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October 2009
Date Location Description Involved
1st Could've Gone Better Peter and Deckard share an unusual dream. Eileen, Lola, Magnes
Play Doctor Tomorrow Deckard shows up anemic and bloodlost so he can spend the night. Abby
2nd Things Forsaken One uncomfortable conversation is diverted into even less comfortable territory. Joseph
3rd A Different Light Felix wakes up to find Deckard at his bedside and Teo is called in to clean up the aftermath. Felix, Teo
7th Up For It Deckard and Helena meet to ascertain what kind of role he's willing to play when Miracle Day rolls around. Helena
10th Everyone Except Deckard retakes the reins long enough to vent about the Felix debacle before he vanishes back out into the night and Abigail endeavors to be understanding. Abby
11th Saggy Tits Between miracles, Deckard and Scotch have a conversation in the hospital waiting room that consists of more than grunts, which is kind of a miracle in itself. Scotch
12th Displacement A call for healing turns out to be for someone who both is and isn't Helena Dean. Abby and Cat come in with the assist so Deckard doesn't turn tail and in the silence that follows talk turns to the other brand of possession they're both dealing with. Abby, Cat, Helena
15th All You Need Is Love Deckard's patience with Joseph's newly found fascination with Refrain runs out when he finds him locked into a bathroom by himself up to no good. They wind up duking it out on the toilet at the cost of dignity and decor. But mostly dignity. Joseph
17th Sitting In A Tin Can Teo finds Deckard conveniently caged and attempts a do over of desertion. Teo
18th The Good With The Bad Abby makes good on her offer to talk to Peter, and they discuss the difficulties of living with a power that carries a legacy. Abby, Peter
Don't Need To Worry In which amends are made mainly by not talking about any of the things they should make amends over. Abby
19th Back To Business Magnes needs guns; Deckard needs money. Magnes
23rd Full Circle Exactly a year after he decided to move into NYC, Deckard tries to take stock of transition over time with Felix while he eats nostalgic breakfast at 10:30 PM. Meanwhile, Kurt is uncomfortable enough that he's compelled to move seats after he comes in on an especially uncouth turn in the conversation. Felix, Kurt
24th Day Trip Although the weather is rapidly deteriorating with the onset of winter, it is not yet so cold that the Ferry's youngest wards aren't willing to brave the chill if pulling on their scarves and gloves means they can go on a day trip to the Greenbelt with six of the network's trusted chaperones. The Ferry
So That's What The Hair's About? Someone doesn't like Pink Hair in the least. Abby
28th Sunshine All The Time …makes a desert. Francois


December Title Summary
2nd Fail Brian and Deckard set out into Midtown for some nice, quiet looting, only to be interrupted by Miles's mostly naked nutcase self. Someone is shot, someone is nearly possessed, and to the surprise of everyone, it turns out that letting Deckard chaperone a small army of 20 year old clones into Hell on Earth was probably not actually a very good idea at all.
T&A Deckard gets drunk and convinces a Brian to take him to Exotica, where Pam does her thang and Danny is resigned to the rowdy company of his peers. Later, while Danny asks Honeynipples Pam out, Felix shows up after sending out his pink girly-glass version of the bat signal. Unfortunately, Brian gets all jealous and drags Deckard away before they can exchange friendship bracelets and gossip.
3rd Bad Words Deckard meets his match in the form of a tiny, talkative representative of the Ferrymen when she brings him a copy of the paper and some cigarettes. He learns that he's been implicated in an arson/robbery/homicide. She learns some new vocabulary words.
4th None Escape Deckard tries to call Felix to tell him this totally hilarious story about how he's actually not an arsoning murderering insane person, but Ivanov is too busy being dead to talk. Agent Moreau takes the call instead.
Stool Pigeon Deckard leaves sanctuary long enough to take a personal call.
5th Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Deckard slithers home again with a kickin' new style and Teo comes bearing gifts. Like the three wise men, only instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, he brings a vacuum cleaner, a pendant, and the promise of poon. Somewhere in all of this there are flickers of conversation that might qualify as meaningful. I swear.
7th Of Hugs and Car Jackings Minutes after receiving a call for help, Elvis drops Deckard off to collect Abby, then leaves to pwn the perp. She returns shortly thereafter and seems to think GTFOing is a priority, so Deckard does the noble thing and car jacks the mess out of some poor soul so that they don't all die piled onto the back of Elvis's bike while she swerves in and out of oncoming traffic at 100mph.
7th Cognitive Dissonance Deckard runs into a familiar skeleton with an unfamiliar face, Dantes plays the innocent, and Miles goes for a joy ride in Deckard's pants.
9th Schaedenfreud Teo meets Miles at Exotica to discuss matters of recruiting only to find that he's using and abusing Deckard's body. He is not pleased. Not to be deterred, Deckles informs Pam that he is actually a murdering arsonist psychopath after all and that's just how he is so she shouldn't hate on him for it. In light of this line of behavior Teo decides it might be wise to take things outside, so they do, only Deckard manages to @boot Miles out of his body right about then and the clusterfuck squares itself with the addition of one really angry man and two guns. Once that little disagreement has been sorted out at gunpoint, Teo drags Deckard off to take the bus home, only to be pursued by Dantes all the way into another scene that I will post later. Whew.
Deckard Ex Machina After being discovered on Deckard and Teo's trail just outside of the safehouse, Dantes makes a run for it. One retarded chase scene later, Deckard has to shoot at everyone and out himself as a rat to keep Teo from caving the Fed's face in. THE THINGS HE DOES FOR PEOPLE.
10th Now You See Me Teo needs Deckard to make a decision about Dantes, like, right now. Disinclined to be rash, Deckard seeks a private audience with the Fed. In the end it all boils down to a matter of trust.
12th Risky Business Deckard slinks out to buy pot and finds Elias waiting for him with coffee instead. Surprise! It's okay, though, because he just wants to talk, and he doesn't even mind that much that Deckard insists on pointing a gun at his head while he does it. What a swell guy.
13th Brown Paper Bag A short scene in which Christian pays for services rendered and Deckard nearly shoots him for it.
15th Skinned A Ferryman gets mauled by a truck and requires superpowered assistance from two who can offer it. Duty done, Abby leaves when Deckard and Teo talk about hookers. After Abby leaves, they stop talking about hookers and instead about her, sex, not having sex, and who's worse off, or something awkwardly like empathy.
16th Ab asino lanam Dantes wants to know how Deckard knows. Deckard doesn't want Felix to know how he knows. THINGS GET PHYSICAL. PHYSICAL.
17th As Seen On TV Ben returns books, Deckard looks at books about paper, and Marla notices that the skinny guy in a suit looks AWFULLY FAMILIAR. Potentially to everyone's detriment.
20th The Barflies and the Healer For want of something to do, Abby heads to work while tired and her two favourite barflies are there. Another small world, that ends in two people sleeping and the third, wide awake.
21st Bad Influence Brian and Deckard have some innocent business to take care of involving swords and assault rifles. They inadvertently get caught in the crossfire of a girl fight in progress in the process of taking care of said business and before it's all over everyone is really confused and going into the Exotica seems like a super idea.
Red and Black Pam has some questions. Deckard inadvertently nearly manages to recruit her to a cause that he is not actually a part of in the course of answering as vaguely as possible.
We Don't Serve No Stinking Bitch-Drinks Patrons and workers at Old Lucy's meet the newest bartender complete with her own set of rules.
In or Out Deckard, quitedrunk, yells at Teo a lot about how stupid he is then asks him for direction in his life. Teo does the best he can considering he is not exactly being given fantastic material to work with, here. He is a trooper. Also: a penis is happy and Merry Christmas.
26th Healthy Skepticism Deckard is bored; calls on Grace to fix that. Everyone agrees they don't trust one another all that far.
Seriously Conrad swings by all, "Hey Deckard, want to rob some banks?" and Deckard is like, "Seriously?" and Con's all like, "Seriously."
Neither Friend Nor Foe Abby, Brian and Deckard go out for a walk in the park and hot dogs. In addition to hot dogs, they find Eileen busking badly with some grackles. In return, all of them are discovered by Tamara and Teo. Abby is mad at Brian, Brian is mad at Abby, Deckard and Teo, and Eileen is mad at Phoenix. Lots of people are mad for various reasons. Much awkwardness ensues.
28th Touch The Sky One minute you're looking for a hole in a fence, the next you're hanging upside down a thousand feet over Staten Island while a pizza delivery boy demands to know where you're hiding Sylar. Just another day in the life of Deckard.
Dead Passerine Express Apparently Deckard has taken up assisted skydiving and recruitment work for Phoenix as well as Manhattan's other latest sport: killing pigeons. Except not exactly! Teo arrives in time to be a conciliatory chauffeur who otherwise cruelly denies Flint a nap on the way over. They gossip about a lot of good-looking Evolved girls they both know, but not exactly like that, either.
29th Dear Sister There's another Deckard in town. The pair of them meet in Midtown to exchange drugs, guns, cash, tough love and secrets. Leah's hand ceases to exist somewhere in the course of this. Flint freaks out a little. That is not one of the things hands are supposed to do. Before they can get too far into puzzling the whole ordeal out, Maria does a fly by to check out the damage and nearly gets some holes punched in herself over it. DARN KIDS.

Old Relationships:

Some still more relevant than others. Moving over here because they're all out of date and if I'm updating anything at this point it'll be via a complete overhaul.


People that have insinuated themselves into and shaped Deckard's life in the time he's spent in New York, for better or for worse.

Once a steadfast anchor and the most dominant influence in Flint's struggle to find something worth believing in and fighting for, Teo no longer registers as significant by sheer force of recalcitrant will. The Italian's possession by a damaged future self and resultant fall from grace showcased his sociopathic, manipulative potential and bled bitter resentment to the surface that's called Deckard's prior perception of him and his motivations into harsh question. For all that owed debts and earned loyalty should be adhered to, interest in resurrecting or maintaining anything beyond that is minimal. Once bitten… Music: Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
Another long-term influence in Deckard's life, Abby appeared early in his involvement with the Vanguard and indirectly set him on a path that interwove with Phoenix and the Ferry where it could well have veered deeper into the proposed apocalypse. Despite her healing him and him saving her and every drop of blood spilled in between, he largely avoided getting close to her for months for fear of screwing up or crossing a line somewhere. After a mishap with Tyler Case forced her healing ability onto him and tensions between them mounted to the breaking point, Cardinal suggested they go sleep together. And they did. For several months. Until it became evident to them both that it wasn't working and Abigail pulled the plug. She managed to do it without crushing the soul out've him in the process but it's an awkward situation and one he's resolved not to think about. Just. Easier said than done. Music: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill and Radiohead - Creep
Brian is a self-multiplier and still another associate of Phoenix that Deckard met shortly after the Vanguard wrapped its jaws around him. Their individual abrasiveness and mistrust eventually gave way to something like more casual, trusting friendship where they found common ground in each other's pragmatism. Brian even employed Flint to work security at his orphanage at one point, but after the facility burned to the ground at the hand of Arthur Petrelli and Deckard wasn't there to do what he was hired to do, they haven't spoken to each other more than a couple of times. Deckard's guilty; Brian's probably resentful. Awkward. Music: Kanye West - Jesus Walks
Originally a pastor Deckard held at gunpoint while seeking out a dry place in Greenwich to hole up for the night, Joseph's capacity for forgiveness and understanding is what eventually drew Flint back in to learn more. Religious debate and differences in philosophy aside, they've both taken up positions with the Ferrymen and share at least some feelings on what it means to have and act on a capacity for good. Since being taken in and tortured by Humanis First, Joseph is hiding an addiction to Refrain that Deckard has no idea how to deal with. He tried to help him by giving him time (and drugs) to work things out with on his own at first. Since then he's opted to take a more physically damaging approach. Music: Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
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