Logs for July 2018

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74 logs posted for July 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
07/01 Morning One Reflection Chess and Tamara
Late Morning A Lot of Maybes Chess and Luther
Afternoon You Are You Cash and Lance
Afternoon All The Questions Richard and Squeaks
Night The Dusty Trail Benji, Calvin, Dearing, Felix, Lucille and Rue Hunters
07/02 Morning It's Not Global Warming Richard and Ruby
Morning Operation Geopoint, Part IV Blue, Colette, Devon, Donna, and Waite Hunters
Afternoon Unearthing Lynette and Sabra
07/03 Early Morning Paper Love Eve
Morning An End Blue, Lauren, and Waite Hunters
Evening Bright, Bold, Manic Eve
07/04 Day The Patient Whitlow Hunters
Early Evening Cracked and Torn Alexander, Berlin, Lucille, Marlowe, Robyn, Rory, Tamara, and Zelda
Evening When Harry Met Sally Anders and Lucille
Late Evening Amending Introduction Marlowe and Zelda
Night Drums Lang
07/05 Wee Small Hours Professionalism Marlowe and Monica
Afternoon The Fifth of July Lang, Odette, and Tara
Evening Extrajudicial Hana and Vincent
Evening Professional, Personal, Existential Hana and Vincent
07/06 Night Old Wounds Colette and Pines
07/07 Evening Association Colette and Greg
07/08 Evening A Hand to Guide You Colette and Joseph
Evening A Hand to Hold You Colette, Tamara and Tasha
07/09 Night Rave Monica Fires of Creation
07/10 Pre-Dawn Impossible, Unwise Monica and T.Amas Fires of Creation
07/11 Morning The Heart of Darkness Bowie, Brynn, Joe, Lance, Owain, Rhys, and Squeaks Dark Below
Afternoon A Different Kind of Seer Marlowe and Richard Fires of Creation
07/12 Afternoon What You Aren't Julie and Robyn
07/13 Afternoon Mineshaft II Avi and Rue Hunters
Evening Mineshaft III Avi and Nick Hunters
Evening Old Wolves Avi and Francois Hunters
Night Not Every Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly Lynette
07/14 Late Night The Bad Moon Rising Avi and Richard Hunters
Late Night Sixteen Missed Calls Emily
07/15 Afternoon Lesser Royalty Richard and Rue Hunters
Sunset Insinuating Colette and Hana
07/16 Afternoon Popsicles and Preparations Devon and Richard
07/17 Evening Crash Course Lance, Owain, and Squeaks
07/18 Night Mistrust Caspian, Devon, Elaine, Keira, Lucille, Lynette, Mateo, and Robyn
07/19 Morning Morning Chaos Kaylee
Late Afternoon Embers of the Times We Had Delilah, Lene, Lynette, Monica, Nia and Niel
Evening Fill Our Empty Vases Huruma and Ryans
Night Looks Promising Berlin and Lucille
07/20 Night Shotgun Monica Hunters
Night Greens, Greens, And Nothing But Greens Delia, Eve, Luther, and Tasha
Night Full Service Joint Jim and Luther
Night I See France Francois and Gwen
07/21 Evening Smoldering Hearts Eileen and Eve
07/22 Wee Hours The Sound of Continued Fighting Colette
Wee Hours Not His War Avi
Wee Hours Humanis Falls - Operation Lariat Claire, Curtis, Dearing and Lucille Hunters
Wee Hours Humanis Falls - Operation Bullwhip Devon, Francois, Robyn and Rue Hunters
Wee Hours Humanis Falls - Operation Ziptie Adel, Berlin, Colette, Hana, Huruma, Mayes, Noa and Vincent Hunters
Wee Hours Humanis Falls - Operation Secret Soup Cesar, Finn, Hector, Iago, Kevin, Monica, and Shambrook Hunters
Noon The Giggle at a Funeral Abby, Hailey, and Lance
07/23 Afternoon The Tower of Terror Lance, Owain, and Squeaks
Sunset Humanis Falls - Post Credits Pending Hunters
Late Night Wszyscy Święci Eileen
07/24 Afternoon The Court of Opinion Lance and Hana
Night Never Alone Kaylee and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Night Debriefing Cesar and Monica
07/25 Afternoon Guest Pass Berlin and Rory
Evening Unknown and Unseen Gillian, Justin and Squeaks
Late Evening Something Different Brynn, Joe, Lance, and Squeaks
07/26 Afternoon Human Intervention Amalia, Bowie, and Kayla Dark Below
Early Evening Not All of Us Are Wizards or Time Lords Cassandra and Zelda
Evening Flesh Is Flesh Eve, Frank and Richard
Evening Business Relations Eileen, Iago, and Monica Fires of Creation
07/27 Dawn Tracks in the Dust Etienne and Kaylee
Morning Thought Bubbles Brynn, Caspian, and Squeaks
Evening I'll Stand by You Brynn and Squeaks
07/31 Twilight Un Discorso Con Me E Me Eve
Night So How Is The Weather? Des Garden of Forking Paths
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