Logs for January 2019

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98 logs posted for January 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/01 Morning Adventuretime Eve
Morning At the Crossroads Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Night Qing, Xiyue Chess Fires of Creation
01/02 Morning Hearts of Gold Finn and Max
Afternoon The Foresight Saga Berlin and Richard
Afternoon Ni Sawa Huruma and Squeaks
Early Evening Small-Time Revenge Tactics Brynn, Emily, Hailey, Joe and Weasel
01/03 Morning Lukewarm Yoga Dirk, Megan, and Sahara
Late Morning Favorite Adventures Delilah, Squeaks and Walter
Evening Shouldn't Stay Long Des and Richard
Night Finders Sleepers Delia, Astor and Ghost Time for Rest
Night No Coming Back From This Devon and Emily
Late Night Help Devon and Rue
01/04 Late Morning Be Done Alia, Berlin, Des, Kaylee, Richard, and Samson Garden of Forking Paths
Late Morning The Elephant in the Observatory Berlin, Des, and Richard
Afternoon School Shopping Emily, Joe, and Silvia
Afternoon Die Happy, Verse II Robyn and Quinn Garden of Forking Paths
Night Through a Fractal on a Breaking Wall Felix Garden of Forking Paths
Night Family and Genetics Asi and Chess
01/05 Late Morning Fox On The Run Delilah and Walter
Late Morning Queen Of The Stuffed Animals Emily and Odette
Afternoon Die Happy, Chorus Robyn and Roux Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Don't Push Me Barbara, Eve and Niki Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Interoffice Romance Cesar, Cesar and Monica Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon I Don't Practice Santeria Chess and Ignacio
01/06 Wee Hours To Kill a Hummingbird I Delia and Geneva
Afternoon To Kill a Hummingbird II Emily, Geneva, and Hailey
Afternoon Favors for Favors Astor, Berlin, Delia and Nick Time for Rest
Afternoon Exfil Station Cesar and Monica
01/07 Afternoon Die Happy, Bridge Robyn and… Garden of Forking Paths
Late Afternoon Just For One Night Devon and Emily
Early Evening I'm Not Okay Elaine and Robyn
01/08 Early Evening Philosophy in Aisle 9 Alvin and Asi
Late Evening Raise Your Glass High... Robyn and Rue
Night ...For Tomorrow We Die Dearing and Rue
01/09 Pre Dawn The Snake in the Garden Kaylee Garden of Forking Paths
Morning Alone With... Myself? Kaylee
Afternoon When Did We Start Adulting? Brynn, Joe, and Lance
Afternoon The Emotional Equivalent of Ellipses Avi and Huruma
Afternoon Things My Mother Taught Me Berlin, Nathalie, and Sarisa Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Exhausting Conversations Chess and Ignacio
Night Press 9 Avi
Night You Owe Me Eve and Warren
01/10 Pre-Dawn A Glimpse of the Web, Part III Niki
Morning On a Sunday Morning Chess and Ignacio
Mid-Day Operation Hercules, Part I Adrienne, Dearing, Maddox, Robyn, and Rue Hunters
Mid-Day Operation Hercules, Part II Devon, Lucille, Noa, and Rich Hunters
Mid-Day Operation Hercules, Part III Adel, Berlin, Huruma, Kyle, Matthew, and Pete Hunters
Mid-Day Operation Hercules, Part IV Avi, Curtis, Felix, Ivy, and Val Hunters
Mid-Day With a Scream Adam and Rue The Dragon
Mid-Day Operation Hercules, Part V Colette, Claire, Kravid, and Taylor Hunters
Late Afternoon Someone to Worry About Brynn and Emily Garden of Forking Paths
01/11 Late Morning Our Strength Is Each Other Kaylee and Richard
Late Morning Blood of My Blood Devon The Dragon
Afternoon Burning Books and Bridges Emily and Joe
Evening Prometheus, Part II Asi, Chess, Eizen, Marlowe, Monica, Nisatta, and Otomo Fires of Creation
01/12 Afternoon Closing the Loop, Part I Alia, Eileen, Lang, Finn, Kara, Luther, Mara, Niki, and Warren Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon sǝlɔɹᴉɔ ǝɯɐs ǝɥʇ Claudia and… Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Closing the Loop, Part II Carina, Cassandra, Chel, Corbin, Dana, Denisa, Doyle, Elaine, Eve, Eve, Hokuto, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Ling, Lucy, Lynette,
Magnes, Mala, Mara, Mateo, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Rasheed, Remi, Rhys, Rianna, Richard, Shaw, Sibyl, Squeaks, and Walter
Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon String Theory Various Garden of Forking Paths
Early Evening Not A Dream Elisabeth and Richard
Evening The Ballad of Wesley-Khan and Wafflehouse Isabelle, Shaw, ft. Namiko Garden of Forking Paths
01/13 Early Morning A Predisposition to Megalomania II Claudia and Kenner
Early Morning Jane Doe Robyn and Saito Uncharted Territory
Morning It's A Girl Aurora, Elisabeth and Richard
Noon Lunchtime Confessions Emily and Raquelle
Afternoon Eighty-Five Kinds Elisabeth and Odessa
Late Afternoon Who Understands Kaylee and Squeaks
Evening Strange New World Genki and Miles
Night No Pretty Lies Avi and Emily
01/14 Morning Bestest Friends Aurora, Elisabeth and Squeaks
Afternoon The Price Paid Odessa and Richard
Late Evening From Here Chel and Richard
Night HERV-K Adam, Bao-Wei, and Devon The Dragon
01/15 Noon Always, Forever Odessa and Squeaks
Early Afternoon Terre Sèche Elisabeth and Remi
Afternoon Shoveling Hana and Lucille
01/16 Afternoon At Loose Ends Elisabeth and Silas
Late Night Murder Mysteries Remi and Silas
01/17 Morning What You Are Berlin and ??? The Dragon
Noon Words Could Make Wishes Come True Elisabeth and Kaylee
Afternoon One Hell Of An Adjustment Remi and Richard
01/18 Afternoon Way Down We Go ??? The Dragon
Afternoon Missing Her Kain and Kaylee
Late Afternoon That Moment Kain and Silas
01/19 Mid-Morning An Impromptu Interview Cassandra and Richard
Mid Morning Not In This Moment Kaylee
01/20 Night Promises of Change and Violence Eileen, Emily, and Geneva
01/22 Mid-Morning Just Like Last Time Alia and Elisabeth
Afternoon It's Good To Be Back Geneva and Weasel
01/23 Late Afternoon Ten Years Ago Colette
01/28 Afternoon Doldrums Silas and Squeaks
01/29 Late Night Home Is Not A Place, It's A Feeling Elisabeth and Richard
01/30 Early Morning Warrior's Watch Lucille
Afternoon Impossible Puzzles Odessa, Richard, and Squeaks
Late Night A Day In Your Light Delilah and Teo
01/31 Mid-Day Old Dog, Old Trick Choi and… The Dragon
Mid-Day Old Dog, New Trick Choi and… The Dragon
Night Phantasm ???
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