Logs for January 2010

291 logs posted for January 2010.

Date Time Title Participants
01/01 Wee Hours Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva Deckard
Morning Open Doors, Closing Doors Alistair, Colette, Megan, Scott and Ygraine
Afternoon Perception Is Relative Abby and Helena
Evening Between Movements Helena and Teo
01/02 Wee Hours Bridge Between Sleep and Awake Corbin, Daphne and Nightmare Man
Noon Send Someone Else Corbin and Daphne
Afternoon Tongue Action Delilah and Kendall
01/03 Early Morning No Time Like The Present Cardinal and Elisabeth
Noon Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Clara, Paulo, Steyr and Wagner
Noonish Cheeseburgers, Please Cat and Gillian
Afternoon One Touch Is All It Takes Kazimir and Sarisa
Afternoon Well, You Could've Just Said That Abby and Logan
Late Afternoon You Got The Wrong Person Abby, Mortimer and Ryans
Night Cut Peyton and Mack
01/04 Mid-morning Jagged Edges Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Felix, Magnes and Noriko
Early Afternoon Mr Bennet. Mrs. Bennet Abby and Sandra
Afternoon Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop Gillian and Kazimir
Afternoon See Ya, Speedy Gonzalez Daphne and Wendy
Late Afternoon The Good Work Cat, Kazimir and Magnes
5pm Time Lost Is Just That Abby, Dajan and Huruma
Evening Agent Cranston Cardinal and Sarisa
Evening Tree of Virtues, Tree of Vices Francois and Kazimir
Evening It's Just The Beginning Cardinal and Cat
Night Serious Deja Vu Claire and Magnes
Night Healing Noriko and Sanderson
Night Family Network Colette and Ygraine
Night A Late Gift Doyle and Kaylee
01/05 Morning You Choose Claire, Elisabeth and Noriko
Morning Do Over Gillian and Magnes
Noon The Honest Truth Claire, Kazimir and Rene
Afternoon Don't Choke Cardinal, Elisabeth and Noriko
Afternoon Me-hi-co Abby and Teo
Afternoon The Milk Of Human Kindness Helena and Logan
Dusk The Sky Is Falling -- Again Cardinal, Claire and Elisabeth
Evening Further Enterprise Adam and Bao-Wei
Evening Deep Sixed Noriko and Sarisa
Evening Three Sides to Every Quarter Bones and Mack
Night Flooding Back Kazimir and Peter
Night Sleep On It Gillian and Sarisa
Night What Dreams May Come Deckard and Teo
Night Of Incidents Huruma and Magnes
01/06 Pre-Dawn To Go In Discontent Kazimir and Yvette
Pre-Dawn The Valkyries Agenda, Part I Autumn, Elisabeth, Sarisa and Vincent
Pre-Dawn Watch Out For The Kool-Aid Cat and Elisabeth
Morning Lazarus Abides Gregor, Sanderson and Sarisa
Afternoon Rather Not Be Beholden Abby and Adam
Afternoon Sensing The Blue Devil Colette, David and Kaylee
Afternoon Stalking 101 Delilah and Kendall
Afternoon The Fine Print Eileen and Gabriel
Evening Passage For Two Abby and Elias
Late Night Footprints of Nuclear Fire Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, Huruma, Magnes, Noriko and Sanderson
01/07 Early Morning I Wonder Why The Hold Up? Claire and Magnes
Early Morning Girly WooWoo Shit Cat, Claire and Elisabeth
Early Morning Host of Horrors Cat and Eileen
Early Morning The Bad Guys Hector and Kazimir
Late Morning Once You Open That Door Peyton and Wendy
Noon Land of the Blind Gabriel, Kazimir and Magnes
Afternoon Pinehearst ... Cardinal, Cat and Noriko
Afternoon Playing Favorites Gabriel, Grigori and Kazimir
Evening Tracking Young Ladies Abby and Ryans
Evening Two Kings And A Queen Cardinal and Raith
Night Unconventional Recruitment Martin, Paulson and Zachery
Night Stray Birds Eileen and Kazimir
Night Hard Feelings Eileen, Ethan, and Kazimir
Late Night Confusion Gillian and Magnes
Very Late Evening Brass Tacks Adam and Scarlett
01/08 Morning Stray Birds Ex Machina Cat, Huruma and Noriko
Late Morning What Baggage Is That? Cat and Gillian
Late Morning Sand-Ridden, Miracle-Healing, Chickenshit Ass Abby, Deckard, Elias and Raquelle
Late Morning Silence Is An Answer Abby and Deckard
Afternoon Fishing, Moses Style Gillian and Noriko
Afternoon Business Card Tarot Kendall, Peyton and Tamara
Afternoon Trusting The Enemy Cat and Claire
Afternoon Where There Is A Will Cat and Francois
Afternoon Psycho-Therapist Huruma and Magnes
Afternoon Quelle Surprise Francois and Teo
Early Evening Victims of Circumstance Cardinal, Eileen, Noriko and Veronica
Evening Unenlisted Company Claire and Veronica
Night Our Father Eileen, Raith and Yvette
01/09 Late Morning Forgotten Company Magnes and Veronica
Noon On Not Judging By Covers Colette, Kaylee, Kendall, Tamara and Wendy
Afternoon Boon, Not Bane Bones and Peyton
Evening Debriefing, Disappearing Aviators, Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Francois, Gabriel, Gillian, Huruma, Kazimir, Magnes, Noriko, Peter, Rico, Sarisa, and Veronica
Evening Just In Case Brian and Veronica
Evening Wither, Blister, Burn and Heal Gillian and Peter
Evening Sharing The Words Colette and Kaylee
Late Night Lie To Me Gillian and Kazimir
01/10 Late Morning Threeway Abby, Cardinal and Elisabeth
Noon Sportsmanlike Conduct Cat and Veronica
Afternoon Old Me Is Dead Claire and Magnes
Afternoon In Search For Life, Part I Aaron, Peyton and Rebecca
01/11 Noon Splat! Brennan, Chamberlain, Kendall and Raphael
Afternoon Another Conversation With God Abby
Early Evening Perfect Timing Cardinal and Elisabeth
Early Evening Kill Switches and Trust Cardinal, Claire and Elisabeth
Early Evening New Beginnings Eileen and Francois
Evening Invincible/Fragile Claire, The Haitian and Magnes
Evening Like A Chuck Palahniuk Novel Cat, Claire and The Haitian
Night Malleable Deckard
01/12 Early Morning Calling Home Claire
Morning We Keep Colliding Elisabeth, Sarisa and Teo
Early Evening Missing Memories Claire and Magnes
Evening Community Service At The End Of The Earth Aaron and Gillian
Evening It Won't Save The World Abby and Deckard
01/13 Early Morning Symptomatic Eileen, Magnes and Raith
Morning A Little More Psycho Than Expected Elisabeth and Noriko
Afternoon The Valkyries Agenda, Part II Sanderson and Sarisa
Afternoon Thesis Delilah and Kendall
Evening Old Musicals Can Derail Any Mindset Elisabeth and Felix
Late Evening What Do You Believe? Claire and Gabriel
Late Night A Little Tug Back Colette, Kaylee and Tamara
Late Night Tokens Eileen and Gabriel
01/14 Morning Morning Workout Claire and Elisabeth
Morning Feeding Fish Kaylee and Tamara
Afternoon Scuttlebutt Elisabeth and Gillian
01/15 Early Morning Passing On Bad News Cardinal and Claire
Afternoon So Very Real Kendall and Wendy
Late Afternoon Door to Door Daphne and Wendy
01/16 Night In A Land Far, Far Away Bao-Wei and Logan
Night Code Niflheim Cardinal, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Gillian, Huruma Kazimir, Noriko Raith, Rico, Veronica, and Wagner
Night Midnight, Part I Clara, Felix, Gillian, Noriko, Paulo and Rico
Night Midnight, Part II Bing, Caocao, Cat, Huruma, Raith and Teo
Night Midnight, Part III Aria, Elisabeth, Francois, Magnes, Steyr and Veronica
Night Midnight, Part IV Cardinal, Claire, Danko, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Hector, Kazimir and Wagner
Night This Twilight Caocao, Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Clara, Danko, Eileen, Elisabeth, Ethan, Felix, Francois, Gillian, Hector, Huruma, Kazimir, Magnes, Noriko, Peter, Raith, Teo, Veronica and Wagner
Night Convenient Casualty Aviators and Danko
01/17 Wee Hours Always With The Bad News Abby and Elisabeth
Dawn The World Is Still Here Cat, Elisabeth and Magnes
Late Morning Shadowed Legacy Claire and Elisabeth
Late Morning Situationally Appropriate Aviators, Cat, Eileen, Elisabeth, Noriko, Raith and Sarisa
Late Morning Less Complicated Noriko and Sarisa
Noon Will Do Science for Food Bao-Wei and Robert
Early Afternoon Almost Strangers Laura and Peyton
Late Afternoon Saving a World That Sucks Magnes and Veronica
Late Afternoon Haven Elisabeth and Felix
Evening Stop Eileen and Teo
Night Moroi Francois
Night Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus, Part I ???
01/18 Pre-Dawn The Ring of Fire Hokuto, Meredith and The Nightmare Man
Afternoon They're Coming Home Peyton, Tamara and Wendy
Afternoon We Are Broken Gillian and Peter
Afternoon Misery Loves Company Elisabeth and Veronica
Afternoon Find The Source Brennan, Helena and Michelle
Evening It Never Goes Away Wendy
Evening Something Like A Happy Ending Cat, Elisabeth, Gillian, Magnes, Noriko, Peter, Sanderson and Veronica
Evening Almost Sisters Gillian and Veronica
Evening Unwanted Magnes and Sarisa
Night The Legal Distinction Bella and Logan
Night Sweetcakes Aviators and Raith
Night Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus, Part II ???
01/19 Early Morning Heading Back To Normal Claire, Elisabeth, and Magnes
Morning So You're Done Now? Abby, Deckard and Raquelle
Late Morning A Parent's Lie Elisabeth
Late Morning Still Your Partner Elisabeth and Nash
Late Morning A Really Really Long Time Veronica and Brian
Afternoon Notebook Eve and Gillian
Afternoon Cold Storage Martin, Meredith and Thompson
Evening Times Change Cat, Claire and Eileen
Evening People Change Cat and Peter
Evening I'm Not A Fugitive Anymore? Cat and Helena
Late Evening Comic Book Dancing Delilah, Kaylee, Magnes and Teo
Night The Unknown Bones and Claire
01/20 Early Morning With or Without Him Eileen and Gillian
Noonish Visiting Hours Gillian and Noriko
Afternoon Do The Hokey Pokey Magnes and Daphne
Afternoon Big Shoes To Fill Claire and Elisabeth
Afternoon Shreds of Grief Eileen and Peter
Afternoon Always a Fee Caliban, Colette and Logan
Late Afternoon Queen's Gambit Elisabeth, Mack and Peyton
Late Afternoon Just Enough Delilah and Magnes
Before Midnight Your Contract, Your Way Eileen and Raith
01/21 Morning Enlightening Delilah and Magnes
Late Morning Knock Knock Knocking on Peyton's Door Cat and Peyton
Late Morning Too Personal For Strangers Magnes and Ryans
Afternoon Feigned Normalcy Gillian and Peter
Afternoon Xavier's Less-Famous School for the Geeky Delilah, Kendall and Magnes
Late Afternoon Yes, Dear Aaron, Gillian and Peyton
Late Afternoon This Is Me, Starting Over Kaylee and Peter
Late Afternoon Red Letter Day Cat and Elisabeth
Twilight Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus, Part III Cardinal and Dahlia
Early Evening Housewarming Eileen and Noriko
Early Evening Impatiens Francois and Teo
Evening The FNG Pulls His Weight Bones, Claire and Elisabeth
01/22 Morning In Search for Life, Part II Faye and Rebecca
Morning I Ordered A Cheeseburger! Cat, Delilah, Luc, and Peyton
Afternoon Red Letter Key Cat and Gillian
Twilight Substitution Yvette and ???
Evening My Life Would Suck Without You Helena and Peter
Night Worthless POS Buck and Nightmare Man
Night All of Heaven Away Tamsine and Nightmare Man
Night Behind the Shed Danko and Eileen
Late Night Burying His Mistake Joseph and Kaylee
01/23 Morning A Head's Up Meredith and Sabra
Afternoon Sparkly Shoes Corbin and Daphne
Afternoon Of Robots and Aliens Cat and West
Afternoon Boobs and Kamehameha Kendall and Magnes
Late Afternoon On the Subject of Trust Colette, Eileen, Kaylee and Robin
Evening Three Decisions Len and Tamsine
Evening Patient Endurance Brennan and Michelle
Evening Apology in Vain Bones and Peyton
Evening It's Elegant And Yet... Old Lucy's Staff
Evening Let's Try This Again Magnes and Sable
Late Night Pasithea And The Fish Delilah and Wendy
Late Night The Strangest Pictures We Have Seen ??? and ???
01/24 Afternoon Self-Preservation Clause Kaylee and Mortimer
Afternoon Cause He's Not Dead Yet! Cat, Claire, Danko, Eileen, Elisabeth, Noriko, Peyton, Raith and Xiulan
Early Evening The Other Dragon Eve and Teo
Evening We Said Goodbye, Now Move Forward Claire and Elisabeth
Evening The Hand of Morpheus Hana
Night Stranger Eileen and Logan
01/25 Morning You're Free Of Them Now Cat and Noriko
Early Afternoon Unconventional Operation Mouse and Teo
Afternoon Twain and Nietzsche in the Park Daphne and Diego
Early Evening Fact, Fiction or Falsehood Brennan and Megan
Evening A Thousand Virgins In Heaven Abby and Elisabeth
Evening Suddenly Seeking Rebel Bones and Claire
Evening Queen's Knight Elisabeth and Mack
Evening Peanut-butter & Jelly Gillian and Peter
Night NYC Mayoral Debate With Glenn Beck Donovan, Glenn Beck, Jenn, and Lockheart
01/26 Morning Research Librarian Elisabeth and Gillian
Morning Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated Cat and Gillian
Morning Getting The Pawns On The Board Elisabeth and Mortimer
Afternoon Pink Walls Donna, Doyle, Kendall, Robert, and Wendy
Early Evening Burns Delilah, Magnes and Teo
Evening Starts With Mega, Ends With Tron Magnes and Sable
Evening A Hole In The Ice Gillian and The Nightmare Man
Evening A Patch Of Wind Gillian, Helena and The Nightmare Man
Evening We Angela, Kaylee and Peter
Evening One Crazy and Another Eve and Mortimer
Night Ariah-Pay Bones, Claire, Knox, Kris, Risa and West
Night Evicted Doyle, Kaylee, and McRae
Night Better Than Hell No Daphne and Corbin
Late Night PR.1NC3-55 Eve
Late Night Around The Clock Aaron, Gillian and Peyton
01/27 Morning King's Ransom Claire and Elisabeth
Morning The Valkyries Agenda, Part III Diego and Sarisa
Morning The Valkyries Agenda, Part IV Rachel and Sarisa
Morning Easily Dismissed Eve and Peter
Afternoon In Search for Life, Part III Faye and Rebecca
Afternoon A New One For EA Adelaide and Brennan
Late Afternoon Welcome to the Neighborhood Black, Colette, Doyle, Else, Kendall, Rourke, Robin and Wendy
Evening Happiness and Elation Aviators and Eileen
Evening Forty Percent Colette, Doyle, Eileen, Else, Raith and Rourke
Evening Couch Surfing and Gunshot Wounds Kaylee and Peter
Evening White Queen's Oracle Elisabeth and Eve
Night Do No Harm Doyle, Eileen, Kaylee, Peter, Raith and Rourke
Night Graft Delilah and Helena
Night Thy Drugs Are Quick Francois and Teo
Night D.Cide D.Crypt and Rebel
Night The Tangled Web Alia, Claire, and Bones
Night Dangle Logan and Wendy
Night Drunk's Eye for the Straight Guy Buck, Donna, Julius and Rachel
01/28 Dawn Vanishing Point Francois and Teo
Morning All The King's Women Elisabeth and Gillian
Afternoon Reality is What You Make of It Julius and Mr. Jack
Afternoon In Search For Life, Part IV Faye and Peyton
Evening Rather Restless Ryans and Sabra
Evening The Valkyries Agenda, Part V Faye and Sarisa
Night Live Free Or Die Soft Buck, The Nightmare Man and Robin
Night The Right Track Bao-Wei, Hokuto and The Nightmare Man
Late Night Some Day Abby and Deckard
01/29 Midnight In Personam Abby, Angela, Bao-Wei, Cat, Corbin, Daphne, Helena, Hokuto, Kaylee, John, Lola, Molly, Mortimer and The Nightmare Man
01:00 Why Did She Bring You Here? Cat and Elisabeth
Morning The Man Is A Killer Elisabeth and Rebecca
Mid Morning Yes, Virginia, There Is A God Claire, Elisabeth and Raith
Late Morning The Valkyries Agenda, Part VI Felicia and Sarisa
Noon The End Abby, Deckard, Francois and Teo
Afternoon Pollyanna Gillian and Veronica
Sunset If We Can't Have It Black, Brennan, Delilah, Eileen, Kaylee, Magnes, Raith and Robin
Sunset An Onerous Task Ryans and Veronica
Night Tricky Ricky and the Armored Van Cat and Ricky
01/30 Early Morning Trial and Triumph Peyton, Cat and Nightmare Man
Early Morning Mister Crankypants Aaron and Peyton
Late Morning Don't Fly With Strange Men Claire and Magnes
Late Morning Anonymous Assignation Veronica and an Anonymous Caller
Afternoon Passing Game Elisabeth, Felicia and Rachel
Late Afternoon Until There's a Riot Delilah and Praeger
01/31 Late Morning Dobroye Utro, Do Svidaniya Daphne, Noriko and ???
Mid-Day The Fear of Death/The Fear of Life Joy
Afternoon Psychopomp Alejandro and Joy
Afternoon I Believe In Edward Ray Peyton
Afternoon History of a Mad Man Ryans and Veronica
Late Afternoon A Small World After All Bones, Claire, Mack and Peyton
Late Afternoon A Good Night for a Walk Mack and Peyton
Late Afternoon An Unusual Gift Bones and Claire
Evening In Good Company Gillian and Meredith
Evening Two Minutes Raith and ???
Evening Bishop to Queen Abby and Elisabeth
Evening Ew Gross Delilah, Kendall, and Magnes
Night Please State Your Emergency Abby, Donna, Huruma and Noriko
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