Logs for March 2019

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123 logs posted for March 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
03/01 Morning The Equivalent of Shouting Emily and Kaylee
Night Sideswipe Khalid and Magnes The Dragon
03/02 Midday Mosaic Many
Midday Facestealing Aliens From An Alternate Dimension Emily and Geneva
Midday A Quiet Corner Delilah and Elisabeth
Afternoon Car Keys Kaylee and Luther
03/03 Midmorning Working Together For Good Finn, Kara, Max, Odette, Ollie, Paul and Reena
Late Morning Nothing Concrete Eileen, Emily, and Squeaks
Afternoon Jiejie Eileen and Yi-Min
Afternoon Red Hook and Roundhouse Finn, Kara, Liza and Lucille
Afternoon Someone Else's Shoes Cassandra and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon Haiku and Barbecue Elaine, Ignacio, Isis, Seren and Silas
Night Kara's No Good Very Bad Day Eileen, Finn, Kara, and Yi-Min
03/04 Morning Cutting Through Red Tape Dirk, Emily, and Rasheed
Morning Slip and Fall Hazards and You - A Thesis in Three Parts Cassandra, Devi, Geneva, Seren, and Preston
Afternoon Not a Typical Encounter Huruma and Remi
Afternoon Coming Home Is Never Easy Elisabeth and Luther
03/05 Late Morning Kit Carson Finn, Kara, and Weasel
Afternoon Sunny Day Paths Devi, Elisabeth, and Seren
Late Afternoon Old Mistakes Byron and Eileen
Early Evening Tell Your Friends Max and Weasel
Evening If You Insist Nikola and Remi
Late Night This Is Not Me Kaylee
03/06 The Wee Hours Fright Night Curtis and Delia
Morning Donut Mind Me Cooper, Corbin, Emily, Isis, and Squeaks
Afternoon Job Hunting Lynette, Miles and Evie
03/07 Pre-Dawn 5AM Abby
Early Afternoon Let's Make Some Noise Elisabeth and Squeaks
03/08 Pre-Dawn The Dream She Hates the Most Eileen
Afternoon The Other Day Emily and Squeaks
Afternoon Making Your Own Future Matthew and Robyn
Afternoon It's Not Me, It's You Dirk and Isis
Evening Theater and Thrillseeking Abby and Magnes
03/09 Afternoon Househunting Brynn and Joe
Late Evening Finer Points of Stalking Elisabeth and Huruma
03/10 Pre-Dawn Doubt and Fear Byron and Eileen
Pre-Dawn It Hurts to Become Charity, Eileen, and Iago
Evening Burn The Witch Isabelle, Poppy and Shaw
Evening Forced Evolution ???
Evening Put It Out, Put It Out Isabelle, Jonathan, Sahara, Shaw, Silas, Squeaks and ???
Evening Don't Puke On Me Finn and Lucille
Late Night You Were There Poppy and ???
03/11 Late Morning A Constant In All Worlds Aura, Elisabeth, and Felix
Afternoon What To Do With The Things You Fear Kara and Byron
Night Whatchoo lookin’ at? Devi and Zachery
03/12 Morning School Orientation Elisabeth and Peyton
Evening From the Mouths of Babes Aura and Richard
Evening Best Handled Eileen and Kara
Late Night Her Family Isis, Poppy And Zachery
03/13 Early Morning The Sailor Man Isis and Zachery
Afternoon Ukhozi Emily and Huruma
Night More Karma Than Anything Eileen and Magnes
Night Shot To The Heart Abby and Magnes
03/14 Afternoon Badabogo Aura, Elisabeth, and Huruma
Afternoon Broadway Remi, Richard and Silas
Night Vignette Byron, Charity, Chris, Eileen, Kara, Max, and Yi-Min
03/15 Morning Act of Contrition Elisabeth
Mid-day Worrying For the Future Donovan, Elisabeth, and Kaylee A Rising Tide
Evening Brews for Bruises Ignacio and Nick
Afternoon Goodbye, Tami Erin Squeaks
Late Afternoon She Was Good Jonathan, Poppy and Squeaks
03/16 Early Evening Botanica Block Party Ignacio and Seren
Afternoon Fourteen Eve and Magnes
Evening Unorderly Emily and Zachery
Late Evening (Don't) Beware Those Who Come Bearing Gifts Kara and Yi-Min
03/17 Afternoon March Madness Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Hailey, Joe, Lance and Squeaks
Late Night Secrets Secrets Isabelle, Isis, Remi, Rex and Sahara
Late Night One Problem As It Comes Eileen and Yi-Min
03/18 Early Afternoon First Cuts Alia, Aura, Elisabeth, Emily, and Raquelle
Late Afternoon Fine Cuisine Remi and Zachery
Evening Around the Fire Pits Chris, Kara, Max, and Yi-Min
03/19 Morning Foggy Memories of Past Lives Colette, Felix, and Wilson A Rising Tide
Morning Coincidence of Circumstance Emily and Ryans The Dragon
Late Night Loving All of Them Eileen and Jasmine
03/20 Late Morning Lobby Chatter Elisabeth and Lynette
Late Afternoon Acornkinesis Brynn, Emily, Geneva, Hailey, Lance and Silvia
03/21 Late Morning The First Peyton Magnes and Peyton
Midday What's in a Mess Cooper and Squeaks
Late Afternoon Frustrations Magnes and Remi
03/22 Morning Fifteen Minutes Ignacio and Reena
Afternoon Can We Fix It? Alia, Aura, Elisabeth, and Richard
Early Evening Mon Ami Remi and Silas
Evening Real Talk Kara and Reena
Night Da Girlz in Da House Devi, Elisabeth, and Isabelle
03/23 Morning I'll Be Your Messenger Jim and Kaylee Blood and Sand
Early Afternoon Flip or Flop Brynn, Emily and Squeaks
Late Afternoon Ask What You Want to Ask Byron and Eileen
Late Afternoon A Place In the Sun Abby and Francois
Early Evening Messages At The Well Eve and Gabriel
03/24 Afternoon Mitochondria Devon and Joy The Dragon
Late Afternoon Brighton Your Day Aurora, Delilah, Devi, Elisabeth, Emily, Eve, Joe, Lily, Magnes, Remi, Richard, Ricky, Silvia, and Walter The Dragon
Late Afternoon Detente Elisabeth, Emily, and Richard
Evening Nose Dive Francois and Teo
Evening Ghosts of You Lynette and Silvia
Evening Dodging Obstacles Devon and Emily
Evening Icebreakers Emily and Lucille
03/25 Early Morning Leave It Eileen and Eve
Morning Shit City Teo and Ghost
Morning One Screwed Up Situation Avi and Devon
Morning More Than Blood Berlin and Emily
Late Morning Not the Same Devon and Rue
Afternoon Figure It Out Devon and Lucille
Evening Lazarus As A Girl Eileen, Ghost and Teo
03/26 Early Evening Cute and Natural Rue and Seren
Late Evening We Say Bonjour Devon, Francois, and Rue
03/27 Late Morning Partner Guilt Is A Thing Elisabeth and Lucille
Evening BITE ME Huruma and Zachery
03/28 Morning Between the Cracks Skye and Zachery The Dragon
Late Morning Dragons and Sheep Isis and Richard
Late Morning What Remains the Same Devon and Elisabeth
Early Evening Fortuitous Art Caspian and Devi
Evening Two Wolves Berlin and Rory
Late Phantom of Cat's Cradle Cassandra, Eve, Hailey, Luther, Lynette, Silas and Warren
Late As Fuck The Calling Eve
03/29 Morning After Me Comes the Flood Berlin, Cesar, Olson, and Waite
Morning The Next Generation Emily, Lance, Rhys, and Squeaks Uncharted Territory
03/30 Late Morning Surprising Old Friends Elisabeth and Teo
Late Morning Before Me Comes a Ghost Berlin The Dragon
Early Afternoon First Step Devon and Emily
Afternoon Start a Riot Chris, Devi, Ignacio, Luther and Remi Hands of Mary
Evening Within Me Comes a Calling Avi and Berlin
03/31 Afternoon Signum Pugnae ??? and ???
Evening Popcorn and Parkour Faulkner and Seren
Evening Here, Now Berlin and Rory
Night Strangers in the Night Eve and Lisa
From To Title Participants Storyline
03/18 04/29 To a Brighter Future Colette and Kaylee A Rising Tide
03/25 03/30 The Trial of Odessa Price Bella, Corbin, Delia, Eve, Kotch, Lynette, Mohinder, Odessa, Richard, Sasha, Squeaks, and Tania The Dragon
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