Delia Ryans Timeline
deliavol9.png Never ending winter has gripped New York city. Delia Ryans tries to cope with too many cases of frostbite and too few cases of heatstroke.
deliavol10.png A newly developed ability leads Delia to question everything she's ever believed since finding out they exist. More and more friends step out of the woodwork to reveal themselves to her.
deliavol11.png She's finally learning to accept what she is and let go of the hate; all of this is thanks to good friends, family, and a fledgling relationship. With acceptance comes the experimental steps of a fledgling dream walker.
deliavol12.png After making her new home at Bannerman Castle after the November 8th riots, Delia gets caught in her own ability and ends up lost. In the waking world, she's in a coma. In dreams, she's getting weaker. It's a long road to recovery after she finally comes to, what help there is comes from unexpected places.
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