Logs for January 2020

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145 logs posted for January 2020.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/01 Midnight Catching Fire Isabelle and Kay
Twilight You Were Never Eve The Dragon
After Midnight Sore Asi and Godfrey
Daybreak Dangerous Game, Part I Squeaks The Dragon
Morning Forward Asi, Eve, Luther, Monica, Kimberly and… The Dragon
Morning California Girl Kaylee, Richard. and Squeaks The Dragon
Noon Fucked From The Start Adrienne, Yi-Min and Zachery The Dragon
Early Afternoon The Truth of a Lie Eve, Odessa and… The Dragon
Afternoon Handle The Secret Eve, Kaylee and… The Dragon
Afternoon Veiled Eyes Kill Titans Asi, Eve and Silas The Dragon
Evening A Beacon Eve and Nathalie The Dragon
Evening Something Wholly Theirs Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, and Nathalie
Evening Dangerous Game, Part II Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, Lance, Nathalie, Silvia, and Squeaks
01/02 Pre-Dawn Dangerous Game, Part III Adam and Squeaks The Dragon
Daybreak Gauntlet of Fun Shane, Lance, Emily, Liza, Nicole
Early Afternoon Dreamers Round Dumortier, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Finch,
Isis, Kara, Kaylee, Nathalie,
Silas, and Yi-Min
The Dragon
Early Afternoon Kill The Lie Eve and Yi-Min The Dragon
Early Afternoon Back Alley Tangle Dumortier, Isis, and Kara
Early Afternoon Continuity Error Eve, Kara, and Yi-Min
Early Afternoon Pieces of an Unknown Puzzle Elisabeth and Silas
Early Afternoon Shattered Dreams Dumortier, Emily, Kara, Silas, and Yi-Min
Afternoon No Shit There I Was Luther and Odessa
Late Afternoon The Horizon Line Faulkner and Isis
Late Night Hustle Dearing and Rue
01/03 Wee Hours Inspired Nathalie and Rue The Dragon, Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Morning Dawn of the 3rd Day Adrienne, Yi-Min, and Zachery The Dragon
Morning Physics Lesson Chel and Elisabeth The Dragon
Late Afternoon First Friday Dumortier and Zachery
Evening The First Murders Of 2020 Ghost, Shaw, and Townsend Uncharted Territory
01/04 Morning Continued on E6 Odessa
Afternoon Deus Ex Machina Richard The Dragon
Late Afternoon Odile's Coda Richard and Rue The Dragon, Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Late Afternoon Answering The Call Elisabeth, Kaylee and Alia The Dragon
Late Afternoon Fianchetto Alia, Elisabeth, and Chel The Dragon
Early Evening White Queen's Knight Reactivated Devon and Elisabeth The Dragon
Late Evening Rueing Dearing and Rue Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Late Surprise Bitch Brynn, Devon, Emily, Finch, Hailey, Joaquin, Lance, and Lily Stepping Out With a Memory
01/05 Dawn All Was Golden Rue and Seren The Dragon
Morning Interruegation Avi, Devon, Elisabeth, and Rue The Dragon, Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Early Afternoon Timmy's In The Well Again? Abby and Elisabeth
Evening The Girl With the Power Mohinder and Odessa The Dragon
Late Evening I Went to the Store One Day Rue The Dragon
01/06 Morning A Mask of Porcelain Kaylee
Morning Doesn't take a SEER Alia and Asi The Dragon
Morning Dividing Line Elisabeth and Chel The Dragon
Morning A Clever Rues Cesar, Devon, Liza, Rhys, and Rue The Dragon, Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Late Morning Escape From Bitch Mountain Kyla, Odessa, and Pete The Dragon
Afternoon I Want To Believe Everleigh and Shane
Afternoon Breaking the News Aislinn, Alia, Barazani, Bella, Devi, Devon, Elisabeth, Jared, Kaylee, Lou, Luther, Seren, and Warren
Mid-Afternoon Office Coffee Becky, Emily, and Nicole
01/07 Early Morning Incongruent Avi and Rue The Dragon, Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Late Morning Cabin in the Woods Devon and Emily
Afternoon Helping Hands Isabelle and Luther
01/08 Afternoon Human Pupcicle Joaquin and Roxie
Late Afternoon Truehearted Rue and Seren Through a Looking Glass Darkly
01/09 Late Afternoon Is It Really So Much? Devon and Elisabeth
01/10 Early Morning The Oni and the White Snake Asi, Hull, Yi-Min The Dragon
Evening Did You Know Steve Rickham? Magnes and Nicole
Night Me, Myself, and Identity Leroy, Marlowe, Otomo The Dragon
01/11 Pre-Dawn Instant Messaging Everleigh and Leroy
Morning Tempering Asi
Afternoon No Tea, All Ice Cream Emily, Finch, Huruma, and Raquelle
Evening Sondes Van Die Vader, Part I Tibby
Evening Figment of Your Incarnation Elaine and Rhett The Dragon
Late Night Lingering Tension Elaine and Rhett
01/12 Late Morning Fact Check Carver and Zachery
Early Afternoon All Fun and Games Until Eve, Yi-Min and Zachery
Late Afternoon Afterburn Yi-Min and Zachery
Late Afternoon Make a Home Elaine and Rhett
Late Night The Devil You Never Knew Baruti and Nathalie The Dragon
Late Night The Devil You Could Be Baruti and Richard The Dragon
Late Night The Devil You Become Nathalie and… The Dragon
01/13 Morning Left at the Chessboard Alia, Cassandra, Devon, Elisabeth, Rue, and Seren The Dragon, Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Morning Be Good for Goodness' Sake Kaylee and Yi-Min The Dragon
Late Morning We Are Made of Stardust Elaine and Kimiko The Dragon
Afternoon Chokeweed and Brambleberries Ava, Dequan and Dumortier
Early Evening Once Upon an Evening Dreary Carver and Yi-Min
01/14 Morning Waterbreathing Elaine and Rhett
Afternoon Electric Ghosts Elaine, Elisabeth, Kaylee, and Rhett
01/15 Late Morning Resonance Elaine, Kaylee, and Rhett
Afternoon Can You See Her Finn, Lucille, and Peyton
Late Afternoon Normal Enough Emily, Finch, and Roxie
Night Falling Overboard Elaine and Rhett
Night Black Tie Nicole and "Noah" The Dragon
01/16 Early Morning A Questionably Good Morning Nicole and Yi-Min The Dragon
Morning Burnt Offerings Liza and Shane Uncharted Territory
Late Morning Bodega Life Doyle and Silas
Late Morning Just A Matter of Timing Elaine and Robyn
Noon Always Okay Finch and Yi-Min
Afternoon Repairing a Heart Elaine and Rhett
Afternoon Blindsiding Phonecall Kaylee and Silas
Late Afternoon Good News, Not So Good News Hailey, Kaylee and Lance
Evening News From Nowhere Avi, Emily and Lucille
Late Night Zugzwang Alia, Elisabeth, and Richard The Dragon
Late Night Transceiver Richard and… The Dragon
Late Night A Mutual Interest Godfrey, Kaylee, and Yi-Min
01/17 Wee Hours Meet Me on the Battlefield Elisabeth and Eve The Dragon
Early Morning The Shannon-Hartley Theorem Alia and Transceiver The Dragon
Early Morning Skin Deep Elisabeth and Kaylee The Dragon
Late Morning King Hunt Avi, Elisabeth, and Huruma The Dragon
Afternoon Not Today Nicole and Zachery The Dragon
Early Evening Tabula Rasa Nostri Claudia, Monica and Nia The Dragon
Early Evening Murderhobos Everleigh and Shane
Night The Tulpa and the Leviathan Eizen and… The Dragon
Night Happily Ever Now Asi and Silas
01/18 Morning A Cloud of Eve Eve, Elaine and Rhett
Morning Taze Me Kaylee
Afternoon The Eighteenth of January Chess and Miles
Evening Are You Okay? Eve and Robyn
Night Crackle and Pop Alix, Squeaks, and Val
Night Help Me Kaylee, Luther, and Tibby
Late Night Find Me Kaylee and Luther
01/19 Early Morning Beech Please Yi-Min and Zachery
Late Morning Dust to Dust Kara and Yi-Min
Afternoon Taste The Rainbow Liza and Robyn
01/20 Morning Sicilian Defense/Dragon Variation Avi, Dajan, Huruma, and Richard The Dragon
01/21 Evening Fairest of Them All Claudia, Elaine, and Rhett The Dragon
01/22 Afternoon An International Incident Richard, Rhys, and Voss The Dragon
Afternoon A Place I Don't Know Gillian and Robyn
Late Afternoon A Shadowed Homecoming Elisabeth, Kaylee, and Richard The Dragon
01/23 Morning The Gordian Knot Chel and Richard The Dragon
Early Evening Maria, Full of Grace Huruma and Megan The Dragon
Evening Old Soldiers Carver, Colette, Kara, Lucille, Nicole, and Megan
01/24 Afternoon A Good Friend Alice, Claudia, and Squeaks The Dragon
01/25 Late Evening Cheap Wine Everleigh and Shane
01/26 Late Afternoon Orientation Claudia and Monica The Dragon
01/27 Morning Bodyguard Claudia and Monica The Dragon
Morning Sins of My Father Kaylee, Luther and Tibby
Afternoon Girl Scout Cookies Finn and June
Late Night Live Steel Adam, Joy, and Squeaks The Dragon
01/28 Morning Mendacious Adam, Adrienne, Yi-Min, and Zachery The Dragon
Evening A Dream of Peace Claire and Noah The Dragon
Evening A Promise of Violence Hull and Noah The Dragon
01/29 Morning Hic Sunt Leones Cesar, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Lance, Lucille, Shane, and Veronica Blood and Sand
Late Morning As For My Soul Nicole and Zachery The Dragon
Afternoon Let It Come, Let It Go Nicole and Zachery The Dragon
Night Individuals Alix, Alix, Chess, Ivy, Lanhua, Val, and Vi The Dragon
01/30 Morning About the End of the World Isis and Zachery The Dragon
Evening Et Sanguinem Harenae Cesar, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Geneva, Faulkner, Lance, Lucille, Shane, and Veronica Blood and Sand
Evening Laughing Gassed Brynn, Chris, Poppy, Rex, and Seren
Evening Jamais Vu Emily, Faulkner, Geneva, and Lance Blood and Sand
Night In the Company of Wolves, Part II Ash, Curtis, Dearing, and Huruma The Dragon
01/31 Evening Blood and Metal Everleigh and Shane
From To Title Participants Storyline
09/07/2019 01/30/2020 In the Company of Wolves, Part I Ash and Espenosa The Dragon
01/08/2020 01/31/2020 Rues de Guerre Devon Through a Looking Glass Darkly
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