Logs for February 2009

398 logs posted for February 2009.

Date Title Participants
02/01 The Pressing Appointment Logan and Nisha
Detainee No. 0003220092 Abby and Matt
Hell'd Be An Improvement Maria and Elisabeth
A Waste of Time Alejandro and Trask
Back On His Feet Constantine, Muldoon, Nisha and Sylar
My Mary Jane Varlane Abby and Magnes
Extending the Family Kaydence, Matt and Molly
Work Cut Out For Us Ben and Megan
Honey, I'm Home Amato and Lucrezia
02/02 A Hand Up Eileen and Logan
Going Damaris Elisabeth, Kaydence and Matt
Be the Match Bolivar, Colette, Elisabeth, Felix, Katherine and Kayla
Testing the Waters Fedor and Nisha
Dem Bones Abby, Ross and Zachery
80 Proof Deckard and Sacha
Seek To Know Eileen and Tavisha
Jack and Lost Jack and Tavisha
02/03 I Need My Momma Abby and Teo
The Skeleton Crew Brian and Teo
Just Add Water Jack and Tavisha
Checking In Brian and Delilah
Is This To Ground Enough? Cat, Kinson, and Teo
All Memories Are Fresh Cat, Kinson
There is Also Beauty Amato and Tamara
My Tax Dollars At Work Elisabeth and Katherine
Southern Comfort Abby, Brian and Isabelle
Quid Pro Quo Ewan and Elisabeth
As the Coast Unwinds Bai-Chan, Brian, Eileen and Joe
Gameplan Julian, Hagan, Huruma and Rupe
The Start Hana and Teo
Forced Smiling Kameron and Brian
02/04 We Do What We Can Ezra and Kaydence
Number Thirty-One Fedor and Minea
Martyrdom is Overrated Elisabeth and Cat
Family Friends Anne, James and Teo
Half Pain Elisabeth and Teo
Time's Up Alexander, Helena, Peter
No Good Deed... Elisabeth and Kayla
Desaturate Colette, Felix and Ygraine
Hue Colette and Ygraine
Cake And Ice Cream Abby, Brian, Joe, and Kameron
On Penance Abby and Huruma
Post-Trauma Felix and Teo
Eve of Battle Nisha, Tavisha and Truman
Unexpected Vision Is Unexpected Fedor and Zoe
Tidy Muldoon and Nisha
02/05 Filatov's and a Favour Charlie and Muldoon
Dogs, Pilots and Women Abby and Fedor
Unholy Affairs Fedor and Teo
Repetitive Kindness Abby and Ewan
Qapla' Balth je Elisabeth and Minea
No Going Back Alexander, Helena and Peter
DJ and the Geek Stick Julian and Nicolas
Tapout Charlie, Katherine and Minea
Terrible-Genie Fedor and Felix
Paid By The Hour Deckard and Nisha
Something For The Pain Colette and Bolivar
A Breath Away From Hell Deckard, Eileen, Eve and Felix
Plans at the Lighthouse Brian and Kameron
Would You Kindly Get In The Van? Abby, Jack, Logan and Magnes
The Full Story Cat and Elvis
Supplies Deckard and Elvis
02/06 Different Instruments, Different Loves Cat and Anne
Jaws Abby, Logan, Magnes and Muldoon
Boys in Tights Megan, James and Ben
Steady Light Anne, Ben, Brian, Cat, Jennifer, Kinson, Monica, Teo, and Ygraine
What Do You Want To Learn? Cat and Kinson
The Easy Lie Sonny and Teo
Speaking Asian Bai-Chan, Brian, Joe and Kameron
All You Can Kill Buffet Hugh and Minea
A Dime a Dozen Charlie, Eileen, Fedor and Tuck
You See Us As You Want To See Us Felix and Elisabeth
Rats Saw God Bolivar and Kayla
The Devil On Your Shoulder Nalani and Paul
Some Problems With No Problems Charlie and Ethan
Baby Daddy Danika and Flint
How to Build an Orphanage Brian and Sonny
02/07 That He Can't Sonny and Teo
Common Sense Is Debateable Cat. Elvis, and Ben
Agent Winters Winters and Katherine
Green Tavisha and Tuck
This Is Ourselves, Under Pressure Mohinder, Nalani and Rami
Confessions And Fragile Ground Mohinder and Nalani
A Night Out Jack, Charlie and Bebe
The Grave's A Fine And Private Place Felix and Teo
Hemeralopia Brian, Cardinal, Joe, Kameron and Lori
Where's Sergei? Brian and Jezebel
Ba Ba Bai-Chan, Brian and Eileen
Because Of You Helena and Peter
Frenemies Deckard, Ethan and Sacha
Do-Gooder Alec and Tallie
02/08 The Dying Warm Bai-Chan and ???
Dead Men Tell No Tales Teo
Sneezy, Grumpy, and Speedy Mallory and Victor
Parting Of The Ways Cat, Jennifer, Ygraine
Desperate Tavisha
This Scene Brought To You By... Kameron and Minea
Cardinals and Bluebirds Cardinal and Jezebel
Before You Know It Daphne and Thompson
Priceless and Significant Daphne
The New Kid Brian, Gwendolyn, and Hugh
Trading Future Favours Felix and Tuck
Marlboros Cardinal
Mr. Fagin, meet Oliver Twist Ewan and Logan
Dead Men Talking Cardinal, Deckard, Felix and Teo
Blue Eyes Brian and Kameron
Hello, Stranger Bebe and Logan
Good people come in all shapes Claude and Anne
All The Answers Alec and Tallie
02/09 Lamb Bebe and Teo
The Offer Still Stands Cat and Minea
Going Native Alec and Cat
Evacuation Protocol Anne and Cat
Present Company Excluded Alexander, Helena and Peter
Say One Thing, Mean Another Helena and Peter
Hands In A Box Elisabeth, Felix and Murdoch
Who Dares, Wins Goodman and Hugh
Evasive Maneuvers Deckard and Teo
Stupid Charlie and Deckard
Three Spooks And Some Change Fedor, Felix and Minea
Sanguine Bao-Wei, Kain, Kaydence, Liu, and Song
When the Shadows Get Too Friendly Cardinal and Nisha
Taking The Piss Felix and Montag
Be a Rat Eileen and Deckard
02/10 Good Point With The Telepaths Anne, Ben, and Cat
Live Alone, Die Together Cat and Teo
Paradise Sickness Delilah and Teo
The Girl In Question Ewan and Teo
If It's Not One Thing... Goodman and Minea
Before Dishonor Jack and Tavisha
Fe-Fe Fedor and Felix
Frenemies 4ever Ethan and Sacha
A Courteous Lowlife Eileen and Tuck
Interruptus Felix, Minea and Teo
Academia Nuts Jezebel and Mohinder
I See Russia, I See France Felix and Sacha
Orange Colette and Steve
Second time - Same biscuit Claude and Anne
No Promises Alec and Tallie
02/11 For The Winter Felix and Teo
Great Responsibility Goodman and Minea
Backswing Carmichael and Goodman
Interrupted Isolation Kameron, Kayla and Ygraine
Make Love Stay Tavisha
How Many Periwinkle Vans Could There Be? Teo and Zoe
Blind Spots Bebe and Smedley
Cat and Mouse Carmichael
Friend Of A Friend Fedor and Teo
Is That All? Cat and Hana
God Touch Abby and Maya
Death Wish Eileen and Felix
You Can Run Claude, Jack and Tavisha
Spill Sacha and Teo
02/12 Cross Deckard and Teo
Routine Stigma Goodman and Maria
Carousel Horses Charlie and Jezebel
The Origin of Second Lieutenant Planet Magnes
Old Ground Brian and Teo
So That's Where You Are! Minea and Winters
Castling Helena, Peter and Vinnie
The Right Thing Deckard and Nisha
Missed Tide Jack and Jezebel
Playboy To Bad Boy Fedor, Felix, Lucrezia, Nalani, Nisha and Sonny
Making A Name Ethan, Kain, Tavisha and Vasya
Die Trying Ethan and Kain
Fight to Win Muldoon and Tavisha
Purple Elephant Winters and Thompson
Dig Deep Winters
02/13 Four Lights Alexander and Peter
It's Enough Cat and Elisabeth
Lesson Plan Elisabeth and Hana
Grand Nationals of Backroom Illegal Gambling Cardinal, Charlie, Eileen, Kain and Tuck
River Of Dreams Abby and Brian
Hot N' Steamy Brian, Cally, Deckard, Kameron, Joe, and Ygraine
From Here We All Float Sonny and Teo
New Neighbor Ethan and Magnes
The Hollow Men Goodman and Matt
Hearing Voices Cardinal and Deckard
02/14 Learning to Share Alec, Cally, and Victor
An Artsy Endeavor Hagan, Isabelle, and Rupe
Cally Meets Her Nemesis Cally and Kameron
Everyday Heroes Elisabeth and Matt
Red Sky Tavisha and Teo
Up To Speed Brian and Kameron
Blind Person Awareness Kameron, Deckard, Cally, and Smedley
Life's A Bitch Brian and Deckard
Apologies Had Cally, Kameron, and Brian
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Jack and Bebe
Bargain Basement Healer Abby and Bebe
When You Gotta Go Deckard and Tavisha
Coccoon Lucrezia and Teo
A Kind of Fear Helena and ????
The Bianco Identity Sonny and Teo
Sugar Coma? Alec and Tallie
The Night Is Young Bryan and Elle
02/15 Care Bear Recruiting Cally
Speaker's Block? Cat and Kinson
He Says She's Confrontational Gerald, Katherine and Minea
A Mark Carmichael and Julian
One For the Money, Two For the Show Cally and Kain
Can't Find No Heaven Cardinal and Smedley
Disastrous Night Out Kameron and Lori
Hurtful Heroics Molly and Matt
Healing And Dealing Abby, Cally and Logan
Batman's Sidekick Alec and Tallie
02/16 WAKE UP Hana and Teo
Stretched Too Thin Elisabeth and Teo
Meat Market Charlie, Jezebel and Tony
Swords Are Just Overkill Matt, Elisabeth and Hiro
Red Herring Carmichael and Goodman
Prophetic Aggravation Isabelle
Unhappy Homecoming Kameron and Brian
Friends of Friends Isabelle, Felix, Stella, Sacha, Teo, Cardinal and Brian
Pre-Payment Teo
The Kidnapping Magnet Cat, Elisabeth, and Felix
Not Vigilantes Deckard and Felix
Seeker Eileen and Tavisha
Nothing Legal Hagan and Laura
Speak Your Mind. Please. Cat and Ygraine
Nesting Eagles Gwendolyn and Hugh
02/17 Charlie Riggs Charlie
Failsafe Carmichael, Edward and Goodman
Instead Of Miracles Anne and Teo
Dr. Bianco's Drive-Thru Face Clinic Haitian, Matt and Sonny
No Love Lost Elisabeth, Jessica, and Niki
Angry and Disillusioned Eve, Hagan, and Hiro
Mercy Gillian and Teo
I Want In Cat and Hiro
Amateur Night Hagan
Street Info Squad - Mobilize! Cardinal and Smedley
Hard Times For Dishonest Men Cardinal and Tuck
Antipode Isabelle, Liu and Song
Priorities Elisabeth and Katherine
Pick-Up Chicks Stella and Victor
How Stella Got Her Groove On Stella and Victor
Submitted For Your Approval Cat and Jezebel
Godsend Bargain Hiro and Zoe
Hell In Here Nathan and Peter
Putting On A Show Hiro, Hugh and Minea
Welcome To The Hotel Staten Island Hugh and Minea
Be Somebody Tyler
What Makes A Monster Claude and Tavisha
02/18 Blood and Trust Chang and Bao-Wei
It Starts With A Body Ezra, Kaydence and Myron
Getting Dangerous Magnes and Nina
Chin Up, Soldier Alexander and Helena
Chow Boxer and Julian
Scumbags Cardinal and Deckard
Lounge Lizards Eve, Jack and Logan
To Become The Person We Need To Become Abby, Magnes and Trask
For Jennifer Bebe, Cat, Delilah, Eileen, Stella, Teo and Victor
Wants and Needs Eileen and Teo
02/19 While He's Down Claude and Teo
Comic Book Theorists Ezra, Kaydence and Zachery
Cop Chick Fight, Round One Elisabeth and Katherine
Welcome Mat Cat and Delilah
Woodstock Cat and Stella
Somebody Else's Business Cat and Victor
No News is Bad News Brian and Eileen
The Honeymoon Suite Sonny and Teo
Trust or Punishment Goodman and Minea
There Is A Time For Everything Colette and Teo
Boo Hagan, Huruma, and Miles
The Hammer Felix and Teo
Favour for an Old Man Linderman and Zoe
American Pimp Outfitters Logan and Tuck
The Search for Cally Brian and Kameron
A Friend Indeed Felix and Elisabeth
Not Going To Kentucky Cat and Knox
Two Seconds Cally, Jack and Logan
Russian in the Rusted Cage Eve and Zoey
02/20 Hit and Run Hana
Women Don't Perspire. They Glow. Cardinal, Elisabeth, Katherine and Nalani
Feedback Stella and Carter
Paranoia Choo Choo Train Minea and Ygraine
What You Want Tavisha and Teo
Treading Air Fedor and Teo
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Amato and Lucrezia
History Lesson Hiro and Zoe
In Passing Eileen and Fedor
Whatever The Case May Be
Spiral Isabelle and Liu
Jonathan Carmichael's Sins Amato, Lucrezia and Teo
Be Unrepentant Tyler
Lighting the Flame Kameron, Bai-Chan, Sable, Deckard, Kain, Delilah, Rocket, Joe, Zuleyka, Flint, and Brian
Moondance Veronica, and Winters
02/21 Silver Lining Jack and Tavisha
Seedy Folk Carter, Felix, Minea and Zoey
You Don't Stop Time Cat, Elisabeth and Hiro
The Blobbiest Blob Kameron and Brian
You Have Not Been Forgotten Alexander, Boxer, Helena, and Knox
War Zone Medicine Megan and Sonny
Avenues of Investigation Elisabeth and Alec
Watchkeeping Fedor and Teo
Curiously Helena and Verse
Good Luck Felix and Bebe
Crazy People Boxer and Vinnie
Eye For An I Bebe, Cardinal, Deckard, Eileen, Logan and Teo
What The Hell Did You Say, Teo?? Elisabeth and Colette
Exodus 21:24 Abby, Cardinal and Deckard
Perfect Circle Eileen, Logan and Teo
In Other Words, Miss You Sonny and Teo
On The One Hand Colette
Qui Es In Caelis Hagan and Huruma
02/22 Breaking Jennifer and Ygraine
I Am Not Interested In Your Profession Hiro and Minea
What Purpose Deckard and Logan
Making Friends Tuck, Jack and Bebe
About Those Hands Elisabeth and Rebecca
Playing the Part Felix and Kinney
Three Hard Words Colette
Win Some, Lose Some Elisabeth and Katherine
Lies and Fries Kinney and Sacha
Angel in the Infield Megan and Ewan
It's Hard Out Here Konga and Carter
The Green Mile Ethan and Logan
Paranoid Hallucinations Cardinal and Felix
For Flint Leah and Teo
When Girl Cops Go Wild Elisabeth and Kaydence
When Girl Cops Go Wild, Part 2 Elisabeth and Kaydence
02/23 Hold On Abby and Magnes
Hunter and Hunter Carmichael and Hana
Coffee Break Eleanor and Minea
A Wheel to Run In Eliot and Linderman
Remington Cardinal and Tuck
When Tavisha Met Gillian Gillian and Tavisha
Konga's Gonna Kill You Trask and Konga
Trust Her Cardinal, Jezebel and Carter
Whispers In The Dark Abby and Carter
Not The Prom Queen Eliot and Zoe
Strange Flesh Abby, Deckard, Leah and Mu-Qian
Predatory Huruma and Kain
When Fear Compels Us Abby, Jack and Logan
The Good of the Country Hiro and Nathan
Read It. Remember. Cat and Hiro
Can't Stop The World Hiro and Elisabeth
Who's Side Are You On? Carmichael, Cat, Elisabeth, Goodman, Hiro, Kinson
She Promised Him Dinner Alec and Elisabeth
02/24 She Had Your Gift Cat and Hiro
For Every Action Bennet and Cat
Just Not That Guy Victor and Stella
One Finger, Or Two Abby and Magnes
Help Wanted Carter and Tuck
Third Wheel Teo, Kameron, and Brian
A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Zoe
Inarticulate Deckard and Leah
Wanna Talk About It Deckard and Elvis
Learn By Imitation Colette and Jack
She Has The Light Colette and Kameron
Obtuse Brian and Kameron
Not So Bad
Dark Messenger Eve and Tavisha
02/25 The Orchestra Adjourns Teo and Ygraine
On the Surface Lucrezia and Sonny
"I'm Sorry" Gillian and Victor
Shell Shock Alexander and Verse
A Storm Is Coming Goodman, Hana, Maury
GPS Locator Training Anne and Elisabeth
The Human Aspects Elvis and Teo
Monsters Boxer, Canfield, Helena, Knox, Shard
Jesus Walks Jack and Teo
I Know Him Brian, Colette, Tavisha, Teo
Darkness There, And Nothing More Alexander and Teo
Autoerotic Mutilation Constantine and Deckard
Gentle into that Good Night Colette, Constantine, Eileen, Tavisha and Teo
02/26 The Missing Intern Katherine and Nalani
Two Fists Helena and Shard
Everywhere You Turn Bebe and Logan
Poor Thing Bebe and Eileen
Sharks Bennet and Goodman
In Tongues Abby and Mu-Qian
Whiskey and Drugs Smedley and Tuck
Best in Show Felix and Leland
Just like Bogey Felix and Tuck
Messiah Complex For Two Kinney/Sonny and Teo
02/27 Yellow Cage Sonny and Teo
Mutual Assured Destruction Katherine and Elisabeth
Method to Madness Cardinal and Logan
Why Don't You... Grace, Nalani and Rebecca
Pleasantries Deckard and Teo
Domestic Bliss Brian and Veronica
Surrealism Brian, Deckard, Tyler and Veronica
Fluids Logan and Mu-Qian
Mutual Favors and Inquiries Elisabeth and Minea
Old Leads Alec and Kameron
In the Shadow of Angels Hana
02/28 Filling in the Blanks Eileen and Tavisha
Good Cop, Hot Cop Myron, Williams and Elisabeth
The Devil Himself Myron and Elisabeth
A Lack of Subtlety Cardinal and Kameron
Lassie Rides Again Abby and Cardinal
He Makes Me Laugh Cat and Elisabeth
Escaping Reality Elisabeth and Alec
Workshop, War Room Cardinal, Elvis and Teo
What Is Gillian and Tavisha
Building Trust Winters and Veronica
Jealousy and Rapture Kameron, Eliot, Rebecca and Brian
Moondance Mistake Brian and Kameron
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