Logs for May 2018

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102 logs posted for May 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
05/01 Midmorning Operation Geopoint, Part I Hana and Rue Hunters
Afternoon What You Do (To Me) Delilah and Rasheed
Night The Apple Adrienne, Kravid, Kyle, and Taylor
05/02 Morning If Memory Serves Alvin, Arlo, Cassandra, Elaine, Kay, Marlowe, Robyn, Tania
05/03 Afternoon Sentimentality Cesar and Monica
05/04 Morning The Spin Alvin, Kay, and Monica Fires of Creation
Afternoon If All Goes Well Caspian and Keira
Afternoon Conversations Elaine and Robyn
05/05 Wee Small Hours Existential Crisis Chess and Lynette
Morning Ozymandias, Part I Cassandra, Choi, Waite, and Vincent Hunters
Afternoon What About Disney World? Felix and Keira
05/07 Morning Who is Dominic Garcia? Dominic, and others
Afternoon Mission Accomplished Marlowe and Monica Fires of Creation
05/08 Morning Operation Geopoint, Part II Dearing, Felix, and Rue Hunters
Evening A Funny Thing Des and Eileen ???
Midnight A Head On A Pike Keira
05/09 Late Morning Collecting Data Leroy and T.Amas
Afternoon Quoth the Raven Lynette and Mateo
05/10 Early Morning Here For Pickup Danko and Keira
Morning To The Rescue Caspian and Keira
Afternoon Picnic Alys, Chess, Frank, Sibyl
Afternoon What Does Normal Even Mean? Brynn and Lance
Evening Secret for Secret Alister and Chess
Evening Friendly Reassurance Danko and… ???
05/11 Midmorning Right at Home Lance and Squeaks
Early Evening What She Deserved Eileen ???
Evening Sounds From Another World Kaylee, Lynette, and Mateo Garden of Forking Paths
05/12 Night Still at War Chess and Felix
Night What Am I Looking At? Kravid and Rich ???
05/13 Late Morning A Cat and a Mouse Felix and Squeaks
Afternoon Not Done Yet Caspian, Keira and Sasha
Afternoon And There It Is Lance and Robyn
Afternoon Not Good At Asking For Advice Gillian and Lance
05/14 Late Morning My Own Fault Graeme and Keira
Early Afternoon Notre Chat Robyn and Valerie
Late Afternoon Typically Atypical Brynn and Squeaks
Early Evening Harbinger Kaylee, Robyn, and Sibyl
Evening Distance Might Not Help Kaylee and Luther
Evening Warnings Eve and Chess
05/15 Afternoon Bloodwork Berlin, Colette, Julie, and Lucille
Evening Of Stars and Residences Tamara and Ygraine
05/16 Late Morning Rays of Hope in Queens Barney, Jaiden, Jared, and Ygraine
Night Gal Pals Colette, Huruma, Megan, and Nicole
05/18 Afternoon Serving in a Series of Somewheres Zachery and Harry
05/19 Nightfall Bananas and Blow Alys, Chess, Eve, and Lance
05/20 Morning Apo to Níma Tis Moirae Alice, Claudia, and Sabra
Night Black Horse Riding Remi ???
Daybreak Je Serai Toujours Avec Toi Jaiden ???
Daybreak Responsibility to Act Abby, Jaiden, Rasheed, Robyn, and Sasha ???
Afternoon A Little For A Lot Aurora, Jesus and Keira
Early Evening There's Work To Do Caspian and Keira
Night ISO Rat-Face Lady Alister, Des, and Sibyl ???
Late Night Hand to God Eileen and Etienne
Late Night To the Greater Good Eileen and Iago ???
05/21 Afternoon Coming Home Again Kaylee and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Believe In Me Des and Richard
Late Afternoon Cutting Down On Recidivism Richard and Vincent
Late Afternoon Lobby Mint Luther and Vincent
Late Afternoon Apple and Tree Des and Sera
05/22 After Midnight A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Kaylee, Richard, and Valerie ???
Late Morning Eye Read Your Messages Keira and Richard ???
Afternoon A Timely Apprehension Des, Luther and Richard
Afternoon Call Off The Search Luther and Richard
Afternoon Playing The Sarcastic Little Sister Kaylee and Richard
Late Afternoon Garden Of Good And Morally Gray Huruma and Ryans
Late Afternoon Wasted Effort Luther and Vincent
05/23 Late Morning Nightingale's New Emperor Alister, Des, Margaux, and Sibyl
Late Afternoon Reasons to Worry Berlin and Robyn
Night Being A Little Less Obstinate Joseph and Kaylee
05/24 Early Morning Imagine Something So Terrible Eve and Nisatta ???
Morning Ozymandias, Part II Hana, Pierce, and Vincent Hunters
Afternoon A Family Snow Globe Harmony and Richard
Evening Necrosis Lauren and Waite Hunters
Night Autobiographical Retrospective Featuring Bagpipe Flamethrower Felix and Ghost
Night Familiar Paths Devon and Jaiden
05/25 Late Morning Looking For Good Work Kaylee, Richard, and…
Night Sins of the Father Eileen and Owain
05/26 Early Morning On the Ledge Kaylee and Sibyl
Early Morning One Big, Hideous Lie Owain
Afternoon A Faceless Man Keira
Afternoon Today Was A Good Day Delilah and Robyn
Late Afternoon Not a Normal Day Brynn, Owain, and Squeaks
Night Catch Up, Slow Down Colette and Felix
Night Shared Experiences Eve and Huruma
05/27 Morning - Evening Goonies Never Say Die Brynn, Lance, and Squeaks Dark Below
Afternoon Culture Shock Alvin, Leroy, and Zelda
Afternoon Martini Hour Carol and Vincent
Late Evening In the Absence of Color Colette and Robyn
05/28 Morning If Woody Had Gone Straight To The Police Bowie, Brynn, Lance, and Squeaks Dark Below
Late Morning Three Hour Tour Brynn, Caspian, Joe, Lance, and Squeaks
Early Evening Long Time Coming Keira and Ryans
Evening Different Des and Etienne
05/29 Mid-morning A Forest Grows More Than Trees Barney, Marlowe, and Richard
Late Morning Damn Good Coffee Owain and Richard
05/30 Afternoon Using Time Wisely Delilah and Rasheed
Afternoon Make It Through Chess, Eve, Luther, and ???
05/31 Morning Turn and Face the Strange Mara and Sera
Night Je N'ai Pas De Bouche... Pete and Varlane Hunters
Night ...Et Je Doit Crier Adrienne and Varlane Hunters
Night Bitch What Keira and Tibby
Night Operation Geopoint, Part III Avi, Curtis, Claire, Devon, Donna, Francois, Hana, Lucille, and Robyn Hunters
Midnight Vigilante Justice Keira
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