Logs for March 2020 -- August 2020

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143 logs posted for March 2020 through August 2020.

March 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
03/02 Late Afternoon In Exchange Gillian, Harris, and Squeaks Distant Shores
Night A Fine Time for Alcohol Elisabeth and Isabelle
03/03 The Wee Hours The Littlest Hero Aura, Delia, and Kain
Morning Amazing Grace Kaylee, Kimberly, and Luther
Morning The Official Lie Avi and Devon
Morning Floriculture Chess and Harris Distant Shores
Afternoon (Not) Alone After All Kara and Yi-Min
Evening These Revelations Rue and Seren Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Evening My Wayward Son Chel and Richard Distant Shores
03/04 Afternoon There is Always a Company Claire and Noah
03/05 Afternoon 断腸 Asi
Afternoon Need a Lift Chess, Luther, and Miles
Evening Paradox Devon and Elisabeth
03/06 Early Evening The Same Mistakes Colette and Nicole
03/07 Early Morning If You Are Seeing This... ???
Late Evening Back in the Narrative Nicole and…
03/08 Afternoon The Villain You Paint Yourself to Be Elisabeth and Odessa
03/09 Morning Unlucky Duckling Avi and Rue
03/10 Morning Bonds Alix and Chess
Late Afternoon Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Nicole and Robyn
03/11 Early Evening One More Night Rue and Seren Through a Looking Glass Darkly
03/12 Morning Broken Glass Avi and Lynette Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Afternoon Nothing Quite So Poison... Aislinn and Elisabeth
Evening Four Names Nicole and Zachery
03/13 Early Morning Call Them Brothers Nicole
Night It Always Ends the Same Gillian and Peter Distant Shores
Night Leopards & Spots Donovan, Elisabeth, Harding, and Short
03/16 Morning From Beyond Dana, Richard, and Warren Distant Shores
Evening Boomtastic Reunion Asi, Chess, Eve, Gillian, Luther, and Miles
Evening Spread 'Em Asi and Eve
03/17 Afternoon Spares No One Megan and Rue
03/18 Afternoon Still Our Little Sister Brynn and Squeaks
03/19 Afternoon Starting Today Matthew and Robyn
03/20 Late Morning The Algorithm of Causality Richard and Warren
Afternoon Surviving Sisterhood Chess and Squeaks
03/21 Late Morning Friend of the Family Kay, Matthew, and Robyn
03/23 Afternoon The Wind-Up Dumortier, Harry, and Zachery
03/24 Late Night Midnight Thirty Eve and Warren
03/25 Morning Out of the Bag Cooper, Lance, Nicole, and Noah
03/27 Morning A Grand Opening Elisabeth, Lashirah, Cassandra, and Aura
03/28 Evening You're Getting Married and I'm Not Dead Eve and Zachery
April 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/01 Afternoon Forgiveness is Huge Odessa and Warren
04/02 Late Morning What Do Trees Dream? Avi, Devon, Emily, and Kaylee Dendrolatry
Early Evening Bequeathed Huruma and Rue
04/04 Morning Prelude to Armaweddon Colette, Damian, Nicole, Tasha, Richard, and Zachery
Midday Eat, Drink, and Be Married Aisha, Bowie, Carver, Cooper, Corbin, Damian, Delia, Dumortier, Finn, Gillian, Huruma, Jonah, Kara,
Lucille, Lynette, Mateo, Megan, Nick, Nicole, Olivia, Peyton, Pippa, Robyn, Seren, Veronica, and Zachery
Late Afternoon Hurricane Sera Damian, Nicole, Sera, and Zachery
Evening Wavering Wonder Aisha, Damian, and Seren
Evening Cop, Doc, Capo, Politico Colette, Harry, Nicole, and Zachery
Late Evening A Sixpence in Her Shoe Nicole and Zachery
04/05 Morning The Eruption of Mount Giftsuvius Nicole and Zachery
04/08 Night Witch in the Wood Eve, Kara, and Rue
04/09 Early Morning Mono no Aware Eizen Onryō
04/12 Afternoon Fate and Feelings Aman and Kaylee
04/15 Afternoon An Imp's Web Elliot, Eve, and Wright
04/30 Afternoon Tangle Eve and Richard
Late Night No Light, No Light, Part III Robyn
May 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
05/03 Afternoon Endless Possibilities Jac and Richard
05/10 Night Furry Godfather Elisabeth and Richard
05/11 Midday Jail House Rock Godfrey and Odessa
05/15 Morning Consensus Ad Idem Kotch and Odessa Distant Shores
05/18 Evening A Miserable Pile of Secrets Avi and Huruma
05/31 Morning if SCENT == peanut-butter then Asi
June 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
06/04 Afternoon Cat and the Fiddle, Part I Asi and Monica
06/06 Afternoon Hard to Come By Godfrey and Kay
06/15 Morning Ride Kara, Nicole, and Yi-Min
Afternoon Take III Ace and Odessa
Early Evening Encore Ace and Odessa
06/16 Evening OHMS Gates Distant Shores
06/17 Late Morning Designer Luggage Ace, Gideon, and Odessa
Noon History and Present Ace and Odessa
06/18 Late Morning Drinking Buddies Asi and Godfrey
06/19 Morning Empathy for the Devil Kain and Odessa Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Donut and the Parolee Cooper and Yi-Min
06/20 Afternoon The Color of Twilight Nicole, Pippa, and Zachery
06/21 Late Morning Advice Sought Corbin and Roxie
06/21 Evening Triforce Asi, Chess, and Yi-Min
06/22 Morning What the Duck? Richard, Sera, and Yi-Min
Afternoon Holding Out Robyn
06/30 Late Morning Questions and Thanks Chess and Richard
Morning What the Fuck? Richard and Yi-Min
July 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
07/04 Afternoon Songs of Summer Delilah, Dirk, Faulkner, Lance, Magnes, Matthew, Nicole, Pippa, Richard, Robyn, Rue, Seren, and Walter
Dusk Icing Burns Odessa
07/06 Pre-Dawn The Ǝvent Faulkner and… Like Pygmalion
07/07 Late Afternoon Nicole and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
Evening Not the First Rodeo Abby and Brynn Like Pygmalion
07/09 Afternoon Hollow Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Nicole, Nova, Squeaks, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Down to Business Yi-Min and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Afternoon More Than Just Asi and Squeaks Like Pygmalion
Early Evening Real Nicole and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Evening Chicken or Tomato Squeaks and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Night Will the Light Still Be On? Brynn Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Of All the Gin Joints in the World Corbin and Daphne Like Pygmalion
07/11 Morning Unknown Variables Asi and Avi Like Pygmalion
07/12 Midday Extended Family Isa and Nova Like Pygmalion
07/15 Evening How to Float a Finch Finch and Magnes
07/18 Evening The Walls (Better Not) Have Ears Asi, Kara, Nicole, Yi-Min, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
07/19 Morning The Best You Give Asi and Kay Like Pygmalion
Afternoon One Terrorist to Another Godfrey and Monica
07/22 Night Straight on 'Til Morning Huruma, Megan, and Scott
07/23 Morning No Dana Here Huruma and Megan
07/27 Afternoon Waterbending Seren, Yi-Min, and Zachery
07/29 Night With Friends Like These Asi and Genki Like Pygmalion
07/31 Midday Shake It Off Nicole, Noah, and Voss Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
Early Afternoon See It In Your Eyes Nicole and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
Evening Inclusion Zone Kara, Nicole, and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
Night Remember, Trust No One Eizen, Isa, Kay, Kimiko, Marlowe, Otomo, and Shaw Like Pygmalion
August 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/01 Late Afternoon It's Dangerous to Go Alone Lance and Nicole Like Pygmalion
Distant Shores
Evening Unlikely Allies Gillian, Jac, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
08/02 Afternoon Focus on the Facts Asi and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Invisible Rider Elliot, Seren
Late Evening Drunk Dial Asi and Monica Like Pygmalion
08/03 Night A Buried Past, Part I Kara, Nicole, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Night A Buried Past, Part II Kara, Nicole, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
08/04 Afternoon Darkness in the Light of Day Faulkner and Seren Like Pygmalion
08/05 Evening When All You Lack is a Hammer Faulkner Like Pygmalion
Evening Fresh Hell Faulkner and Melody Like Pygmalion
Evening Friend In Need Aman and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
08/07 Late Morning Somebody Knows Faulkner and Nicole Like Pygmalion
Noon Even If A Dream Brynn and Geneva
08/08 Morning Reflection Jac and Peter
Afternoon A Slip of the Mask Monica
08/09 Wee Hours Rouse The Flame Jamie Onryō
08/11 Late Night Should You Tell Anyone Else Aman and Asi
Late Night La Ruelle en Noire Richard and Rue
08/12 Morning Fathers Lang, Magnes, and Odette
08/14 Afternoon Orientation Day Peyton, Wright
Evening Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You Ace, Joey, Odessa, and Wally
08/15 Early Evening Stages of Grief Ace and Odessa
08/17 Afternoon Unexpected Reunions Brynn, Elliot, Wright
08/20 Early Afternoon Change the World Eve and Tasha
08/22 Night Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad Luther
08/25 Evening Scent of a Memory Devon Through a Looking Glass Darkly
08/29 Afternoon Finding North Dumortier and Zachery
Multiple Dates
From To Title Participants Storyline
02/29 03/16 Lost Lamb Eve
03/03 04/28 Fire and Rain Megan and Huruma
03/07 06/15 Shedding Yi-Min Distant Shores
03/10 08/29 Broken Wings Devon and Huruma
04/01 08/19 Under the Boughs of a Tulip Tree Brynn, Cesar, Cooper, Dumortier, Emily, Hailey, Huruma, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Roxie, and Zachery
06/19 07/9 Interstitial Words Colette and Hana
07/10 09/6 Stuck Inside of my Head Kaylee and…
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