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luc-vol9.png Years after her mother's death and still not doing good with it. Lucille Ryans is just trying to find a healthy balance in her life. Not sure what to do with herself, she gets a job as a bartender at Old Lucy's. Taking anti-depressants and suffering from the side effects unknowingly. Lucille is fighting for her sanity and for her life. In the event of a tragedy, she is thrust into her father's world. She doesn't even suspected how closely she's connected to the events going on..
February 2010
25th I Want To See You Happy Lucille and Ryans Ryans and his oldest sit down to dinner and talk about Lucille's career choice and his retirement.
28th Distrusted Altruism Joy, Lucille, Magnes and Mortimer Lucille chats with Mortimer and meets Joy, who in turn meets Magnes J. Varlane again for the first time.
March 2010
3rd As Fun As A Math Test Lucille, Melissa and Mortimer Melissa, Mortimer and Lucille all happen to converge on the street. Words are exchanged and snowballs are thrown.
4th Yes to Pretty Snow Lucille and Odessa Odessa enjoys a morning cocktail, because it's 5 o'clock somewhere, and makes small talk with Lucille.
8th Wayward Snowflake Felix, Liette, Lucille and Melissa There was nothing accidental about this tragedy in Little Italy, and the Ferry comes into possession of a wayward snowflake.
9th Telling Daddy Lucille and Ryans Lucille rushes over to tell her daddy what happened to her, not realizing who her father use to be.
17th Working Secret Lucille and Ryans Lucille comes to make sure her dad is alive and gets all in his face over his not calling. What is not talked about is the fact he's working again.
24th Hot Daddy Lucille and Ryans Lucille finds out about what happened to her dad, but not before she screams — loudly.
24th Seeing Both Sides Adelaide, Alexander, Lucille and Odessa At a party to celebrate Lucille making the cover of a fashion magazine, Odessa and Alexander discuss the state of things, commiserating over whiskey.
April 2010
8th Thanks Beefy Ash and Lucille Lucille is saved from a mugger by an unlikely hero. They don't even realize the connections they have to each other.
20th Terminator 2 - Ryans Faceoff Delia and Lucille Duct tape, swearing, popcorn, and phones. When the Ryans girls fight, they do it up right.
May 2010
5th Midtown Undie Strangler Delia and Lucille Lucille and Delia get in a pseudo fight over a guy.
12th Not Ten Anymore Lucille and Ryans Ryans and Lucille get into an argument over what happened to Delia.
17th It Only Leads To Trouble Deckard and Lucille Mutual insomnia quickly deteriorates into future rage blackouts for one Company agent and regular head trauma type blackouts for another.
19th War Economy, Part II Delia, Huruma, Jimmy, Lucille, Knox and Ryans An unlikely alliance between Company and Messiah — secret government organization and terrorist cell — ends with two lives saved, but one life lost.
19th Like A Wild Animal Delia, Huruma,Lucille and Ryans After being rescued, Delia gets the fun of pulling a bullet out of Huruma's side, while her father and sister hold the woman down.
luc-vol11.png After the winter has ended, Lucille went off to Paris, perusing her modeling career again. Not knowing of what's going on at home. She is one day approached by a man from the _institute her life is changed as she goes on the run and fights for her survival. Returning home and being taken in by the _ferrymen after a long time being on the run, she has to come to terms with her newly manifested Evolved ability and all the secrets that she is learning from her family.
October 2010
3rd The Lost Lion Cub Bennet, Eldridge,Lucille and Rebel Lucille Ryans has been on the run for a long time…
14th It Hits the Fan Delia, Lucille and Ryans Benjamin's homecoming isn't quite as sweet as one would have hoped.
16th Daddy's Secrets Lucille and Ryans Lucille finally shows Ryans some forgiveness over the past, giving them both some peace.
November 2010
7th United We Stand, Part IV Lucille and many others While preparing for the end of the world as she knows it, Lucille takes the time to talk to someone that she hasn't spoken to in years.
luc-vol12.png After spending a few weeks recuperating and getting herself together on the island that the Ferrymen are currently calling home, Lucille heads back to the city. On a mission to help save her sister by doing anything she can. Awakening the lioness within, Lucille changes more and more. Almost not recognizable to herself, trying to cling to as many good memories and things as possible. Armed with a new job and new friends. Lucille begins to delve into a world she had no idea existed. The people and situations involved in this world.. are shocking to Lucille.
November 2010
8th Yahtzee! Huruma, Lashirah, Liza, Lucille, Lynette, Ryans and Toby The group at Gun Hill sit and discuss last minute plans, the hot styles for this year's Armageddon and how to stay calm without the use of alcohol. Also, cupcakes.
8th Loose Wheel Delia, Jaiden and Lucille This time It's Delia that picked a fine time to leave… leaving Lucille a loose wheel.
8th Lioness' Test Lucille Every wild animal must learn to survive in the jungle alone.
8th Exodus, Part I Huruma, Jaiden, Lucille, Ryans, and Smedley One group of escapees make their way out of New York, and pick up a few stragglers and narrowly avoid a group of rioters.
8th The Ocean Calls Lucille and Smedley The ocean's calling, but more than one person isn't willing to let Lucille answer it.
12th In Exile Lucille and too many other people On the 12th of November, three days into the aftermath of the events of the 8th, the remains of the Ferrymen council hold a meeting at the heart of Pollepel Island to address the disaster's survivors and discuss, as a whole, the tragic losses suffered by the network and what steps it intends to take next.
14th Beachside Getaway Lucille and Quinn Two temporary denizens of Pollepel Island find each other on the beach, even if they shouldn't be there.
17th The Ninja, Pirate and Mysterious Woman Kendall, Lucille and Wilhelmina Sometimes you just have to run with your imagination. Plus teenage love.. is awkward.
17th Monsters in the Fog Barbara, Eileen, Lucille and Shannon Although never quite //complacent, the Ferrymen on Pollepel Island are caught off-guard by an unpleasant reminder of what awaits them back home in New York City.
23rd Broken Heart Corner Dema and Lucille Dames - if they aren't in trouble, the are trouble.
27th Amazed By You Girls Lucille and Ryans Lucille prepares to leave the island and Ryans asks her to pass along a message.
28th Just Breathe Jaiden and Lucille Sometimes you just have to breathe.. or you'll go insane.
28th Cutthroat Job Market Lexington and Lucille Lucille endures Lexington's harsh, thorough and extremely intense interview process.
29th I Killed A Girl And I Liked It Lola and Lucille Lucille meets a woman that might be able to teach her a thing or two.. if Lola doesn't kill her first.
29th I'm A Marvel And I'm A DC Cardinal, Lucille and Monica When everyone's out past when they should be, Lucille meets with a couple out of touch Endgamers, and there's a wee bit of a reunion.
December 2010
3rd To Friendship, Tempura and Sushi Lucille and Quinn Two new friends have lunch and a toast is involved. Also, flyer models.
3rd Games Lucille and Tahir Of which, both Tahir and Lucille are playing. Tahir loses this round though. Lucille FTW.
4th Special Occasion And Just Because Astor and Lucille Astor spends some money and Lucille hopes for a free coffee.
5th Ryans, The Sperm Donor Lucille and Russo These Ryans family reunions never seem to go right.. and daddy Ryans needs to stay away from women.
5th Ho Ho //Boom!// Jason, Keira, Lexington, Lucille and Seamus Explosions fill the night sky, as the businessmen of the underworld set their pawns in motion, to weaken the ranks of their competitors.
6th We Don't Even Need Six Degrees Of Separation Lexington, Lucille and Seamus After the explosion, Lexi, Seamus and their newfound friend Luce find a place to lay low and regroup. And chat! The Ryanses are an interesting bunch. Ben's ass is discussed.
January 2011
24th Be My Sensei Huruma and Lucille Lucille beckons Huruma for some grounding time, and they talk family and personal capability.
25th Good Morning Lucille and Tahir Everybody should have one.
25th Be My Sensei Lexington, Lola and Lucille Lexi and Luce seek out some information about Walsh. Plus, Lexi uses it as an opportunity to kick the fledgling out of the nest.
February 2011
23th What Goes Down... Lucille, Samara and Tahir …must come up?

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