Logs for July 2009

413 logs posted for July 2009.

Date Time Title Participants
07/01 Pre-Dawn Viewers Like You Butch and Hugh
Morning Feeling So Lost Cassidy
Morning Lighting The Way Cassidy and Coren
Noon Discussion Over Dessert Ariel, Colby and Hadley
Early Afternoon The Valkyries Call, Part IV Chester and Sarisa
Afternoon Rather Harmless Felix and Hokuto
Afternoon Impartial Negotiations Arthur and Tracy
Early Evening Message In A Bottle Minea
Evening What Is And What Should Never Be Alison, Gillian and Peter
Evening More Than Pain Gillian
Evening Lowered Walls Carrie and Magnes
Evening Just Following Orders Helena, Leonard, and Matt
Night The Man Without A Soul Adam, Cat, Helena, Huruma, Kaylee, and Leonard
Night A Final Spark Edward, Isabelle and Rickham
Night Saying Goodbye Carrie and Grim
23:00 Interesting Night Abby, Bebe, Cardinal, Deckard, Eloni, Ghost, Logan, Megan, Mu-Qian and Pearl
23:25 Women On The Floor Abby, Cardinal, Deckard and Pearl
07/02 Mid-Morning How Times Have Changed Hadley and Megan
Late Morning Under Wing Delilah and Gillian
Noon Out of the Office Grace and Len
Afternoon Second Chance Niles
Late Afternoon No Brass Bands Please Hadley and Winters
Afternoon Lines In The Sand Cardinal, Ghost and K.Apila
Afternoon Escalation Bebe, Ghost, Logan and Mu-Qian
Afternoon Done Before, Done Again Eileen and Gillian
16:23 You Were Dead? Cat, Gillian, and Helena
16:38 Signal Lost Cat, Helena, Mason, and T.Monk
Evening The Eternal Martyr Abby and Jessica
Evening Collateral Damage Caliban and Linderman
Evening Legitimate Employment Adam, Ash and Kaylee
19:30 Real Live Agent Elle and Magnes
Night Moral Highground Logan and Toru
Late Night Physician, Heal Thyself Hokuto and Kayla
Late Night Disarmingly Charming Delilah and Ghost
Late Night Sanctuary of the Heart Abby and Hokuto
07/03 00:30 I Don't Belong Here Abby and Deckard
Oh-Dark-Thirty Going Back Bebe and Ghost
Early Morning Flea Market Eileen and Raith
Morning Trouble in Paradise Ash and Isis
Afternoon Acting Out Cassidy, Coren, Elisabeth, Leland and Felix
Late Afternoon You Could Do Better Lucrezia and Sonny
Late Afternoon Have To Corbin and Hokuto
Early Evening It's A Little Dreary Alia, Doyle, Hadley and Wendy
Sunset Treason and Trust Nathan and Tracy
Early Evening Airtight Nathan
Early Evening Cabin By The Lake Carrie and Magnes
Evening Time For Yourself Abby and Ariel
Evening Intuitive Self Deconstruction Arthur and Mortimer
Evening Many Things Unsaid Cassidy and Coren
19:00 Nuclear Reactor Cat, Helena, Leonard and Lucrezia
Night AA For Empaths Aaron, Abby and Helena
Night Fire + Water Kain and Ling
Night A Thousand Shadows Arthur, Brian, and Gillian
Night Through the Eyes of Others Eileen and Gillian
Late Night Scotch and Sidearms Isis and Trask
07/04 After Midnight Hush Now Gillian, Hadley and Winters
After Midnight Shadow Hound Arthur and Gillian
After Midnight Have Each Other Gillian and Winters
Morning Swimsuit Issue Carrie and Magnes
Morning Unplanned Adam and Gillian
Morning Not Just A Family Issue Elisabeth and Felix
Noon The Fool's Journey Helena and Hokuto
Noonish 200 Dollars For Five Minutes Cook and Wendy
Afternoon The Greenwich Village Bicycle Daphne and Joseph
Night No Sparks Abby and Victor
Late Night The Price for Knowledge Robin Hood and Tracy
Late Night Too Close to Midnight Eileen, Ethan and Raith
Late Night It Never Snows On Christmas Hokuto and Logan
Late Night Kivuli Ghost and Huruma
07/05 Early Morning A Morning Muffin Brian and Alia
Early Morning The Devil's Hour Logan and Toru
Early Afternoon Extreme Benevolence and Hatred Abby and Jessica
Early Afternoon Or Else? Abby and Caliban
Afternoon Death Imitating Art Maxwell
Afternoon Despicable Duo's First Attack Diogenes, Isis, and Tuck
Afternoon No Favors Gillian and Sal
Late Afternoon Martyrs Cardinal, Edward, John and Rickham
Late Afternoon Meeting Face to Face Joseph and Phoebe
Later Afternoon He'll Never See Us Coming Cardinal, Cat, Elisabeth, and Leonard
Late Evening Stigmata Ghost and Huruma
Night An Innocent Meeting Aaron and Claire
07/06 Early Morning Only One Answer Raith and Wireless
Morning Shadows Of A Bright Future, Part I Alison, Arthur, Autumn, and Sarisa
Morning See No Evil Darien and Hokuto
Late Morning Something Good Corbin and Hokuto
Late Morning I Found Brian Brian, Cat, Elisabeth, and Gillian
Noon Second Opinions Abby and Cassidy
Afternoon Watch Your Back Kaylee and Tuck
Afternoon Reason To Worry Ling
Late Afternoon Not Dead Yet Cardinal and Winters
Late Afternoon Shadows Of A Bright Future, Part II Arthur, Jenn, and Mason
Late Afternoon But I Trust You Magnes and Minea
Late Afternoon No More Innocence Elisabeth and Robin Hood
Early Evening Hard Lesson Learned Carrie and Magnes
Early Evening Mr. Clarification Elle and Magnes
Early Evening Blood Calls Out for Blood Cardinal and Eileen
Night She Believed In Me Carrie and Magnes
Late Night Oil and Paint Phoebe
Late Night Grain of Salt Joseph and Phoebe
07/07 Early Morning Exhibition Ghost, Gillian and Tavisha
Early Morning Malice - Travis David Phelps Malice
09:00 Life And Death Kami Cat and Hiro
Morning Carmen Sandiego and the Awakening Technopath Alia
Mid Morning Lose/Lose Situations Cassidy and Elisabeth
Afternoon Appreciate The Living Abby and Ariel
Afternoon Breaking the Code Alia and Wade
Afternoon Match Record Eve and Gillian
Afternoon Doctor Gwen Stacy Bella and Magnes
Late Afternoon On Matters Magnes Bella and Carrie
Late Afternoon Life Keeps Happening Around You Jake and Megan
Early Evening Just Your Average Bank Robbery Adam, Doyle, Holly, Phoebe, Kaylee, Felix, and Alia
Sunset A Paine To Watch Aude, Danko, Delilah, Isis, Maria, Maxwell, and Mona
Early Evening We Were a Beautiful Fantasy Ghost and Sonny
Early Evening You Can Take The Man Out of the Church Deckard and Joseph
Night Rescuing Nobody Winters, Cardinal, and Sal
Late Night Am Not One Of You Samantha and William
07/08 After Midnight Open-Closed-Open Hadley and Winters
Morning An Abundance of Vagueness Ariel and Diogenes
09:30 What's Going To Change? Abby and Cat
Late Morning Sounds Hinky Elisabeth and Felix
Early Afternoon On Your Trail Carrie
Afternoon Getting Involved Grace, Joseph and Phoebe
Afternoon Personalized Messages Caliban, Jessica and Laura
Afternoon Suitable Arrangement Bao-Wei and Ling
Afternoon Flyers And Toys Abby and Xiulan
Evening New Chapter, Same Page Kain and Logan
Evening Rapture And Registration Alia, Bella and Wendy
Evening We'll Get Him Brian and Helena
Late Night La Mer Eve
Late Night Piling Rocks Eileen and Gabriel
07/09 Morning Harvard Blues Cassidy, Elisabeth and Rebecca with Malice
Afternoon Awkwardness & Arguments Ash, Diogenes, and Isis
Afternoon Of a Friend and Flowers Corbin and Darien
Early Evening Bettering His Situation Caliban and Logan
Evening A Girl Ariel and Colby
Evening Chicken Abby and Deckard
Evening PR Lessons Maxwell, Tracy and Trevor
Evening Catch Without Hands Eileen, Gabriel and Ghost
Night Peace, Reassurance, Pleasure Ghost and Leonard
Night Giving Trust Carrie and Magnes
07/10 Early Morning Twin Chess Gillian and Magnes
Morning Legends That Wear Cement Shoes Cat and Ghost
Morning/Throughout the Day Floodgates Huruma and Logan
Afternoon A Suit with Tennis Shoes Len and Magnes
Afternoon A Mark For A Hanging Felix and Rebecca
Early Evening Ice and Honesty Nathan and Tracy
Early Evening Take Down The Black King Cardinal and Gillian
Early Evening Hells Divided Diogenes and Isis
Evening Truth Like a Rusty Knife Leonard and Sonny
Evening Long Day, Rough Night Deckard and Eileen
Evening Forward and Back Logan and Toru
Night Hanging Delilah, Ghost and Leonard
07/11 Morning Race You Cat and Tamara
Before Lunch A New Regular Discovered Diogenes and Hadley
Afternoon Three Chinese Martinis Len and Tracy
Late Afternoon Remember, It's Not Real Isis, Maxwell, Tamara and Wendy
Early Evening Physics Be Damned! Daphne and Magnes
Evening Being Sick Sucks Abby and Claire
Night Treading Styx Gabriel, Ghost and Teo
Night The Cherub Contemplation Ghost and Gillian
Night A Common Problem Adam, Ash and Kaylee
7/12 Noon I Reckon Colette and Joseph
Afternoon Lion's Flowers Rebecca and Tamara
Afternoon One Glass Slipper Ghost
Afternoon to Night An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life Megan
Late Night What's For The Birds Julian and Thompson
07/13 Evening The Distant Sound of Rain Colette and Tamara
Evening The Kansas City Shuffle Cardinal and Sal
Evening The Most Damage Cardinal, Edward, Rickham, and Sal
Evening Through The Bad To The Good Cardinal and Sal
Evening Only God Knows Abby and Gillian
Night You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Kain and Ling
Night Eye To Eye Edward and Edward
Night My Brother Ghost and Libby
07/14 Early Morning Pawn to Queen Four Gillian and Helena
Early Morning Flowcharts Delilah, Ghost, Helena, Leonard, and Libby
Early Morning No Karma Ghost, Helena and Leonard
Early Morning The Distant Echo of Thunder Colette
Late Morning Morning in the Cathedral Gardens Ariel, Colby, Doyle, Grace and Minea
Early Afternoon Sealed Lips Abby and Phoebe
Afternoon Sky Tour Gillian and Maria
Late Afternoon Textuality Alia and Wade
Late Afternoon Keeping Contact Toru and Ghost
Evening Something Old Alia and Hokuto
Evening ...Thy Father And Mother Arthur and Peter
Evening The Writings on the Wall Eve
Evening Connect The Dots Carrie
Late Evening Smoke On The Water Elle and Gillian
Night Had We But World Enough, And Time Ghost and Leonard
22:45 Gray Squirrel Abby, Cat, and Colette
07/15 Early Morning The Past Repeats Eve and Gillian
15:00 Report a Theft Aude, Felix, and Patrick
15:30 Reveal My Ignorance Bella and Kayla
16:00 Women Are More Religious Abby, Adam and Adelaide
Afternoon I Came For You Maxwell and Wendy
Afternoon Outlook Not So Good Cardinal and Deckard
Early Evening Forget What You Saw Minea and Murdoch
Evening Blind Faith Colette and Gillian
Evening Trickster Corbin and Hokuto
Evening It Doesn't Make You A Bad Person... Ghost and Samantha
Late Night Returning Home Eve
07/16 Noon Hope And A Box Of Pictures Cat, Claire and Eve
13:00 I'll Teach You How To Be Him Abby and Brian
Afternoon Our Time Is Up Ariel and Diogenes
Afternoon Daydreams For a Future Adelaide and Joseph
Afternoon Dogfight Hiro, Nathan, Nathan and Hiro
Early Evening The Shattered Mirror Nathan, Nathan and Tracy
Evening Malice - Phinneas Trent Jacobs Malice
Evening Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Cardinal, Cassidy, and Elisabeth
Evening Summer Air and Spiced Smoke Eileen, Joe and Lucrezia
Night A Buck Short And A Harsh Slap Abby, Buck, Deckard and Leonard
Night Are You High? Deckard and Jet
Night The Talk. Yeah, That Talk. Abby and Leonard
Night Can't Live With Em, Can't Shoot Em Cassidy and Elisabeth
07/17 06:00 Paging Edward Cullen Abby and Magnes
16:00 The Good Fight's Enough Cat and Mona
16:00 Really Really Lucky Bella and Wendy
Afternoon Champions Ghost, Helena and Tamara
Night Daedalus Demands... Alison and Zimmerman
Night ...Icarus Abides Peter and Zimmerman
Night Don't Look Back R.Ajas and T.Monk
Night She'll Be Back Cat and Else
07/18 Midnight Bad In Practice Cat and Edward
Early Morning Imperfect Reflections Rebecca and Tamara
Early Morning The Stranger You Know Bebe and Logan
Afternoon Knowing When To Hold Them Faith Kelly, Hope Kelly and Tracy
Afternoon Matters of Friendliness Logan and Toru
Afternoon Couples' Therapy Magnes, Elle and Bella
Late Afternoon Frequencies Delphine and Matt
Night Song and Shakespeare Darien and Adelaide
Night A Daisy Chain of Emotional Investment Eileen and Ghost
07/19 Sunrise Lessons in Arrogance Curt and Kayla
Afternoon The Hypothetical and the Certain Ghost and Leland
Afternoon Prep Session Adam, Ash, Huruma, Kaylee and Sabrina
Afternoon Done Deal Isis and Patrick
Late Afternoon It's The Same As Always Adelaide, Cassidy and Coren
19:00 A Little Bird Did Tell Me... Aude
20:53 Masterminds Leland and Minea
Night Torn Down Ghost and Sal
07/20 Early Morning Moonwalk Cat and Gillian
Morning A Sweet Reunion Ash and Isis
Morning None Of That Fake Sugar Crap Ghost and Leonard
Morning Visions-a-Plenty Joseph and Rebecca
Afternoon Volatile Elle and Gillian
Late Night Temper Ghost and Teo
07/21 Lunchtime Who's Shrinking Who? Bella and Len
13:00 Little Red Hearts Abby, Cardinal, Claire and Deckard
14:34 Only Mostly Dead Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Delphine, and Helena
5pm Want To Come With Me? Abby and Victor
Early Evening Teddy Bear-O-Gram Elle and Magnes
Early Evening What Is and Isn't Real Bob and Elle
Early Evening Every Way Except Blood Gillian and Victor
Late Evening Bring a Friend to Work Day Ash, Adam, and Jet
07/22 02:00 Okay Means Okay Abby and Deckard
Morning Am I Really Your First Friend? Alec and Elisabeth
Afternoon Days of Future Past and Future Eve and Niki
Afternoon Conflicted Return Len and Veronica
Afternoon Made Of Awesome Colette and Helena
Afternoon Thrick or Threat Tuck and Satoru
Late Afternoon Pieces In Motion Cardinal and Gillian
17:03 Geek Face?! Cat and Magnes
Night Call Me Brian and Veronica
07/23 Afternoon Trouble Seems So Far Away Abby
Afternoon The Great Hunt Carrie, Darla, Magnes and Minea
Afternoon Down The Rabbit Hole Darla and Minea
Afternoon Failure and Stitches Carrie and Magnes
Early Evening Without Weeping Eileen
Early Evening When The Man Comes Around Edward and Libby
Early Evening 4th Year Telepath Tracy and Matt
Evening The Manties Of The American People Kaylee, Maxwell and Wendy
Night Checkmate - Black Knights Arthur, Cardinal, Colette, Deckard, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Ghost, Jenn, Mason, Raith, Rickham, Tyler
Night Checkmate - Attraction Malice and Wireless
Night Checkmate - All Our Pawns Alec, Arthur, Brian, Cook, Elisabeth, Gillian and Leonard
Night Checkmate - Resetting the Board Adam. Ash, Huruma, Kaylee, Maury, Peter and Sabrina
Night Checkmate - Fade to Black Alison, Arthur, Brian, Cardinal, Cat, Colette, Delilah, Edward, Edward, Gillian, Helena, Jenn, John, Libby, Peter and Tyler
Night Checkmate - The Black King Gabriel and Peter
Late Night Something Stupid Logan and Niki & Jessica
Late Night Him Maury and Matt
07/24 After Midnight Audible Ellipses Gabriel and Peter
After Midnight Pinpricks of Guilt Winters and Veronica
After Midnight Those With Faith Delilah and Gillian
Early Morning Blood, Gore, and Butterflies Ash and Isis
04:30 Triage Alec and Elisabeth
05:00 Texts About A Library Cutie Cassidy and Elisabeth
05:30 Where Does The Upending of the Chessboard Leave Us? Alec, Cardinal, Cat, Elisabeth, Teo
Early Morning Too Young and Too British Deckard and Eileen
11:12 It Was All Over The News Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, and Hiro
11:45 You Never Turn Off Cat and Jenn
Afternoon Broken Curt and Veronica
Afternoon Checking In On The Personal Assistant Adam, Kaylee and Sabrina
19:00 Just What The Doctor Ordered Elisabeth and Sal
Early Evening In The Half Of A Hand Leonard and Teo
Early Evening Interchangeable Eileen and Gabriel
Evening Flesh to Bones Deckard and Gabriel
21:00 When The Boss Is Away Danika, Danko, Faith, and Felix
07/25 Early Morning Angel Food Cake Hadley and Helena
16:00 Witness's To A Train Wreck Colby and Faith
Late Afternoon Never A Dull Moment Bebe, Logan and Toru
Late Afternoon Now That We're Alone Toru and Logan
Sunset The Rodent of Unusual Size Carrie, Corbin, Curt, Kayla, Magnes, Veronica
Dusk Truth's, Revelations and Catfish Abby and Dean Beauchamp
Early Evening An Evening Away Winters and Ling
Evening Can't Be A Terrorist Forever Claire and Elisabeth
18:00 How Does That Make You Feel? Danika and Felix
20:00 Never Going Back Maya and Meredith
Evening Doing Something Good Rebecca and Tallie
Evening What Was So Bad About Arthur Petrelli? Adam and Tracy
Evening Evening Run-In Danika and Tracy
Evening Extended Families Brian and Gillian
Late Evening Bullpen Bao-Wei and Brian
07/26 Post-Midnight Two Masters Winters and Brian
Dawn And Thus Is Friendship Rebuilt Alec and Elisabeth
09:00 No Guarantees Brian, Cat, Claire, Elisabeth, and Maya
Morning And A-Healing We Will Go Elisabeth and Hadley
Noon Surreal, Disconnected Adelaide and Gillian
Afternoon Networking Winters and Tracy
Afternoon On Board Adam and Tamsine
Afternoon Apologies Aren't Quite Enough Elisabeth, Leonard and Teo
Evening Important Pieces Eve and Gillian
Evening That's Enough Cat and Eileen
Night Cat Fight Wendy, Gillian, Adelaide and Peyton
Night Welcome to the Family Winters and Xiulan
Night At Bidding of Vast Formless Things Cardinal, Deckard and Xiulan
Night A Rubbish of Human Rind Deckard and Teo
Late Night Welcome to the City Thalia
07/27 Morning Clean Bill of Mental Health Bella and Veronica
Morning Heh... Cop Movie Indeed Elisabeth and Maxwell
Late Morning Chicken Little My Ass Elisabeth and Maya
Afternoon Visiting the Abyss Diogenes and Isis
Afternoon Dénouement Minea
Afternoon Club's Closed Eliot, Peyton and Wendy
Afternoon Suitcase Full Of Clothes Claire, Delilah and Maya
Early Evening Bar Full Of Tattoos Cardinal, Gillian and Minea
Sunset Othello Gillian, Helena, and Peter
Evening All Things Will Die Eileen, Gabriel and Peter
Evening This Is A Serial Killer? Cassidy, Coren, Elisabeth and Felix
Evening So Much Time On Our Hands Coren and Felix
Evening We Are So Screwed Cassidy, Elisabeth and Azrael
Evening Charges of Grand Theft Human Aude, Brian, Isis and Veronica
Late Evening J'adoube Gillian and Helena
Late Evening Some Days It's Not Worth Getting Out Of Bed Elisabeth and Trask
07/28 Early Morning Worthwhile Mess Brian and Isis
Morning Issues With Such Thorns Cat, Elisabeth and Mona
Morning Malice - Marvin Ray Tangent Cardinal, Cassidy and Elisabeth
Morning A Bone To Pick Cassidy, Coren and Elisabeth
Early Afternoon Of Trust and Issues Thereof Colette and Felix
13:00 Boats and Bombshells Bebe, Brian and Cardinal
Afternoon Selfishness And Charity Cardinal and Delphine
Afternoon Butterfly Watching Delphine, Eileen and Ethan
Late Afternoon House of the Rising Sun, Part I Kain
Evening Total Joe Schmoes Brian and Veronica
Evening Platitudes Aaron and Peyton
Night Let Me Help You Cassidy and Coren
Night The Blue Glow Adam, Bao-Wei, Liu, Kaylee and Song
Night Weary but Whole Deckard, Hadley, Leonard and Teo
Night Are We The Good Guys Or The Bad Guys? Cardinal and Elisabeth
07/29 Morning Why You Shouldn't Walk Stoned Curt, Magnes and Veronica
Morning Shadow on Water, Part IV Feng
Morning Life's Too Short Alec and Elisabeth
Late Morning Lost Time Or Mistaken Identity? Adelaide and Gillian
Noon The Envelope Please Ariel and Colby
Noon Something New Alia and Hokuto
Afternoon Old Business Hana and Teo
Early Evening A Little Heretical Eileen and Hokuto
Evening Remember Me Adam, Diogenes and Kaylee
Evening Hot and Cold Diogenes and Isis
18:36 No Specific Date Cat, Delilah, Helena, and Minea
Evening Turned Around Eileen and Raith
Evening Speak of the Devil Eve, Gillian and Peter
Evening Civil Shakedown Kaylee and Winters
Night Bad Trip in Wonderland Brian, Peyton, Teo, Thalia and Wendy
Night Passing On The Message Adam and Kaylee
Night A Stroll In The Park Felix and Diogenes
7/30 Morning Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria Diogenes and Isis
Early Afternoon It's Not the End of the World Peyton and Wendy
Early Afternoon How to Date a Sociopath Magnes and Bella
Afternoon Private Practice Bella and Teo
Afternoon Faith and Despondency Adam, Aude, Brian, Doyle and Peyton
Afternoon Playing Maroczy Winters, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Sal, and Xiulan
Late Afternoon Lex Talionis Cardinal and Sal
Late Afternoon The Beaten Trail Felix and Gabriel
Early Evening Take Me Home Tonight Brian, Deckard, Delilah, Gabriel, Gillian and Lucrezia
18:09 Sleeping On It Cat, Elisabeth, and Helena
Evening Sympathy For The Mere Man Sal and Teo
Night Pride Enough Gabriel and Gillian
Night Not The Lone Wolf Cat, Claire, Helena and Peter
Night You Can't Go Home Brian, Maya, and Peyton
07/31 After Midnight Anything You Say Can And Will Danko and Joseph
After Midnight My Name is Charlie Abby and Danko
After Midnight Does Yer Daddy Drink? Abby and Deckard
After Midnight Happiness is a Warm Gun Colette, Danko, Huruma and Magnes
05:00 Human Enough Deckard and Joseph
Early Morning Agent Varlane Len, Magnes, and Veronica
Early Morning Incorrigible Colette, Judah and Tamara
Morning The Option of Choosing Magnes and Veronica
Morning Under Duress Maya, Minea and Peyton
Late Morning Making Sure Abby and Deckard
08:30 What Was Your Name Again? Cat and Tracy
Afternoon House of the Rising Sun, Part II Dixon, Kain, Lola and Manny
Afternoon What's In The Box? Elisabeth, NPCs by Cardinal
Afternoon The Syllabus Gabriel and Peter
Late Afternoon House of the Rising Sun, Part III Dixon, Kain, Lola and Manny
Late Afternoon Alecto Hana and Teo
Late Afternoon Motorcycles and Ex-Boyfriends Gillian and Winters
Evening House of the Rising Sun, Part IV Dixon and Kain
Evening A Proposal Adam and Brian
Evening The Right Idea Danko and Phoebe
Evening Message in a Bullet Cardinal, Liu and Xiulan
Night As Clear as Smoke Ling, Liu and Song
Late Night Simple Notions Eileen and Hokuto
Late Night Never Against You Brian and Veronica
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