Logs for March 2009

414 logs posted for March 2009.

Date Title Participants
03/01 We Live In A Dangerous World Alec and Elisabeth
Rich Bitch Brunch Lucrezia, Nalani and Nisha
Present Tense Alexander, Boxer and Helena
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Felix and Katherine
Finding The Rotten Egg Brian and Gillian
Fighting Hurts Konga, Magnes and Vasya
The Only Hero... Jack, Rocket and Tavisha
...Is A Dead Hero Baxter, Elisabeth, Jack, Leland, Rocket and Tavisha
The Price of Freedom Eileen, Jack, and Tavisha
The Sharp End Logan and Muldoon
03/02 A Painful Truth Abby and Magnes
Not Pleased Bebe and Jack
The Ten Foot Squid Brian and Kameron
Half-Hinged Fedor, Jake and Teo
Something to Hold On To Elisabeth and Kayla
Unlike Cowardly Brian and Teo
Pouring Fire on the Gas Elisabeth and Katherine
Cherchez le Deckard Kameron and Leah
Do The Right Thing Stella and Victor
Old Blue Veronica and Winters
Rendezvous Gillian and Goodman
Growing Up Is Such Barbarous Business Alec and Elisabeth
I Hate Lawyers Coren, Felix and Katherine
Jasmine, Rims, Cardinal And A Brit Cardinal, Hugh, Nalani and Tuck
Lost Eve and Tavisha
03/03 On Proper Handling Of Flammable Substances Isabelle and Teo
Neutral Territory Felix and Teo
To The Point Colette and Kameron
There's No Place Like Home Cameron, Helena, and Verse
Is This The Real Life Boxer and Satoru
Chunky Salsa Felix, Myron and Rebecca
I Won Veronica and Winters
Just A Job Veronica and Winters
9mm Binky Felix and Leland
Like Moths Colette and Tavisha
Trying Science Colette and Tavisha
Making Plans Cardinal and Fedor
Solitude Eileen
Mutual Friends, Mutual Acquaintances Eileen and Logan
Heartless Lucrezia and Teo
It's Our Country Samantha
Lioness Jake and Samantha
03/04 Tonight Deckard, Eileen and Teo
Not Without My Husband Goodman and Gwendolyn
Value of a Life Cat and Eileen
One Upon A Rapture Eliot and Samantha
Leave it to Death Rebecca and Murdoch
Walking on One Shoe Judah and Tamara
Leaving Breadcrumbs Colette and Tamara
If I Could Turn Back Time Brian and Kameron
I Missed You Matt and Molly
Coliseum Diplomacy Deckard, Eileen, Logan, Muldoon, Rico and Teo
Playing by the Rules Eileen, Ethan, Kain, Manny, Tavisha and Vasya
Inconvenience Eileen, Kain and Manny
Values of Consequence Gillian and Tavisha
03/05 Adam Black Elisabeth and Katherine
Mr. King Would Like a Word Helena, Satoru and Shard
Coliseum Diplomacy, Part II Deckard, Eileen, Logan, Muldoon and Teo
How Was Your Day, Dear? Katherine and Veronica
Left This Behind Gwendolyn and Hugh
One Sided Conversation Abby
Don't Drink The Punch Hiro and Minea
It's A Deal Hiro and Minea
Everyday Kayla, Maria and Renee
Lying by Omission Eileen and Tavisha
Skint Eileen and Hugh
03/06 The Right To Remain Silent Deckard, Elisabeth and Felix
A Lean Wind Flays Hana and Teo
Only A Bad Girl Lies Adam, Matt, and Molly
Learning The Code Alec and Tallie
Error Margin Elisabeth and Teo
Phone Call Deckard and Teo
Open and Shut Deckard, Felix and Leland
Hollingwood v. NYPD Coren and Nalani
Dislocated Niki
Hero Samantha
Interview or Interrogation? Fedor and Kinney
Dinner and a Movie Alec and Elisabeth
Go Home Tavisha and Victor
Entreaty Eileen, Tavisha and Teo
03/07 Very Cosmopolitan Grace, Jake, Samantha, Zuleyka and Catalina
She Had It Coming Rebecca and Coren
Sing Sweetly Little Red Bird Cardinal and Nalani
Middle Ground? Elisabeth, Katherine and Maria
Thank You Cat and Hiro
A Parting Of Ways Felix and Teo
03/08 A Very Frail Thread Abby and Cardinal
Company Deposit Carter and Minea
What Did Forensics Turn Up? Cat and Elisabeth
Say The Word Deckard and Elisabeth
Obliterated Ethan and Konga
Time To Leave Delphine and Ethan
Affectations Felix and Judah
03/09 Can You Tell Me If She's Alive? Elisabeth and Minea
A Dick By Any Other Name Ezra, Myron, and Rebecca
Beacon Colette
Breaking And Entreating Cardinal, Elisabeth, Nalani and Thomas
Congratulations, It Turned Red Elisabeth, Thomas and Cardinal
Man, What've Things Come To? Elisabeth, Coren and Felix
There Is No Protocol For Dealing With Nalani Hollingwood Coren and NPCs by Nalani
Visitation Cardinal and Deckard
Blonde Bombshells In Prison Helena and Jessica
First Aid Kayla and Megan
A Little Poison With Your Bread Victor, Danika, Eliot, Minea, Felix, Katherine and Delilah
Dead or Alive Bao-Wei, Liu, and Song
One Night In Pawn Shop Carter and Samantha
Errand Boys Teo and Amato
Once The Spider, Now The Fly Carmichael and Lucrezia
Coming Home Amato
Missing Amato and Teo
Highly Trained Agents Deckard, The Haitian, Veronica and Winters
God and Forgiveness Eileen and Tavisha
Bowling for Muldoon Cardinal, Fedor, Jake, Teo and Zuleyka
Pulling Stitches Sonny and Teo
03/10 Apology is Not an Option Cat, Coren and Grace
Post-Script Teo
Cracked Deckard and Felix
Spider Crown Catalina
Dosage Verse
Introspective Retrospect Minea and Katherine
Talking Veronica Sawyer Elisabeth and Katherine
This Is Increasingly Baroque Elisabeth and Felix
Piss Poor Planning Veronica and Katherine
Picnic with the Chopper Cardinal, Fedor, Jake and Zuleyka
Will You Be My Shezadi Mohinder and Nalani
Don't Call Me Kitty Felix and Minea
Rats Under the Moon Cat, Claire, Claude, Deckard, Flint, Hiro and Teo
Inventory Constantine and Eileen
The Tucker Family Reunion Rocket and Tuck
Relationships Without Benefits Cardinal and Pearl
03/11 None Are Broken Cat and Kinson
What Exactly Do You Hope To Accomplish Here? Elisabeth and Jennifer
About That Fire Elisabeth and Rebecca
Her Answer Is... Lucrezia and Verse
Doing the Right Thing Jennifer and Ygraine
Learn Something Ethan, Logan, Muldoon, Tavisha and Teo
Singing in the Rain Eileen and Logan
The Fast and the Furious Daphne and Jack
Nobody Expects... Abby, Cardinal, Cat, Elisabeth, Fedor, Hiro, Isabelle, Jake, Magnes, Trask and Zuleyka
Close to the Chest Constantine, Eileen and Teo
My Favorite Color Rebecca
03/12 Bloody Legacy Nina and Tavisha
What Side Of The Line Are You On? Cardinal and Elisabeth
Off To See The Wizard Cat, Elisabeth and Jake
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Trask and Elisabeth
Greasing Wheels Elisabeth and Katherine
Smack My Bitch Up Helena, Jessica, and Tabitha
If... Colette and Tavisha
Road To Recuperation Abby, Cardinal, Fedor and Huruma
Pissing Contest Elisabeth, Felix, Veronica and Katherine
Be Quiet Tyler
Godspeed Abby, Cardinal, Carter and Teo
Breakin' the Law Django and Nalani
Pillow Talk Katherine and Veronica
Knowing Better Gillian and Tavisha
Skater Boy Meets Biker Girl Elvis and Magnes
03/13 No Rest For The Non-Wicked Elisabeth and Cat
Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well Alec and Elisabeth
John vs John Cardinal and Logan
Arisen Eliot, Goodman, and Zoe
How Could We Not Abby and Elisabeth
Clear Cut Elisabeth and Myron
Your Hubris Is Showing Bao-Wei, Winters, and Veronica
Vaguely Nutty Abby and Coren
The Great Vision Abby and Rebecca
Foot In The Door Abby and Coren
Victory Dance Eliot and Zoe
The Perfect Date Eliot and Samantha
Domino Adam, Goodman
Under the Covers Carter and Kaydence
A Real Sweetheart Veronica
Matters of Trust Cat, Deckard, Delilah and Teo
Yes, Higher Fedor and Teo
Probability Drive Chloe, Chu-hua and Magnes
03/14 The Charming Pizza Pusher Magnes, Chu-Hua and Samantha
Reflections Coren and Rebecca
Bought and Souled Cardinal, Bebe and Tuck
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Elisabeth, Coren, Oleander Thespuda, and Abby
Enter Toad-Girl Cat and Delilah
Welcome Home Django
Sounding Boards Grace and Megan
You're A Freelancer Cardinal and Cat
The Weakest Link Kain and Muldoon
Beating Heart Ethan and ???
Honorary Blonde Nalani and Lori
Miscalculation Abby, Deckard and Teo
All About Miranda Veronica and Katherine
Big Gamut of Guy Emotions Elisabeth and Alec
36 Katherine and Elisabeth
Suicide By Cop Felix and Teo
Searching for Serenity Elisabeth
03/15 Fear and Loathing Deckard and Logan
With a Capital "T" Deckard and Magnes
The New Girl In Town Alexander, Boxer, Helena, Jessica, and Lucrezia
Twisted Sister Elvis and Magnes
Sons of Scotland Django and Satoru
Check The Pet Shops Bao-Wei, Elisabeth and Felix
Where The Hell Is That Line? Elisabeth and Felix
Handle Elisabeth and Rebecca
No, You Logan and Teo
Tit for Tat Cardinal and Elisabeth
Talking About Moab Cat, Elvis, Kinney, and Teo
Little More Than a Man Constantine
03/16 India Ink Sonny and Teo
The All-Seeing Cat Abby and Cat
Short Sleeves Cardinal and Fedor
A Cat In A Mig-21 Cat and Fedor
Making New Friends Alexander, Django, Helena, and Satoru
Hit Samantha
Oldest Trick In The Book Magnes and Minea
Come Fetch Hiro, Magnes, Minea and Teo
Memento Mori Ezra and Libby
Just Be... Liu, Myron, Song, Tyler, Veronica, Brian, Elisabeth, Ezra, Felix and Katherine
Be Alive Ezra and Libby
Just A Man Cardinal and Huruma
Wandering Rocks Eileen
03/17 Doing Something Kind of Major Jennifer and Ygraine
I'm Asking... Nalani and Sabra
I Know Why The Jailbird Sings Django and Helena
Savory Company Delilah and Teo
No Take-Backs Sonny and Teo
Babysteps Abby and Isabelle
Pay Up Carmichael, Felix, Tavisha and Victor
03/18 Made Broken Carmichael, Tavisha/Sylar, Verse
The Survivor Audrey and Verse
For Want Of Ruby Slippers Sylar
For Gods Sakes Stop Saying That Word Abby and Magnes
We Call... Cat and Elisabeth
Nothing Better to Do Kayla and Megan
Jailhouse Prom Queen Helena, Jessica, and Lucrezia
Arbeit Macht Frei Django and Satoru
Girls Who Wear Glasses Rebecca and Zoe
Finding The Path To Normalcy Abby and Elisabeth
Crudely-Drawn Heart Kinney and Sacha
Enjoy The View Katherine and Maria
I Want Forever... On My Terms Elisabeth and Trask
Now A Gentle Beast Felix and Teo
Look Who's Coming to Dinner Adam
Felix Ivanov is in St. Luke's again Felix and Leland
You Do This Often? Abby and Leland
Evening Workout Cardinal
Closer to Okay Hana and Teo
03/19 At the Drop of a Hat Aviators, Feng, Sarisa and Wagner
A Spoonful of Sugar Katherine and Victor
In the Dark Deckard and Eve
Past Tense Leland and Felix
The Giving Curse Eileen, Gabriel and Teo
Lattes and Pheromones Abby and Coriolan
There's Always Hope Django, Helena, and Satoru
Like Oil And Water Abby and Sonny
Truth In Eight Words Bebe and Teo
Idealist Cardinal and Deckard
Proposition/Indecision Eliot and Nalani
Idiotically Sonny and Teo
Penance Amato and Scott
Twelve Cardinal, Cat, Eliot, Tuck and Zoe
Far Too Vague Cat and Hiro
Spare Parts Constantine and Deckard
Not That Kind Of Question Elisabeth and Coren
03/20 A Lull in Crisis Katherine, Miranda and Veronica
Tonight We Dine In Hell Abby and Delilah
NYPD vs. FBI -- FIGHT! Elisabeth and Felix
Plus One West
Tourists Claire and Laura
Thank You For Flying Chicago Air Cardinal, Jake, and Zuleyka (NPCs by Fedor)
Desperately Seeking Hiro Rebecca and Magnes
Not A Tame Lion Eliot and Zoe
You Don't Owe Me Anything Abby and Coren
Fealty Abby and Felix
Live A Little Cardinal and Elisabeth
03/21 Fire Sign Written Baxter, Elisabeth and Isabelle
I Do Believe In Fairies Abby, Baxter, Elisabeth and Knowles
Getting Reacquainted Simon, Elisabeth and Cat
The 37th Bolivar, Felix, Samantha, Simon and Veronica
Balance Katherine
You Want Me To Do WHAT? Elisabeth and Lori
All Is Forgiven Abby, Felix and Victor
Liquid Courage Brian and Veronica
Just Desserts Sonny and Teo
Peek-a-boo! I See You! Laura and Samantha
The Gospel of Luke Deckard and Joseph
Buddy Movie, Pt 1 Cardinal and Brian
03/22 Birds Eye View Elisabeth and Katherine
Minutes Over and in Moab Alexander, Boxer, Cat, Django, Fedor, and Helena
Target Samantha
Pastrami Attack Jezebel and Simon
Simple but Complicated Abby, Cardinal and Elisabeth
The Only One Gillian, Goodman and Jenny
Target Practice Elisabeth and Leland
Taking a Vacation Hagan and Laura
Visions And Revisions Eve and Teo
The Kids Are All Fucked Up Abby, Cat and Claire
Unexpected Kindness Magnes, Tamsine and Victor
Moving Fast Grace and Sawyer
A Smoothie From The Future Magnes, Xiulan, Tallie, Hiro
03/23 Sharp-Focus Perspective Gillian and Teo
The Blame Game Eileen and Gabriel
Not Thinking Recruitment Cat and Elisabeth
As Smoothly as Expected Cat, Coren and Grace
First You Pop Off Their Heads, Then You Suck Abby and Huruma
Sorry to be Nosy Kayla, Veronica and Winters
Business Call, Social Call Eileen and Teo
Can't Not Claire and Hiro
Modern Art Or Not Laura and Samantha
Heal And Run Abby and Veronica
And Then There Were Four Jackal, Vera, Chloe, Hugh and Terry
The Wind Cries Brooke and Doyle
Another Parkman Carter and Cardinal
A Beach Meeting Tibby and Caspian
03/24 BLT, Beer and Irish Coffee Abby, Jezebel and Tony
Riots Don't Just Happen in LA Coren, Elisabeth, Katherine, Terry, and Trask
Moral Turpitude Eileen and Felix
Families and Bibles Jezebel and Amato
Underground Brian, Cat, Diego, Elvis, Gillian, Hiro, Kinney, Monica and Teo
Criminals and Super Heroes Tuck, Carter, Cardinal, Ezra, Bao-wei, Xiulan, Kaydence, Magnes, and Deckard
Sisterly Bond Eve and Jezebel
Both Sides Felix and Teo
Animus Nocendi Bolivar and Unknown(s)
03/25 Alms Brian and Deckard
Catch 'em while they're stunned, Jabba Jennifer, Ygraine and Zachery
Like a Can of SpaghettiOs Cat and Claire
How Are You? Abby, Sonny and Teo
An Apple A Day Abby and Sonny
The Paternal Mr. Tucker Simon and Tuck
Be Careful What You Wish For Linderman and Zoe
Soda N Tea Hugh and Katherine
Easy Street is a Blind Alley Claire and Eve
A Penny For Your Thoughts, Part II Linderman
Divide the Light from the Dark Arthur, Claire, Goodman and Maury
We've Had A Few Riots Trask and Ygraine
Neither Pauper Nor Prince Rocket and Simon
Superbleeder Riley and Samantha
Bananas and Bromance Brian, Deckard and Simon
Dont Be A Hero Elvis and Magnes
OopsDee Daisy Delilah, Felix, and Leland
When Shadows Come Calling Cardinal and Elisabeth
Your Kind Bolivar and Elisabeth
Wolves and Warriors Bai-Chan and Brian
03/26 Starlit Trip Colette and Nicole
These Skies Belong To Us Cat, Gabriel, Kinson, and Teo
Blue Colette and Nicole
...And Forgive Us Our Sins Joseph and Nicole
Good Morning, Staten Island Jezebel and Simon
Breakfast at Stephanie's Cat, Elisabeth, Kinson, Schuyler, Terry and Ygraine
Getting Up To Speed Felix and Mack
Goddamn Noodles Elisabeth, Felix and Leland
No Marian Cross Sonny and Teo
Messages By Magpie Alexander, Boxer, Eileen, Helena, Isabelle, Lucrezia, Maeve and Satoru
Shouldn'tve Bolivar, Katherine, Kayla and Minea
Looking Into An Empty Mug Felix and Sawyer
Choose Your Own Adventure Gillian and Joseph
Intervention Abby, Xiulan, and Magnes
The Spiral's Completion, Part I Bai-Chan, Brian, Deckard, Eileen and the Monster
The Spiral's Completion, Part II Bai-Chan, Brian, Colette, Deckard, Joe, Rocket, Simon, Zuleyka and the Monster
Girls And Their Birds Amato and Chloe
Puppet Pals Chloe and Elle
03/27 Till Human Voices Wake Us Deckard, Felix and Teo
The Shrink AGAIN? Elisabeth and Mack
Solidarity and the Thin Blue Line Elisabeth, Kaydence and Katherine
Like Family Alexander and Helena
Pacifists At Heart Fedor and Teo
Louder Now Bolivar and Elisabeth
Nice Shot Group Hugh and Katherine
Sticks And Stones Deckard, Eileen and Teo
Hiro Likes Geeky Girls Magnes and Rebecca
A Politician And A Father Mayor Bianco and Sonny
A Very Brief Zombie Hunting Expedition Cardinal, Rocket and Zuleyka
Face It Elle and Peter
03/28 My Dad Is So Controlling Sonny and Teo
Another Ordinary Miracle Today Cat and Elisabeth
Heads Up Elisabeth and Minea
The Lie Jessica, Niki and Verse
Awkward Abby and Deckard
Lee and Liz Sitting in a Tree Elisabeth and Leland
More Than Publicity Eliot and Nalani
More Bad News Cardinal and Elisabeth
We're Square Cardinal, Elisabeth, and Jake
Too Much Pride Elisabeth and Leland
03/29 Fatal Signal SIGSEGV Gabriel and Gillian
In Light Of Angels Teo
Fotofit Jezebel, Simon and Tony
Big Sister Is Watching Elle, Jessica, and Niki
What God Knows Abby and Joseph
Tipped Scales Gabriel and Teo
Non-Believers Hana and Teo
03/30 In The Arms of an Angel Felix and Bebe
Almost, At Times, The Fool Bebe, Felix and Teo
Cinnamon Buns From Future Past Abby and Hiro
Putting Off The Paperwork Elisabeth and Kaydence
There Aren't Always Roses Abby and Teo
Thy Will Be Done Adam, Arthur, Goodman and Maury
This Frivolous Farce Cat, Coren and Grace
The Mask Comes Off Matt and Sonny
Mordor Blackberries Jezebel and Tony
Your Company Is Not Welcome Here Abby, Veronica and Winters
Marionette Brooke and Doyle
Fatherless Rocket and Simon
Flirting With Disaster Deckard, Elisabeth and Mack
Existential Direction Felix and Teo
Magnes & Hiro's Excellent Adventure Magnes and Hiro
Who's Afraid Deckard and Felix
03/31 Before You Say Anything Abby and Magnes
Putting Affairs In Order Alec and Elisabeth
So Whaddya Know About Prophetic Paintings? Abby and Cardinal
Lining Up Replacement Feds Elisabeth and Sawyer
Reset Eileen, Hana and Teo
So That's It? Nalani and Schuyler
By Design Goodman and Winters
Gift Shopping Cardinal
Be Nice Veronica and Abby
Contradictory Deckard and Joseph
How Many Lives Is This? Elisabeth and Felix
A Delay in Separate Ways Delphine and Ethan
Trying To Help Tamsine and Victor
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