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kaylee_v6.jpg A young college student meets a mysterious man on Staten Island and, with a wild story about love and betrayal, he changes her life forever. Taken under the wing of Adam Monroe, Kaylee is plunged into a world of lies and deceit. The young telepath learns about a dark temptation within her, encouraged by her immortal mentor and friend. The relationship between Kaylee and Adam grows into one of a family, including him telling her who she can or can not date. Forbidden from Staten and made to work at Biddy's to keep her from trouble, she becomes more of an overprotected daughter.
Kaylee is drug around the country while Adam Monroe kills company founders. During one confrontation Kaylee is implanted with a suggestion that makes her body shut down around Adam. To save her life, the young telepath has to run away from the life she knew. Her path puts her into the care of the Ferrymen. There she learns the truth about Adam and just how many people used her to get to him. In a strange twist, she saves the life of Angela Petrelli freeing herself from a slow and painful death. She also finds a better purpose and friendships within the Ferrymen. kaylee_v7.jpg
kaylee_v8.jpg Normally falling for the bad boys, Kaylee is surprised when she finds that she's drawn to Pastor Joseph Sumter, who is a far better person then she is. How could anyone like that even look at her? (Beyond the fact he is technically still married.) When he goes missing, kidnapped for experiments by a Company Doctor, Kaylee with her new friend Colette, vow to bring him home again, no matter the cost. There are a number of trials and obstacles along the way, that forces her to face her inner demons as she attempts to become a better person and get the man she cares about back….. but when the stress of the situation comes to a boiling point, it threatens to break her and plunge her back into the shadows of her soul.
Joseph's home, but she still can't tell him how she feels. Grand Central is full of detoxing people. The Nightmare Man is defeated, leaving her with a hell of a headache… What's going to happen next?!? So far she's dating a certain Paramedic, looking for a touch of normal… But also learning more about her father and realizing that normal may never happen, even if she survives the super Evo Flu. kaylee_v9.jpg
kaylee_v10.jpg The never ending snow, illness and falling in love have turned Kaylee's world upside down. Now that the snow is melting, will everything she's gained melt away as well? Or will it endure? For a woman who has been struggling to learn to be a better person, she's unable to know what the future holds for her. She only knows her life is full of unanswered questions that she wants the answer too.
A message from her father, planted in the memories of a woman, informed Kaylee that she had a brother and a sister. The cryptic message brings more questions. Now she's waiting to find out more. She also lives in fear of a time traveling assassin, who tried to kill her in 1945, when Kay was helping Hiro Nakamura. The only things that seem good in her life is the friends she'd making, Missy and… well… above all that Joseph. Not that he knows that. kaylee_V11.jpg
Kaylee_V12.jpg Five years have been lost of her life to a Victorian world, molding her into a woman. With her family and the love of a good man to strengthen her, Kaylee must readjust to a modern world that hasn't aged at all and settle back into a violent and dangerous exsistence. As the riots ravage the city, what will happen to the telepath and her family in the aftermath? Will she ever see her father?
Kaylee has never been happier her whole life, despite all the negative going on. Joseph makes her feel complete and she knows they will live their life together, but she knows there may be a time limit. With the dream of their final chapter, Kaylee knows she wants it… all of it but even more. She'll need him as she struggles through the chaos of her family, the dreams that plague people, Eileen's dual minds, the memories of a strange woman (Hannah) that haunts her, and let us not forget the robots. There are so many more challenges ahead and Kaylee will meet each one head on, with a stubbornness and perchance for trouble that she will swear she didn't inherit from her father. Kaylee_V13.jpg
Kaylee_V14.jpg The future is not always set in stone, and unfortunately, Kaylee has been shown one of hers. It haunts her when she is awake and makes her fear closing her eyes at night. The fading sensations of cold grave stones and child birth, is why she never wanted to know. Sometimes, it is just better not to know. She not only is the holder of her own future, but also one of the recorders, collectors, and founts of information for the dreamed future. Going forward, Kaylee will try her best to change her future; making sure Hannah, and any future children, do not have to live without their father. Her reasoning may be a little selfish, too. She does not want to live a life alone.

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