Logs for May 2021

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61 logs posted for May 2021.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
05/02 Morning Estate Emily Inferno
Evening Old Troubles in New Little China August and Kay
05/03 Evening Ice to Meet You Byrne and Jac
Evening When a Mirror Speaks... Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Night ...the Reflection Lies Kaylee and Karen Like Pygmalion
Night Butterflies, Hurricanes, and Storms to Come Hiro and Marcus Distant Shores
05/04 Morning We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This Emily and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Back to the Office Byrne, Dumortier, Jac, and Kendall
Afternoon A Bond Stronger Than Blue Blood Aura, Elisabeth, 'Ella, and Kay Like Pygmalion
Evening The Little Girl That Lives Down Memory Lane Odessa, Peter, and Renautas Distant Shores
Evening Hand Me Downs Aria, Monica, and Odessa Distant Shores
05/05 Wee Hours Do the Dead Dream? Delia, Jac, and… Distant Shores
Late Morning Experimental Lemonade And Other Important Matters Gatter and Seren Distant Shores
Evening Cinco de Mayo Cooper and Marlowe
Night My Friend Hunter, Kaylee, and Weiss Distant Shores
Night Night of the Hunter Aoi, Kay, Hunter, and Weiss Distant Shores
Night Under Illusions Aoi, Kitada, and Sako Distant Shores
Night Girls' Night Out Candice and Kay Distant Shores
05/06 Afternoon In the Language of Flowers Chess, Harris, and Wu Distant Shores
05/07 Evening The Practice of Patience Avi and Emily Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Working On It Dumortier and Merlyn
05/12 Afternoon Friends In Rogue Places Emily and Lance Like Pygmalion
05/13 Early Afternoon Curb Your Enthusiasm Everleigh and Seren
05/14 Morning Curriculum Vitae Julie and Richard Distant Shores
Afternoon Casualties Lance and Peter Like Pygmalion
05/15 Afternoon Aggressive Hospitality Lance and Merlyn
05/16 Evening Extraction Day Elliot and Wright
05/17 Morning The Tipping Point Indira and Richard Distant Shores
Afternoon Dissonance Elliot and Richard
05/17 Afternoon Drawing A Blank Brynn and Kendall Like Pygmalion
05/18 Evening On the Nature of Clubs Everleigh and Gatter
05/19 Evening Bang Bang Odessa and Richard
05/20 Evening Serendipitous Reunion Chess and Seren
Evening What's In A Label Elliot and Merlyn
05/21 Late Morning License to Wed Elliot and Merlyn
Evening Pride and Prejudice Ace and Richard
05/23 Afternoon Where We Keep Our Emergency Stuff Elliot and Merlyn
Late Afternoon Sibling Bonding Time Brynn and Joe
05/24 Morning Iridescent Elliot and Merlyn
Late Night Between Putting Out Fires Finn and Lucille
05/25 Morning Welcome Back Flowers Lance and Liza
Afternoon Walk It Off Elisabeth and Everleigh
Evening Differently Arranged Julie and Odessa
05/26 Afternoon Courting Violence Ace and Kaiya
Late Afternoon Filthy Habits Ace, Kaiya, Luke, Odessa, and Redd ???
Late Afternoon Code Redd Odessa and Redd ???
Evening Think, Breathe, Consider Ace and Odessa ???
05/27 Evening And It's Going to Be Okay Chess and Luther Distant Shores
05/28 Afternoon Paintful Partings Kendall and Robyn Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Sound in Color Brynn and Wright Like Pygmalion
Night Color in Sound Brynn and Lance Like Pygmalion
05/29 Noon Illusion of Safety Byrne and Kendall
Evening So Long and Goodnight, Part I Lene and Robyn Distant Shores
Night Therein Lay All Release Cooper, Elliot, Finch, Odessa and Seren When Dreams Do Show
Night One Sweet Day Eve and V Distant Shores
05/30 Midnight So Long, and Good Night, Part II Robyn and S.Attva
Wee Hours Discordant Dream Team Chat 3: Dream Warriors Cooper, Elliot, Odessa and Seren When Dreams Do Show
Late Morning So Long, and Good Night, Part III Avi, Noa, and Robyn
Evening Hides the Face Asi, Elliot, Gabriella, Harry, Pride, and Seren When Dreams Do Show
05/31 Night Through the Fire and the Flames, Part I Byrne, Doyle, Finn, Odessa, and Rhys Inferno
Night Through the Fire and the Flames, Part II Dumortier, Geneva, Hailey, Noah, and Tibby Inferno
Night Through the Fire and the Flames, Part III Erin, Kaylee, Megan, Modi, and Tobias Inferno
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