Logs for March 2021

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71 logs posted for March 2021.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
03/01 All Day Echo Chamber Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Jac, Kaylee, Nicole, Nova, Shaw, and… Like Pygmalion
03/02 Morning Tribunal Alonzo, Eve, Jones, Potts, Rhys, and Sage Distant Shores
Morning We Won't Get Fooled Again Eizen, Hayate, Kay, and Wenyi Like Pygmalion
Late Morning And Still Insists She Sees the Ghosts Jiba and Kay Like Pygmalion
Midday Non-Zero Asi and Elliot Like Pygmalion
Evening Language Without Words Elaine Like Pygmalion
Evening Niban Asi and Kay Like Pygmalion
03/03 Early Morning Table Setting Aoi, Kay, and Wenyi Like Pygmalion
Midday No Good Answers Brynn and Devon Like Pygmalion
Evening Never Just Peter and… Distant Shores
03/04 Dawn The Cost of Loyalty Eizen and Genki Like Pygmalion
03/05 Evening ご無沙汰 Asi and Marlowe Like Pygmalion
03/06 Afternoon Missed Connection, II Jac Like Pygmalion
Night Gentiana Autumnalis ??? Inferno
03/07 Pre-Dawn In Search of Whales Erin and Kay
03/08 Morning Of All People Reeves, Toussaint, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Early Spring Dumortier and Kara Inferno
03/09 Mid-Afternoon The Backup Asi and Castle Distant Shores
03/10 Morning Raquelle's Day Spa Brynn, Kendall, Raquelle
Morning Where Eves Dare Castle, Eve, and Gates Distant Shores
Evening Biological Aria, Cindy, and Jac Like Pygmalion
03/11 Afternoon Data Mines Part I Elliot and Gideon Like Pygmalion
Night A Raft of Secrets ??? Distant Shores
03/12 Evening Living History Carl and Kaylee
Late Afternoon Tricky Ricky and the Forbidden Mines Elliot and Ricky
03/13 Afternoon 割れられない絆 Asi and Sako Like Pygmalion
Afternoon An Escape Into Routines Abby Like Pygmalion
Evening Wright Back Where We Started Barb, Gregory, Marthe, and Wright
03/14 Early Afternoon The Toll Marthe and Rue
Afternoon Infected Elliot, Rue, and Wright
Late Afternoon Hard Up Byrne and Nicole Distant Shores
03/15 Early Afternoon The Lady Arcane Aman and Merlyn
03/16 Mid-Morning Still With You Huruma and Rue
03/18 Night A Few Follow-Up Questions Kenner Distant Shores
03/19 Early Evening Unaccrued Avi and Rue Distant Shores
Evening A Night on the Underground Brynn, Everleigh, Gatter, Jac, Kendall, Pride, and Seren
Evening Back up the Rabbit Hole Brynn and Kendall
Late Night Dawn Will Find Them Still Again Ace, Nick, and Odessa When Dreams Do Show
Night Who Else? Nicole and Rhys Distant Shores
Night What Else? Kenner and Nicole Distant Shores
03/20 Morning Crash Space Brynn, Emily, Hailey, Jac, Joe, Kendall, and Lance
Morning A Springtime Picnic Alia, Delilah, Elisabeth, Everleigh, Gatter, Harry, Pride, Richard, Seren, and Walter
Afternoon The Body Marlowe and Wenyi Like Pygmalion
03/21 Morning Sandman, Part IV Alia, Dana, Gatter, Hahn, Iov, Marlowe, Otomo, Pride, Richard, and Robyn Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon Leaving on a Jet Plane Elliot and Rue Distant Shores
03/22 Afternoon What Nightmares Come Everleigh and Faulkner
03/23 Morning Broken Crown, Part I Nick and Rue Distant Shores
Evening Reshaping Ace and Luke
03/25 Pre-Dawn Broken Crown, Part II Nick, Rahm, and Rue Distant Shores
Pre-Dawn Broken Crown, Part III Nick and Rue Distant Shores
Early Morning Would That It Were Day Again Angel, Cooper, Eve, Finch, Geneva and Joaquin When Dreams Do Show
Noon Favor For A Friend Aman and Cassandra
03/26 Pre-Dawn Painted Rocks Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Morning Harsh Morning Revelations Carl and Kaylee
Morning Data Mines, Part II Elliot and Mines Like Pygmalion
Morning Discordant Dream Team Chat Cooper, Elliot, Eve, Finch, Geneva, Megan, Odessa, and Seren When Dreams Do Show
Evening To Ignore or... Kaylee and Richard
03/27 Morning Heir Mines Like Pygmalion
Morning Floriculture II Chess and Gates Distant Shores
Late Morning Broken Crown, Part IV Nick and Rue Distant Shores
03/28 Afternoon Coriolis Effect Elliot and Pete Distant Shores
Afternoon Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Pete and Samson Distant Shores
Evening an Unkindness Aman, Faulkner, and Isis Like Pygmalion
Night Fragments Aman, Faulkner, and Isis Like Pygmalion
Night Broken Crown, Part V Rue Distant Shores
03/29 Evening A Bridge Too Far Aman, Cassandra, and Odessa ???
Evening The Broken Mirror Aman, Cassandra, Kaylee, Odessa, and Richard ???
Evening Doubt Comes In Ace and Odessa ???
03/30 Morning Under No Illusions Hayate, Hunter, and Weiss Distant Shores
Afternoon 名前 Asi, Elliot, and Wright Like Pygmalion
From To Title Participants Storyline
Jan 2019 March 2021 I, Faust Kenner Distant Shores
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