Logs for December 2019

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102 logs posted for December 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/01 Midday Fall, Break, Pick Up, Start Over Niki and Squeaks
Afternoon People Do Shitty Things Emily and Finch
Evening Alone For The Holidays Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Joe, and Lance
12/02 Afternoon Detour Kara
Late Morning Colorful Connections Geneva, Seren, and Zachery
Evening Not Part of The Plan Kara and Luther
12/03 Morning Progress Finch and Everleigh
Morning Something Borrowed Devon and Zachery
Midday Family Trees Corbin, Dumortier, and Emily Uncharted Territory (Dendrolatry)
Midday Ducking Spooks Chris, Corbin, and Emily
Early Evening Trenton Kaylee and Luther
12/04 Late Afternoon What They Deserve Chess and Niki The Dragon
12/05 Morning Office Spaces Nicole, Shane, Robyn, and Voss
Afternoon The Island Between Them Robyn and Rue
Afternoon A Little Moral Flexibility For The Sake Of The World Kaylee and Richard
Evening Chilli and Apples Elaine and Rhett
12/06 Midday Christmas Spirits Luther, Nicole, and Zachery Uncharted Territory (Dendrolatry)
Late Afternoon Christmas Wrapping Nicole and Zachery
Evening Room 55 Nicole, Richard, and Zachery
Evening Blue Blood, Part I Abby, Dearing, Elisabeth, Erin, Hart,
Huruma, Ivan, Kaylee, Marie, and Rue
A Rising Tide
Evening Blue Blood, Part II Avi, Cesar, Colette, Devon, Emily, Green,
Lance, Lucille, Modi, Nathalie, and Olson
A Rising Tide
Evening A Moment to Breathe Emily and Zhao A Rising Tide
The Dragon
12/07 Morning After the Crash Colette, Nicole, and Zachery
Morning Protective Custody Cyrus, Colette, and Lucille The Dragon
Morning The Price We Paid Cyrus and Jared The Dragon
Evening The Lighthouse Broadcast Lance
Evening Kintsugi Avi and Huruma
Evening Someone Under Stress & Someone Looking Pretty Cesar and Rue
12/08 Late Morning The Semi-Illusional Act of Caring Kaylee, Richard, and Zachery
Afternoon One Less Bar Zachery
Afternoon String Theory, The Musical Elisabeth and Harmony
Early Evening A Very Wolfhound Christmas Party Avi, Dearing, Devon, Emily, Finn, Francis, Huruma,
Lucille, Nathalie, Rory, Rue, Scott, and Seren
Evening Sundae Elaine and Rhett
Evening Contract Work Asi and Richard
12/09 Early Afternoon Kansas City Shuffle Devon, Elisabeth, and Richard The Dragon
Afternoon Dendrolatry Corbin, Emily, Lance, Liza, and Nicole Uncharted Territory (Dendrolatry)
Early Evening Panic and Melted Butter Elaine and Rhett
Evening Christmas Lights Elisabeth and Richard
Way Late Night Pinkie Promise Aura and Richard
12/10 Late Morning Missing Thimble Odessa and Pete The Dragon
Noon Yes, We're Open Devi and Rhett
Late Afternoon Kaleidoscope Electricity Robyn and Rhett
Early Evening So, You're Dating a Bad Guy Nicole and Richard
Evening Practicing The Art Of Saying Goodbye Devon and Emily
Night Forged in Fire Asi The Dragon
12/11 Late Afternoon Hey Lady Eve and Kara
Late Afternoon Christmas Come Early Brynn, Emily, Finch, Geneva, Joaquin, Joe,
and Lance
12/12 Morning Where Those Swallows Soar Asi, Kain, and Silas A Rising Tide
Late Morning Fearful Symmetry Asi and Silas
Evening Past Made Present Asi, Kay, and Silas A Rising Tide
12/13 Afternoon Splintered Spirits Corbin and Dumortier Uncharted Territory (Dendrolatry)
Late Afternoon Tuko Pamoja Emily and Huruma
12/14 Afternoon Sugar Rush Aura, Elaine, and Elisabeth
12/15 Morning What'd Ya Catch? Dumortier and Isis
Late Morning Do It Right Isis and Zachery The Dragon
Late Morning Eastern Hemlock Lance, Kaylee, and Nicole Uncharted Territory (Dendrolatry)
Afternoon Obsessive Worrying Elisabeth and Everleigh
12/16 Morning The Seed Chel, Dana, Devon, Geneva, Richard, Robyn, and Tyler The Dragon
Afternoon Salon Stylings Elisabeth and Raquelle
12/17 Afternoon Disney or Shakespeare Asi, Eve, Luther, Monica, and Silas
12/19 Night Two and a Half Tylers Noel, Tyler, Richard, and Robyn The Dragon
12/21 Morning Holly-Daze Kaylee and Luther
12/22 Afternoon Full of Light and Life Rue and Seren
Late Afternoon Codename KADATH Aislinn, Alia, Chel, Dana, Elisabeth, Kaylee, and Richard The Dragon
Evening A Tavern on the Coast Elaine and Rhett
12/23 Pre-Dawn Blood on the Snow Eileen
Early Morning Here Matters Emily and Zachery
Evening Reindeer and Grinches Brynn, Dumortier, Elaine, Elisabeth, 'Ella,
Faulkner, Godfrey, Harmony, Rhett, and Seren
Evening Wisp Colette and Tasha
12/24 Wee Hours Ain't No Party Like A Cat's Cradle Christmas Party Eve, Isis, and Kara
Afternoon The Promise of Presence Devon and Emily
Late Afternoon O Little Town Kara
Evening Ghost of Christmas Present Chris, Kara, Sophie, and Yi-min
Evening Shitennou Asi, Godfrey, Kay, and Marlowe
Very Late A Christmas Witch's Wish Alia
Very Late What a Wonderful World Silas
12/25 Night The Terror of Miracles The Entity, Peter, and Samson The Dragon
12/26 Pre-Dawn Idolatry Baruti, Kellar, and Lanhua The Dragon
Pre-Dawn Iconoclastic Peter and Samson The Dragon
Pre-Dawn Unite The Entity The Dragon
12/27 Pre-Dawn Simple and Stupid Impulse Avi, Eileen, and Francois
Pre-Dawn An Island for Two Avi and Eileen
Daybreak The Way Out Avi, Eileen, and Emily
Morning Between Right and Wrong Isabelle, Namiko, Rhys, Shaw The Dragon
Morning Open Wounds Avi, Eileen, Emily, and Nathalie
Morning Caesuras Of Sisterhood Between Moments Of Crisis Emily and Nathalie
Morning Ephemeral Emily, Nathalie, Scott, and Teo
Late Morning The Big Freeze Francois
Late Morning A Reprieve for Both Parties Emily and Devon
Morning Sign of the Times Cesar
Evening なんて電脳人 Asi
12/28 Early Evening Mtoto Tu Huruma and… The Dragon
12/29 Early Afternoon Reunited Emily, Joaquin, Roxie, and Silvia
12/30 Morning ON1 and the Demon Asi and Gideon
Afternoon Small Targets Liza and Shane
Night VENGEANCE Kellar and Kimiko The Dragon
12/31 Pre-Dawn Witness Devon, Dumortier, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Finch,
Isis, Kaylee, Lashirah, Luther, Nathalie, Odessa,
Raquelle, Robyn, Rory, Seren, Silas, and Yi-Min
The Dragon
Pre-Dawn The Insistence of The Serpent Kara and Yi-Min
Pre-Dawn Of Toasties and Soup Finch and Geneva
Pre-Dawn Free Will? Kaylee and Luther
Pre-Dawn Night Terrors Elisabeth and Richard
Late Evening Finding Footing Elaine and Rhett
Near Midnight The Horse is a Metaphor Eve The Dragon
Midnight Operation Armagettin Asi, Eizen, Godfrey, Isabelle, Kay, Marlowe, and Tsai
From To Title Participants Storyline
05/28/2010 12/10/2019 An Unfinished Gift Elaine and Robyn
12/11/2019 12/17/2019 Return to Fucking Antarctica Chel, Dana, Devon, Geneva, Richard, and Robyn The Dragon
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