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evevol1.jpg Eve Mas, member of _pariah, singer and artist as well as the resident dream oracle. The woman is tortured by nightmares of death and disaster. Not able to cope with what she sees, it has broken her sanity. At this time she becomes more and more attached to Cameron, the leader of the faction. Meeting Peter and Sylar for the first time, Eve is thrown into a wild world of secrets and adventure as _pariah prepares to strike against the _company to release their wrongfully imprisoned Evolved.
August 2008
31st Leaky Pipes Eve and Helena The pipes aren't the only thing letting something out.
31st Symbols Cameron, Eve, Helena, Peter and Trask PARIAH ventures into the bowels of what was once New York City's subway system where they stumble upon none other than Peter Petrelli
September 2008
1st Hazing 101 Aidan, Claire, Eve, Grace, Helena and Trask A "sorority hazing" in Central Park goes very wrong and attracts way more attention than the "sisters" really needed.
1st Interrogation Eve, Helena, Kathleen and Trask Trask returns to PARIAH headquarters, and is promptly taken prisoner under the suspicion of being a mole.
2nd Art And Things Eve and Jessica Eve and Jessica meet. Eve asks Jessica for some advice. New friends are made.
2nd Feint Eve and Peter. Eve uses her gift to arrange for a meeting with Peter Petrelli, and discovers the truth about his powers first-hand.
3rd The Terrible Crime Of Cameron Crushing Daniel, Claire, Eve, Helena and Trask Helena and Daniel discuss the fine art of espionage, with interjections in the form of Eve, Trask and Claire.
6th Permit Yourself Happiness Claire, Eve, Helena and Peter It seems like the folks of PARIAH could use a little more happiness in their lives.
8th Not the Best Time Cameron and Eve Cameron and Eve have a little heart-to-heart about their relationship… or lack thereof.
8th A Meeting Crashed Claire, Daniel, Eve, Helena, Peter and Trask Peter calls a meeting of PARIAH, which is interrupted near its end by an unexpected visitor…
10th Welcome to Level Five Eve Eve dreams a little dream.
13th Calm Before the Storm Eve, Helena and Peter PARIAH prepares for its biggest operation yet, and Helena recieves a terrible warning of the future.
16th Out of a Hat Cameron, Eve and Peter Cameron comforts a distraught Eve on the tenement's rooftop, but their heart-to-heart is inevitably interrupted by their topic of discussion.
19th Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part I Alexander, Claire, Eve, Helena, Mohinder, Peter and Trask PARIAH appears at Primatech Research, intent on accomplishing their goals.
19th Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part II Adam, Alexander, Claudine, Elle, Eve, Helena, Huruma, Jessica, Sylar Helena, Alexander and Eve head to Cell Block A to free the detainees imprisoned there.
19th Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part IV Alexander, Claire, Eve, Helena, Matt, Peter and Sylar PARIAH reunites at the scene of the rather unfortunate discovery. Peter surprises no one by taking matters into his own hands. Matt Parkman surprises everyone by taking Claire into Homeland Security custody. And Claire Bennet surprises her friends by agreeing to it. Everything is relative.
evevol2.jpg In the aftermath of the Company raid that went disastrously wrong. Eve is faced with cold feelings and hearts from her fellow members of _pariah, making it more difficult to make Eve feel as if she's apart of the group. With the death of Cameron the seer is plunged into a even deeper hole of darkness. Not being allowed to leave that dark pit of despair due to a villain on the rise, Kazimir.
September 2008
22nd Deconstruction Alexander, Eve, Grace, Helena and Trask Members of PARIAH gather to discuss the consequences of their raid. It gets ugly.
23rd The Right Fit Angela and Eve Eve drops by the Orchid Lounge to apply for a job.
25th Messages and Farewells Eve and Jennifer Eve leaves a message before going walkabout.
30th Desperately Seeking Adam Alexander, Daniel, Eve and Helena PARIAH discusses the first step in getting Peter back: finding Adam Monroe.
October 2008
1st Life Is But A Walking Shadow Eve and Kazimir Eve is tormented by a dream of a man shrouded in darkness.
4th I Know What I Saw Cameron, Eve and Helena Helena arrives back at the Hangar and tells Cameron and Eve about what she saw in the alley on her way to the market.
6th Damaged Goods Eve and Sylar In the center of a devastated New York City, Eve is approached about a bargain.
8th Horn Rimmed Glasses Magic Eight Ball Alexander, Bennet, Eve and Helena Helena asks Noah for advice, and extracts a promise from Eve that she already knows the woman won't keep.
13th Natural History Meets Evolution Eve and Teo House-hunting for PARIAH leads to an unexpected encounter with a bad-tempered squatter.
16th We're Going To Give Them Miracles Alexander, Anselm, Cat, Eve, Helena, Jennifer and Teo Helena has a plan for PARIAH's next move. Responses are mixed.
16th SNAFU Alexander, Anselm, Brian, Cat, Eve, Helena and Teo Brian discovers Cameron's body and draws PARIAH out into the open with his shouts. As a result, Anselm temporarily relocates some of his people to Yonkers.
19th Mind The Gap Adam, Alexander, Eve, Helena, Huruma, Teo and Trask PARIAH and the Legion of Doom have a subway encounter.
28th Casual Solace Eve and Teo Eve returns from her hiatus and catches up on recent events with Teodoro at PARIAH's new base.
28th Masquerade Ball III Brian, Dixon, Eve, Gladstone, Heather, Kazimir, Linderman and Zoe Not all the guests at the Linderman Group's Masquerade Ball have the best intentions at heart…
evevol3.jpg Stuff goes here!!!
November 2008
2nd Chase The Morning Eve and Helena Eve returns to the fold; Helena needs coffee.
3rd Of Intimacy and Such Eve and Teo Nice talk, nice kiss, good song.
8th Moonlit Sonatas Eve and Sylar Revelations in the ruins, as well as a waltz.
8th Don't Shoot The Messenger Abby, Eve, Hana, Helena and Teo Helena has doubts about her leadership, but Hana and Teo reassure her. Until first Abby and then Eve shows up with bad news.
9th Revelations and Reunions Brian, Eve, Jezebel and Mallory A few people find conversation in the Library, startling revelations are made and people meet each other again
10th Fixing It Up Eve and Jezebel Eve and Jezebel discuss fixing various places
13th An Offer For Eve Bennet and Eve Bennet approaches Eve outside of the Orchid Lounge.
15th It's Cold In Siberia Eve and Trask Eve drops by the Library to say goodbye.
16th Have Wheels, Will Fall Abby, Eve, Jezebel and Pam Some girls fall down a lot at a roller skating rink.
20th Go Diego Go Alexander, Brian, Diego, Eve, Hagan, Helena and Teo Diego is added to the ranks of Phoenix.
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December 2008
13th Three Babes and a Scrapyard Elvis, Eve and Minea Elvis, Eve and Minea go to a scrapyard, separately. Three go in! only two come out! Well no. Eve takes off when she finds her part and the other two poke fun at an employee and find car parts.
14th Breathe Her Eve and Teo It's kind of a pun on 'breather' because I'm terribly uninspired but that's what this is. An interlude of some kind. The Oracle finds the kid from Sicily and offers Phoenix her gun arm for when shit gets heavy. For the duration of this scene, however, things stay light, including the details on Volken and, uh, kisses.
24th Strangers In The Park Darius and Eve Darius goes for his usual evening constitutional in the park and comes across a stranger with something even stranger to say.
25th The Dream Has Just Begun Eve And the countdown begins.
31st New Year's Garden A lot of people In celebration of the impending New Year, the Ferrymen hold a party at the Garden — complete with food, alcohol, and the intent to nuke the world, or at least Grace, Abby, and Jezebel, back to the Stone Age. Conversational subjects vary widely.
January 2009
1st Still A Lump of Coal Abby, Baxter, Eve, Sylar and Wu-Long A shopping trip in Chinatown ends not so good for Eve and Abby when Wu-Long and Sylar decide to make attempt number 2 at Sylar's self gift of healing. SCOUT derails those plans and Sylar is left wanting, again. Also… Friendly fire sucks.
2nd Foxhole Eve, Grace and Jezebel Three Ferrymen go scouting as per their backup plan.
4th Next Time Eve and Teo When you die they make a list / Of every love you never kissed / Of each regret and each mistake / Every choice you'll fail to make.
4th Dreaming in Color Eve Eve dreams of red.
5th Chinese and Boys Eve and Jezebel Eve eats Chinese leftovers and discusses boys with Jezebel
12th Black Moonlight Eve, Gillian and Kent The near full moon is cast over the city, for once clear enough to see the stars as well as the moon, and a certain power augmenter runs into a precog… and opens up Pandora's Box. Then she's forced to call a taxi cab. Taxi Cab gets to take two girls home for the night.
13th From Bad to... Eve, Gillian and Kent Earl Gray is not a substitute for coffee or a good cup of chai. It turns a questionably bad situation into something that… well… keep reading.
13th ...Worse Eve, Gillian, Kent and Peter A bad idea proves to be even worse than imagined. But hey, everyone had good intentions, if crazy ones.
15th Under The Rug Eve Gillian, Hana and Kent The three amigos seeks some guidance and firepower in cleaning up their mess.
16th For Loved Ones Eve A woman who dreams the future, reflects on the past and begins to think on the future
17th Turning Inward Eve, Hana, Sonny and Teo When healing Teo's new injuries conflicts with old surgery, the Ferry is there for him. They bring dark dreams, good drugs, and a certain sense of safety.
24th Vespertine Eve and Teo Commiseration in the dark.
28th Endgame - ...And All That Could Have Been Lots of folks Ragnarok
28th Dreaming's Rescue Eve and Gillian When she fell off the bridge, Gillian should have died, or been captured. Things intervene to make sure that didn't happen, thanks at most to a dreamer.
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February 2009
5th A Breath Away From Hell Deckard, Eileen, Eve and Felix Various peripheral players in Kazimir's last act cross paths in the overgrown cemetery that's rotted into Staten. Some if them have intentions marginally more noble than others. All of them have guns.
17th Angry and Disillusioned Eve, Hagan and Hiro Hiro Nakamura is clearly on crack.
18th Lounge Lizards Eve, Jack and Logan A business meeting ends before a new proposal is made.
19th Russian in the Rusted Cage Eve and Zoey After Eve receives a dream of harm coming to Zoey, she plans to warn the woman, as always.. she is a little creepy.
24th Dark Messenger Eve and Zoey Eve 'reunites' with an old friend.
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March 2009
2nd Lost Eve and Tavisha Eve seeks out her Messenger, but secrets remain hidden. It's a dark road, is heroism, and redemption
19th In the Dark Deckard and Eve The paths of Deckard and Eve intersect somewhat painfully on a lonely stretch of scrubby beach.
22nd Visions and Revisions Eve and Teo Old friends catch up on the subjects of kidnapped healers, imprisoned terrorists, their foregone romantic prospects, you know. The usual.
24th Sisterly Bond Eve and Jezebel Eve and Jezebel chat about guys who aren't there.
25th Easy Street is a Blind Alley Claire and Eve Claire catches up with Eve for reasons both selfish and social.
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April 2009
22nd The Monroe Detective Agency Abby, Adam, Eve, Huruma A convergence of a handful of people after curfew hours, yields a possible contact, a mixing of the good and not so good and gracious manners long since forgotten by the rest of the world.
May 2009
4th All The King's Horses Eve and Peter …and all the King's Men, couldn't put Peter Petrelli back together again.
6th Wedding Announcement Adam and Eve Eve informs Adam he's getting married.
9th Fearing The Day Eve and Gabriel Of death and judgment, mainly. Gabriel has a Midtown encounter that doesn't end in near death and profit.
25th The Past Is Prologue Eve and Gillian While trying to find a lead on Tyler Case or John Doe, Gillian learns that her friend who dreams of the future is dreaming of a new future that the past might be a prologue to.
June 2009
15th Missing Purpose. If Found Please Call... Eve and Niki Niki stumbles onto Eve. Eve offers Niki a bit of advice.
24th Where Once Was Light Eve, Gillian and Helena Eve and Gillian share a dream of a new terrible future with the leader of Phoenix.
July 2009
7th Match Record Eve and Gillian After her dream, Gillian pays a visit to the person whose power had likely been involved. She also catches the dreamer up on certain things she's missed. Eve also ends up segwaying into a lesson in firearms.
8th La Mer Eve and… special guest Eve awakens on the shores of the Empire State, the beaches of 34th Street.
14th The Writings on the Wall Eve A dreamer reacher her breaking point.
15th The Past Repeats Eve and Gillian Upon visiting her friend and firearms instructor, Gillian finds out about certain haunting dreams. For a change, Eve's the one needing to be taken care of.
15th Returning Home Eve A place of Eve's past, becomes a part of her future.
16th Hope And A Box Of Pictures Cat, Claire and Eve After dreaming about Claire's illness, Eve comes to the Safe House to visit with Claire. Cat shows up as well and hints are made about the trouble going on, but more importantly… there is hope for Claire.
23rd Days Of Future Past And Future Eve and Niki Eve and Niki form a pact of sorts. For justice and the future.
26th Important Pieces Eve and Gillian While still upset over the events of the days before, Gillian makes her way to Eve's new hangout and checks in. And self-centeredly complains for a bit. What are friends for, right?
29th Speak Of The Devil Eve, Gillian and Peter And he appears. Gillian goes to warn Eve about Peter and catch up on things.
August 2009
1st Roach Motel Stories Adelaide, Eve, Grace and Minea Four volunteers gossip over work.
1st Wrong Idea Eve and Teo She wasn't talking about sex. ^^;;
7th Never The Same Eve and Gillian Eve gets a visit from one of her few human friends for a favor, a lesson, and a talk about how things change.
13th Shadows of Prophecy Cardinal, Eve and Gillian The shadow man meets a woman who can see the future in her dreams, finally
15th Manly Fruit Cocktails Lots of people The opening of Burlesque sees many face. There's naked women, colourful alcoholic beverages, and then something violent happens. A few times.
17th A Question of Clarity Eileen and Eve Eileen swings by Mas Mechanics for a brief conversation with Eve on her way to meet Raith.
18th Dreams Of Niflheim Eve Niflheim, the Norse underworld; land of the dead. All things befitting in this dream.
20th Finding Your Balance Eve and Gillian A firearms lesson becomes a metaphor. Eve continues to teach Gillian how to use a gun, and the two friends become even closer and Eve reveals the reasons behind why she is the way she is.
22nd Else Kjelstrom And The Shattered Skies Lots of people When Greenwich Gillage is host to the CD release party for a musician who seems to have a prophetic gift, emotions rise and intrigue is an undercurrent. But is it prophecy, or something else entirely?
22nd It's Our Curse Cat, Else, Eve, Gillian and Mona Eve and others are brought to meet Else.
28th We The People A buttload of people At the FRONTLINE gala, everything goes perfectly fine, until Minea Dahl does the unexpected.
29th Ashes To Ashes, Death To Life Else, Eve, Feng, Gillian and Peter When Eve and Gillian make an attempt to prevent one of her dreams from coming true, it has a most unexpected outcome.
September 20009
1st A Dream Changed Eve and Gillian After spending days in recovery at the Ferry hands, Eve and Gillian finally get a chance to discuss what happened, as she's finally conscious enough to talk.
8th Waiting Eve While in bed recovering, Eve takes care of a few things concerning her latest dreams as well as pondering the deeper meaner of the mysterious Munin.
17th Invitations Eileen and Eve Eileen pays Eve a visit at the seer's request.
19th Good For You Deckard and Eve Someone poked a hole in Eve and Deckard makes the relevant repairs over incoherent conversation.
21st The Walking Shadow Eve and Peter Eve's life imitates dreams when she tracks down Peter Petrelli for a conversation.
November 2009
5th Dreams To Come Eve Eve reflects on the dreams she has had of recent events.
12th Don't Need Human Friends Eve and Kaitlyn Two of Midtown's oddest ladies meet face to face for the first time.
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December 2009
5th A Zombie Musical Eve and The Nightmare Man Eve is caressed by the Nightmare Man and a horde of zombies.
12th If You're Looking For Someone To Pull You Out Of That Ditch Deckard and Eve You're out of luck, you're out of luck.
evevol9.jpg Stuff goes here!!!
January 2010
19th The Notebook Eve and Gillian Just when Gillian asks for it, Eve brings it to her in the hospital. Having a friend with precognition has it's perks.
24th The Other Dragon Eve and Teo Arthur Petrelli may be dead, but it seems that a current menace on New York City's skyline has survived the fate it should have suffered at his hands.
26th [[[One Crazy and Another Eve and Mortimer Two crazies have a relatively normal conversation with each other, besides the non blinking and smelling bad.
26th PR.1NC3-55 Eve Do Eve's dream of electric sheep?
27th Easily Dismissed Eve and Peter Peter seeks out Eve to deliver an apology and some bad news.
27th White Queen's Oracle Elisabeth and Eve An unexpected visitor offers services and a gun hand.
** February 2010**
1st Volk Angela, Eveand The Nightmare Man At the crossroads where two Evolved abilities meet, the Nightmare Man interferes with a prophetic dream.
20th Long Live The King Cardinal and Eve An oracle consults with a king - a bit of a turnaround, there!
22nd Nemo Saltat Sobrius, Part I Lots of people again The Corinthian Hotel's ballroom is the centerpiece on the eve of its grand opening and the location around which both allies and enemies congregate.
22nd Numbers On The Roulette Wheel Eve and Gillian Two drunk women in a casino. One can sometimes see the future. Luckily Gillian isn't drunk enough to abuse this fact, so she takes Eve home, instead of risking getting thrown out.
March 2010
3rd Just Luis Cat and Eve Cat and Eve discuss art and the people in it.
4th Winter's Sickness Elisabeth and Eve The Queen's Oracle has some seriously bad news.
5th Jaws of A Monster Eve Eve realizes that she's lost more than just her ability to the H5N10 virus.
15th Web Chattin' Claire and Eve A very sick Eve and a healthy Claire chat it up over web cams.
April 2010
1st Components, Part I Eve Hallucinating from the effects of the H5N10 virus, Eve Mas finds herself in a waking nightmare.
evevol12.jpg She's back…
August 2010
4th Paint Me Hope Broome and Eve Eve Mas' fate at the hands of the Institute is revealed…
October 2010
31st At The End Of The River... Broome, Cardinal and Eve …there is a waterfall.
November 2010
7th United We Stand, Part IV LOTS New York City braces for the coming storm, and minute by minute, the future foretold approaches…
22nd Blueprints For Beyond The Horizon Broome, Elisabeth and Eve Simon Broome makes good on his promise to let Elisabeth Harrison see Eve Mas, and where the journey takes her is beyond belief.
December 2010
2nd Seduction.. Or..? Eve and Warren Intimidation.. who really ever knows with Eve?
6th The Angel On The Queen's Shoulder Elisabeth and Eve Eve comes bringing tidings.
9th We Were Friends Once Eve and Peter Eve Mas and Peter Petrelli reunite under unfortunate circumstances…

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