Timeline for Gillian
gillian_volume02.jpg Working as a Librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, Gillian's in denial about her ability and avoiding registration, but people with abilities don't seem to avoid her! Chance meetings make her a target of Vanguard, a dangerous organization that uses subterfuge to try and get her to do what they want. She also meets a neighbor, Gabriel, who she chooses to run to rather than the people that the Vanguard was trying to push her towards, unaware that Gabriel himself is in contact with Vanguard.
While living in hiding with Gabriel, Gillian gets pulled into a new problem involving a man named Peter Petrelli. She's told that he was the one who really blew up New York, and shown a painting of two of him fighting each other. The same day she sees it happen, him split in two. Caught in the fight between the two Peters and Gabriel, she at first sides with Gabriel, then also tries to help one of the Peters, despite being told by them that the man she's been helping is a murderer by the name of Sylar, the man blamed for the explosion at Midtown. Meanwhile, her sister is murdered, and Gillian is unaware that the murderer is the very man she's fallen for. It all comes together at five minutes to midnight. gillian_volume03.jpg
gillian_volume04.jpg With the world she'd come to know shattered, Gillian tries to pick up the pieces with the same stubborness she usually displays. When Sylar, or Gabriel, returns, he attacks her after being augmented, making her leave once again, into the ranks of Phoenix, whom she joins up with in an attempt to try and protect the man she still loves, and to stop the end of the world. But mostly to protect the man she loves. Even when all that crashes down anyway.
Isolating herself from Phoenix after the debacle at the bridges, Gillian finds Gabriel again, with no memories and a new name. But she falls in love with him all over again as Tavisha, though she can't help but keep things secret from him, even then. There's just some things she has a hard time saying. She rejoins Phoenix to assist with those captured and locked in Moab, a federal prison for Evolved. It's not just the leader of Phoenix that she's wanting to save, but Peter Petrelli, at the request of his father. gillian_volume05.jpg
gillian_volume06.jpg Moab got slightly fubar'd and Gillian ended up in Antarctica with Peter Petrelli. But everyone escaped, they just didn't escape how they should have escaped… People from the future began to collide with the present, causing a chain of events that empowered her with new abilities (Peter's specifically) and made her one of the best hopes for taking down Pinehearst and Arthur Petrelli when his plots came to light. Her personal life changed quite a bit, as she grew closer to Peter and further from Gabriel. But nothing would turn out as one might expect.
With faith lost and alliances questioned, Gillian struggles once again to find where she belongs. She falls into self-destructive patterns, including a short-lived Refrain addiction. But when she tries to find out more about where she came from, her family, and everything else, she discovers that she wasn't supposed to live to see her twenty-third birthday. She struggles against the ideas of life and death right up until she exceeds it. What had happened to her while she had Peter's ability changed her enough to save her, but not enough to save the clone of herself that she created before losing the ability. She survives, but doesn't quite find where she's supposed to be, or what she's supposed to do. gillian_volume07.jpg
gillian_volume08.jpg Forcefully Registered as a Tier 3 Evolved, Gillian signs up with Alpha Team and agrees to go into Argentina in an attempt to stop Vanguard from destroying the world with a nuclear bomb. The time in Argentina scarred her, leaving a brand on her cheek marking her as an Evolved in a way even more cruel than Registration. Her time on Alpha Team and in Antarctica earned her a lower Registration (Tier 1) and she went back home. But what happened in Antarctica continues to haunt her.
Registered, the nightmare over, Gillian tries to discard her bitterness and anger over the past, and move on to other things, like returning to abandoned duties at the Lighthouse. Any attempt at schooling was put in the deep freeze, as weather trouble made it impossible to make use of the government scholarships. The dead reappear as this turns out to be zombie season, in many shapes and forms. Through loss and hardship, she tries to become the mother she knows she could have been, though to a lot more kids than she would have had in the destroyed future. gillian_volume09.jpg
gillian_volume10.jpg Taken by the Institute, Gillian is held captive for months, until she reaches a breaking point where she decides it's better to die than to be used anymore. In more ways than any other time before, Gillian Childs dies this volume.
In the aftermath of her captivity, Gillian wishes she could change the present as much as she helped change futures. But maybe she created the foundations of her own heartbreak. gillian_volume11.jpg
gillian_volume12.jpg The world's supposed to end on November 8th, at least for some people. Gillian gets back just in time to see if her vision of the future comes true.
Still sick with the deadly Evo-flu, Gillian Childs struggles for life in the midst of hallucinations that play with her mind and children in her care have died beside her, and she may lose more before the illness passes. And once it does, she finds out about something else going on in the present and a future that could have been. gillian_volume13.jpg
gillian_volume14.jpg Five years ago a bomb went off. Five years ago, a time traveller appeared into a present that was rebuilding. Many other things happened in the days leading up to this. Gillian was involved in a few of them.

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