Book I: Isis's Logs



Date Time Title Participants
05/28 Evening Plenty Of Bitching Bolivar, Buck, Isis, and Minea
05/29 Late Evening Interview Adam and Isis
05/31 Early afternoon A Deal Between Two Devils Diogenes and Isis


Date Time Title Participants
06/01 Afternoon When Devils Become Angels Diogenes and Isis
06/08 Early Morning Curiosity is the Key to Trouble Buck and Isis
06/09 2 am Playtime in Central Park Ash and Isis
06/09 Evening White Russian Isis and Trask
06/11 Morning Body Thief Candy and Isis
06/12 Afternoon Goodies Isis and Tuck
06/13 Night Irish Weakness Isis and Trask
06/14 Morning Taking Back Isis Candy, Isis, and Trask
06/28 Evening Run Isis Run Ash and Isis
06/30 Morning Favors and Debts Diogenes and Isis


Date Time Title Participants
07/03 Morning Trouble in Paradise Ash and Isis
07/03 Late Night Scotch and Sidearms Isis and Trask
07/05 Afternoon Despicable Duo's First Attack Diogenes, Isis, and Tuck
07/09 Afternoon Awkwardness & Arguments Ash, Diogenes, and Isis
07/10 Early Evening Hells Divided Diogenes and Isis
07/11 Late Afternoon Remember, It's Not Real Isis, Maxwell, Tamara, and Wendy
07/19 Afternoon Done Deal Isis and Patrick
07/20 Morning A Sweet Reunion Ash and Isis
07/24 Early Morning Blood, Gore, and Butterflies Ash and Isis
07/27 Afternoon Visiting the Abyss Diogenes and Isis
07/27 Evening Charges of Grand Theft Human Aude, Brian, Isis, and Veronica
07/28 Early Morning Worthwhile Mess Brian and Isis
07/29 Evening Hot and Cold Diogenes and Isis
07/30 Morning Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria Diogenes and Isis


Date Time Title Participants
08/02 Mid-Day Big Softy Brian, Hadley, and Isis
08/09 Late Evening Not All Caged Birds Sing Diogenes and Isis
08/10 Early Afternoon A Discussion Between An Unlikely Trio Diogenes, Isis, and Kaylee
08/13 Morning The Frozen Mask, Part I Brian, Isis, and Tracy
08/13 Morning The Frozen Mask, Part II Autumn, Brian, and Isis
08/13 Morning Staining the Mask Brian and Isis
08/13 Morning The Frozen Mask, Part IV Brian, Isis, and Tracy
08/16 Early Afternoon Just One Kiss, M'lady! Diogenes and Isis
08/20 Early Evening The New, Improved Redhead Brian, Isis, and Sal
08/22 Noon 'New' Employee Adam and Isis
08/22 Afternoon Apple Pie With a Side of Trust Brian and Isis
08/27 Evening Irish Car Bombs Isis and Nicolas

September 2009

Date Time Title Participants
09/09 Late Night Tier-4 Ability - It Exists Diogenes, Isis, and Jay
09/09 Late Night The Wind and The Sun Diogenes and Isis
09/16 Afternoon Meanwhile, in Evil Headquarters... Diogenes and Isis
09/25 Night Evening Stroll Isis and Nicolas
09/29 Late Night Money Mission Breifing Adam, Isis, and Nicolas
09/30 Evening Redheads Are Coldblooded Brian and Isis
09/30 Late Night Smooth Criminal Isis and Nicolas


March 2010

Date Time Title Participants
03/20 Sunset Delirium Isis, Kendall and Magnes
03/21 Early Evening Cutting Queue Doyle, Isis, Jericho, Kaitlyn, Magnes, Noriko and Pandora
03/26 Early Evening Three's Company Isis and Magnes

August 2010

Date Time Title Participants
08/03 Sunrise Excuse Granted Diogenes and Isis
08/11 Afternoon A Call For Help Diogenes and Isis
08/17 Early Morning New Start, Take Two Diogenes, Isis, and Kaylee
08/24 Early Morning G'Morning Dio Diogenes and Isis
08/24 Evening Barroom Politics Ash and Isis
08/28 Early Evening Off Your Feet Isis and Sable

September 2010

Date Time Title Participants
09/05 Early Morning A Dull Man Cat, Diogenes and Isis
09/07 Evening Alleyway Reunion Ash and Isis
09/09 Morning Complicatedness Isis and Sable
09/15 Evening Misdemeanors for Dummies Isis and Sable
09/17 Afternoon Rum Cake Isis and Sable
09/23 Evening Dancing With Danger Amadeus, Edgar, Gin, Griffin, Isis, Luke, Nadira, Sable, Tim, and Zoey
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