Logs for May 2009

498 logs posted for May 2009.

Date Time Title Participants
05/01 The Hippocratic Oath Gabriel, Kinney and Teo
Getting the Band Back Together Eileen and Raith
Monochrome Delirious, Part II Dorothy, Scarecrow and Toto
Put It On My Desk Coren and Terry
How Is The New Partner? Cassidy and Elisabeth
This Is Not Alias Minea and Schuyler
Just One Question Alec and Elisabeth
1930 Can't Outrun the Speed of Light Baxter, Cat, Elisabeth, Felix and Niles
Eternal Rest, Grant Unto Them Minea and Veronica
05/02 Morning Conflict of Interest April, Cassidy and Coren
Cockroaches Always Do Abby and Gabriel
Discussing Bulletholes and Badges Niles and Reed
Learning To Fly... Hiro and Maria
Monochrome Delirious, Part III Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow and the Tin Man
Mid-day Picking At Stitches Gabriel and Kinney
Brick By Brick Adam and Tamsine
Evening To Become A Demon Amy
05/03 Unsettled Debt Deckard and Felix
0130 Welcome to New York Len
0900 How Bad Is It? April and Reed
Mid-day To Feel Again Gabriel and Gillian
1230 Siblings Reed and Simon
Thirty-Six Years Arthur, Jenn and Mason
Pizza For Pet Sitting Abby, Delilah and Magnes
Monochrome Delirious, Part IV Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man
Weird Thoughts Magnes and Bebe
Afternoon Guiding Light Colette and Tamara
Toe Steppin' Cassidy, Coren and Minea
Are You There, Simon? It's Me, Mallory Mallory
1400 No Clean Hands Cat
Early Evening Endings and Beginnings Len and Veronica
Bitch Is A Noun Bolivar and Minea
Sniper Interrupted Veronica and Dutch
Night Cat's In The Cradle Tamsine, Adam, Amy and Aaron
Catch and Release Eileen and Raith
05/04 Morning Strawberry, Blueberry Mallory and Simon
Morning They Just Fade Away, Part I Myron
Noon A Little Dirt Under the Fingernails Never Hurt Lawrence and Len
1300 Her Father's Daughter... Cat and Mason
Afternoon Let Me Be Your Padawan Hiro, Kimiko, and Magnes
Afternoon My Little Revolutionary Niles
Afternoon All The King's Horses Eve and Peter
Afternoon Side Steppin Len and Minea
Evening A Cure For What Ails You Arthur and Peter
Evening Vinegar Delphine and Julian
Evening Adam in Jail Adam, Cassidy and Dutch
Evening Is It Dark For You? Colette and Felix
Evening On Rekindling Puberty Bolivar and Raquelle
Evening Spilled Milk Bebe, Fedor, Sonny and Teo
Night Do What We Must Claire and Peter
Monochrome Delirious, Part V Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked Witch
Night The Doppleganger April and Minea
Night Mortimer Fan Club Cassidy and Dutch
Night Butting Heads Cassidy and Coren
Night Six Crazy Things Before Dinner Elisabeth and Felix
Night Generating Productivity Deckard and Eileen
05/05 Wee Hours Prossima Volta Sonny and Teo
Morning A Day in Japan Magnes
0600 The Devil's Advocate... Cat and Elisabeth
Morning Divided Loyalties Elisabeth
Afternoon Knowledge and Power Joseph and Niles
Afternoon Catching Up Gillian and Victor
Afternoon Oh Joy, Bodysnatching Technopaths Elisabeth and Reed
Afternoon Ain't No Katherine Marks Elisabeth and Minea
Afternoon They Just Fade Away, Part II Felix, Myron and Rebecca
Afternoon The Earth Is A Mess Adam and Zoe
Afternoon Don't Be A Hero Elisabeth and Simon
Early Evening Not a Date Magnes and Xiulan
Evening Woe Is Me, The Monster I am... Aaron and Abby
Evening Amidst A Crowd Of Ninjas Dutch, Cassidy and Coren
Evening You Stay Behind Adam and Simon
Night Seeing in Every Color Colette, Deckard, Simon, and Teo
Monochrome Delirious, Part VI Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, the Wizard and… ???!
05/06 Wee Hours Lightyears From Logic Gabriel and Teo
Morning Why Can't It Always Be This Easy? Cassidy and Elisabeth
Morning Safety First Deckard and Simon
Morning The Virtual Life Malware and Wireless
1000 Mighty Things and Timid Souls Cat and Joseph
Noon To Drink Or Not To Drink Abby and Sabrina
Afternoon The Ship is Sinking Len and Minea
Afternoon The Payoff Arthur and Goodman
Late Afternoon Sonny's Girl Abby, Mayor Bianco and Sonny
Evening Business, With A Side Order Of Mush Cassidy and Coren
Evening Inviting the Shadows In Cardinal and Elisabeth
Evening Misplacing the Faith Abby and Eileen
Evening Wedding Announcement Adam and Eve
Night They Just Fade Away, Part III Myron
05/07 Dawn Pleased To Meet You Peter and Teo
Morning They Just Fade Away, Part IV Libby and Myron
Morning The Most Important Meal of the Day Elisabeth, Len and Minea
Morning Uppity Ben and Sabrina
Afternoon The Seven Virtues Of Bushido Kimiko and Magnes
Afternoon Super Chatty Snips Ben and Raquelle
19:00 Don't Be Such An Idealist Cat and Mason
Night Reasonable Suspicion Deckard and Zuleyka
Night The Winning Side Gabriel and Raith
05/08 09:00 The Nature Of Our Misgivings Arthur, Cat, Goodman, Maury
Morning Flightless Bolivar and Raquelle
Afternoon All Our Troubles Jenn, Trent, and Zimmerman
Afternoon A Latte with a Kiss on the Side Kimberlynn and Reed
Afternoon A Healer, An Empath, And A Vampire.... Aaron, Abby and Cassidy
Afternoon Don't Tell Momma Abby and Dean Beauchamp
Evening Don't Disrespect Mr. Eastwood Len and Veronica
Evening And On The Third Date... Adam and Zoe
Evening - Night Soup and Popcorn Cardinal and Pearl
Night Not Amused Dutch and Mortimer
05/09 Asscrack o' Dawn Stop Thinking And Just Eat Cat and Teo
Early Afternoon Lay Your Weary Head To Rest Aaron and Abby
Afternoon Heads of the Hydra Adam and Tamsine
Sunset Sleight April, Doyle, Nathan and Nathan
1900 Peace and Friendship Deckard and Gabriel
Early Evening It's Not Just A Badge Cassidy, Dutch and Coren
Early Evening The Parental Gauntlet Abby, Teo and the Beauchamp Parental Units
Evening Nohari Window Maury
Evening Nom Nom Nom Delilah and Saul
Night Message for Dutch Cassidy
Night Home Is Where Heidi and Nathan
Night Fearing The Day Eve and Gabriel
05/10 ~02:30am Enjoy Your Visit April, April, Edward, Len, Niles and Reed
Early Morning Ray Of Bloody Sunshine Cassidy, Dutch and Coren
Early Afternoon Ladybugs And Ice Cream Abby and Doreen Beauchamp
Afternoon Foregone Conclusion Edward and Niles
Afternoon Priority Targets Adam and Cardinal
Afternoon Like Blood From A Stone Veronica and Dutch
Afternoon With A Price Edward and Nathan
Early Evening Engrossing Adam, Amy, and Huruma
Evening Tiresian Minea and Murdoch
05/11 Morning A Different Path Felix and Joseph
Morning Ferry Ride Alec and Elisabeth
Late Morning Repossessed Elisabeth, Minea and Reed
Late Morning Christ's Sake, Gitelman! April, Hana/Wireless, Len, Mallory, and Minea
Late Morning One Day Hana and Mallory
Late Morning Making Exceptions Tamsine and Sebastian
Noonish Un-const-i-tutional Abby, Coren and Dean Beauchamp
Sunset Going, Not Gone Sonny and Teo
Evening Of Samoas and Thin Mints Dutch and Eileen
Evening The Proposition Murdoch and Bebe
Evening Got No Strings On Me Doyle and Veronica
Evening Just Like Ivanov Doyle and Niles
Evening Not This John Bebe, Felix, and John
Evening Hello From Tokyo Adam and Zoe
Evening Love Hurts, Then You Declare War Cassidy and Mortimer
Evening The Heart of a Revolutionary Raith and Rico
Night Being The Victim Changes Everything Cassidy, Elisabeth and Coren
Night God, What A Day Cassidy and Coren
Night Divided Goodman, Maury and Minea
Night Wait A Minute, Mister Abby, Dean Beauchamp and Deckard
Night That's A Really Nice Couch! Abby and Deckard
Night Cogito Ergo Sum R.Ajas, Robin Hood and T.Monk
05/12 Pre-Dawn "They" R.Ajas and T.Monk
Pre-Dawn Gummi Geishas Cardinal and Pearl
Morning The Escapist Sonny and Teo
Late Morning Tattle Tale Elisabeth and Len
Late Morning About Princess Di Abby and Raquelle
Late Morning Guns R Us Cassidy and Dutch
Noon The Salvation of Evil Twins April and Joseph
Afternoon Agent Recovered Lawrence, Len and Minea
Afternoon Adding It Up Lawrence
Afternoon Reassignment Candy and Goodman
Afternoon Azumashikunai Amy and Cardinal
Afternoon Not Just a Skinned Knee Chuck and Rico
Early Evening Allistairs Reunited Mallory and Simon
Evening Truth And Consequences Eliot and Zoe
05/13 Morning Broken Steel Knox, R.Ajas and Rickham
13:00 An Unwilling Vacation Candy and Cat
Afternoon Errands to Run Gabriel and Gillian
Afternoon And Whether Princesses Have Wings Bolivar and Raquelle
Late Afternoon Dr. Beauchamp, Relationship Counsellor Abby and Sonny
Evening Lamb to the Slaughter Carrie and Len
Evening Sales Pitch Candy and Leah
Evening Probably A Target Len and Veronica
Evening I Against I Edward and Edward
05/14 10:00 Prison, Guilt, And Tyler Case Cat, Gillian and Peter
12:00 Attenuation Gillian and Niles
Afternoon Need To Know Lawrence and Len
Afternoon No Remedy for Love Eileen and Teo
Early Evening Post-it Mistress Candy and Delilah
Early Evening No Wonder You're So Mad At Me Felix and Teo
Evening Marching Orders Grim and Len
Evening Is There Anyone Happy In New York? Veronica and Aaron
Evening Comic Book Hero Adam and Magnes
Night Back From The Future Candy, Cat, Delilah, and Helena
Night Face To Face Sonny and Teo
05/15 1:30 am Early Morning Call Abby and Magnes
1:47 am Murder at the Dorchester Elisabeth and Niles
Early Morning A Burden And A Gift Helena and Teo
Early Morning Hello From Tokyo II Adam and Zoe
Early Morning On The Muppet Show Tonight Deckard and Niles
Early Morning Empath Gillian and Peter
Morning Tall Orders And Impossible Things Cat, Elisabeth, and Helena
Morning The Fragile Alexander, Cat, Elisabeth, Gillian, Helena, and Peter
Morning Old Times Goodman and Sabra
Late Morning Lucy! I'm HOME! Abby and Isabelle
Afternoon I'm Not Done Dutch, Mortimer, Carrie, Coren, Abby and Adam
Afternoon You Ever Get That Feeling? Dutch, Carrie, Coren and Abby
Late Afternoon Becoming Wade Robin Hood and Wade
Evening Running The Country Nathan and Tracy
Night Insensitive Demands Hana/K.Apila and T.Monk
05/16 Morning I Wasn't Gonna Hurt You Cassidy and Mortimer
Morning Secure in Insecurity Elisabeth and Len
Morning Both Sides Against The Middle Diego, Elisabeth, and Helena
Late Morning Paradise Lost Minea
Late Morning RobinVI6 and J1tt3rBug13 Gillian and Magnes
Afternoon PEDA for FRONTLINE Candy, Chuck and Tracy
Afternoon The President Wants You! Abby and Tracy
Afternoon Consulting The Catipedia Abby and Cat
Afternoon ¡Ay, Caramba! Cat, Diego, Elisabeth, Elle, Helena, and Trask
Afternoon A Time To Kill Lawrence, Len and Veronica
Afternoon A Time to Introduce Yourselves Lawrence and Veronica
Afternoon Receipts Len and Minea
Evening Fuck Up Deckard, Delilah and Leah
Evening Good Luck Chuck At The Bar Abby and Chuck
Evening Favor Asked and Granted Abby and Veronica
Evening Bait And Switch Arthur, Edward, Helena, Maury, and Peter
Evening You Sound Like My Ex-Wife Cassidy and Coren
Evening Plans Before Takamori Cardinal and Xiulan
Night Do You Have Any Idea What You're Doing? Elisabeth and Trask
Night Buzz Abby and Delilah
Night PAUSE in the conversation Nalani and Tracy
05/17 7 AM My Moral Compass Abby and Ben
Morning Creepy Conversation Carrie and Robin Hood
Morning What Still Hurts Kayla and Veronica
Morning No Candy For You Candy, Cat, and Helena
Morning If I Follow Along Deckard and Niles
Late Morning Fill In The Blank Deckard and Grace
Late Morning Feeding the Enemy Cassidy and Mortimer
Late Morning Dr. Science Ventures The Zoo Sal and Teo
Noon Make The Most Deckard and Niles
Noonish Must Be Deckard Genetics Abby and Leah
Noon Turn A New Leaf Tamsine and Sebastian
Afternoon Choose A Side Goodman, Lawrence and Veronica
Afternoon Clean Up Lawrence and Veronica
Afternoon Invading The Castle Robin Hood and Zoe
Early Evening It's Mr. K not Mr. T Abby and Kailin
Evening A Welcome Burden Helena and Teo
Evening Like Father, Like Nobody Kaito, Kimiko, and Hiro
Night Cats Have It Easy Gabriel and Gillian
Night Not So Self Assured Deckard and Joseph
Night If I Die Before I Wake Eileen
05/18 Wee Hours Strike-Out Alexander and Teo
Wee Hours Watch Out For Zombies Cardinal and Simon
Morning A Hankering for Some Candy Len and Schuyler
Morning Was Blind But Now I See Abby and Chuck
Noon Big Daddy Rifles Cassidy and Dutch
Afternoon Identity Crises Sacha and Sonny, or maybe Kinney or Sal
Afternoon They're Ours Gillian
Afternoon No date for you Tracy
Early Evening Something Else Gillian and Joseph
Evening Healing Old Scars Abby, Cassidy and Coren
Evening Changing The Present April and Gabriel
Evening A Pair of Shoes Kimberlynn and Wade
Evening Not My Type Felix and Satoru
Evening C Is For Cookie Alexander, Cook, and Helena
Night Battle Without Honor Or Humanity Huruma, Jake, and Kimiko
Night Want for Tomorrow Eileen and Gabriel
5/19 3:27 am Japanese Time The Duel Adam and Hiro
Late Morning A Promise Over Chicken Nuggets Cassidy and Mortimer
Late Morning Yes Abby and Tracy
Noon Time To Pay Dues Helena and Sal
Afternoon The Criminal Element Bao-Wei and Kailin
Afternoon Self-Aware Pawns Doyle and Niles
Late Afternoon I Accidentally the Elevator Delilah and Gillian
Late Afternoon The Trojan Horse Ploy Cardinal and Magnes
Sunset Fait Accompli Amato and Raith
Evening Two Men Lacking Appointments Cardinal, Magnes, and Kaito
Evening Caliginous Junk Deckard, Leah and Niles
Evening In-Law Reunion Nataliya and Tuck
Evening Another Night At Old Lucy's Abby, Aaron, Cook, Isabelle and Kailin
Night A Simple Farewell Dinner Cassidy and Coren
Night Dysgenically Yours Ghost
Night The Better To Eat You With Abby and Cook
Night You're What You Own Gabriel and Gillian
Late Night Candy and 10; Super Spies Candy and Mortimer
5/20 12:30 am I Don't Know What You're Talking About Abby and Adam
Very Early Morning Don't Freak Out Cassidy and Mortimer
Very Early Morning We're Not Dating Cassidy and Coren
Morning Shibuya Incident Jake and Magnes
Morning Worth Taking Away Kayla
Noon The Merits of Trying Hard Jean and Tracy
Afternoon Changing of the Guard Candy and Jenn
Afternoon Love and Robots Nataliya and Mortimer
Afternoon Back in the Saddle Len and Minea
Evening An Evening With Aaron Michaels Aaron, Abby, Isabelle, Tamsine and Felix
Evening A Decent Person Deckard, Elisabeth and Niles
Evening In And Out Over Lasagna Alexander, Ben, Helena, and Teo
Evening I Love It When A Plan Comes Together Cardinal and Xiulan
5/21 Morning They Always Run Aude and Cassidy
Morning Doctor and Patient Alexander and Sal
Morning How Do You Feel About Waffles? Helena and Peter
Morning With Honor Adam and Kimiko
Late Morning I Shot Him Between The Eyes Kailin, Lawrence and Minea
Early Afternoon Putting The Band Together Abby and Kailin
13:05 The Spark Cat, Gillian, Knox, R.Ajas, and Rickham
Afternoon Imagine your face on TV! Tracy and Terry
Early evening Liar Liar Pants On Fire Ash, Aude, Faith Kelly and Hope Kelly
Evening Seal and Gag Lawrence, Len and Veronica
Evening London and... France? Franziska and Zachery
Evening Fuck You Felix Abby, Cardinal, Felix and Leland
Late Evening Re-Connect Abby and Helena
Afternoon A Call from Tokyo Adam and Simon
Late Afternoon Beyond Today Adam, Huruma and Kaito
05/22 Wee Hours Conductivity Bennet and Elle
Pre-Dawn To My Son... Hiro and Kaito
Morning Time To Go Home Kimiko and Magnes
10:11 You Are Welcome To Try Cat, Helena, Knox, Rajas, and Rickham
Afternoon A Wonderful Boss Kayla and Len
Afternoon Will Not and Cannot Len and Wireless
Late Afternoon Friday in the Park Cook, Faith Kelly and Hope Kelly
Late Afternoon Paid for Results Adam and Cardinal
Evening Saturday is Tomorrow Kimberlynn and Wade
Night A Personal Interest Abby and Caliban
Night Partial Anonymity Eileen and Leonard
Night Everything Remains The Same Abby and Magnes
Night Magnes, Defeated Delilah and Magnes
Night Damned City Kailin, Rocket and Zuleyka
05/23 Morning Birthright Hiro and Kimiko
Late Morning Curses Into Blessings Abby and Joseph
Noon Business or Pleasure Danko and Joseph
Noon Your Life Is What You Make It Elle and Helena
Noon Off the Record Abby and Cassidy
12:30 Don't Trip! Alec and Maria
Afternoon Erasing The Hate - Creating Community Abby, Cook, Delilah, Kailin, Magnes and Tamsine
Afternoon Make Me A Chart Cat and Helena
Afternoon Good, Old-Fashioned Cop Work Leland
Early Evening He Had It Comin' Delilah and Magnes
Early Evening Spokesperson v. Spokesperson Candy and Tracy
Evening For Now Logan and Bebe
Evening Shadow on Water, Part I Feng, Kain, Liu and Song
Evening Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts Adam and Zoe
Evening A Case of Pocky and a Job Offer Adam and Tamsine
05/24 Early Morning Bonder and Batteries Abby and Alec
Late Morning Before I Let You Help Me, I Want a Favor Elisabeth and Robin Hood
Late Morning I Long For Absolution Abby and Amato
Noon Colors Joseph and Raquelle
Afternoon Aren't You Like Arab Or Something? Adam and Nalani
Afternoon New Light on an Old Subject Paul and Tracy
Afternoon Powerful Women Tracy and Nalani
Afternoon Disjointed Adam, Deckard, Leonard and Niles
Late Afternoon Reporter-Scented Falafel Adam and Tracy
Late Afternoon The Cowboy and the Lady Len and Nalani
Early Evening Some Deranged Fairytale Delilah and Magnes
Early Evening Evening Train Tamsine and Sebastian
Early Evening Your Mission If you Choose to Accept It Adam and Cardinal
Evening I Have Some Info Adam and Matt
Evening Discussions Over Dinner Doyle and Nathan
Evening Dinner Guests Cardinal, Nataliya and Tuck
Evening The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce Cardinal, Kailin and Tuck
Night First Date Adam and Veronica
Night Jesus Christ Cardinal Cardinal and Simon
Night When Suddenly, And Without Warning Abby, Deckard and John
Night The Issue of Legitimate Authority Eileen, Magnes and Raith
Late Night Dr. Friend, Sal Silvatti Abby and Sal
05/25 Morning Apple and Pie Abby and Joseph
Morning Shooting the Moon Adam and Sabrina
Morning Of Sealed Orders Ashton
Noon Pride Takes a Beating Len and Veronica
Afternoon Waking the Demon Len
13:35 Call Me Evelyn Cardinal, Cat, and Helena
Afternoon Playing Well with Others Ghost and Samantha
Afternoon Falafels with a Terrorist Tracy and Magnes
16:07 A Moot Issue... Abby and Cat
Afternoon The Sword Arm Adam, Alison, Arthur, Huruma, Jenn, Mason, and Maury
Afternoon Playing God Alison, Jennifer, Mason, and Zimmerman
Afternoon I Owe You One Satoru and Tuck
Afternoon Of Travels, Stonings And Ideals Amy and Kailin
Evening Not a Better Person K.Apila and Robin Hood
Evening Down The River Deckard and Feng
Evening A Few Words About Restraint Eileen and Niles
Evening For Evolution Cardinal, Fedor, and Xiulan
Night Right Hand Huruma and Satoru
Night The Past Is Prologue Eve and Gillian
Night Midnight in the Garden of Morally Gray Cat, Eileen, Gabriel and Helena
Night Rot Eileen and Gabriel
Night Business and Schadenfreude Logan and Satoru
Night A Romantic Dinner Cassidy and Mortimer
Midnight Bringing Dr. Pepper and Pepsi Abby and Cardinal
05/26 7 am Substitute Healer Abby, Cardinal, Chuck and Xiulan
8:30 am Only For Those Worthy Abby and Adam
Morning I Need a Hero Magnes and Veronica
Morning Rosetta Stone for Evolved Adam and Tracy
Morning Gillian and Magnes Sittin In A Tree... Gillian and Magnes
Early Afternoon Freudian Lunch Delilah and Magnes
Afternoon Vagabond Cop Tracy and Schuyler
Afternoon Lightning Strikes Twice Abby and Veronica
Afternoon Threats, Lies, and Melting Ice Cream Tracy and Mortimer
Afternoon You've Been Served Adam and Ewan
Afternoon Draw Me Destruction Gabriel and Gillian
Sunset Exposition On Prom Night Leonard and Teo
Evening Gay Black Jewish Evolved Elderly Immigrants Cardinal, Nataliya and Tuck
Evening Opening Doors Sebastian and Tamsine
Evening Here Comes Another One Aude, Leland and Tracy
Night Unorthodox Teachings Abby and Deckard
Night Any Dream Will Do Daphne and Joseph
Night Hey, Sport Adam and Simon
Night Wolf Hunt Amato and Raith
5/27 Morning Bolivar's Friend Resurfaces Elisabeth and Kayla
Morning Switcheroo Aude and Hope Kelly
Morning Pride's A Sin Joseph and Raquelle
Late Morning Up Up And Away Fedor and Helena
Afternoon Doc Talk Ben and Sal
Afternoon Nugget, Nibblet, Nougat? Who cares? Fedor and Nalani
Afternoon Out of the Mouths of Babes Len, Magnes and Minea
2 pm Production Time Abby, Paul and Tracy
Afternoon It's What We Do Kailin and Len
Afternoon The Stomach for What's Coming Cardinal and Eileen
Afternoon Taking A Stroll Adam and Amy
Late Afternoon Let It Abby and Joseph
Evening Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe Adam, Amy, and Zoe
Evening Candy's Shop Candy and Cardinal
Evening Signing Bonus Adam and Tamsine
Night Blood and Sand Deckard and Felix
Night A New Face, An Old Friend Helena and Leonard
Late Night Working for the Man Matt and Tracy
Late Night Clockwork Gabriel and Mortimer
05/28 Early Morning Trash on the Beach Deckard, Leonard, Nataliya and Teo
Morning Like Losing A Limb Abby and Helena
Morning Jus Ad Bellum Fedor and Sarisa
Late Morning I Need To See A Priest Helena and Lucrezia
11:23 The Basics Cat and Delilah
Afternoon Furk Uff Carrie, Mallory and Minea
Late Afternoon The Bigger Picture Adam and Linderman
Late Afternoon Being Human Eileen, Gabriel and Rickham
Late Afternoon Being John Edward and John
Late Afternoon Being Wrong Edward and Rickham
Sunset To the Future Arthur and Sabra
Evening Plenty Of Bitching Bolivar, Buck, Isis and Minea
Evening Cops and Politics Elisabeth, Felix and Leland
Night God, What A Mess Kailin and Megan
Night Doppelgänger Sal and Teo (?)
Night A Gold Star And A Cookie Claude and Helena
Night Very, Very Bad Idea Franziska, Gabriel and Zachery
05/29 Early Morning Know Thy Enemy Eileen and Logan
Morning Hanging Together or Separately Is Still Hanging Cat, Elisabeth, and Len
Morning Doctor's Referral Brian, Chuck, and Helena
Morning Mundus Vult Decipi Doyle, Edward and John
Late Morning Like A Bird Doyle and Nathan
Lunchtime Girls In A Locker Room Cassidy and Elisabeth
Lunchtime Rude Awakening Helena, Leonard, and Sal
Lunchtime Break Seal In Case of Impending Lip Smooshing Abby and Raquelle
Early Afternoon The Technicolor Dream Joseph
Early Afternoon Attaboy Delilah, Leonard, Tamara and Teo
Afternoon This Is The Reaper Cardinal and Mortimer
Late Afternoon They Just Fade Away, Part V Edward, John, and Myron
Late Afternoon Executioners Edward and Teo
Very Early Evening Mamma 'ruma Go Vroom! Abby and Huruma
Early Evening Warm and Fuzzy Deckard and Joseph
Early Evening No Self Control Gabriel, Gillian and Peter
Early Evening Take Off Your Shirt Alec and Helena
Evening Snow Come Down Gillian and Helena
Evening I.C. Weiner Tracy and Magnes
Evening From A Distance Bebe and John
Late Evening Victoria's Secret Messages Tracy and Cardinal
Late Evening/Overnight Friends With Benefits Cardinal and Elisabeth
Late Evening Interview Adam and Isis
Night You Called Cassidy and Mortimer
Night Second Square Gabriel and Helena
05/30 Morning Giving Notice Abby and Elisabeth
Morning Professional Courtesy and Politeness Alec and Elisabeth
Morning Coming Full Circle Carrie, Len and Minea
Morning Playing At Hero Helena and Sal
Morning Good Luck With That Agent Kailin and Minea
Morning They Just... Elisabeth, Felix and Rebecca
11:00 am Twitterpation Abby, Deckard and Raquelle
Noon Getting Along Famously Curt, Len and Veronica
Early Afternoon Get Me Monroe Cardinal and Matt
Early Afternoon The Ranger and the Princess Curt and Veronica
Afternoon Soup's On Fedor, Faith Kelly, Felix, Cardinal, Candy and Satoru
Afternoon Stolen Bikes, Stolen Lives, and Stolen Hearts Cassidy and Rebecca
Afternoon So, Dinner Tonight? Cassidy and Coren
5 pm Too Long Ago Abby and Matt
5:30 pm Anyone Talked To You About Pinehearst? Abby and Matt
Evening Ruining Him Tracy and Magnes
Evening Ancora Insieme Amato and Lucrezia
Evening Textually Active Helena and Teo
Evening Taking Shots Buck, Cook and Faith
Evening They've Got His Kid Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Sabotage Ghost and Teo
Night Insurance Policy Minea
05/31 Wee Hours What Gods Work In Joseph and Teo
Wee Hours Denial of a Death Bed Joseph and Teo
Wee Hours Death Grip Deckard, Joseph and Teo
Early Morning Bring Us Your Poor and Sick Jake and Megan
Early Morning Kissing With Tongues Tracy and Magnes
Morning Market Walk Tamsine and Sebastian
Morning Sick Game Leland
Noon I Am Human Aude
Early afternoon That Is Why We Exist Magnes and Minea
Early afternoon A Deal Between Two Devils Isis and Jackdaw
Early afternoon Honor Among Thieves Logan and Satoru
Late Afternoon Bad Magnes, No Biscuit! Abby and Magnes
Almost Curfew Friends in Low Places Len and Minea
7:45pm And Then The Phone Rang! Cassidy, Coren and Mortimer
19:45 Alone In the Dark Abby, Azrael, Cassidy and Coren
Evening A Time for Vices Cardinal, Leonard, Minea, Sal, Veronica and Xiulan
Night A New Career Path Fedor and Megan
9:30 pm Why Turn Your Back Abby and Cassidy
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