Logs for May 2019

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123 logs posted for May 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
05/01 Late Morning Ninja Move-In Elisabeth and Monica
Late Morning Conversation Killer Squeaks and Zachery
Late Morning Miles to Go Remi and Silas
Afternoon Not An Attractive Hire Richard and Zachery The Dragon
Afternoon A Question Alice, Aria and Eve The Dragon
Night Munera Jonathan and Lucille Blood and Sand
Late Night Not Perfect Caspian and Devi
05/02 Morning Logical Composition Alia, Chel, and Devi
Noon All We Hear Is Radio Ga-Ga Lance, Lene, Walter
Afternoon Monster X-ing Kara and Dumortier
Evening Asshole Supreme Chess, Eve, Luther, and Monica The Dragon
05/03 Morning The Worth of an Agent Choi and Cooper A Rising Tide
Mid-Morning The Silence Mateo and Odessa
Afternoon Esta Generación Ignacio and Joaquin
Afternoon The Lost Ones Brynn and Devi
Evening High-wire Art Elisabeth and Teo
Evening Ice Cream Confessional Elisabeth and Kaylee
Night Fur, Teeth, and Claws Sharrow and Weasel The Dragon
05/04 Late Morning Making Noise Carina, Elisabeth, Squeaks
Afternoon What's Worth Knowing Emily and Etienne
Afternoon A Day With Pigeons Ande, Faulkner, Shaw and Tibby
Evening Simile Teo
Evening Hounds Assemble Avi, Devon, Francois, Nathalie, and Rue
Evening Here's to Free Will Isis and Kaylee
Night Goodbye to the Fishies Gwen and Skye The Dragon
Late Night Faces Passing By Tibby Manifest Destiny
05/05 Morning The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part VI Eizen The Dragon
Morning Tongue Twisters Elisabeth and Richard
Early Afternoon The NYPD Won't Know What Hit It Elisabeth and Felix
Afternoon The Plague Emily and Eve
Afternoon What You've Got Isis and Weasel
Night Scraps Gabriel and Ghost [Dragon]]
Night Keep Your Eyes Peeled Elisabeth, Eve, Kaylee and Richard The Dragon
05/06 Afternoon Old Dogs, New Hunts Avi and Huruma The Dragon
Afternoon Bad Soap Opera Lance and Weasel
Evening Small Moments Devon and Emily
Night The Fire Inside, Part II Ignacio The Dragon
Late Night Winding ??? Uncharted Territory
05/07 Afternoon About the Science Fairies Eve and Squeaks
Afternoon The Fire Inside, Part III Zachery The Dragon
Evening A Little Brighter Isabelle, Leona, and Sigrid The Hands of Mary
Evening Bowling With Friends Brynn, Devon, Emily, Geneva, and Joe
05/08 Early Morning Pistils At Dawn Dumortier, Yi-Min and Zachery
Pending The Fire Inside, Part IV Spencer The Dragon
Late Evening A Pretty Pair Nicole and Zachery
05/09 Late Morning The Fire Inside, Part V Godfrey The Dragon
Afternoon Roberta Dumortier, Finn, Max, and Reena
Afternoon The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part VII Elaine and Kimiko The Dragon
Afternoon Mister & Miss Charming Isis and Zachery The Dragon
Late Afternoon Pop Quiz, Hotshot Colette, Elisabeth, and Kaylee
Early Evening Our New World Order Emily, Francois, Raul and Teo
Evening Of Bad Ideas and Broken Hearts Emily
05/10 Morning The Fire Inside, Part VI ??? The Dragon
Morning The Suffocating Darkness of Compromise Mohinder, Odessa, and Voss The Dragon
Afternoon Unlucky Berlin and Gabriel
Afternoon More Than Gossip Nicole and Peyton
05/11 Pending The Fire Inside, Part VII Isis The Dragon
Afternoon We Fix It Berlin and Emily
Evening To New Beginnings and Old Acquaintances Delilah, Elisabeth, Kaylee, Kyle, and Richard The Dragon
05/12 Late Afternoon Whoop Yi-Min and Zachery
05/13 Late Morning Complimentary Murderer Dumortier and Zachery
Late Morning Omega Eve
Afternoon So About Your Dad.... Cassandra and Elisabeth
Afternoon This Life is Something Bella and Odessa
05/14 Early Evening Genome, Caspid, Lipid Yi-Min The Dragon
Early Evening A Date at Eight Nicole and Zachery
Evening Good Timing Asi and Marlowe
05/15 Early Afternoon Nosy Neighbors Chris, Kara, Nicole, and Ryans
Sunset The Connection II Elisabeth and Kaylee The Dragon
Early Evening A Real Flying Fuck Devi and Richard
Evening Don Quixote Francois and Teo
Evening Sancho's Donkey Loren and Teo
05/16 Morning Marry Me Delilah and Teo
Evening Structure Lucille and Marlowe
Evening I Don't Understand Faulkner and Tibby Manifest Destiny and The Dragon
Evening Is That My Mother Cassandra and Eve The Dragon
05/17 Late Morning Blood, Sweat, and Tears Nicole and Sharrow The Dragon
Afternoon No Matter What Monica and Phoenix
Early Evening Keep Calm And... Devon, Dearing, Francois, Huruma, Lucille, Nathalie, and Wes Manifest Destiny
05/18 Early Afternoon Home Sweet Home Harry
Afternoon World's Fair - Mantis Many
Afternoon So About Your Marriage (And Other Stories) Francois and Nathalie
Evening Charlie's Angels, Full Bottle Delilah, Eve and Teo
Evening Behind The Scenes Klaus and Tibby Manifest Destiny
05/19 Afternoon Mas Hysteria Eve and Odessa
05/20 Afternoon Meet Maya - Cops Emily, Kaylee, Luther, Silas, Squeaks, and Zachery Manifest Destiny
Afternoon Meet Maya - Or Tibby Manifest Destiny
Afternoon Veterans Abby and Teo
Afternoon Meet Maya - Robbers Brynn, Cassandra, Finn, Lucille, Niki, and Weasel Manifest Destiny
Afternoon The Woman Delilah, Eve, Naomi and Teo
Night The Wisdom of Children Delilah, Teo, Teo, and Walter
05/21 Lunch Nite Owl Rises Again Elisabeth, Felix, and Joe
Evening Undercover Lucille, Nathalie, and Ryans The Dragon
05/22 Morning From Sophar Away Kara, Sophie, and Weasel
Early Evening Beyond the Pale Nowak and Richard
Night Sinister Ghost, Tibby and Zachery Manifest Destiny
05/23 Morning Tender Resignation Luther and Richard The Dragon
Evening Information Overload Cassandra, Elisabeth, and Richard
Evening Meet the Family Bolivar, Miguel, and Raquelle The Dragon
05/24 Morning Call the Smiths Bolivar, Raquelle, and Smith The Dragon
Early Afternoon Exogenous, Part I Dana and Squeaks The Dragon
Evening Less Than Kind Avi, Emily, and Nathalie
Late Evening Showcase Devon, Eizen, Emily, Godfrey, Huruma, Isabelle, Isis, Kay, Kimiko, Marlowe, Remi, Richard, Sahara, Silas, Tibby, and Yao Manifest Destiny
Late Evening Showcase Showdown Eizen, Godfrey, Isabelle, Kay, Kimiko, and Marlowe Manifest Destiny
05/25 Afternoon Emmanuel's Restaurant Faulkner, Isis, Remi, with a special appearance by Caspian and Devi
Afternoon Transparency Yi-Min and Zachery
Evening Dys-Family-Functional Aurora, Elisabeth, Francois, and Richard
05/26 Wee Hours Cadenza Elisabeth and Aurora
Wee Hours Pedal Point Alia, Elisabeth, and Richard
05/27 Morning Sorry, Not Sorry Devi and Zachery
Afternoon Assignments Ezra, Isabelle, Jonathan, Luther, Miriam, and Niki Hands of Mary
05/28 Late Night What's Her Name? The Entity and "Noah" The Dragon
05/29 Noon Salt/Wounds Avi and Francois
Noon Under the Shadow of Liberty Alphonse, Elisabeth, Kaylee, and Voss The Dragon
Afternoon Through the Rabbit Hole Cassandra, Robyn, Saito, and Squeaks Uncharted Territory
05/30 Afternoon Next on River Styx?! Elisabeth, Richard, and Silas
Evening A Couple of Terrorists and a Teenager Alexander, Colette, Emily, and Teo
05/31 Dawn Spider's String, Part II Asi and Silas
Noon Til Someone Gets Eaten Alia, Barney, Devi, Elisabeth, Seren, and Zachery
Afternoon Face in the Crowd Alvin, Emily, Silvia, and Sophie
March - May 2019 Dirty Dancing Cesar and Monica A Rising Tide
April - May 2019 Montague Emily and Teo
April - May 2019 What's Mine, What's Yours Kaylee and Luther
May 2019 Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru Benji, Jose, Lynette, Mateo and ??? Time For Rest
May 2019 Unveiling Cassandra, Lucille and Rue The Dragon
Mid-May 2019 No Evil Deed Delilah, Eve and Teo Time For Rest
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