Logs for February 2021

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73 logs posted for February 2021.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
02/01 Early Morning Birdspotting Byrne and Nicole
Morning Venn Diagram Byrne, Farah, and Voss Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
Morning Big Brother is Watching Avi and Hampton
Evening I'm Actual Elaine and Robyn
Night Sandman, Part II Abby, Archer, Elisabeth, Hall, Iov, and Jac Like Pygmalion
Night Halls & Doors Hall and Jac Like Pygmalion
Night The Inside Game Hall and Richard Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
02/02 Wee Hours 1 Unread Message Jac Like Pygmalion
Morning Sandman, Part III Cooper, Corbin, Dana, Dirk, Emily, Farah, Hampton, Kenner, Lance, Nicole, Noah, Rhys, Robyn, Veronica, and Voss Like Pygmalion
Morning Till They Can Glue Themselves Back Together Abby and Elisabeth Like Pygmalion
Morning Venn Diagrams Emily and Hampton
Morning On That List Lance and Nicole
Morning Antiviral Asi and Odessa Like Pygmalion
Lunch Dangerous Liaisons Hall and Robyn Distant Shores
Afternoon Till They Can Find Their Way in the Dark Colette and Elisabeth Like Pygmalion
Afternoon For Your Approval Nicole and Voss Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon A Long Game of Telephone Brynn, Emily, Lance, and Squeaks Like Pygmalion
02/03 Afternoon Cracks Under The Surface Carl, Kaylee, and Luther
02/04 Late Afternoon More Than A Calling Huruma and Megan
02/05 Morning Meeting Hall Elisabeth and Hall Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
Late Morning #DIV/0! Part I Colette and Wright
Afternoon Robot or Alien Asi and 'Ella Like Pygmalion
Evening The Answer Is... Delia, Jac, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Evening Time Turned Fragile Robyn and Matthew Distant Shores
02/06 Afternoon Each Other's Favorite Former Terrorist Asi and Godfrey Like Pygmalion
Afternoon They Say You Can't Go Home (Again) Kara and Yi-Min
Night Intercision, Part I Pending Distant Shores
Night Intercision, Part II Camilla, Greg, and Sofia Distant Shores
02/07 Late Afternoon Cold Call Asi Like Pygmalion
02/08 Evening #DIV/0! Part II Elliot and Nicole
Evening 起死回生 Eizen, Otomo, and Marlowe Like Pygmalion
02/09 Wee Hours Shattered Peace Elaine Onryō
Late Afternoon The Front Lines of Language Asi and Elaine Like Pygmalion
02/10 Mid Day More Than Bargained For Cooper and Marlowe
02/11 Late Morning Legacies Colin and… Like Pygmalion
02/12 Midday Marathon Avi and Huruma
Afternoon #DIV/0! Part III Elliot and Ace
Late Evening Turn It Inside-Out Kenner and Nicole Distant Shores
02/13 Morning Hot/Cold Byrne and Kara
Late Morning Her Father's Eyes Elisabeth and Lisa
02/14 Early Morning All He Wants Badrani and Huruma Distant Shores
Early Morning A Gently Closed Fist Atkins and Nowell Ordinary World
02/15 Daybreak Missed Connection Jac Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Else Return ␀ Part I Asi and Elliot
02/16 Afternoon Calling on Friends Brynn, Elliot, and Wright
Midnight Better Off Dead Gerrit and Huber Like Pygmalion
02/17 Morning A Hound in Wolf's Clothing, Part I Ace and Gideon
02/19 Late Afternoon A Hound in Wolf's Clothing, Part II Ace, Elliot, and Gideon
Early Evening Sidestep Socialization Ace, Elliot, and Odessa
02/20 Wee Hours Inset Ace and Odessa
Mid-Morning An Urban Expedition Chess and Squeaks
Mid-Morning Kaiju and Redshirts Elisabeth and Erin
02/21 Midday That Tangible Foundation of Love and Trust Ace, Everleigh, and Odessa
Late Afternoon #thisisfine Ace and Odessa
02/25 Afternoon The Wrong Hands Hayate and Richard Like Pygmalion
Night Loose Lips Kain Like Pygmalion
02/26 Pre-Dawn Not You, Eurydice Godfrey and Kay Distant Shores
Dawn Eurydice's Song Kay Distant Shores
Early Morning Operation Orpheus Asi, Avi, Chess, Devon, Eizen, Elliot, Francis, Godfrey, Huruma, Kay, Kravid, Ling, Lucille, Melody, and Wright Like Pygmalion
Morning Custard Pie Hampton and Huruma
Late Morning A Fight Worth Fighting Marlowe and Richard Like Pygmalion
Evening Else Return ␀ Part II Elliot Like Pygmalion
02/27 Evening Fear Gates, Harris, and Kravid Distant Shores
02/28 Early Morning Another Year Older Rue and Seren
Early Afternoon Nominative Determinism Castle, Faulkner, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Early Afternoon Undone Castle, Faulkner, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Afternoon What We're Made Of Zachery Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon What We Are, Is Not What God Made Abby Like Pygmalion
Evening Pas de Deux for Two Merrymakers Elliot and Rue
From To Title Participants Storyline
12/17 02/04 Written in Blood Ace, Pete, and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
12/20 02/14 The Gift of Being Together Devon and Emily
02/01 02/12 In the Shadow of Apollo Avi, Dajan, Devon, Emily, Farah, Huruma, and Noah Distant Shores
02/12 02/15 In the Shadow of the Sun Avi, Dajan, Devon, Emily, Farah, Huruma, and Noah Distant Shores
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