Logs for May 2011

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175 logs posted for May 2011.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
05/01 Early Morning A Wish To Share Ryans
Early Morning World War Raith Amato, Edgar, Nick, and Raith Woven Worlds
Afternoon Goin' Fishing Phillip
Early Evening Sheep Gone Astray Daphne, Koshka, and Sable Liberty or Death
Late Evening Nothing but Yourself and Your Attitude Amadeus and Daphne Liberty or Death
Night A Blur of Rushing Images Calvin and Jasmine Woven Worlds
05/02 Morning An Ear Out Devon and Elisabeth
Morning What Grows Francois and Megan
Early Afternoon Digging In The Dirt Barbara, Huruma, and Megan
Late Afternoon Inappropriate But Effective Griffin, Kendall, Lynette, and Ryans Liberty or Death
Evening Did You Come Here to Eat Lasagna Matt and Russo Liberty or Death
Evening Captain Trips Calvin and Yana Woven Worlds
Evening I Doubt You'll Like It Lynette and Ryans
05/03 Noon Like Baby Birds Delia and Nick
Afternoon Deviating Kincaid and Russo Woven Worlds
Afternoon Abandonment Issues Gillian and Lene Woven Worlds
Evening Bonding The Dawson Way JJ and Monica Woven Worlds
05/04 Morning A Cruel Sense of Humor Huruma and Megan
Early Afternoon Much Left to Learn Devon and Ziadie
Evening Lacking Old Times Elisabeth and Phillip
Evening What You'll See In Me Nicole and Ryans
Evening Coyote Amnesty Bella, Deckard, and Francois Liberty or Death
Night Thank You and Goodnight Francois, Huruma, Liza and Rue Liberty or Death
05/05 Morning Russian Roulette Delia, Luka, and Tania
Morning Clueless In Control Elisabeth, Jaiden, and Ygraine
Afternoon What Country Am I In Koshka and Luka
Afternoon In The Kindest Possible Way Abby, Deckard, and Joseph
Afternoon The Sheridan Deckard and Joseph
05/06 Late Morning A Hot Mess, Indeed! Delia, Luka, Raquelle, and Trevor
Lunchtime Origami Cranes Devon and Graeme
Late Afternoon Want The Best For Him Elaine and Yana
Evening No One Told You? Magnes and Quinn
Evening Road Trip! Magnes and Monica
05/07 Early Morning Bonnie & Clyde Magnes and Monica
Afternoon Professional Opinion Devon and Trevor
Late Afternoon Not Until Delia and Koshka
Late Afternoon Boyfriend Magnes and Monica
Early Evening Only My Pride Daphne and Koshka Liberty or Death
05/08 Late Morning What a Club Delilah and Sable
Early Afternoon A Man's Requirements Delia, Nick, and Ryans
Evening When You Blink It All Changes Abby and Elisabeth
05/09 Wee Hours Dashes and Dots Nora Woven Worlds
Late Morning Motives In Doubt Elisabeth and Phillip Liberty or Death
Midday Playing Ball Huruma and Ziadie
Early Afternoon In the Meantime Elisabeth and Graeme
Afternoon Hard Truths Abby and Tania
Evening Phone Flirting Aimee and Trevor
Evening Goodnight, Magnes Magnes and Yana
Evening Abusing Alcohol Delia and Smedley
05/10 Dawn Don't You Think She Looks Tired? Barbara and Rue Woven Worlds
Early Morning Two Alone Calvin and Cash Woven Worlds
Late Morning That I'm Sure Devon and Graeme
Noon Formally Introduced Jaiden and Monica
Afternoon Leaving A Legacy Delilah and Quinn Woven Worlds
Early Evening Happy Homecoming Phillip and Yana
05/11 Morning Childhood Memories Elle and Graeme
Late Morning Kinda Sick Nora and Rue Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Needs Devon and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon Let The Games Begin Magnes and Yana
Evening A Night In The Hamptons Elisabeth and Phillip
Evening Hi-Ho Silver Quinn and Rue
Night Just Like 1984 Amadeus, Calvin and Logan Woven Worlds
05/12 Early Morning Ask Me Delia and Logan
Late Morning The Name Game Devon and Odessa
Midday FML Lancaster and Rue
Early Afternoon Sensationalism of HAZMAT Devon and Kristen
Evening Small Piece Abby and Francois
Evening A Kiss Can Be Deadlier If You Mean It Calvin and Odessa Woven Worlds
05/13 Early Morning Area Of Expertise Brennan and Devon
Afternoon You Made Your Bed Elaine, Magnes, and Quinn
Late Morning Surprise Family Delia and Graeme
Evening Crazy Isn't an Excuse Astor, Eileen and Gabriel Woven Worlds
Late Evening Missing The Forest For The Trees Elisabeth, Felix, Francois, Graeme, Harmony, and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Late Evening History Shows Us Nothing Is Forever Elisabeth and Harmony
05/14 Early Morning It Might Be Something Devon and Elisabeth
Early Morning Can You Forgive Benji and Delia Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon We Can Watch the Clouds Delia and Nick
Evening Courier Koshka and Logan Liberty or Death
05/15 Early Morning Don't Tempt the Fates Elisabeth, Jaiden, and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Morning Famous Last Words Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
Mid Morning Quarantine Amato and Nick Woven Worlds
Noon His Demise Abby and Raith
Afternoon A Whole Lot To Swallow Devon and Yana
Evening Compartmentalization Brian and Veronica
Evening We Live In Weird Brian and Samara
Late Afternoon The Hyena Child of Azazel Devon, Kincaid, and Kristen
Evening A Fair Trade Heller and Melissa Liberty or Death
Evening A Mother's Right Delilah and Sable Woven Worlds
05/16 Late Morning Dangerous Games Devon, Elisabeth, and Graeme
Afternoon Courting Disaster Magnes and Yana
Late Afternoon Hardened Criminals Amadeus and Daphne
05/17 Early Evening Plan (B)ella Bella and ???
Evening It's Just Dinner Devon and Yana
05/18 Morning More Direct Brennan, Devon, and Graeme
Morning Nothing Remotely Hookerish Delia and Toru
Late Morning Helpers Devon and Graeme
Afternoon Media Industry Beware Elisabeth, Graeme, and Phillip Liberty or Death
Afternoon Free Medical Advice Constantine and Delia
Evening Very Mad World Elisabeth and Graeme
Night Fence Sitters Barbara, Vincent and … Woven Worlds
05/19 Morning Face the World Devon and Graeme
Morning Thanatopsis Delia and Nick
Afternoon Of Trust Devon, Graeme, and Trask
Evening I Wish He'd Leave A Villain Monologue Audrey, Cooper and Jane
Evening One Man's Trash Daryl and Koshka
05/20 Late Morning For a Change Graeme and Savannah
Afternoon Shadows on the Ground Bella and Tamara
Afternoon The Ultimate In Team Building Elisabeth and Jaiden
Early Evening Sometimes They Come Back Moriarti and Yana
Evening Eat Devon, Graeme, and Melissa
05/21 Evening Communication Breakdown Benji and Calvin
Evening Who Do You Think You Are Dealing With Devon and Yana
05/22 Afternoon I Took The Road Less Traveled Elisabeth and Trask
Evening A First for Everything Claire, Lene and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Evening Not Your Typical Teenager Brennan and Devon
05/23 Late Morning Don't Dig Too Deep Graeme and Ryans
Late Afternoon Big Sappy Momma's Boy Kincaid and Melissa Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon The Better Part of Valor Bao-Wei and Bella
Early Evening Reasonable Adults Devon and Graeme
Evening Poetic Nick and Odessa
Late Evening There Will Come Soft Rains Monica, Moriarti, Odessa, Quinn, Tasha, Trev and Yana Woven Worlds
Night Go To Ground Magnes and Monica
Night Not On The Clock Cash and Logan Woven Worlds
05/24 Morning Feast! Magnes and Monica
Late Morning For Art's Sake Monica, Quinn, and Tasha Woven Worlds
Afternoon You're Still Just A Kid Devon, Elisabeth, Harmony and Jaiden
05/25 Morning By The Way, You're Fired Devon and Yana
Afternoon Team Players Devon, Graeme, and Jaiden
Afternoon What You Can Graeme and Jaiden
Late Evening An Unexpected Call Remi and Jaiden
Night Incoming Bella and Deckard
Night Nightingale Tamara
05/26 Mid-Morning You Have Me Backed Into A Corner Brennan and Yana
Noon Shotgun, Bitches In Back Bella, Deckard and Francois
Mid-Afternoon Thy Fearful Symmetry Brennan and Odessa
Afternoon An Ordinary Day Devon and Graeme
Evening Serum Delia, Tania and Valentin Liberty or Death
Evening Here Alone Delia, Logan and Sasha Liberty or Death
Evening Penetration Calvin, Odessa and Yana Woven Worlds
Evening Looking Forward Abby, Barbara, Cat, Eileen, Joseph, Lynette and Ryans Liberty or Death
Night Future, Past-Tense Barbara and Benji Woven Worlds
Liberty or Death
Night Scary Things Jaiden and Remi
Late Night Among the Shards Delia and Nick
05/27 Morning It's The Drugs Moriarti and Yana
Morning Armlock Devon and Graeme
Afternoon Impromptu Session Bella and Quinn
Late Afternoon As A Comfort Elisabeth and Graeme
Evening Getting To Know The Neighbors Devon and Elisabeth
…Shortly After Padawan Devon and Elisabeth
Evening Full of Surprises Nicole and Ryans
Night Lullaby! O Lullaby! Kaylee
Night Awake While Sleeping Eve
05/28 Early Morning I Was Drunk Nicole and Ryans
Early Morning Not So Shocking Brian and Samara
Morning Electric Boogaloo Lynette
Late Morning Some Peace and Quiet Devon, Elisabeth, and Graeme
Afternoon What Tigers Can Change Odessa and Valentin A House Divided
05/29 Morning Black as Sin Amato and Nick
Morning Not So White and Black Devon and Odessa
Late Morning Need a Ride Devon and Graeme
Late Morning Russian Sense of Obligation Audrey and Ziadie
Afternoon Don't Worry Lene and Quinn Woven Worlds
Late Afternoon Time Only Knows Delia and Nick
Dusk Play Date Abby, Huruma and Lynette
Evening 90 Francois and Teo Woven Worlds
Night What Is Right Brennan and Michelle
05/30 Afternoon Secrets Can Destroy Barbara, Elisabeth, and Ygraine Liberty or Death
Afternoon Posterity Delilah and Sable
Early Evening Musical Accompaniment Teo, Teo, and Teo
Evening Naivete or Ignorance Huruma and Nora Woven Worlds
Evening Agenda Eli and Jane A House Divided
Liberty or Death
05/31 Morning The Visitor Devon and Ygraine
Afternoon Happy First Abby, Huruma, Nicole and Quinn
Late Afternoon Garçon Devon and Remi
Sunset Whole Again Lynette and Ryans
Night On Foot Gabriel and Eileen Woven Worlds
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