Logs for May 2010

243 logs posted for May 2010.

Date Time Title Participants
05/01 Morning That Ain't Karma Magnes and Sable
Morning Oh God She's A Lighthouse Kid Magnes and Elaine
Morning Do Ya Feel Lucky Punk? Well Do Ya? Delia and Tony
Late Morning Slice of Heaven Elaine, Magnes and Sable
Noon Ice Laser Rules Gabriel and Raith
Afternoon Old Friends Veronica and Lynette
Afternoon Comfort in Knowing Abby and Caliban
Early Evening The Long Fix Corbin and Deckard
Early Evening All About Control Gabriel and Raith
Evening Pray For Hope Felix and Lynette
Evening Home Sweet Hospital Bella, Dema and Jet
Night Ash the Pillow Ash and Delia
05/02 Morning Got Your Back Elisabeth and Niki
09:15 String For A Cat Cat and Magnes
Noon Sideways Indoctrination Brennan and Tasha
Early Afternoon Plenty Of Sorry To Go Around Cardinal and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon Cruisin' The Strip Kendall and Melissa
Late Afternoon Have Not, Have Abby and Gillian
Late Afternoon Cookies for the Pain Ash, Elaine and Magnes
Early Evening What A Pair Elisabeth and Veronica
Late Evening This Feels Like It Hurts Eileen and Gabriel
05/03 Morning Walls Rebel and Ryans
Afternoon Snowball's Chance Elisabeth and Katherine
Evening Entirely Truthful Jimmy and Ryans
Evening Book Forts Bella and Deckard
05/04 Morning A Game of Thrones Autumn, Aviators, Harper, Mitchell and Sarisa
Morning Show Me the Ropes Colette and Tasha
Morning Clean Eileen and Kaylee
11:13 The Best Name Possible... Cat, Delilah, Elaine, Magnes and Sable
Noon Under One Roof Colette, Doyle, Magnes, Sable and Tasha
Early Afternoon Denied Brennan and Kaylee
Early Evening Tell Me What You Know Allison and Luke
Early Evening Somewhere In Between Liette, Lorraine and Raith
Early Evening Wrong Sleeve Elisabeth and Teo
Evening Shortfalls Abby, Caliban and Gillian
Night Important Lorraine and Raith
Night His Favourite Dog Logan and Sasha
Close to Midnight July in Christmas Tony and Lynette
05/05 Early Morning Line of Questioning Eileen and Raith
Late Morning What The Shadow Whispered Colette and Cardinal
Late Morning Midtown Undie Strangler Delia and Lucille
Noon It's Gonna Hurt Magnes and Sable
Noon Basement Shadows Brennan and Cardinal
Early Afternoon Tracks In The Snow Colette, Elaine, Magnes, Sable and Tasha
Early Afternoon They Got Flare Abby and Melissa
Afternoon Dislocated Denizens Delia, Huruma and Ina
Late Afternoon Winner, Winner In The City Of Sinners Kendall
Evening I'd Rather Be In Jail Caliban, Kendall and Melissa
Evening It Begins With A Light Noriko
Night You Don't Get It Joanna and Vincent
05/06 Morning Another Common Trope Paulson and Veronica
Morning Holding the Line Magnes and Sable
Morning L Words Colette and Sable
Morning Brave Enough to Be Here Doyle and Tasha
Late Afternoon Lack of Experience Adelaide, Delia and Rain
Early Evening Not A Game Ash and Thalia
Night White Days Delia, Evan, Felix, Quinn, Roderick and Thalia
05/07 Pre-Dawn 47 Hours, 32 Minutes Peter
Late Morning Isolation Eileen and Francois
Midday Radio Free Columbia Elaine, Evan, and Magnes
Afternoon Dead Cellphones and Creaky Houses Caleb and Kaylee
Afternoon Inked Abby, Gillian and Melissa
Early Evening Stranger Than Fiction Cardinal, Elisabeth, Logan and Teo
Evening Loved Her Enough To Stay Away? Brennan and Kaylee
Afternoon Second Introduction Sable and Tasha
05/08 Noon Souvenirs Colette, Gillian, Magnes and Tasha
12:17 Separation Anxiety Cat, Delilah and Liette
Afternoon A Bird and a Wire Colette, Eileen, Hana and Tasha
Early Evening With Fire Ash and Sylar
Early Evening Another Musician Gillian and Sable
Early Evening Nothing's Changed Joanna, Tasha and Vincent
Early Evening Stalemate In The Trenches Abby, Francois and Teo
Evening Heart-Shaped Wedge Colette and Tasha
Night Need Eileen and Gabriel
Late Night To Be A Monster Thalia
05/09 Morning Blonde on Blonde Cardinal, Elisabeth and Sarisa
Noon Less Than Manly Caleb, Gillian and Magnes
Afternoon Samsons and Delilah Delilah and Samson
05/10 Late Morning A Different Kind of Belle Bella and Jack
Afternoon Friendly Conventions Quinn and Sid
Afternoon Snow Day Reunion Katherine and Thalia
Late Evening She Just Wanted To Help Delia, Huruma and Peter
Night On Improbability Cat, Colette, Magnes, Tasha and Vincent
Night You Don't Choose Them Colette and Tasha
05/11 Early Morning Two Days... Brennan and Kaylee
Morning Everyone Is Suspect Corbin and Ryans
Morning Morning Coffee Cat and Gillian
Late Morning Everyone Can Change Colette and Magnes
Late Morning Serious Trust Issues Delia, Huruma and Ryans
Afternoon A Shady Education Kendall, Melissa and Tony
15:18 There Is A Plan... Alia, Cardinal, Cat and Elisabeth
Evening Trust Enough Else, Kaylee and Scott
Late Night Would Have Colette and Sable
05/12 Morning Not Ten Anymore Lucille and Ryans
Morning Not Really Hawaii Melissa and Tony
Late Morning Hell Has Frozen Over Daphne and Quinn
Late Morning A Few Loose Ends Logan and Sasha
Afternoon On Optimism Adelaide and Ling
Afternoon Allowances Brennan, Eileen, Jonas and Liette
Evening Fiddling While Rome Freezes Evan and Kelly
Night A Warning Corbin and Rain
Late Night The Chore Melissa
05/13 Pre-Dawn Scared of the Dark Colette and Tasha
Pre-Dawn Colette Said You're My Girlfriend Elaine and Magnes
Morning I am Switzerland Abby and Francois
Mid Morning Updating The Team Allison, Corbin, Rain, Ryans and Veronica
Afternoon Lesson One Caleb and Lynette
Afternoon Static Friction Bella and Vincent
Night Cats In The Cradle Gabriel and Samson
Night The Mere Mention Of The Name Allison, Kain, Lorraine, Maddie, Nicole and Roderick
Late Night Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Logan and Nicole
05/14 Morning Duplicity Brennan, Cat, Liette and Lorraine
Mid Morning Writing On The Mirror Kaylee
Afternoon Lori de Lune Cat and Lorraine
Late Afternoon Man's Best Friend, Part III Gillian, Jenny and Raith
Late Afternoon Man's Best Friend, IV Aaron, Colette, Doyle, Hailey, Joseph, Magnes and Tasha
Early Evening Exorcisms Francois and Teo
05/15 Morning Not Grounded Hailey and Magnes
Afternoon Relevant Experience Deckard and Ryans
Early Evening Baptism by Fire Abby, Cat, Dreyfus, Francois, Odessa, Sasha and Teo
Evening What's Kinder Cat, Odessa and Sasha
Late Night There The Whole Time Abby
05/16 Morning A Burnt Out Lightbulb Still Shines Colette, Joseph, and Tasha
Mid-day A Safe Distance Aaron and Gillian
Early Evening Big Brother Brian and Gillian
Early Evening The Uninvited Aaron
Evening Potential for Trouble Kelly, Nicole and Roderick
Night Socialization Therapy Deckard and Veronica
05/17 Pre-Dawn Truth and Punishment, Part I Akado
Pre-Dawn Emo Bomb Elaine and Magnes
Morning It Sizzles Aaron and Magnes
Late Afternoon In The Shadow of Cocytus Cardinal and Peter
Evening Abby's Choice Abby and Matt
Night Bleed Over Gillian and Jenny
Night Ctrl-Z Gabriel and Liette
Night It Only Leads to Trouble Deckard and Lucille
05/18 Dawn I'll Be In The Sky Francois and Teo
Late Afternoon Sage Advice Colette and Magnes
Late Afternoon A Really Long Day Aaron and Colette
Evening Guardians Gillian and Linderman
Near Midnight Truth and Punishment, Part II Akado, Allison, Maria and Veronica
Near Midnight Truth and Punishment, Part III Martin, Paulson, Rain, and Ryans
Near Midnight Truth and Punishment, Part IV Bryan, Corbin, Deckard and Luke
05/19 Wee Hours Unwind Bella and Deckard
Late Morning Consider Us Squared Abby and Elisabeth
Late Morning Better Than He Wants Me To Be Audrey, Craig, Felix, Samson and Veronica
Noon War Economy, Part I Jimmy and Ryans
Early Afternoon Never Say Good-Bye Cardinal and Elisabeth
Afternoon War Economy, Part II Delia, Huruma, Jimmy, Lucille, Knox and Ryans
Afternoon Bastards Will Inherit the Earth Doyle, Sable and Tasha
Night Like A Wild Animal Delia, Huruma, Lucille and Ryans
Night War Economy, Part III Rebel and Walsh
05/20 Morning Has Anyone Found Schrödinger? Abby, Cat and Odessa
Late Afternoon Truth and Punishment, Part V Paulson, Rain, Ryans and Veronica
Late Afternoon Truth and Punishment, Part VI Akado, Allison, Corbin, Deckard and Maria
Early Evening Ovid Bao-Wei and Bella
Early Evening Two At Once Gillian, Helena and Peter
Night The Good We Do Cat, Eileen, Gabriel, Gillian, Helena, Kris, Liette, Lorraine, Michelle, Peter, Raith, Rickham and West
05/21 Late Morning Sealed Gael and Martin
Late Morning Good Intentions Abby and Teo
Afternoon White Flags and Dish Rags Sable and Tasha
Late Afternoon An Open Door Ryans and Veronica
05/22 Morning Life or Death Gabriel and Samson
Afternoon Honesty, Opinions Magnes and Sable
Late Afternoon Born in the U.S.A Bella, Bao-Wei, Caliban, Claire, Eileen, Harper, Joseph, Kain, Kaylee, Knox, Ling, Linderman, Logan, Matt, Melissa, Mohinder, Nathan, Nicole, Odessa, Peter, Rupe, Ryans, Susan, Thompson, Veronica and Vincent
Evening Don't Tell Dad Joanna and Tasha
Night Company Time Deckard and Veronica
Night Speaking of... Logan and Roderick
05/23 Morning Operation Paraguay, Part I Eileen and Raith
Lunch Switching Sides Joanna and Silver
Early Afternoon That All Depends What You Qualify as Friends Doyle and Odessa
Afternoon Everybody Works With Everyone Dante, Isabella and Ryans
Afternoon Rock And Roll Band Magnes and Quinn
Evening The Wrong Season Abby and Francois
Night Doctor-Patient Bella and Deckard
Night Peanut Butter Sandwiches Maddie and Roderick
Night Like A Hero Monica
05/24 Morning Not a Dog Eileen and Odessa
Late Morning New Kid Fox and Gillian
Early Afternoon In Times Of Desperation... Dante, Isabella, Lynette and Magnes
Late Afternoon Homeward Bound Abby, Doyle, Eileen, Hailey, Kaylee, Magnes, Peyton, Raith and Tamara
Early Evening Christian Patience Joseph and Sable
Evening Evolution and Restoration Katherine and Veronica
Evening At What Price? Martin and Odessa
Evening Another Time Cat and Odessa
Night Beethoven for Beethoven Cat and Peyton
Night Protected Brian and Veronica
Night Welcome to the Terminal Eileen, Joseph, Kaylee and Lynette
Night Three Hard Words, Reprise Colette and Tasha
05/25 Early Morning Wonderland Caleb, Colette, Fox and Gillian
Late Morning Fade To White Cardinal, Gillian and Peter
Afternoon The Shadow of Insomnia Abby and Peter
Late Afternoon Your Arms Feel Like Home Cardinal and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon Information Corbin and Veronica
Late Afternoon Team Spirit Kelly and Logan
Early Evening Chimera Bao-Wei and Bella
Night Euphoria's Knife Colette and Sable
Night Honesty's Wound Colette and Tasha
05/26 Wee Hours Unable To Complete Request Brennan
Morning Green and Violet Elaine and Magnes
Late Morning Get A Fire Extingu- Abby and Joseph
Afternoon Fuzzy Recollection Gillian and Rupe
Afternoon Taxi Ride to Normal Adelaide and Silver
Evening Hey You, Dog Judah and Tamara
Evening Don't Think Anything Otherwise Abby and Odessa
Night Recycled Advice Aaron and Gillian
05/27 Early Morning Colorful Words For A Colorful Woman Abby and Peter
Late Morning Rule 13 Elisabeth and Silver
Afternoon Accidental Magnes and Sable
Afternoon Handed The Hanging Rope Martin and Ryans
Afternoon Ten Milligram Pills, Five Finger Discount Bella and Lola
Early Evening A Place Like Home Colette, Lynette, Magnes, Sable and Tasha
Evening What the Hell Just Happened? Bella, Gina, Ina and Quinn
05/28 Morning And Lose You Niki
Mid-Morning Card's Angels and the New Revolutionaries Claire, Elisabeth and Niki
Noon Hobos of the World, Unite Tasha and Sable
Afternoon Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Abby, Elaine and Quinn
Early Evening Sponsorship Elaine, Gabriel and Magnes
Night Confirmation Lynette
Night Allegro Quinn and Sable
05/29 Early Morning Worth It Elaine and Sable
Late Morning Life After Company April and Veronica
Late Morning Picking at Bones Bella and Tamara
Early Afternoon Certifiable Aaron and Peyton
Afternoon Synthetic Friend Aaron and Bella
Afternoon Red Scarves Spreading Perry and Thalia
Afternoon What's On My Mind Quinn and Sable
Early Evening Unwanted Warnings Aaron and Peyton
05/30 Early Morning Almost Comforting Aaron and Bella
Morning Your Offense Kaydence and Nash
Afternoon Mystery Girl Magnes, Quinn and Sable
Afternoon Bitter for Sweet Quinn and Sable
Evening Children of Icarus Gillian and Veronica
Evening Ruby and Glass Delilah and Sable
Evening Tim Drake and Ra's Al Ghul Adam and Magnes
05/31 Wee Hours A Measure of Peace Deckard and Ryans
Morning Clouds In My Coffee Daphne and Odessa
Mid-Morning Cold Justice Kaydence and Nash
Afternoon Thorough Francois, Sadie and Teo
Afternoon I Think I'm Learning Japanese Adam and Elaine
Late Afternoon Catching Dust Bunnies and Roadrunners Corbin and Daphne
Late Afternoon Watertight Joseph, Lola and Mortimer
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