Logs for July 2021

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46 logs posted for July 2021.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
07/01 Late Morning Coffee and a Side of Deflection Brynn, Isis and Kaylee
Late Morning Another Prankster in SCOUT Elisabeth, Erin, and Joe
Evening The Rod of Asclepius Chel, Dave, Harris, and Sabine
07/02 Afternoon Gone with the Coffee Faulkner and Isis
Afternoon Kidnapped Elisabeth and Wright Inferno
Late Afternoon Those People Nicole and Zachery
Afternoon/Evening Tangled Skeins Caderina, Colette, Elisabeth, Hailey, Joe, Lance Inferno
Evening Chaosbringer Elisabeth and Wright
Evening They Took My Baby Merlyn and Wright
Night Ties that Bind Faulkner, Isabelle, Namiko, and Shaw Like Pygmalion
07/03 Morning Hitched Elisabeth, Marthe, and Merlyn
Late Morning Unleashing The Hounds Elisabeth and Huruma
Late Morning Superpower Aida, Ra'id, Kellar, and Lucien Distant Shores
07/04 Early Morning Second Verse Same As The First Elisabeth and Kaylee Distant Shores
Like Pygmalion
Evening Start A Revolution Asi, Marlowe, and Monica Distant Shores
Like Pygmalion
07/05 Midday Out of Their Minds August, Carver, Cesar, Cooper, Dale, Dirk, Kara, Liza, and Salem Distant Shores
07/06 Morning Cancellation August and Kay Distant Shores
Afternoon The Real Deal Asi and Odessa Like Pygmalion
Afternoon The Surreal World August, Bright, Carver, Cesar, Dirk, Kara, Liza, and Reeves Distant Shores
Evening Sleeve Sickness Bright, Kara, and Reeves Distant Shores
Evening Armchair Detectives Carver and Kara Distant Shores
Evening Little Less Conversation Carver and Cesar Distant Shores
07/07 Morning Yeats, Like the Poet August and Carver Distant Shores
Evening Conspiracy of the Willing Devi, Gatter, Marlowe, and Seren Distant Shores
Night In An Endless Sea Conroy, Gatter, Julie, and Sera ???
07/08 Evening Riding Bitch Devi and Elisabeth Distant Shores
07/09 Afternoon What Tomorrow Brings Brynn and Nova Like Pygmalion
07/10 Morning We Are Okay Faulkner and Melody Like Pygmalion
Midday Chiasmus August, Bright, Carver, Cesar, Cooper, Dale, Dirk, Kara, Liza, Salem, and Toussaint Distant Shores
Afternoon To See It For Yourself Marlowe and Seren Distant Shores
Afternoon Who's Got Big Balls Devi and Gatter
Night Sunrise The Entity Distant Shores
Night Sacrifice Damian and… Distant Shores
07/11 Noon The Ǝxecution Abby, Asi, Avi, Colin, Faulkner, Francis, Kaylee, Kirk, Luther, Nicole, Noa, Nova, Verse, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Noon Genesis 19:25 Baruti, Broome, Hiro, Joy, Kellar, Marcus, Nisatta, Raid, Tibby, Uluru, and Wenyi Distant Shores
Like Pygmalion
Early Afternoon Learn to Survive, Part I Abby, Asi, Avi, Colin, Faulkner, Francis, Kaylee, Kirk, Luther, Nicole, Noa, Nova, Verse, Violette, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Ordinary World
Early Afternoon Learn to Survive, Part II Pending Like Pygmalion
Ordinary World
Early Afternoon Learn to Survive, Part III Pending Like Pygmalion
Ordinary World
Sunset Sunset Baruti, Rue, and Tibby Distant Shores
Night Midnight Eclipse Kane, and Lucas Distant Shores
Night The Hollow Crown Marlowe Distant Shores
07/12 Wee hours Sqkr no Sqking Jac Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Water Below Brynn, Colette, Daphne, Gabriella, Gillian, Isabelle, Jac, Scott, and Shaw Like Pygmalion
07/13 Afternoon The Mountain Above Pending Like Pygmalion
Evening Remote Correspondence Gatter and Seren Distant Shores
Evening Time Lapse Elisabeth and Noah Distant Shores
Night Six Rounds Lang and Sera ???
07/16 Evening The Wizard of Oz Doyle AND MORE TO COME
From To Title Participants Storyline
06/29 07/02 Last Resort Babysitter Ames, Marthe, and Barb
06/29 07/02 ɹǝʇʇᴉsʎqɐq ʇɹosǝɹ ʇsɐ˥ Ames, Marthe, and Barb Inferno
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