Log Archive for Eileen
eileen-two.jpg "Munin" arrives in New York City with Vanguard operatives "Tyr", "Fenrir", "Loki" and "Baldr". There, the organization sets its sights on an investigation being headed up by the NYPD and comes into direct conflict with Detective Judah Demsky and Agent Felix Ivanov of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
October 2008
4th To Fool An Inquisition Amato, Kazimir and Tamara Tamara wanders a little too close to Kazimir's stronghold for Amato's liking, but Munin introduces the girl to her raven. Like the bird, Kazimir also appears to take a shining to her.
5th Pigeons in the Park Claudine and Isabelle Munin encounters Claudine and Isabelle while feeding a flock of pigeons at Central Park.
8th 302 Briarwood Terrace Amato, Felix, Kaydence and Kazimir Munin assists Amato in ambushing Detective Kaydence Lee Damaris and Felix Ivanov when they arrive at 302 Briarwood Terrace in search of Kazimir.
15th As Safe a Place As Any Felix Munin encounters Felix on his way home from work and plays for him, at his request, Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.
18th Cruelty in Kindness Amato and Ethan Munin changes Amato's bandages following the disaster at Sea View Hospital and is surprised by an unexpected visitor.
21st A Work in Progress Ethan Ethan drops by the apartment to do some work for Amato before asking Munin to pass a message along.
22nd Laundry Day Sylar While doing Amato's laundry at Duds 'n Suds, Munin encounters a familiar face from Cliffside: Gabriel Wilkens.
23rd All That Glimmers is Gold Colette Munin ventures onto the rooftop of Cliffside Apartments to investigate the source of some mysterious music.
23rd Alea Iacta Est, Part 2 Adam, Amato, Elias, Ethan, Kazimir and Sierra Kazimir calls for a meeting of Vanguard's upper echelon, and has a surprise for them…
23rd Sloth Amato, Elias, Felix and Sylar Amato, fearing for his safety now that he knows FBI Agent Felix Ivanov lives only a few doors away, decides to abandon his flat at Cliffside for greener pastures.
23rd You Can Tell Me Anything Sylar "Eileen" warns "Gabriel" not to register with Homeland Security when he confronts her in the stairwell after their encounter with Felix Ivanov upstairs.
27th Unsafe Madeline A mugging in Long Island City just outside Cliffside Apartments ends before it can even begin.
29th Angels and Monsters Amato, Ethan and Wu-Long Tempers flare during dinner at Ethan's apartment; accusations are slung and ultimatums made.
29th Have Faith Ethan Ethan catches up with Munin in Central Park.
eileen-three.jpg New additions to the Vanguard cause conflict among the New York City cell's veteran members. Munin befriends the man Kazimir Volken claims to have chosen as his successor and begins to question the validity of her surrogate family's beliefs, including their leader's vision of a new world order.
November 2008
3rd To Put It Bluntly Ethan, Felix and Madeline Munin heads to the Nite Owl to pick up some food for the men staying at Ethan's flat, only to have a run in with Felix Ivanov and Madeline.
3rd Consummate Bitch Ethan, Madeline and Sylar Madeline doesn't count on Ethan and Sylar when she confronts Munin outside the Nite Owl.
4th Key Lime Gratitude Sylar Munin brings Sylar a slice of key lime pie as a way of saying thank you.
4th The Voodoo That You Do Amato and Ethan Munin visits Amato at his hotel in Long Island City.
6th Sharp Edges Kain Amato sends Munin on an assignment to Rapture that is as much a test as it is a mission.
6th Gutterball Alexander, Amato, Deckard and Teodoro Munin finds out what Amato wanted with that tainted heroin she procured with help from Kain. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't sit well.
6th Suture Dina, Sylar and Wu-Long Munin plays doctor with Wu-Long and Sylar back at Ethan's apartment.
7th Killing Business Amato, Ethan and Sylar Sylar and Ethan discuss the craft.
8th Confession Amato During an early morning, long-time-in-coming session of supplication and confession, Amato is overheard by the subject of his pains and pleadings.
9th Turnabout Amato, Dina, Ethan and Sylar While out on a mission at Roy Wilkins Park, the Vanguard encounters something unexpected.
9th Private Care Dina, Kazimir and Sylar Sylar and Dina bring Munin back to the warehouse at Eagle Electric and tend to her wounds. Kazimir oversees the operation.
10th So Much Melted Ice Cream Amato, Odessa and Sylar Three members of the Vanguard enjoy ice cream in Central Park before discovering something — someone — out of place.
11th Gifts Dina and Sylar Sylar arrives at Eagle Electric bearing a mysterious tube.
11th Impulse Amato Munin catches up with Amato at Eagle Electric several hours after his fight with Ethan.
11th Not the Perfect House Dad Amato, Dina, Ethan, Odessa and Wu-Long The zealot discovers the sobering extent of his rival's hatred for him. The dark knight discovers how deeply his brand of violence can affect a little bird. The shadows discover a discrepancy between the reality perceived and the actual. The void assesses business as usual. And the doctor has finally come to realize what locking her away in her cellar was meant to protect her from all these years.
11th Mens Rea Sylar A gift to tell the future leads to conversations about the bleak tomorrows.
12th Under a Pale Moon Huruma Munin comes upon Huruma in her search for Adam Monroe.
12th From Frying Pan to Fire Felix and Peter On her way back to Ethan's, shortly following a meeting with Huruma, Munin encounters an injured Felix Ivanov and decides to take matters into her own hands — only to have Peter then take everything into his.
12th Rearrangements Kazimir and Sylar The best-laid plans are laid to waste unless you can adapt to the variables given. Sylar and Kazimir discuss one, and another interrupts them.
12th Repercussions Sylar Sylar, following Kazimir's orders, takes Munin back to the only other safe place he knows.
13th A Very Brief Rendezvous Amato Amato checks in on Munin to see how she's doing after her encounter with Felix and Peter in the ruins of Midtown.
14th For the Birds None Munin comes to a startling realization about the potential for catastrophe.
14th Bump in the Night Peter Peter comes knocking at Munin's safehouse door.
15th In Need of Help Colette Munin gives Colette a tip about Agent Ivanov.
15th Dichotomy Sylar Great minds think alike, whether you want them to or not. Sylar uses a new ability on Munin with unexpected results.
17th A Promise is a Promise Sylar Sylar calls Munin to the roof of Siann Hall to share some of his artwork with her.
17th Sanctuary Deckard, Felix and Magnes Magnes outs himself, Deckard is wired but unhelpful, Munin and the Fed bargain.
18th Once Upon a Midnight Dreary Deckard, Felix, Mack and Sylar Mack, Felix and Deckard encounter one another in the ruins, while Sylar and Munin rediscover an innate risk of spying: getting caught.
18th Accommodating Jenny, Sylar and Wu-Long After their failed attempt to tail Felix Ivanov, Sylar and Munin meet up with Wu-Long at the storage facility where Jennifer Childs is being kept. The men discuss business while bao-bei changes her bandages and washes up in the adjacent bathroom.
20th Far Be It From Me Amato, Ethan, Odessa and Wu-Long Odessa heads back to Eagle Electric to lick her wounds while a very uncomfortable Q & A gets averted by some quick thinking.
eileen-four.jpg Held hostage by the domestic terrorist group Phoenix, Munin is forced to choose between the Vanguard and humanity's future. When she comes down on the side of mankind and is cast out of her home with Ethan and the others, she reclaims her old name and starts identifying as Eileen Ruskin once more. Her departure causes a rift in the organization's membership, contributing to a confrontation between two forces that changes the face of New York City forever.
November 2008
21st How to Save the World Ethan Ethan displays symptoms of remorse.
25th When You're Gone Wu-Long An equitable transaction at a sentimental hour of night. Wu-Long teaches Munin something he once taught his own children.
29th Complicated Sylar Munin tests a theory about the ability she now shares with at least two other people in New York City.
30th At Arm's Length and Holding Abby, Elisabeth and Teo After a bad week, several pigeons, friends, acquaintances, and unbeknownst enemies get a look at each other at a safe distance. Despite the obvious injuries and a lot of secrets, everybody looks okay.
December 2008
1st Dearest Daddy Deckard Brian and Teo In which Munin lies about her deadbeat daddy, interrupting Brian's wallowing, and Teo looks for Ashton Kutcher in the trees.
2nd A Good Position to Play Coy Dina, Felix and Sylar Dina ambushes Felix outside of Exotica, hoping to extract Deckard's whereabouts from him in the shadows of a nearby alley. Sylar and Munin assist, though the fed — as usual — isn't exactly cooperative.
2nd Kidnap the Girl, Save the World Alexander, Brian and Teo Three of the Phoenix boys move on Munin.
3rd Prisoner of War Abby, Alexander, Brian and Teo Phoenix brings in Abigail Beauchamp to fix a mistake or two.
4th Lying Liars Who Lie Brian and Helena Helena makes an attempt at interrogating Munin.
4th Mystery, Babylon the Small Alexander, Brian and Teo Phoenix's other club president visits the prisoner of war. The visit treats no one kindly, though some troubling revelations and staggered progress is made at that cost.
5th Sledgehammer Brian Brian learns that he has some things in common with the young woman he's supposed to be safeguarding.
7th 2.5 Inches of Steel Brian and Teo Teo returns to the safehouse to confront Munin again and learns a lesson about letting his guard down in the presence of the enemy. In return, he teaches her that for every action there is a reaction.
8th More Than Names Alexander, Brian and Teo Alexander tries a different tactic with Phoenix's prisoner but is interrupted by Teo and Brian before he can get too far.
10th Olive Branch Teo Teo gives questioning Munin one more go; this time, he gets some results.
10th Crossing Phonelines Cat, Ethan, Helena and Teo Ethan speaks to Munin, and Helena speaks to Cat. Arrangements are made.
10th Recruiting a Messenger Brian Brian gets drunk. Really drunk.
12th Exchange Cat, Elias, Ethan, Helena, Owen, Trask and Wu-Long Phoenix and Vanguard meet face-to-face for the first time, and prisoners are exchanged.
17th Timelagged Ethan and Sylar It's hard to enjoy the present when your mind is still in the future. Sylar returns from his trip to Antarctica.
18th How Not to Eavesdrop Ethan and Sylar Ethan comes home to the apartment to discover something amiss, and reveals his Friday night plans to Sylar, unaware that someone else might be listening.
19th Exile Ethan What goes around comes around. Eileen casts off the name "Munin" forever.
20th Misplaced Trust Sylar Sylar asks Eileen some uncomfortable questions.
24th Composure Cat and Felix as Dantes Cat and Eileen confront one another on the street.
26th Neither Friend Nor Foe Abby, Brian, Deckard, Teo and Tamara Abby, Brian and Deckard go out for a walk in the park. In addition to hot dogs, they find Eileen busking badly.
January 2009
2nd Sharper Than Knives Sylar and Wu-Long Wu-Long and Sylar seek out Eileen. Being Vanguard, it can never go smoothly, even when no one wants to hurt each other.
3rd Helping People Who Need It Matt Matt gains some valuable insight into one of his proposed targets.
3rd Hell or High Water Elias Elias attempts to convince Eileen to see reason.
3rd Little Bird King King tracks his prey to an abandoned townhome on Staten Island and gets more than he'd bargained for.
4th Pain is Life Sylar Good things come to those who wait, depending on one's definition of good. Sylar follows Eileen's trail of blood to the mouth of a drainpipe.
4th The Others Ethan, Odessa and Sylar Odessa arrives at Wu-Long's apartment, summoned by Sylar, to patch up an injured Eileen. Ethan arrives fashionably late and vows to get to the bottom of things.
4th Sweet Naivety Abby, Elias, Odessa, Sylar and Wu-Long Elias brings Abby to Eileen's bedside. Wu-Long lays out the terms of their agreement for Sylar while he shares his thoughts with Odessa.
6th Attitude Ethan Ethan visits Eileen and reminisces about the incident they don't talk about. As times change, so do people.
7th Choosing Your Enemies Felix as Dantes, Teo and Sylar A spectacularly unlikely convergence of allies gathers in Central Park.
8th Something Sinister Lucrezia Paths cross and diverge; there are no true coincidences.
8th Our Own Fate Sylar Sylar and Eileen clear the air before his fateful trip to Eagle Electric.
9th Easy Kazimir, Lucrezia and Sylar Sylar returns, victorious. Of course, it can never be that easy.
13th To Abide In Amato Amato gives Eileen some advice.
15th Said the Spider Lucrezia and Teo In all of his magnificent ignorance, Teo comes to save his aunt. Eileen imagines herself a new enemy, and Lucrezia recalls… something.
16th And Then a Cage Comes Down Kazimir and Sylar Kazimir comes looking for Eileen and revenge. Hope arises when you least expect it.
19th Our Lady of the Capricious Lucrezia and Teo It isn't gossip if it is between family, and it promptly transmutes to something else when an erstwhile ally — enemy? — literally bursts out of the boudoir door.
20th The Birds and the Bees Lucrezia What is it they say about a bird in the hand again…?
25th Pay It Forward Grace After calling in a favour to Kazimir, Tamara brings a freed Eileen to a Ferrymen safehouse on the Upper East Side so she can meet with Grace and discuss a tentative future.
26th Haggle Ethan as Rafe While purchasing a bullet proof vest from a vendor on Staten Island, Eileen encounters an old friend wearing a new face.
28th ... And All That Could Have Been Abby, Anne, Brian, Carmichael, Eve, Gillian, Helena, Kazimir, Lucrezia, Ethan as Rafe, Sylar and Trask The conflict between Phoenix and Vanguard comes to an ugly head on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.
28th The Perfect Image of Peace Constantine After scouring the shores of Staten Island for hours, Eileen comes knocking on Dr. Filatov's door.
eileen-five.jpg Following the destruction of the Verranzo-Narrows Bridge and the Vanguard's New York City cell, "Munin", now Eileen, takes sanctuary on Staten Island and finds work as a ripper's assistant in the Rookery. Upon discovering that Ethan and Sylar both managed to survive the plunge into the water, she forges an alliance with former enemy and Phoenix member Teodoro Laudani in order to make amends for her association with Volken's group and the role she played in what would have been a viral apocalypse.
February 2009
2nd A Hand Up Logan Some might call it serendipity, but it isn't really. John Logan has bad news written all over him.
2nd Seek to Know Tavisha Two people go separate ways before they can even cross paths.
3rd As the Coast Unwinds Bai-Chan, Brian and Joe Brian and Eileen make a discovery on Staten Island.
5th A Breath Away from Hell Eve, Deckard and Felix Various peripheral players in Kazimir's last act cross paths in the overgrown cemetery that's rotted into Staten. Some if them have intentions marginally more noble than others. All of them have guns.
6th A Dime a Dozen Charlie, Fedor and Tuck Charlie, Fedor and Eileen all come to a pawn shop in the Rookery looking for something different.
7th Ba Ba Bai-Chan and Brian Brian brings Bai-Chan to the Filatov Clinic where Eileen discovers that the boy is the son of a very old, very dear friend — there are no true coincidences.
9th Be a Rat Deckard A paranoid man takes paranoid action, and someone enlists his help.
10th A Courteous Lowlife Tuck Tuck decides to rat out Felix Ivanov and tell Eileen that he's looking for her.
11th Death Wish Felix Felix and Eileen strike a bargain.
13th Grand Nationals of Backroom Illegal Gambling Cardinal, Charlie, Kain and Tuck It's poker night at Tuck's.
16th Seeker Tavisha Taking Teo's advice to heart, Tavisha looks to the skies for answers. Eileen is forced to make a difficult decision.
18th Wants and Needs Teo Eileen attempts to explain her reasoning to Teo.
19th No News is Bad News Brian Eileen delivers a package to the Lighthouse; she and Brian bring one another up to speed while she's there.
20th In Passing Fedor Fedor and Eileen have a brief but pleasant encounter at Fresh Kills.
21st Eye for an I Bebe, Cardinal, Deckard, Eloni, Logan and Teo Deckard and Cardinal attempt espionage. It's all fun and games until…
21st Perfect Circle Logan and Teo Teo and Eileen have questions for Logan, and everyone gets answers between the lines of mostly polite conversation.
25th Gentle into that Good Night Colette, Constantine, Tavisha and Teo and Tavisha arrive on the clinic doorstep with a half-drowned Teo Laudani.
26th Poor Thing Bebe Bebe stops by the clinic to pick up a prescription for Logan.
28th Filling in the Blanks Tavisha Tavisha checks in on Teo.
March 2009
1st The Price of Freedom Jack, Tavisha and Kazimir It seems true that no man is an island. Not even a man who lives on one. Tavisha, Eileen, and a guest star all come to Jack's aid.
3rd Solitude The Nightmare Man Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.
3rd Mutual Friends, Mutual Acquaintances Logan Logan hints at an ultimatum.
4th Tonight Deckard and Teo Eileen delivers Logan's message.
4th Value of a Life Cat Cat calls a truce.
4th Coliseum Diplomacy Deckard, Logan, Muldoon, Rico and Teo The Englishmen have a proposition. The Sicilian is very surprised. Deckard despairs. The Puerto-Rican offers coping advice and favors involving explosives.
4th Playing by the Rules Ethan, Kain, Manny, Tavisha and Vasya Ethan vs. Sylar. Round One.
4th Inconvenience Kain and Manny Eileen faces the consequences of her stunt back at the cage, but someone intervenes before things can get too out of hand.
5th Coliseum Diplomacy, Part II Deckard, Logan, Muldoon and Teo The twenty-four hour deadline arrives and an agreement is miraculously reached.
5th Skint Hugh Someone finally comes looking for Drake Leeds.
5th Lying by Omission Tavisha On her way back to the clinic following her encounter with Hugh, Eileen loses her patience.
6th Entreaty Tavisha and Teo Teo seeks representation in the ring.
9th God and Forgiveness Tavisha Tavisha revisits a place from his past.
10th Inventory Constantine Constantine confronts Eileen about the missing medication.
11th Singing in the Rain Logan Eileen learns the true meaning of "massive retaliation" while Logan gets even.
11th Close to the Chest Constantine and Teo Constantine and Teo return to the clinic and make a gruesome discovery.
16th Wandering Rocks None While in a coma, Eileen's only company is herself.
19th The Giving Curse Sylar and Teo Teo is watching over a comatose Eileen when they receive a gentleman caller.
23rd The Blame Game Sylar Sylar confronts Eileen about her treatment of him during his time as Tavisha.
23rd Business Call, Social Call Teo Teo asks Eileen for her help regarding Moab Federal Penitentiary.
24th Moral Turpitude Felix Eileen picks a bone with Felix Ivanov.
26th The Spiral's Completion, Part I Bai-Chan, Brian, Deckard, Stanley and the Monster Lighthouse comes under siege in the dead of night.
26th Messages by Magpie Alexander, Boxer, Helena, Isabelle, Lucrezia, Maeve and Satoru Eileen delivers a message to the prisoners of Moab.
27th Sticks and Stones Deckard and Teo Teo calls Eileen to the Garden to help patch Deckard up and is unimpressed with her attitude about the late Agent Ivanov.
31st Reset Hana and Teo The clock ticks down to zero over Moab, but Phoenix's attack hits an unexpected snag when intelligence comes in mere hours before go-time.
April 2009
7th When Lightning Strikes, Part I Boxer, Canfield, Cat, Diego, Django, Helena, Hiro, Jessica, Knox, Lucrezia, Shard, Teo and Trask The raid on Moab Federal Penitentiary does not go as planned.
eileen-six.jpg Eileen solidifies her ties with the Ferrymen by leading a group of Moab refugees back to New York City where she is attacked and her ability swapped for Julian Kuhr's. Struggling to cope with the destructive power of her new gift, she withdraws from her surrogate family and friends, turns on those she loves the most and seeks solace in the arms of the only person she knows who can provide her with relief. When Sylar is taken captive by Pinehearst, she coordinates a rescue mission lead by the surviving Vanguard remnant and their allies — a confrontation that ultimately culminates in her death.
April 2009
14th Passacaglia None It's a long ride back to New York City.
14th Go Marching One by One Julian On the last leg of the journey to safety, Julian and Eileen have a conversation. The former is something of a liar.
16th A Return in Investment Teo Teodoro and Eileen catch up after Moab. Apologies are made, points raised and contentions offered, but no definitive conclusions reached. In short: little changes.
18th Following Orders John and Julian No one's mother ever taught them not to talk to strangers; Eileen and Julian suffer a terrible consequence for their actions.
23rd Blood Oaths Felix Eileen tests her new ability out on an old friend. Or not.
24th I Am Not Quite Myself Teo In which Eileen, with a bullet in her leg, and Teodoro, covered in Felix's blood, circle like hissing cats underneath an exceptional veneer of politeness.
28th Fighting Back the Wolves Gabriel in the guise of Ethan Someone has taken an interest in Eileen's recent activities.
29th Square One Ethan The real Ethan Holden makes a reappearance. His timing couldn't be worse.
30th Hurt Gabriel Gabriel appeals to Eileen's emotions at precisely the wrong moment.
30th Violence and Variations Gabriel and Teo Teo answers Eileen's call and arrives at the ruins of Eagle Electric to help clean up the mess.
May 2009
1st Getting the Band Back Together Raith A familiar face crawls out of the woodwork and shares some ideas with Eileen about the Vanguard's future.
4th Catch and Release Raith After holding Eileen for several days, Raith decides to turn her loose again. She isn't exactly appreciative.
5th Generating Productivity Deckard Deckard has a plan. And it is selfless.
6th Misplacing the Faith Abby Eileen drops by Old Lucy's to discuss a few brief matters with Abigail and receives a key in exchange.
10th Of Samoas and Thin Mints Dutch In which Dutch provides himself with some roadside assistance.
14th No Remedy for Love Teo Teo and Eileen have a disagreement about definitions.
17th If I Die Before I Wake None No longer the shape of things to come, Eileen experiences a vision courtesy of a someone who knows the future — or what it might have been, anyway.
18th Want for Tomorrow Gabriel Gabriel and Eileen choose the same apartment to hole up in for the night but do not engage one another in a territorial battle. Instead, they both make concessions. Small ones.
22nd Partial Anonymity Leonard Chance encounters on Staten Island are a dime a dozen.
24th The Issue of Legitimate Authority Magnes and Raith After reviewing footage of the "Shibuya Incident", Raith calls in a favour and asks Eileen to arrange a meeting with the star of a viral video. There are misgivings all around.
25th A Few Words About Restraint Niles Eileen pays young Niles Wight a visit at the Garden.
25th Midnight in the Garden of Morally Gray Cat, Gabriel and Helena Helena and Cat meet with Gabriel and Eileen to discuss the time travelers from 2019 and what should be done about them. No definitive conclusions are reached, but Helena manages to find a loophole in her promise and allows a few secrets to slip.
25th Rot Gabriel On their way back from a meeting with Helena and Cat at the Garden, Gabriel and Eileen discuss Tyler Case, Dr. Edward Ray and Gabriel's glimpse into an outdated future. He calls her a coward; she throws him into a ditch.
27th The Stomach for What's Coming Cardinal Eileen stumbles upon Chicago Air unloading supplies in a clearing somewhere along Staten Island's greenbelt, and a friendly conversation with Cardinal takes a dark turn regarding one of their mutual acquaintances.
28th Being Human Gabriel and Rickham On an expedition into Midtown, Gabriel Gray crosses paths with Allen Rickham — who blatantly ignores Dr. Ray's orders and decides to take revenge for an act that hasn't been committed yet.
29th Know Thy Enemy Logan Rapidly losing strength and blood following her encounter with Rickham in Midtown, Eileen waits for Logan in his apartment with the intention of tying up a loose end before Julian Kuhr's ability finally overcomes her.
June 2009
3rd A Hand Down Logan Eileen takes the time to heal. Logan helps, if not selflessly.
9th Clarification Cardinal, Ghost and Logan Logan has some fun at Cardinal's expense during an interrogation in the Dagger's basement.
10th Partnership Logan After a night of drinking, Logan approaches Eileen with a more permanent offer of employment; Eileen proves she doesn't need her ability to make him bleed.
11th Room Service Deckard and Ghost Deckard and the Ghost make a ramshackle rescue attempt to retrieve Eileen from Logan's clutches. Who needs plans?
14th A Mouth of Ivy and a Heart of Holly Deckard Deckard checks in on Eileen at an undisclosed Ferrymen location; he updates her on the Teodoro situation and inadvertently brings news of Abigail's present condition.
16th Victims and Traitors Gabriel Gabriel drops into the Garden to get out of the deteriorating weather and happens upon someone he hasn't seen for awhile. Together, they do one of the things they do best: argue.
18th Forewarning Ghost Posing as "Ian", Ghost helps with a supply run in order to warn Eileen about Daiyu Feng and his intentions.
20th Cao Ni Bai-Chan, Gabriel and Feng Feng tracks down a little girl. It then gets complicated. It's all fun and games until someone (almost) loses an arm.
21st Good Company Gillian Eileen and Gillian convene at Gabriel's bedside and discover they may have more in common than either of them thought.
21st Out to Pasture Gabriel Gabriel attempts to find a way around Julian Kuhr's ability so he might save his arm and help Eileen.
22nd For the Best Amato Pending.
24th How It's Going to Be Ethan Ethan Holden returns to New York City.
25th Play Her Off Arthur A clandestine conversation between two "friends" does not end in a way that either of them anticipated.
26th Burden of Proof Cat, Gabriel, Ghost and Lucrezia Ghost comes to visit Cat and finds himself interrogated by less than happy women.
26th Opaque Gabriel Gabriel goes dreamwalking.
28th Contact Raith Raith engages in a rapid-fire conversation via text messages with an associate.
28th Close Gillian Eileen turns to Gillian for help; the beginnings of a plan are formulated by two women who have very little in common except for a man. Both resolve to seek something.
29th Readily Accessible Hana Hana confronts Eileen about her relationship with Jensen Raith and whatever it is the surviving members of Vanguard's New York branch are planning.
29th Commonalities Odessa Odessa comes to the Garden, seeking Eileen.
July 2009
2nd Done Before, Done Again Gillian Gillian brings Eileen up to speed on her Pinehearst findings.
3rd Flea Market Raith Eileen and Raith strike a bargain at a flea market in Central Park.
3rd Through the Eyes of Others Gillian Following an attack by Arthur Petrelli on the Lighthouse, three survivors arrive on the Garden's verdant doorstep.
4th Too Close to Midnight Ethan and Raith Raith finally gets his meeting with Ethan. Eileen plays the role of mediator.
6th Blood Calls Out for Blood Cardinal A chance encounter outside the Lighthouse ruins turns into a temporary allegiance between two like-minded individuals with similar goals.
9th Catch Without Hands Gabriel and Ghost Three categorical villains come together to talk about the future, of tactical plans — and of how it used to be. It helps.
10th Long Day, Rough Night Deckard Eileen comes to Old Lucy's in search of a fifth member for her team. Deckard gets five grand and a helping hand, though it isn't clear whether he'll remember either in the morning.
16th Summer Air and Spiced Smoke Joe and Lucrezia Lucrezia pays the Lighthouse refugees a visit and shares some valuable information with one of the women keeping watch over them.
18th A Daisy Chain of Emotional Investment Ghost As the raid on Pinehearst's Jersey facility creeps closer, Ghost asks Eileen for an important favour.
23rd Without Weeping None Eileen finds closure.
23rd Checkmate - Black Knights Arthur, Cardinal, Colette, Deckard, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Ghost, Jenn, Mason, Raith, Rickham, Tyler The Vanguard Remnant venture into the reactor level of Pinehearst Company along with Richard Cardinal, Flint Deckard, Tyler Case and Teodoro Laudani in order to bring down Arthur and Pinehearst once and for all.
eileen-seven.jpg Suffering from depression and an addiction to the new street drug Refrain, Eileen attempts to reconcile with her personal belief that Kazimir Volken's ability brought her back wrong by converting to atheism and devoting herself to her work with the Ferry. Meanwhile, the reemergence of an old Vanguard operative named Feng Daiyu brings the organization's remnants back together again under the leadership of Jensen Raith and Ethan just in time for New York City's prophets to warn them of Volken's second coming.
July 2009
24th Too Young and Too British Deckard Deckard heals Eileen's residual injuries after their raid on Pinehearst.
24th Interchangeable Gabriel Eileen and Gabriel encounter one another for the first time after Pinehearst. Things are perhaps more difficult than they ought to be, all things considered, but they work out in the end. Mostly.
26th That's Enough Cat Cat visits the Garden to report on Phoenix's trip to Pinehearst and shares some music with Eileen.
27th All Things Will Die Gabriel and Peter While digging a grave for one of the Garden's cats, Eileen is startled by one of the Garden's guests while another leaps to her assistance.
28th Butterfly Watching Ethan and Delphine Ethan's flame arrives at the Garden and is introduced to his former ward.
29th A Little Heretical Hokuto Eileen stops by the Ichihara Bookstore on Roosevelt Island to pick up some new material, place an order and pay for a tarot reading — in that sequence.
29th Turned Around Raith Eileen finalizes her employment with the King of Swords over dinner.
31st Simple Notions Hokuto Eileen receives a visitor in her dreams. Sometimes what is wanted, is not always what is needed.
August 2009
1st Serpent and the Raven Feng and Peter Eileen Ruskin tries to take matters into her own hands by contacting Feng Daiyu. His ruthlessness is somewhat underestimated.
2nd Watchdog Gabriel and Peter Peter drops Eileen off at the Garden and fills Gabriel in on what he saw.
2nd Catchup Over Cantaloupe Cardinal, Ethan and Raith Cardinal swings by the Garden to ask a few questions of the Vanguard remnant just in time to catch Ethan returning from a hunt with Raith close at his heels.
2nd Swell Gabriel Eileen explains to Gabriel what Ethan and Raith probably already know: Feng Daiyu is just the beginning.
2nd Kabam Raith Raith imparts his first lesson on Eileen as her new employer: never let your guard down.
4th Sentimental Delphine and Ethan As Ethan takes his frustration out on his latest hobby, Eileen comes asking after Delphine. Conversation eventually turns toward Feng Daiyu and what he may or may not know before veering off in a direction that someone regrets.
6th Spoonfuls of Salt Gillian Eileen stumbles upon Gillian in a parked car outside the Ichihara Bookstore on Roosevelt Island and borrows her notebook for a quick viewing.
6th Ivy and Thorn Gabriel Upon arriving at the Garden, Eileen decides to take advantage of a chance encounter and proposition Gabriel in Raith's absence.
7th Goddamn Pigeons Felix Eileen attempts to fight fire with fire by enlisting the help of Agent Felix Ivanov in her latest crusade against Feng Daiyu.
10th Jensen Raith's House of Pain Raith Raith commends Eileen for a job well done. Or not.
13th Aches and Pains Gillian Eileen visits the Lighthouse with a package of non-perishables for the children and finds Gillian, who tells her about her mysterious encounter with a sunglasses wearing man on Swinburne Island.
13th Devil in the Details Helena and Raith The leader of Phoenix and the leader of— whatever it is that Raith's in charge of meet up to talk business. Eileen plays interpreter.
14th Dying Arts Gabriel and Hokuto Gabriel and Eileen visit the Ichihara Bookstore on Roosevelt Island to pick up an order of Mandarin children's books and are gifted with a family heirloom that turns out to be something neither of them expected.
14th The Itch Gabriel Eileen communicates a message from Gillian to Gabriel and makes a confession regarding the morning of August second.
17th A Question of Clarity Eve Eileen swings by Mas Mechanics for a brief conversation with Eve on her way to meet Raith.
18th Situation Normal Raith Raith takes Eileen out on a hunt to the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm to find Jackson Manfield, a serial rapist with the ability to bench press a small car. He bench presses Raith instead.
18th Twenty-Nine Centimeters Gabriel It's the length of a Batangas knife; incidentally, also the distance between Gabriel and Eileen at more than one point during the conversation they have when she takes shelter inside Gray and Sons.
18th Acetaminophen Ethan Eileen treats Ethan's injuries after his brawl with Feng Dayiu.
19th Been Here Before Felix, Minea and Raith Raith and Eileen ambush Felix on the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side, only to discover that the federal agent has friends in high places — literally.
20th If the Price is Right Logan Eileen visits Burlesque to inquire if Logan is familiar with the resident thorn in her side.
22nd A Snake in the Grass, Part I Feng The hunter becomes the hunted.
22nd A Snake in the Grass, Part II Feng Eileen comes to, finds herself chained a radiator in Gray and Sons, and faces one of fears only to discover that Feng Daiyu isn't the person she thought he was at all.
24th Mutually Beneficial Helena and Magnes Magnes, Helena and Eileen do business. The chosen currency is favours.
24th Brevity Logan Logan provides Eileen with some information related to Feng Daiyu in exchange for one of his favourite things: cold, hard cash.
26th Anatomical Discombobulation Teo Teo returns to his body.
29th We the People Adelaide, Autumn, "Aviators", Bill, Cat, "Craig", Danko, Douglas, Eve, Felix, Helena, Juliette, Len, Magnes, Michael, Minea, Nicolas, Sarisa, Tracy and Tris At the FRONTLINE gala, everything goes perfectly fine, until Minea Dahl does the unexpected.
29th Suture, II Gabriel Eileen and Gabriel reflect on a bad evening.
September 2009
1st Putting Her Foot Down Gillian Gillian passes some information on Feng Daiyu along to Eileen, who offers her some words of encouragement and comfort in exchange.
3rd Lines Drawn In Sand Abby, Cat, Deckard, Gillian, Helena, Joseph, Leonard, Peter and Teo A meeting of Ferrymen and their allies is called to discuss the Maxwell Quinn situation.
3rd Blue Sky, Green Grass Peter Peter expresses concerns about his ability to Eileen, which she in turn promises not to relate to Gabriel — or anyone else.
5th Completing the Triangle Gabriel and Minea Eileen and Gabriel meet with Agent Dahl at the Boat Graveyard to discuss Feng Daiyu.
6th Let Alone Raith Eileen and Raith have a disagreement; it isn't their first, and won't be their last.
9th Dziadzio The memory of Kazimir Eileen reminisces while under the influence of Refrain.
12th Good Tidings of Rye Bread and Cranberries Deckard Eileen investigates a text message sent by Teo to see if there's any truth to it.
12th Sold in Truth Peter and Raith After her discussion with Deckard, Eileen comes looking for Ethan and Gabriel at the Remnant safehouse on Staten Island but finds Raith and Peter laying low instead.
14th Pragmatism Gabriel Gabriel checks in with Eileen at the Speakeasy in Brooklyn after some time away.
14th Magic Tricks for Children Douglas Neither knowing who the other is, Douglas and Eileen both get the same idea and stop for cigarettes at the same corner store in Brooklyn's Red Hook District.
16th With a Little Help From My Friends Adam, Lola and Odessa Adam and Odessa both run into someone they didn't expect to — each other. The doctor and Lola are introduced, and Eileen eavesdrops.
16th What Happens to Bad Girls Ethan, Odessa and Raith Remnant comes to strike a bargain with Odessa Knutson.
16th Chasing Ghosts Peter Eileen comes upon Peter reconstructing Wu-Long's skeleton while scouring the ruins of Eagle Electric.
17th Even Score Odessa and Raith Odessa visits Eileen at her hotel room at the Speakeasy with a warning.
17th Invitations Eve Eileen responds to a fellow Ferryman's summons to collect a series of letters addressed to the Remnant.
18th Reality Check Raith Raith tries a different approach that isn't met with complete success, though he manages to avoid thrown bottles this time.
19th Believing in Something Abby Abigail finally gets her hands on a copy of a journal belonging to one Francois Allègre.
19th A Very Bad Place Ethan, Gabriel, Raith and Teo Teodoro Laudani and the Remnant head deep into Staten Island's Greenbelt in search of Humanis First and uncover a corpse that ends up being more trouble than it's probably worth.
20th Damaged Gabriel Remnant regroups at the river safehouse and Gabriel attempts to come to terms with his crippling new disability.
26th But Not a Word Was Spoken Abby, Adelaide, Aude, Cardinal, Cat, Delilah, Douglas, Helena, Leland, Leonard, Magnes and Teo Humanis First throws the Suresh Center one bloody red herring, before following through on its threat of terrorist violence.
26th The Church Bells All Were Broken Abby, Delilah, Felix, Joseph, Leland, Mona and Teo Freedom fighters, retired terrorists, EMTs in training and officers of the law are among the first on scene to dismantle three lynchings in the rain while the fire at Guiding Light Baptist Church rages on into the night.
26th In One Piece Cat, Douglas and Leonard Eileen requests that Phoenix give the Remnant one hour with their prisoner so Gabriel might have a chance to extract some information.
27th Do Not Touch Douglas and Gabriel Gabriel experiments with his tactile telepathy with somewhat unexpected results.
29th Consult Ethan, Kaylee and Teo The Ferry makes a commitment to Kaylee Thatcher when she arrives on Eileen's doorstep in need of a place to hide.
October 2009
1st Could've Gone Better Deckard, Lola and Magnes Magnes has a hard time of things when the Rookery proves to be a riskier environment for delving deeper into into the mystery of Refrain than he might have hoped for.
1st The Earth Says to the Sky Peter On a cold night in the place where Kazimir last drew breath, Eileen commits herself to the precipice.
2nd Terrible Mother, Errant Daughter Mu-Qian Mu-Qian meets with Eileen to discuss the whereabouts of her son, Zhang Bai-Chan.
3rd Under the Bed Gabriel On the tail end of a Refrain trip, Eileen receives a visitor during the night.
4th A Step in the Right Direction Gabriel The morning after, Gabriel and Eileen confront one another about uncomfortable truths without their conversation degenerating into an argument.
7th Absit Omen Ethan, Gabriel, Peter and Raith Or: may there be no ill omen. A Latin phrase to express the wish that something seemingly ill-boding does not turn out to be an omen for future events, and calls on divine protection against evil, which is exactly what the Vanguard remnant needs.
8th A Dollar Saved Peter and Raith While discussing the Remnant's food stores, Raith and Eileen are interrupted by Peter inquiring after Gabriel's whereabouts.
10th Deserving Gabriel Gabriel and Eileen do not see eye to eye where Peter Petrelli, Kazimir Volken and deceased members of the Ferry are concerned.
11th Lup-O, Slush-O Ethan and Raith A vignette. Three surviving members of the Vanguard visit the Roosevelt Island carnival on their night off.
13th Six Letters, Unexpectedly from a Concealed Position Ethan, Feng and Raith On a stakeout across the street from a suspected Humanis First safehouse, Eileen, Ethan and Raith are taken by surprise by a former ally.
14th Pull and Push Gabriel Gabriel approaches Eileen, reports his findings on both Magnes and Kazimir, and leaves her with one (1) more umbrella than what she began with.
16th Wetwork Aviators, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Khalid, Raith and the Irishman A relatively straightforward operation encounters unexpected complications, as relatively straightforward operations are wont to do. As it turns out, the Vanguard remnant has a fan.
20th Borrowed Help Gabriel, Peter and Raith Peter finally returns to the Dispensary. He does not come alone or empty-handed.
21st Intelligent Discourse Gabriel Not for the first time, Eileen and Gabriel's cycle of coming together and breaking apart comes full circle.
23rd Job Offer Gabriel and Teo And then there were six.
24th Day Trip Abby, Deckard, Doyle, Joseph and Robin Although the weather is rapidly deteriorating with the onset of winter, it is not yet so cold that the Ferry's youngest wards aren't willing to brave the chill if pulling on their scarves and gloves means they can go on a day trip to the Greenbelt with six of the network's trusted chaperones.
26th Life After Volken Deckard After returning to the Garden, Eileen catches Flint in the kitchen making some tea — only Flint isn't Flint, and things aren't exactly as they seem.
25th Short Notice Peyton Eileen meets with Peyton to briefly discuss the Belinda Aniston situation.
27th Investing in the Future Cassius and Raphael While cruising Staten Island, Leonardo Raphael Maxwell and his chauffeur for the evening come upon some Ferrymen making a delivery.
28th Who Was Francis Allen? Abby This question and others. Eileen approaches Abigail with a theory.
29th The Wolves in Wolves' Clothing Cat, Harlow and Peyton A human supremacist terrorist meets the Ferrywomen and associate and discuss a few newcomers to the herd. There's no better time to be redrawing the lines in the sand.
29th Cocytus, Phlegethon and Lethe Cassius and Raphael They are the rivers of ice, fire and forgetfulness. Eileen takes inspiration from an old friend and waxes poetic about the situation on Staten Island to Raphael Leonardo Maxwell.
30th Halloween Comes Early Abby, Doyle, Kaylee, Raith and Teo The Ferry mobilizes to put together a Halloween-themed evening for the children living at the Lighthouse and other displaced youths in the network's care.
31st Demons Closing in on Every Side Aude, Danko, Harlow, Huruma, Joseph and Kaylee When the Ferrymen are tipped off as to Emile Danko's location, complications arise when they go to vulture in on his bleeding self.
November 2009
1st Not the Same Person She Used to Be Kurt This is what Kurt says of Brooke Lynwood, once Odessa Knutson, now Joy. Eileen disagrees, and not just because the painkillers have left her a little unhinged.
2nd Tell Me, Show You Gabriel Eileen limps back to the Old Dispensary several days after being shot by Aude Castalides during a confrontation with Danko. Her return does not go unnoticed.
3rd Authority and Judgement Bennet, Joseph, Meredith and Sandra Sandra Bennet joins her husband and the Evolved underground railroad movement in New York City. On her very first evening, the Ferrymen finds themselves in an impromptu huddle of unlikely compatriots discussing the fate of murderer and bigot terrorist, Danko, their prisoner.
4th Projection Joseph Joseph and Eileen do not see eye-to-eye on how Emile Danko should be handled. One brings out the worst in the other.
4th Plied Danko Immediately after her confrontation with Joseph outside the holding cell, Eileen checks in on Danko and fulfills her duty as a physician much as she might like to do otherwise.
7th Attempted Recovery of Composure Ruth The early bird catches no worms and is pounced upon instead by a cat.
7th Snap, Grackle, Pop Ethan, Raith and Teo Teo comes upon a strange gathering in the dispensary's kitchen that involves two grown men, one in a woman's slippers, and a bird on a string.
8th Whatever Mind May Comprehend Abby, Elias and Daddy Beauchamp Abigail, Eileen and Elias travel to Butte la Rose in search of Francois' bones.
9th The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice Cat, Eileen, Gabriel, Leonard, Peyton and Belinda Holding up their end of the bargain with Harlow, the Ferry and associates assent to rescue Belinda Aniston from the jaws of the Department of Homeland Security.
10th Sleeping Dragons Gabriel and Teo The Nightmare Man moves against Gabriel the only way he is presently able: through one of his housemates.
10th Don't Gabriel The morning after isn't supposed to be this awkward, except when it is. Eileen displays symptoms of guilt and remorse. Gabriel sends her grudgingly on her way.
11th Meeting of the Minds Ruth Ruth and Eileen meet face-to-face for the first time.
11th The Trial of Emile Danko Abby, Cat, Chuckles, Delilah, Danko, Eileen, Helena, Jericho, Joseph, Kaylee, McRae, Meredith, Peyton, Robin and Teo The Ferry assembles to vote on Emile Danko's fate.
13th Taking Tones Constantine Pending.
14th The Goal of Living Abby, Francois and Hiro Fate works in reverse when Eileen and Abigail go back in time to bury a body or save a life - whichever comes first.
15th Monstrous Francois Francois leaves his room at the Garden to explore its grounds in the frosty morning haze. He's caught in the act by Eileen, who mistakes his curiosity for flight and implores him to stay.
15th Trauma Doyle, Kaylee and Meredith An outbreak of scarlet fever at a Ferryhouse on Staten Island leads to complications of many different kinds.
15th Turncoat Danko, Joseph and Teo Joseph and Teodoro cut through the Midtown ruins on their way to deliver Emile Danko to their contacts with local law enforcement.
17th Precious Little Richard After her capture, Company psychologist Richard Kenneth attempts to make Eileen an offer with no success.
eileen-eight.jpg Forcibly conscripted by the U.S. government and stripped of a year's worth of memories, Eileen joins one of several task forces sent abroad to search for a stolen nuclear weapon in possession of surviving Vanguard forces. Upon returning to New York City, she wages a personal battle between starting over and seeking vengeance against those responsible for the death of a friend and the only member of Team Bravo who did not make it home alive.
November 2009
23rd Operation Apollo Autumn, Candy, Cardinal, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma, Magnes, Sarisa and Raith The United States Government rallies its forces against the Vanguard.
23rd My Mistake Gabriel Gabriel discovers that his arrangement with Sarisa is not all it's cut out to be.
25th 32 Feet Per Second Candy, Claire, Don, Gabriel, Huruma and Sanderson Team Bravo makes a daring landing in Madagascar and finds the country most hostile than the one they left behind.
30th With One Stone Candy, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma and Sanderson Eileen is reunited with Team Bravo after five days in the jungle alone.
December 2009
1st Sick Lies Candy, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma and Sanderson Sanderson's secret orders are revealed.
1st You Left Gabriel Eileen relieves Gabriel of the wheel and is confronted by uncomfortable truths that are too difficult for her to accept.
2nd Communication Barriers Bosede, Candy, Claire, Gabriel and Huruma Having reached the end of their journey along the Ankofia River, Team Bravo works to secure passage to Mandritsara via the roads. Danko remains MIA.
3rd The Resistance Aviators, Bosede, Candy, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma, Sanderson, Tau, and Usutu Team Bravo is led by an undercover member of the Madagascar Liberation Front to the ruins of Mandritsara to meet the Resistance.
3rd Pokerface Aviators Eileen approaches a survivor from Bravo-One about what the government did to her.
5th Further Instructions Aviators, Candy, Claire, Dajan, Gabriel, Huruma, Kwasi, Tau, and Usutu Team Bravo finally is able to meet the MLF's leader, and there's more than one revelation in store for them.
5th Cruel Gabriel Gabriel goes topside for some fresh air following a briefing gone awry and finds company in Eileen.
8th Just Your Monster, Cheerleader Claire, Huruma and Gabriel It was bound to happen sooner or later; Sylar makes a play for Claire's ability while Eileen and Huruma try to stop him.
9th Divide and Conquer Aviators, Bosede, Candy, Claire, Dajan, Gabriel, Huruma, Lang, Kwasi, Sanderson and Tau Team Bravo is beset upon by the Vanguard.
9th Not a Fiddler Aviators, Dajan, Danko, Gabriel, Huruma and Tau It's not Santa and his reindeer, either. It's Emile Danko, several hours too late to do anything for the three captured members of Team Bravo.
13th If This Is It Gabriel Gabriel takes issue with the dirt under his fingernails. Eileen does the same with his recent behaviour.
14th Just Like Old Times Aviators, Dajan, Danko, Huruma, Gabriel, and Tau Team Bravo is set upon by what appear to be the undead. The reality is much more sinister than that.
15th La Mer, Part III Gabriel While Danko and Huruma are faced with a strange and alien future neither of them can explain, Eileen — and Gabriel — experience something similar aboard a boat on the water.
15th La Mer, Part IV Aviators, Dajan, Gabriel, Huruma, Tau, and Usutu Just when they thought they had the future figured out, Team Bravo finds themselves facing a rude awakening of the literal kind.
23rd Don't Change None Eileen's memories continue to return to her, out of order and out of context, though in this context neither particularly matters.
29th Bleed Aviators, Dajan, Gabriel, Huruma and Tau Team Bravo strikes out at the military air-field just outside of Antananarivo.
30th Operation: Apollo's Arrow Aviators, Dajan, Gabriel, Huruma, Kwasi and Tau The United States Military launches their attack on Antananarivo while Team Bravo makes their ascent up to the capitol to deal with Edmond Rasoul.
30th Scorched Earth, Part II Aviators, Bing, Gabriel, Gregor, Lang, Rasoul and Six Inside Muspelheim, three members of Team Bravo attempt to stop the launch of four nuclear warheads and discover that Munin is not the bomb they've been looking for.
January 2010
6th The Fine Print Gabriel It isn't limited to contracts. Eileen awakens for the first time in several days and discusses what future may exist with Gabriel.
7th Host of Horrors Cat Team Bravo was exposed to them in Madagascar. Eileen goes into a little more detail with Cat and accidentally gives herself away.
7th Stray Birds Kazmir Kazimir finds Eileen on Marion Island and asks her for a final favour.
7th Hard Feelings Ethan and Kazimir Kazimir releases Ethan from his cell aboard the USS George Washington. Ethan releases some pent up rage on Kazimir.
8th Victims of Circumstance Cardinal, Noriko and Veronica … exactly what the members of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie aren't. Several converge on the shoreline outside Midgard at sunset to take advantage of the fresh air and fading sunshine.
8th Our Father Raith and Yvette Eileen and Raith fulfill a promise to Kazimir.
11th New Beginnings Francois Francois and Eileen share a table at the mess hall, and Francois asks her to hold onto his journal for him.
13th Symptomatic Magnes and Raith Magnes confronts Eileen and Raith about Gabriel's actions in Madagascar, though conversation soon turns to his own successes and failures, inadvertently causing someone to experience an epiphany in the process.
13th Tokens Gabriel Synonymous with a peace offering in this instance. Eileen gives Gabriel a letter.
16th Code Niflheim Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Gabriel, Gillian, Francois, Hector, Huruma, Noriko, Raith, Rico, Teo, Veronica and Wagner Eve's vision of the future comes to pass, after a fashion, in the wastes of Antarctica.
16th Midnight, Part IV Cardinal, Claire, Danko, Ethan, Gabriel, Hector, Kazimir and Wagner Team Shield-4 makes their way to disarm Munin, but a horrible chain-reaction of events turns a sound plan into a catastrophic one.
16th This Twilight Caocao, Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Clara, Danko, Elisabeth, Ethan, Felix, Francois, Gillian, Hector, Huruma, Kazimir, Magnes, Noriko, Peter, Raith, Teo, Veronica and Wagner The end of a long journey finally arrives.
17th Situationally Appropriate Aviators, Cat, Elisabeth, Noriko, Raith and Sarisa Noriko awakens in the hospital at McMurdo Station and inadvertently creates a crisis.
17th Stop Teo A reflection of what's been both lost and gained, Teodoro shares a cigarette with Eileen aboard the USS George Washington.
19th Times Change Cat and Claire Three women meet in Central Park to say their goodbyes.
20th With or Without Him Gillian Eileen comes to check in on Gillian and St. Luke's during visiting hours.
20th Shreds of Grief Peter Hurricane Eileen lands off the coast of Peter Petrelli's apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
20th Your Contract, Your Way Raith Raith drops in unannounced on Eileen and finds himself with work after only a day of being back in New York City.
21st Housewarming Noriko Eileen brings a housewarming basket by Noriko's new condo on the Upper East Side.
22nd Behind the Shed Danko Not all apparitions are figments of the imagination.
23rd On the Subject of Trust Colette, Kaylee and Robin Kaylee brings word of Joseph's condition to the occupants of Grand Central Terminal.
24th Cause He's Not Dead Yet! Cat, Claire, Danko, Elisabeth, Noriko, Peyton, Raith and Xiulan Danko crashes a wake at Old Lucy's.
24th Stranger Logan Eileen stops by Burlesque to look in on John Logan, not only for Colette but her own reasons as well.
27th Happiness and Elation Aviators Eileen's parole officer checks in to issue a warning about straightening up and flying right, no pun intended.
27th Forty Percent Colette, Doyle, Else, Raith and Rourke Andy, Colette and Else bring an unconscious Eric Doyle to Eileen's apartment in Brooklyn for treatment after a disaster at Summer Meadows.
27th Do No Harm Doyle, Kaylee, Peter, Raith and Rourke Peter and Kaylee arrive at Eileen's apartment after receiving word from Colette that Doyle has been shot.
29th If We Can't Have It Black, Brennan, Delilah, Kaylee, Magnes, Raith and Robin …no one can. Summer Meadows sees a fire, but it turns out to be the least of their worries.
31st Two Minutes Raith and ??? It's the amount of time Raith gives his visitor to make his pitch. The work that the Remnant does is very expensive and needs to be supplemented somehow.
February 2010
1st House Mouse and Peacock Raphael A chance meeting at Chinatown's Canal Street Market turns into a discussion about world travel, the laws of attraction and aversions to intimacy.
2nd Rhetorical Conversation Aviators Madagascar, Antananarivo, Muspelheim, General Edmond Rasoul's lost pregnancy farm — just a few topics of conversation that arise when Aviators checks in on one of the government's recent parolees.
3rd Within, Without Bella, Colette, Dema, Joseph, Kaylee, Raith and Teo Colette and Kaylee recruit the help of the Remnant to gather intel on Bella's Refrain research operations. This goes mostly according to plan, until they're forced to leave someone behind.
5th Under the Magnifying Glass Magnes Magnes comes to Eileen with what's been weighing on him lately.
6th The Most Dangerous Thing on the Table Raith Raith delivers some of Eileen's belongings to her from the Dispensary and asks if she'll lend a hand with Joseph's liberation. Spoiler: The answer is Yes.
7th Concerning Gift Horses Brennan, Chuckles, Delilah, Doyle, Else, Grace, Jericho, Kaylee, Megan, Rourke and Scott A collection of Ferrymen discuss the recent offer extended by one Secretary Praeger (and by extension the Department of Evolved Affairs).
7th Awfully Cutthroat and a Little Fey Logan Together, these descriptors could probably be used to describe either character in this scene. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
9th Belated Birthday Abby, Daphne, Felix, Huruma, Magnes and Melissa Daphne, Eileen and Huruma all stop by Old Lucy's to deliver belated birthday presents to the Man-Child (as Daphne calls him). Felix and Melissa show up later and Magnes takes a shot at marking his territory.
9th Better to Make Sure Kaylee and Logan Kaylee tries her hand at executing a successful meeting with a known mobster.
10th Wo Ai Ni Eileen and The Nightmare Man Eileen's issues with abandonment and her feelings of guilt over Gabriel's death are exacerbated by a visit from the Nightmare Man.
11th A Healthy Dose of Misogyny Raphael Leonardo finds a date for the Corthinian's opening.
12th Cut Out For It Deckard Two Ferry operatives who did not know they worked for the same employer exchange words after hours at Burlesque, and the rescue party assembled by Kaylee increases by one.
13th Advantage Logan It's hard to say who's taking it. Logan strikes a bargain with the part of Eileen suppressed since November.
14th Thanks for the Memories, Part II Bella, Deckard, Jet, Joseph, Kaylee and Teo At long last, the Ferrymen and allies move in to rescue the prisoners of the Refrain experiment trials and topple it once and for all. With their numbers already dwindled, the Ferrymen carry out their rescue mission into a situation that's already changed in unexpected ways.
16th Seeing Eye to Eye Brennan As Eileen is on her way out, Brennan is on his way back in. When their paths intersect, they stop to discuss future treatment for the Refrain-addicted refugees staying at GCT and the overall situation as it stands.
16th Indulgence Raphael Leonardo takes Eileen shopping for something to wear to the Corthinian's grand opening.
16th Loose Leash Aviators Sometimes it's better when people just forget your birthday.
16th The Ones You Have Raith Eileen and Raith discuss new developments surrounding the Epstein Situation and agree on a course of action.
18th Reciprocation Danko Eileen visits Danko in his room at the hospital while he undergoes morphine detox under mandatory lockdown.
eileen-nine.jpg Eileen struggles to balance her responsibility to the Ferry with her responsibility to herself while risking everything in pursuit of vengeance, and when forced to decide between her future as Eileen Spurling and her past as Eileen Ruskin, makes a decision from which there is no turning back.
February 2010
20th No Treading on Toes Logan Eileen makes a bid for the Linderman gala guest list. It is suspiciously easy.
20th Spy Games Kaylee and Raith Three allies meet in New York City's proverbial badlands to plan for the future. Specifically, the future of a certain King and Queen.
21st Kindly Joseph Eileen delivers Danko's message to Joseph with results that anyone who knows both of them could probably have anticipated if given prior warning.
21st Ladies' Night Abby, Gillian and Sasha Sasha squeezes his way past Abby's keepers to steal a cup of tea and some smoked herring from Eileen's apartment the night before the Linderman gala.
21st The Stronger Emotion Abby and Gillian Ladies' night resumes at Eileen's apartment following a rude interruption.
22nd Nemo Saltat Sobrius, Part I Daphne, Delilah, Eve, Gillian, Helena, Melissa, Michael, Kaylee, Logan, Nicole, Peter, Rachel, Raith, Raphael, Sanderson and Wendy The Corinthian Hotel's ballroom is the centerpiece on the eve of its grand opening and the location around which both allies and enemies congregate.
22nd Didn't Take Aviators, Kaylee and Raith Raith and Eileen enact their plan to telepathically discern Epstein's motivations with Kaylee's assistance.
24th Further Impossibilities Aviators When Eileen Ruskin becomes fed up with agent Epstein's brand of forceful enlistment into his anti-Danko crusade, she pushes one too many buttons and finds herself on the receiving end of a very traumatic experience.
24th Circumstance Raith Raith responds to the signal for an emergency at Eileen's apartment.
27th Smokescreen Gillian and Raith Gillian, Raith and Eileen take a chartered tug fifty miles up the Hudson River.
27th Indiscriminate Teo Teodoro brings Eileen some bad news in the form of a file folder. She has some, too.
28th Bon Courage Francois Francois and Eileen meet for tea.
28th Folie à Deux Danko Or: a madness shared by two. Danko and Eileen finally come to blows.
March 2010
1st Hymns None Eileen comes to after her confrontation with Danko in his apartment and discovers that she's in one of the places she least expected to be.
2nd Transcending Mortal Perception Peyton and Teo Teo and Eileen seek Peyton's assistance in locating Gabriel. What they get instead of answers are even more questions.
2nd Coming Armed Teo Teodoro and Eileen return to her apartment in Brooklyn several hours after their meeting with Peyton to discuss strategy. Rest.
3rd Paranoia Francois, Peyton, Raith and Teo Apparently it's the same word in English as it is in French; Francois tends to Eileen's wounds and Peyton braves a gauntlet to deliver a message to what's left of the Remnant.
4th Interdepartmental Cooperation, Part III Audrey Audrey Hanson approaches Eileen Ruskin about the Sylar case.
4th Sanguinelli Odessa Odessa feeds Eileen a tidbit of information and probes her for some in return. Nobody's left satisfied.
5th Jobs to Do Deckard and Logan Logan responds poorly to Wendy's death and demands answers from someone who has none.
6th RSVP Only Sylar, Teo and Raith The Remnant go hunting in the ruins of Midtown for one of their own.
7th But for the Birds Sylar and Gabriel Sylar tracks Eileen down to finish what he started in Midtown.
7th Three Questions Gabriel Gabriel and Eileen regroup at the Remnant's river house before making the last leg of their trip to the Dispensary.
10th Serendipitous Feng and Raith Feng happens upon one of the Vanguard Remnant.
10th Welcomes Gabriel, Raith and Teo They come in varying degrees, with Raith's being the coldest. Gabriel returns to the Dispensary.
13th Wrecked Gabriel Eileen turns the remains of Eagle Electric upside-down in search of answers and finds one in an unexpected place.
14th Excuses to Fix Breakfast Raith Eileen maintains that she doesn't need any and Raith enjoys some hot coffee shortly before daybreak. Vignette.
15th Blame Peter Eileen and Peter have difficulty coming to an agreement about where it should be placed or who should be accepting it. One of them is lying through their teeth.
16th Corroboration Alexander, Cat, Colette, Gillian, Helena, Joseph, Melissa, Meredith, Scott, Tony and Ygraine It turns out that most of the Ferry's operatives are more or less on the same page. What to do about an impending viral epidemic and Harve Brennan are the main topics of discussion at the meet, but Colette has a proposition of her own.
16th Moralistic Choices Gabriel Confrontations don't have to involve hissing, spitting and snarling. Eileen approaches Gabriel about what happened at the Lighthouse and asks him to commit to a different plan.
19th Investments Gillian and Leonardo Gillian and Eileen present Leonardo Maxwell with their pitch.
19th The Smallest Fraction Gillian Gillian and Eileen reconvene at the Lighthouse many hours after their meeting with Leonardo and discuss 'Jenny'.
20th Seeking Opinions Francois Francois comes to Eileen about Carlisle Dreyfus' Vanguard. Eileen, in return, has some work she requests the Frenchman to review.
21st The Muscle Deckard and Magnes At Burlesque in search of Logan, Magnes encounters Deckard and Eileen instead.
21st Sink or Swim Aviators Aviators imparts a warning.
22nd How to Kill a Mockingbird Francois and Teo Eileen delivers a message to Francois and Teodoro at a time when breakfast in bed may have been more appreciated by at least one of them.
22nd Not Like Paley Gabriel and Samson A chance encounter at Central Park turns out not to be so accidental after all.
22nd Man's Best Friend, Part I Alexander, Gillian, Raith and Teo Ferry operatives and their allies congregate around the remains of one of the Lighthouse's charges and arrive at a grim conclusion about how they got there.
23rd Familiarity Gabriel and Tavisha Gabriel agonizes over something found in the pages of a book given to him by a stranger. Tavisha and Eileen attempt to provide him with some guidance.
24th A Gray Area Magnes and Raith Magnes visits two members of the Remnant on Staten Island while they're away from their den and receives a spontaneous lesson in auto repair and vehicle maintenance.
26th Audentes Fortuna Iuvat Elisabeth, Feng, Francois, Teo and Raith Or: fortune favours the bold. Several members of Team Charlie act on a lead and investigate the ruins of Eagle Electric.
28th Under the Sun Logan, Mu-Qian and Raith Logan arranges a meeting between Eileen and Mu-Qian at the former's request.
31st Decisiveness and Aggression Claire and Raith Claire informs Eileen what she's been up to and receives a warning to slow down and watch her step.
April 2010
2nd With Minimal Violence Corbin, Joseph, Luke and Ryans The Ferry and the Company both go to see what the damage is at Summer Meadows, while Luke is only out for himself.
4th Something Beautiful Gabriel and Raith The Pollepel Island sale goes through and Eileen attempts to celebrate in spite of its new owner's sudden and highly publicized passing.
5th Acquisition Rights Alexander, Chuckles, Gillian, Helena, Jericho, McRae, Melissa, Meredith, Raith and Teo A Ferrymeet is called at McRae's safehouse on Staten Island to discuss what is to be done about the H5N10 virus and its effect on the network. For once, the operatives in attendance arrive at an unanimous decision.
6th Officially His Own Island Aviators He's not quite there yet, but "two more bridges" and he will be. Agent Epstein meets with Eileen to give her some information and receives a letter from an old friend in return.
8th Feels Better Deckard Flint receives a visitor.
9th Up In Smoke Abby, Colette, Maddie, Magnes, Melissa and Tommy As temperatures continue to plummet in New York City, people try to stay warm however they can. Sometimes, this can lead to bad situations as things go up in smoke.
9th Try Harder Colette. Francois and Raith The Remnant breaks one of its cardinal rules: don't bring anybody home.
10th Glib Gabriel Gabriel offers a contribution to Eileen's recovery.
14th The 11th Hour Brennan, Cat, Jonas, Liette, Melissa, Raith, Rourke, Tien and Vincent A newly purposed Ferrymen safehouse in the ruins of Midtown becomes the center of an emergency evacuation when a high-value target of a clandestine government organization leads a heavily armed extraction team to the Ferry's front door.
15th Whatever Cost Bennet, Cat, Gillian, Helena, Jonas, Joseph, Melissa, Raith, Rourke, Susan and Scott The Ferry assembles to vote on what to do with Liette in light of the Institute raid on the Armory.
15th Quorum Bennet and Scott Eileen approaches the Ferry's leadership after voting to retain cutody of Liette.
16th Follow the Bird Jenny and Tavisha Tavisha leads Jenny to the Dispensary.
17th Someone 'Round to Shoot You in the Leg Joseph Eileen seeks out Joseph at the Brick House after her meeting with Bennet and Scott.
18th Woosh Abby, Colette, Hana, Meredith, Raith and Tasha The Ferry drafts a plan for its vaccine acquisition.
19th Something to Salvage Gabriel Eileen breaks the news to Gabriel about the 'thing' on the second floor.
21st Nil Admirari Cat, Colette, Gabriel, Helena, Magnes, Odessa, Raith and Tasha Is Latin for: never be surprised. The Ferry's raid on the CDC vans containing the vaccine does not go as planned.
21st The Space Pharaoh's Tomb Cat, Gabriel, Helena, Lorraine and Raith The second coffin-like container retrieved during the Ferry raid of the vaccines is opened. A little piece of the past, present and future is inside.
24th Ultimatum Brennan, Cat, Colette, Delilah, Doyle, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Joseph, Kaylee, Lorraine, Megan, Raith, Scott, Susan and Tasha Brennan approaches the network with a grim ultimatum from the man who calls himself Liette's father.
25th Instincts Magnes Eileen seeks out Magnes after the Ferry's raid on the government's vaccine shipment and formally brings him into the Ferry.
26th Foregone Conclusions Brennan, Cat, Odessa and Raith Brennan returns to the Garden bearing bad news, and although the Ferry doesn't shoot the messenger, it does lock him up in the basement.
29th You Have to Choose Kaylee Eileen tells Kaylee to choose between her head or her heart.
29th Speed Bumps Avi and Clara Eileen pays Epstein a late night visit and discovers that he isn't as alone as she thought.
May 2010
2nd This Feels Like It Hurts Gabriel Gabriel practices a learned power that allows for more honesty than usual throughout the course of conversation.
4th Clean Kaylee Kaylee gets checked out by one of the Ferry's associates.
5th Line of Questioning Raith Raith and Eileen disagree about how truthful to be with Liette.
7th Isolation Francois Eileen pays Francois a long overdue visit, not to return his journal but to check in on him after his last encounter with Dreyfus. How are you feeling turns to conversation about sickness, Teodoro and plans for the future.
8th A Bird and a Wire Colette, Hana and Tasha Tasha contacts Wireless for help with her parental situation, which leads to a discussion with Eileen and Colette — that is less difficult than she anticipated.
8th Need Gabriel Gabriel and Eileen arrive at an understanding after a week of avoiding one another.
12th Allowances Brennan, Jonas and Liette Scott's orders to release Brennan do not go as planned.
20th The Good We Do Cat, Gabriel, Gillian, Helena, Kris, Liette, Lorraine, Michelle, Peter, Raith, Rickham and West When the plan to repair the hastily worsening weather finally comes to a close, one organization that has been waiting to get their hands on Liette makes a valiant effort to secure her secrets about the Institute.
22nd Born in the U.S.A. Bella, Bao-Wei, Caliban, Claire, Harper, Joseph, Kain, Kaylee, Knox, Ling, Linderman, Logan, Matt, Melissa, Mohinder, Nathan, Nicole, Odessa, Peter, Rupe, Ryans, Susan, Thompson, Veronica and Vincent As the sharp edge of an elongated winter fades away, as the blizzards pull back from obscuring visibility and as the lights come back on, there is something to see as men and women across New York City take stock of what's to come and what has been. There is also something to hear — you need only listen.
eileen-ten.jpg Embracing her role as a leader among the Ferrymen, Eileen begins work on preparing the network for what's to come, only to be given a glimpse into the future and what lies in store not only for those under her protection but those closest to her as well.
May 2010
23rd Operation Paraguay, Part I Raith Also known as Operation June Second. With the weather back under control and no immediate threats looming on the horizon, the Remnant finally has time to plan something for one of its own.
24th Not a Dog Odessa Eileen may have been beaten to the punch by Susan Ball, but she's not to be outdone. She makes an offer that leaves Odessa a little stunned.
24th Homeward Bound Abby, Doyle, Hailey, Kaylee, Magnes, Peyton, Raith and Tamara Five of nine puppies find new homes.
24th Welcome to the Terminal Joseph, Kaylee and Lynette With Kaylee as her accomplice, Eileen enacts her plan to pass one of Raith's puppies off on an innocent bystander at the same time Lynette is making her first visit to Grand Central Terminal. Perhaps surprisingly, the only casualty is a pair of Joseph's shoes.
June 2010
2nd Operation Paraguay, Part II Gabriel, Raith and Teo The latter half of Raith's plan is put into action.
4th Heroism Delilah, Francois and Isabella When a snowplow driver suffers a heart attack and collides with another vehicles, it's some of New York's citizens to the rescue.
5th Conditionally Cat and Raith Cat consults Eileen and Raith about what to do about Rebel's apparent obsession with Liette.
6th How to Maintain an Effective Front Cat, Colette, Doyle, Kaylee, Odessa, Raith, Susan and Tasha During a Ferrymeet called to discuss Lynette's disappearance and how to maintain an effective front, several operatives are already doing it on a much smaller scale. One of them loses her cool.
7th Fists of Earth Teo Eileen and Teo reconnect after a long winter.
8th Inbetween Days Colette, Doyle, Quinn, Sable and Tasha In between the harder days, the Gun Hill crew takes to more more casual pursuits, and is introduced to a new friend of Sable's.
9th Putting Together Packages Abby and Colette Eileen asks Abigail and Colette to deliver an important one to Melissa.
10th Lost Time Gabriel and Raith When a wave of precognitive visions sweeps across Staten Island, the Dispensary and its occupants find themselves in its path.
10th Invincible Gabriel Eileen shares part of her vision with Gabriel, who in turn shares with her the secret of MESSIAH's leadership.
12th Stepping Up Security Abby, Cat, Doyle, Grace, Kaylee, Odessa, Raith, Sable, Susan and Tasha The Ferry congregates at its heart to discuss missing operatives Lynette Rowan, Gillian Childs, Joseph Sumter and the entity believed to be responsible for their disappearances.
14th Like Smoke on the Wind Avi Two individuals on opposite sides of the fence meet halfway for an exchange.
14th Pro-Evolved to the End Melissa It's a badge Melissa brandishes proudly and one Eileen probably doesn't deserve.
16th On the Subject of Things Not to Discuss Francois Eileen consults the closest thing she has to a personal physician about the symptoms she's been experiencing, and although Francois does not confirm her fears, he does not alleviate them either.
16th Arrangements Magnes Magnes comes to Eileen with what he feels is valuable information and presents to her a request.
16th Code Words Teo Teo reports on Joseph's condition.
16th Legitimate Targets Gabriel, Raith and Teo The definition is sometimes a little fuzzy. The Remnant meets to discuss what to do about Messiah and Sylar before conversation takes an unexpected turn, as conversations are wont to do.
18th Casting Stones Abby, Bennet, Cat, Colette, Doyle, Else, Hana, Jonas, Joseph, Kaylee, Magnes, Raith, Robin, Rourke, Sable, Scott, Susan, Tasha and Ygraine The Ferry convenes below ground by boat to discuss proposed changes to the network's structure.
19th Questions for Sheridan Cardinal Endgame has some, and so does the Ferry. Eileen and Cardinal agree to work together for the sake of finding answers.
19th Remember Joseph and Kaylee Kaylee helps Joseph remember what happened to him during his time with the Institute, and the Ferrymen uncover the truth that confirm some theories about the visions of the tenth.
20th That Kind of Woman Abby Abigail delivers Kazimir's cane to Eileen.
21st Little Women Abby, Colette, Delilah, Eileen, Fox, Hailey, Juniper, Liette, Mala, Raith and Tasha On the eve of Aida at the Metropolitan Opera, Ferry chaperones put the finishing touches on their wards and answer a slew of earnest questions.
21st Intermission Abby, Colette, Delilah, Eileen, Fox, Hailey, Juniper, Liette, Mala, Raith, Rupe and Tasha As Aida breaks and opera-goers briefly retire to the lobby for drinks and refreshments, Messiah and the Ferry cross paths.
21st Express Yourself Gabriel After Aida, Eileen comes clean with Gabriel about her sickness.
26th A Precipice in Front, Wolves Behind Cat and Rupe Catherine and Eileen meet with Rupert to discuss a very tentative allegiance between Messiah and the Ferry.
26th Reasons, Part I Samson Eileen has a rendezvous with a Ferry contact at Central Park's Bethesda Fountain.
27th Reasons, Part III Samson Eileen becomes acquainted with Gabriel's father.
29th Names for Birds Samson Eileen's first escape attempt does not go entirely as planned.
July 2010
7th Lucky Day Avi and Samson Escape attempt number two goes slightly better than attempt number one.
9th Like All Good Intentions Gabriel, Raith, Samson and Teo The Remnant returns to the Rookery for one of their own.
12th Choices Gabriel Gabriel and Eileen cross paths outside the Dispensary for the first time after her liberation from the Rookery.
15th The Next Move Magnes and Raith Magnes comes to the Remnant for advice.
16th Self-Fulfilling Francois Francois eavesdrops on a group therapy session at the Suresh Center.
16th The Lord's Prayer Francois Francois makes a confession about what happened in Mexico.
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