Logs for Matt Parkman
matt-vol1-2.png Matt is eager to do his part to save the world as an agent of the Department of Homeland Security. Protecting Molly is paramount; however, Matt manages to find time to let others into his life as well.
Date Title Summary
9/5/2008 Interdepartmental Cooperation The NYPD and Homeland Security engage in a little of that interdepartmental cooperation they're all hearing so much about.
9/5/2008 Practically Family After a long day, Kay invites Matt back to her place where she catches him up on the state of his almost-family.
9/15/2008 Feedback (Or Sandpaper Smooth?) A collision on the streets in front of Parkman's apartment leads to Telepathic feedback, a stolen wallet, and utter dumbassery.
9/17/2008 Slipknot Peter and Helena go in search of Hiro, and instead find a whole lot of trouble.
9/18/2008 Chili and Children Various people meet and converse at a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. Matt especially gets a (figurative) earful.
9/19/2008 Into the Dragon's Mouth: Part III Claire, Peter and Trask are confronted by Matt Parkman and his unit.
9/19/2008 Into the Dragon's Mouth: Part IV PARIAH reunites at the scene of the rather unfortunate discovery. Peter surprises no one by taking matters into his own hands. Matt Parkman surprises everyone by taking Claire into Homeland Security custody. And Claire Bennet surprises her friends by agreeing to it. Everything is relative.
9/18/2008 Imagine Matt detains Claire in a DHS facility and inadvertently triggers a nightmare.
9/23/2008 Grounded The Homeland Security Agent releases his newly-registered detainee to her grandmother's custody.
9/23/2008 Scission Huruma attacks Matt in a dark alley near his home, severing his left arm.
9/24/2008 Small Favor Matt awakens in St. Luke's Hospital with the head of the Linderman Group at his bedside.
9/24/2008 Wounds of All Sorts Kay uses guarding Matt as an excuse to keep him company. Matt decides to test out the newfound evolution of his ability in an effort to help his former partner's wife move on with her life.
matt-vol3-4.png With the threat of the Vanguard hanging like a thick, looming shadow over them all, Matt finds unusual allies to bring about the group's defeat.
10/5/2008 Nice to Meet You, Again Peter reintroduces himself to Matt Parkman.
10/20/2008 Pinch Kay finally returns home, only to discover she's still in turmoil - merely of a different sort now. And Matt's along for the ride.
10/22/2008 Being Matt Parkman It's not easy being Matt Parkman, and anyone who thinks it is has a lesson to learn. Peter, looking for Molly, wears Matt's face and lies his way into the agent's home.
10/30/2008 New Shoes Felix reports his encounter with Sylar to Homeland Security.
11/5/2008 Remember, Remember Someone's having a birthday - or rather, the first anniversary of their last birthday.
11/5/2008 Birthday Cake Matt Parkman treats Kaydence Lee Damaris to dinner on her birthday.
12/19/2008 Disaster Within Disaster, Part II The assassination attempt on President-elect Rickham's life skews wildly off from anybody's plans. Fortunately, the only one left thinking this went particularly well is the one who should know. Continues from Disaster Within Disaster, Part I.
12/20/2008 Licking the Wound The events following the Vanguard attack on President-Elect Rickham continue to unravel into an unexpected series of events, ones that Edward Ray very carefully assesses.
12/20/2008 All You Have to Do is Try Matt and Helena make a deal.
12/21/2008 We Few, We Happy Few Elisabeth checks in at the library only to have a bit of a confrontation with Matt and a conversation with Cat.
12/22/2008 It's Everyone's Problem Helena shares what she's learned with Hana and Matt. Further alliances are made.
12/23/2008 A Proposed Experiment While talking with Matt Parkman, Cat gets an idea that will help in their efforts to thwart the Vanguard.
12/31/2008 Conversion Perfect memory, telepathy, and technopathy conspire to produce images from recollections. Matt also evades near-certain death.
1/1/2009 The Man In The Box Helena and Matt try to appeal to Peter, but he refuses to leave his box.
1/1/2009 Lab Rats A quick conversation between Matt and Mohinder concerning Kazimir's lastest scheme.
1/3/2009 Helping People Who Need It A chance encounter outside Katz's Delicatessen gives Matt some valuable insight into one of his proposed targets.
1/4/2009 More News is Bad News Matt comes knocking at the Company's door in search of information.
1/5/2009 Falling Away With You Kaydence and Matt discuss the assassination attempt, Matt's furniture, and their future, but all words are brief.
1/6/2009 Atlas Pondered Matt Parkman and Allen Rickham share a moment of down-time; a calm before the storm to come.
1/8/2009 One Last Look … never hurt anyone. Parkman sees something unexpected with his.
1/13/2009 We're Getting Better at that Interdepartmental Cooperation Thing William calls up Matt in an effort to get information on Jessica. The conversation is rather terse, but not necessarily a failure.
1/17/2009 The Least Likely Thing to Say In a Homeland Security holding facility, Jessica has a chat with someone from her past.
1/19/2009 Keystrokes A series of e-mails bounces across the internet from one terminal to another, and time-sensitive events are set into motion.
1/20/2009 Since I Knew You Were Coming, I Baked a Cake Matt drops in on Molly, who is in the process of being domestic. A deal is made, and Molly will start attending a real school with real kids - someday.
1/21/2009 Six Shooter Kisses Kaydence proposes to Matt. Matt accepts by proposing to Kaydence.
1/23/2009 Stormfront Elias corners Matt in a bar, and the conspiracy grows. Abby and Brian show up and get dragged into the mess.
matt-vol5.png In the aftermath of the Vanguard's attack on New York City, Matt struggles to put the pieces together. His work becomes even more demanding, and Matt is sent on an undercover mission to Staten Island to be a fly on the wall for Roger Goodman. While he is away, Molly goes missing.
Date Title Summary
1/31/2009 To Do What's Right Matt comes for a single drink and runs into someone who can give him a front row seat to the Volken affair. They both agree, that doing what's right, isn't always fair, it's just what's right.
1/31/2009 Cheese at Tiffany's Matt replaces Spencer's ring with one of own, finalizing his engagement to Kaydence.
2/1/2009 Detainee No. 0003220092 Abby comes in and gives her account of the events on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on January 29, 2009 to the Department of Homeland Security.
2/1/2009 Extending the Family Matt and Kay retrieve their children from the airport and share their news with them.
2/2/2009 Going Damaris Detectives Harrison and Damaris discuss being the girls in the boys' club until they're joined by Agent Parkman.
2/13/2009 The Hollow Men Those who have crossed / With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom / Remember us - if at all - not as lost / Violent souls, but only / As the hollow men / The stuffed men.
2/14/2009 Everyday Heroes You see them in the world… firefighters, paramedics, soldiers, nurses, cops, and many others.
2/15/2009 Hurtful Heroics Sometimes being the hero means leaving those who you idolize behind, if only for a little bit.
2/16/2009 Swords are Just Overkill Cockroaches scatter under scrutiny, but the guy with the sword? That's just overkill
2/17/2009 Dr. Bianco's Drive-Thru Face Clinic Matt goes to see Sonny about a face. (Now with Haitianin™)
2/20/2009 Feedback Guy meets Girl. Girl propositions Guy. Guy gets girl's number. Who ever said guys can't play hard to get?
2/22/2009 It's Hard Out Here …for a pimp. Lessons in "how to treat a lady" are held as needed in the Rookery, facilitated by Konga and witnessed by bystanders, Carter included.
2/23/2009 Trust Her Cardinal tells Jezebel where to find Abby and Sergei, while Carter eavesdrops like mad.
2/23/2009 Whispers In The Dark Carter plays Mental tag with Abigail from a dark alley.
2/24/2009 Help Wanted Carter comes looking for a job at Tuck's pawn shop.
3/18/2009 One Night In Pawn Shop To the tune of "One Night in Bangkok".
3/18/2009 Godspeed To more than a few people.
3/18/2009 Under the Covers Both in their respective guises, Agent Parkman runs into Detective Parkman-to-be.
3/18/2009 Another Parkman Tuck's newest employee has a job for his best customer.
3/18/2009 Criminals and Super Heroes It's Rookery Poker Night again, and some unusual visitors drop in.
3/18/2009 The Mask Comes Off Sonny gives Matt Parkman his real face back.
matt-vol6.png Matt's focus becomes finding Molly and ensuring her safety. This puts him on the trail of both his father and Pinehearst, but it ends with Matt losing his ability and being locked away for two weeks.
Date Title Summary
4/7/2009 Lost and Found at Super Snips Matt gets a tip that somebody close to him might have visited Super Snips Hair Salon, Raquelle does his best but can't really help the poor man.
5/24/2009 I Have Some Info Adam tries to give Matt some info about Magnes.
5/27-28/2009 Working for the Man Information is passed through unofficial channels by two high-ranking government folks. They're terse, they laugh, they tease - it's pretty out there. But then, people working for the government have to be, don't they?
5/30/2009 Too Long Ago Abigail comes bearing bake goods for the much unloved Homeland agent. Only he has issues and decides he wants a drink.
5/30/2009 Get Me Monroe Cardinal stops by Matt's place just as Matt calls him. They both want the same thing, but argue on how to accomplish it.
5/30/2009 Anyone Talked to You About Pinehearst? Matt takes a chance that Abby might know about Pinehearst. But she doesn't. So it turns into just a dinner with her trying to cheer the agent up with questions of his daughter. Little does he know that she will do what she can to help him. I mean, she's his informant. It's her job to get him information.
6/1/2009 Business Before Breakfast Kaydence wakes to find Matt searching for his father through the telepathic waves of the city. What follows is a discussion about business, but at the sacrifice of one of the house rules. Such is life in a law enforcement household.
6/1/2009 A Tasty Visit Tracy shows up in Matt's office with news about Adam Monroe - specifically who to talk to for information about Adam Monroe. Matt's already buzzing with the fact he got a warrant for his dad, but when Tracy tells him that Cardinal broke into her house, the mood sours. Paused
6/2/2009 The Man Who Sold the World, Part I Matt Parkman goes in search of his father and his missing daughter, unaware that both are waiting for him in the den of Pinehearst. But first, Matt must be confronted with a ghost from his troubled past.
6/2/2009 The Man Who Sold the World, Part II Matt comes face-to-face with the true power behind Pinehearst, Arthur Petrelli, and inadvertently also finds his daughter, the hard way.
6/2/2009 I'll Protect You Molly wakes up to find someone who looks like Matt in her cell. They discuss their future, but sleep is a more pressing need.
6/5/2009 Curious Adam visits Parkman in Pinehearst and asks a fair number of personal questions.
6/16/2009 Run Rabbit Run The ghost comes to steal the abducted corpus of one Edward Ray, and ends up trying to make off with a few more than he can carry. Fortunately, the Parkman family is good with their hands.
matt-vol7.png Out of Pinehearst's clutches, Matt's goals become clear: restore Molly's and his abilities and bring down Arthur Petrelli and Adam Monroe. But Matt becomes distracted by his father, whom he finally (and regretfully) surpasses.
Date Title Summary
6/16/2009 Real Estate Matt appears to have found a temporary place for he and Molly to hide out - until the current resident returns.
6/20/2009 Personal Business Matt wants a favor from the acting Company director.
6/22/2009 Press Hijack A press conference regarding FRONTLINE is derailed by Humanis First fanatics.
6/22/2009 Icy Interactions After Spiriting her away from the press conference, Matt confronts Tracy about her manifestation and reveals where he's actually been lately. Tracy has her own secrets to shed as well.
7/1/2009 Just Following Orders Matt has to swallow his pride and ask Phoenix to help him and Molly.
7/18/2009 Frequencies A man who knows more than he lets on comes to see the woman who can make things right.
7/23/2009 4th Year Telepath Tracy calls Matt back into work for various reasons. Paused
7/28/2009 Him In the aftermath of Pinehearst, Maury Parkman turns for absolution to the one man he expects none from, his son. But at the end of life's thread, a disturbing revelation opens more questions than answers…
8/17/2009 Eclipsed The apple truly does not fall far from the tree. Matt has his final words with his father.
8/17/2009 Grown-Up Decisions Still reeling from his encounter with his father, Matt gets some advice from a mature Molly Walker that he intends to follow. Decisions regarding Molly's arrangements are discussed, and no teenage girl is too big for her father's arms.
matt-vol8-10.png Still fighting an inner battle concerning the use of his ability, Matt throws himself into his work. But he also discovers that Janice's son is his, which adds a new layer to the lens through which he views the world. Tensions between Matt and Kaydence rise until the relationship shatters, but with so much weighing on him, Matt takes the development in stride.
Date Title Summary
2/4/2010 The Orchid and the Wolf Putting in a call to a friend in high places, Abigail Beauchamp reveals she being stalked by an international terrorist.
4/20/2010 Not His Plan Magnes Varlane's plan to contact Matthew Parkman gets turned on its ear…
4/26/2010 Unfortunately Serendipitous A convergence of names and faces at a Ferrymen safehouse leads to a bloodbath.
4/30/2010 The Slip The girl from the cornfield finds the cat and the nightingale. The three embark on a journey to rescue Hiro Nakamura that goes horribly sideways.
5/17/2010 Abby's Choice Matt Parkman presents two options to Abigail Beauchamp regarding her ability, but ultimately she is the only one who can choose between them.
5/22/2010 Born in the U.S.A. As the sharp edge of an elongated winter fades away, as the blizzards pull back from obscuring visibility and as the lights come back on, there is something to see as men and women across New York City take stock of what's to come and what has been. There is also something to hear — you need only listen.
7/26/2010 A Game of Thrones, Part II Powerful government forces play a dangerous game in a world of secret wars.
8/24/2010 White Noise of Doubt Matt Parkman finally comes home and has a tough conversation with his fiancée that turns turns very ugly very quickly.
8/26/2010 Interdepartmental Cooperation, Part IV Preparation for August 31st happens, with various departments mingling in Parkman's office and a plan put in place on many fronts.
8/27/2010 Duty Matt Parkman meets with Magnes and increases the department's control over the mole.
8/28/2010 Waiting for the Bullet Day two of interrogation, Matt brings in Audrey for her portion regarding Sylar and they learn a few interesting things, none of it really good.
8/31/2010 Every Prophet Across the country, those affected by the Flash Forward months ago create new ripples and currents in the waters of time, and those distant ripples crash violently on distant shores…
matt-vol11.png The line Matt treads between doing his duty and protecting his family grows thinner every day. Greatly troubled by the path he sees himself on, Matt sees himself as a man with few options.
Date Title Summary
9/1/2010 The Ware Opening The Ware Opening attacks the B5 square and threatens to bring the King's Rook into the game.
9/4/2010 Get Going Matt gets a puzzle piece and dishes out some directives to both Audrey and Dante.
9/5/2010 The Floor is Wet Matt shows up at the Suresh Center for business, and is greeted by a mysterious man.
9/6/2010 Consuming an Elephant Two public figures of different walks of life, one a veteran and one a rookie, meet by chance at a bar.
9/7/2010 Merry-Go-Round Matt catches up with Molly, and the two go through a variety of emotions before finding some commonality again.
9/9/2010 Prophets and Progeny Matt receives an unexpected visitor who brings even less expected news.
9/9/2010 What World We Live In One enemy attempts to knock another off-balance.
9/11/2010 Oh, Balls Here, there is no airport, nor turtles, nor visions of a future. Instead there is a wayward ball, a lot of swearing, and enough distrust to fill the crater on the moon.
9/12/2010 Voluntary Permission Audrey brings Tracy into the office to discuss the piece of Argentinean robotics in her possession.
9/27/2010 Lifeguards When paths cross in the Suresh Center — some coincidenal, some premeditated — Veronica is offered a secret assignment; the more things change, the more they stay the same.
9/28/2010 Eyes and Ears Parkman recruits Veronica for a special assignment. Veronica is humored by Parkman's inability to construct an appropriate or coherent analogy to explain said assignment.
9/30/2010 Where Credit is Due At the request of Jason Piece, Matt Parkman talks to the newest prisoner of DHS, and she manages to offend him.
10/1/2010 Conditional Role Models Matt tracks down Kaylee with the intent of making her update her registration, but finds an opportunity instead.
10/2/2010 Curiouser and Curiouser Unknown to Melissa, Matt Parkman decides to take a trip through her mind, and is surprised at what he finds.
10/3/2010 Archipelago Two telepaths meet again and find they are connected in many ways, and even in other ways kindred spirits.
10/3/2010 Calling on Lady Luck Two conspirators meet over reheated pizza to discuss the trustworthiness of one Simon Broome - and agreeing to both tackle either end of a future problem.
10/4/2010 Get to Work, Hanson Parkman lifts Audrey's suspension and sets her back on the Sylar/Copy cat case.
10/4/2010 Bonding with Bullets Molly receives her first lesson in how to properly use a firearm as well as a promise for further opportunities to refine this new skill.
10/4/2010 Over at the Frankenstein Place Veronica shares information regarding a stolen brain and Senator Portman's murder with Parkman, who tells his double agent to find out just what sort of "Frankenstein shit" the mad scientists are up to within the lab.
10/4/2010 On Air May 2010 hallucinations spark the shakedown of pro-evolved Unity organization. Will DHS turn to LSD for their next big lead? — That question never really did get answered.
10/7/2010 Circling the Wagons Matthew Parkman calls in high-clearance members of the Department of Homeland Security to discuss the Messiah situation, and Matt tries to pry deeper into the secrets Harper keeps for the Institute.
10/8/2010 Options Concerned, Kaylee meets with Matt to warn him about the triggers that were removed from Melissa's head.
10/9/2010 You Can't Spin Murder While scamming Russo's mail, Kristen collides with Matt… Who isn't exactly unwelcome.
10/9/2010 Ironic Favors Cardinal visits Parkman on the behalf of the Bennet family, to which the telepath takes some offense. Other bombshells are dropped, and other warnings are given. (Okay, so maybe it's not really ironic in the strictest technical sense.)
10/13/2010 Compared To All The Other Times Magnes is brought in for additional de-programming and questions.
10/14/2010 The Wringer It's a less than ideal interrogation, problematic when the prisoner knows nothing his captor wants.
10/16/2010 Mission Continued Matt signs his Yente of a daughter up for piano lessons with a trusting woman…who just happens to be just the terrorist he fears she is. Only he doesn't know that.
10/18/2010 Bargaining Melissa pays a visit to DHS Headquarters, voluntarily, in order to give Matt Parkman something he wants, for something she wants.
10/19/2010 Aiming Spitballs at Tanks For once, Matt visits Cardinal to discuss Carmichael's triggers and plans for November 8th. They brainstorm counter-measures, though it seems like pulling the plug is the only surefire option.
10/25/2010 Eye of the Sandstorm Cardinal brings Noah and Matt together to pay a visit to Claire. While they are successful in their agenda, the aftermath is bittersweet.
10/26/2010 Teenage Girls Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. The details of the plan for Molly to locate Rupert Carmichael leave the girl angry at her adoptive father and his colleague.
11/05/2010 The Walker System After giving her some time to cool off, Matt approaches Molly again regarding the location of Rupert Carmichael. She's more than willing, and the two share a tearful moment as they prepare for the coming days.
11/05/2010 Bullets for A Gun When you've made all the preparations you can… all you can do is prepare for the aftermath. And for retribution.
11/05/2010 United We Stand, Part I In an effort to make a plan to deal with Rupert Carmichael, Messiah discovers wolves at the gate, and wolves within…
11/06/2010 A Divided Front Faced with the very real threat of the November 8th riots, the Department of Homeland Security struggles to make the necessary precautions, while Matt Parkman makes a dangerous play to catch Vice President Mitchell in a trap.
11/7/2010 United We Stand, Part IV In the montage that opens the ending of Volume 11, Matt pays a visit to Janice and Matty in L.A.
11/7/2010 United We Stand, Part II Following Molly Walker's intelligence down to Maryland, Matt Parkman and Richard Cardinal hatch a plan to try and assassinate the persuader before he can deliver his message, but unknowingly they are playing into another parties hands…
matt-vol12.png The 8th of November is a day that Matt has been both dreading and anticipating for the last few months, and it leaves him in a comatose state - perhaps the worst place he could be in the aftermath of Rupert Carmichael's final blow to New York City. But locked inside his own mind, Matt can't be used as Mitchell's weapon against his own kind. Then again, neither can he help protect those few people he trusts and/or holds dear.
Date Title Summary
11/8/2010 Click When he thought he was in the clear, Matt is subjected to the triggers he took from Melissa and Claire. He isn't as good at dealing with them as he had previously thought.
11/8/2010 It's a B-Movie When Molly tries to find her father, Matt makes a preemptive move to secure her physical safety.
11/10/2010 Shells Aric and Peyton attempt to figure out what has happened to Molly, but all they're left with are shards and scraps.
11/23/2010 The Prince and the Ogre In which Delia enters an old house on a hill and meets an imprisoned prince looking for revenge.
11/24/2010 Drawing Lines In which both sides prepare for battle.
11/25/2010 An Army of Allies In which Delia awakens an army and receives the blessing of another ally.
11/26/2010 The Monster and the Other Princess In which Delia and Reuben awaken a monster and get the ogre’s attention.
11/26/2010 A Fairy Queen's Tears In which Delia and Reuben face the Ogre, and True Natures are revealed.
12/5/2010 No One Gets a Vacation/Facing the Music Aric, along with Elizabeth and Molly, retrieve Matt from his coma.
1/2/2011 In His Father's Image Matt and Molly's final day in Los Angeles becomes Matt's final day with his son.
1/11/2011 Joy of Fingerpainting Bob Ross hasn't taught these two how to paint happy little trees… but they've figured out how to paint happy little dogs made of cheese.
2/19/2011 Shame on Me Matt is enlisted in one of Cardinal's schemes to find out more about Sarisa and her possible connection to Sylar. It doesn't end well.
matt-vol13.png Brawp brawp brawp
Date Title Summary
3/27/2011 The Lens of Fiction A discussion of the role of science fiction in society is held by an unlikely pair.
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