Richard
12/24 Various Twas the Night Before Christmas Across the Universe Listed Within Garden of Forking Paths
12/25 Late Night A Glimpse of the Web, Part II Barbara Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night A Thread of Plausibility Barbara and Niki
Late Night Leave A Trace Robyn and Robyn Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night It Is Done Zelda Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night Sacrifice Is The Only Way Eve Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night Family Dinners Colette and Nicole Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night Closed, Part II Lynette, Mateo, Rasheed, Rhys, Richard, Warren Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night The Secret Miracle Mara, Mateo, and Lynette Garden of Forking Paths
12/26 Early Morning For Everything Lynette and Mateo Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon You Have To Be There Eve and Kaylee
Night Hide and Seeker I Alister, Des, Eileen, Kara, and Margaux Garden of Forking Paths
Night Hide and Seeker II Benji, Berlin, and Finn Garden of Forking Paths
12/27 Morning Stable Brain Loops Richard and Warren Garden of Forking Paths
12/28 Wee Hours Beating The Odds Kaylee
Afternoon Style Elaine and Robyn
Late Afternoon City Slickers Asi and Godfrey
Early Evening No Boys Allowed Brynn, Emily, and Squeaks
12/29 Afternoon Bookslides Emily and Iris
Afternoon Above All Berlin and Francois
12/31 Night Lelantos Chess, Luther, and Monica Fires of Creation
Night Dark Night Monica and Monica Garden of Forking Paths
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