Logs for Keagan

December 2010

Keagan-Logs1.jpg Keagan's adventures hit the grid!
Date Title Summary Cast
12/26 Picking a Pro Lola finds out Keagan has a habit of stealing, and her interest is piqued. Keagan, Lola
12/26 Off to a Running Start After a practical joke goes south, Keagan and Anna find themselves running for their lives. A romantic spark flickers to life. Keagan, Anna
12/27 Relationship Advice Keagan is introduced to Amadeus, who has some rather unsavory relationship advice. Keagan, Anna, Amadeus
12/28 Puppies Fix Everything Yana gives Keagan a puppy! Wait, was he mad about something? Keagan and Yana
12/29 Mind Your Manners When Keagan takes Anna to a fancy restaurant, Yana is waiting for them. To make things more complicated, Evan is there as well, who knows some of Anna's less admirable past. Keagan, Anna, Yana, and Evan
12/29 Ain't A Bed of Roses After lunch, Keagan and Anna go to a rose garden nearby. They both discover unsettling truths about each other. Keagan and Anna

January 2011

Date Title Summary Cast
01/02 There's Always a Boss Keagan and Anna go skating down a sewer pipe and run into Bao-Wei. Magnes rescues them from the dragon, but Keagan doesn't have anyone to rescue him from Yana Keagan,Anna, Magnes, Bao-Wei, and Yana
01/02 Be a Good Boy After getting back into the car, Keagan is furious about the way Anna was treated. Yana makes subtle threats against her if he doesn't behave. Keagan and Yana
01/04 Dragons Smagons Magnes drops by to see Keagan. Yana still doesn't believe there was a dragon in the sewer. Keagan, Magnes, and Yana
01/05 Not a Bad Lift Keagan lifts Sable's cash. He might've gotten away if Anna hadn't shown up to scold him for almost getting hit by a truck. Keagan, Sable, and Anna
01/07 Of Evolved and Space Aliens Keagan meets Nocturne on the street, and learns a little about the homeless man. Keagan and Ziadie
01/09 What A Day Keagan runs into Koshka. Literally, Anna sees it happen, and Koshka meets the puppy love pair. Keagan, Koshka, and Anna

February 2011

Date Title Summary Cast
02/11 Salem, Part I Stuck inside the dome, ruthlessness is at an all time high. Keagan, Amadeus, Devon, Edgar, Feng,Melissa, Perry, and Ygraine
02/12 Democracy in the Dome The residents of the dome try to figure out what to do next. Keagan, Devon, Doyle, Elle, Jaiden, Melissa, Perry, and Ygraine
02/12 Truth Tastes Terrible Keagan learns some unsettling information about Yana's employment and about her friend, Magnes, Immediately follows Democracy in the Dome. Keagan, Doyle, Elle, Keagan, and Ygraine
02/16 Tooth and Nail The motley crew Keagan is running with in the dome have to liberate some food supplies. Elle, Jaiden, Keagan, and Ygraine
02/17 Crazy Dome Conspirators Keagan manages to get a call out to Yana from within the dome. Keagan and Yana
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