Logs for Kaitlyn Nicole Dooley
Kaitlyn_V7.jpg There is a cranky woman found deep within Midtown, protected by only her three dogs, she avoids all people. Why? She is a healer and with that ability comes a price of feeling others discomfort like an itch you wnat to scratch.
A winter of all winters. It sweeps through New York and displaces Kaitlyn from her hovel, leaving her in the cold. But she doesn't stay that way too long. A case of mistaken identity will drag Kaitlyn into the night. Kaitlyn_V9.jpg
Kaitlyn_V12.jpg Out from the Institutes depths, Kaitlyn emerges a much different person. Thanks to the strings that have been pulled, she is free again, but this time she's using her ability to help out the soldiers of FRONTLINE. Well… sorta.
Slowly spiraling back into the woman she once was. Surely and unhappy around people, especially the idiots. Which she probably thinks of most of them. Kaitlyn's only joy in life anymore is the drone, Proto, that DHS has allowed her the honor of being the handler of. It brings back a time of her life when she was happier. However, there is a darkness deep in her as she finds herself enjoying her work… bringing down the evolved that get in her way. She hates what she is… even if her ability is considered a gift by some. Kaitlyn wouldn't be unhappy if she lost her ability. Kaitlyn_V13.jpg
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