Logs for February 2019

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88 logs posted for February 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
02/01 Afternoon Bedeviled by Details Cassandra and Elisabeth
Evening How Hard It Is To Say Elisabeth and Kain
Night Tango Nebbia Rossa Eve and Joe
02/02 Afternoon Groundhog Day Jane and Luther
Night Blood Demanded It Eve and Jim
02/03 Afternoon Welcome to Raytech! Barney, Devi, Elisabeth, Richard and Seren
02/04 Morning Of Homicidal Maniacs Geneva and Richard
Noon Blocks Isabelle and Kaylee
Afternoon Just Watch For Big Destructive Messes Elaine, Emily and Joe
02/05 Twilight The Ghost and the Spectre Eve and Ghost
Afternoon Half Empty Half Full Gillian and Squeaks
Night Town Can Wait Hana and Logan
02/06 Early Evening A Bit Rusty Isis and Sahara
Night It's Always Delilah Delilah and Magnes
02/07 Evening Social Engineering Eileen, Kara, and Warren
Mid-Afternoon Fake Dead People Emily and Squeaks
Late Afternoon Fear of Heights or Missing Out Hana and Logan
Late Afternoon Not All Mothers, Not All Goddesses Eve and Isis
Evening A Nice Thought Magnes and Robyn
02/08 Morning Birthday Void Magnes
Morning The Vow Carina, Elisabeth, Jared, and Richard
Afternoon King Arthur and Morgana Eve and Miles
Late Afternoon Warren The Dog and Finn The Human Finn and Warren
Evening Hometown Lowe's Asi and Silas
Night Lamellocyte Bao-Wei, Devon, and Joy The Dragon
02/09 Morning False Expectations Eileen and Nick
Noon Keep Me Company Kara and Warren
Afternoon Kept Safe Delilah, Eve and Miles
Late Afternoon Fancy Meeting You Here Miles and Namiko
Evening In Pursuit Of Emily, Eve and Squeaks
02/10 Afternoon It's Been a Lifetime Curtis and Isis
Afternoon Adieu Would Have Worked Just Fine Emily and Robyn
02/11 Noon-ish Alive and Well Curtis and Elisabeth
Afternoon Out of the Woodwork Isis and Kaylee
Late Afternoon A Better Frame of Mind Eileen and Warren
02/12 Afternoon The Young and the Restless Isis and Squeaks
Afternoon Sore Sight Elisabeth and Raquelle
Late Afternoon For Her Happiness, If Not Her Safety Emily and Magnes
02/13 Afternoon Your Mother Finn, Kara, and Max
Afternoon The Return of Gravity Dad Geneva, Hailey, Joe, Magnes, and Weasel
Late Afternoon I've Seen You Before Magnes and Squeaks
Late Afternoon Hear Deeper Eve and Kaylee
Evening The Most Well-Deserved Wine Nikola and Spencer
02/14 Afternoon Make New Friends, Keep the Old Geneva, Isis, and Weasel
Evening Bug Delia, Nick and ??? Time For Rest
02/15 Late Morning Long Distance Adam, Magnes, and Yao The Dragon
Evening A Picture of Another Life Elisabeth and Ryans
Evening Shakedown Throwdown Brynn, Emily, Hailey, Joe, Lance and Squeaks
Late Night Your Rightful Place Athena and Leonardo
02/16 Afternoon Shoulder Angels Emily, Joe, Leo, Raquelle and Squeaks
Evening Just Like Her Elaine and Magnes
Evening A Mess To Be Made Elaine and Robyn
02/17 Afternoon Rooftop Hangout Devi, Elisabeth, Seren, and Squeaks
Late Evening Quick Thinking and Compassion Eileen and Emily
02/18 Midmorning The Perfect Plant Max, Ollie and Warren
Late Morning He Did Promise Tahiti Devi and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon Like Magic Jim and Seren
Evening Resent Bao-Wei and Devon The Dragon
02/19 Late Morning Recalled Collapse Kaylee and Magnes
Mid-Afternoon Common Interest Emily, Geneva and Squeaks
Late Afternoon Reindeer Games Emily, Geneva and Hailey
Late Afternoon Cross-world Reunions Elisabeth, Isabelle, and Richard
02/20 The Wee Hours Yo ho! Yo ho! Aurora and Delia
Afternoon Sound Things Elisabeth and Squeaks
Afternoon Pizza Parlor Conspiracy Theories Cassandra, Emily and Silas
Late Afternoon Deathclouds and Other Stories Emily and Joe
02/21 Afternoon Once Upon A Dream Aurora, Delia, and Elisabeth
Afternoon The B-Word Geneva and Squeaks
Late Afternoon Grafting People Not Plants Delia and Ryans The Dragon
02/22 Afternoon Storytime With Princesses Aurora, Elisabeth, and Seren
Evening Freaky Friday 2-22 Cassandra, Dirk, Isis, and Sahara
Evening Fresh Off The Boat Dirk and Sahara
02/23 Morning There Has Never Been a Today Alice, Choi, Claudia, and Voss Uncharted Territory
Afternoon Enemies There Isabelle and Ryans
Afternoon With Love Ignacio and Seren
Afternoon That's How Friendship Fucking Works Emily and Geneva
Later Afternoon Stubborn Is Emily and Squeaks
Evening Legit Like the Yakuza Leonardo and Zain
02/24 The Wee Hours The Panic Room Delia and Elisabeth
Around noon Simple Gifts Max and Reena
02/25 Evening Mask Noah The Dragon
Late Night Nite Owls Faulkner and Weasel
02/26 Afternoon Walking Dead Barney, Remi and Seren
02/27 Noon Exciting Career Opportunities Jane and Waite
Afternoon Experiencing Living Dead People Again Abby and Elisabeth
Night On Bravery Colette and Lucille
02/28 Early Afternoon Brittle Reality Elisabeth and Felix
Late Night Us Lynette and Ruiz
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