Logs for Melissa Pierce

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February 2010 - 17 logs

melfeb10.jpg Melissa first arrives in New York City to take over one of the Ferrymen safehouses. She makes friends, starts to establish herself in the city, and keeps out of any real trouble. Really.
Date Title Summary Cast
02/08 Mis-communication Messages weren't received, and two people meet in the safehouse and circle each other like two dogs, trying to get to know one another Brennan and Melissa
02/09 Belated Birthday Daphne, Eileen and Huruma all stop by Old Lucy's to deliver belated birthday presents to the Man-Child (as Daphne calls him). Felix and Melissa show up later and Magnes takes a shot at marking his territory. Abby, Daphne, Eileen, Felix, Huruma, Magnes and Melissa
02/12 Unexperienced Delinquency Melissa runs into Magnes. There's some flying, then serious talk about relationships and childhood exploits that never happened. Magnes and Melissa
02/14 Issuing In the Year of the Tiger The denizens of New York City gather in Columbus to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Bao-Wei, Felix, Melissa, Noriko, Pandora and Peyton
02/15 How Not To Be a Parent There is a snowball fight that goes horribly wrong when one kid has the bad luck to hit Huruma. Luke takes a liking to her and starts following her. Poor thing. Huruma, Luke, Melissa and Rachel
02/15 Cause Crosses and Bibles are Lame Magnes brings by a very inappropriate belated birthday present for abby, the inspiration not long behind him and Leonard wishes she'd keep it. Eventually it's just Melissa and Leonard and conversation in Old Lucy's. Abby, Leonard, Magnes and Melissa
02/18 Meeting the Den Mother One of the Ferry's couriers checks out a new safehouse, and meets one of its guardians. A little information is shared. Melissa and Ygraine
02/19 Odd One Out In the Den, Colette is the only guest without a Southern drawl… Colette, Leonard, Melissa and Meredith
02/20 Hand In Hand The Department of Evolved Affairs meets with respected members of the community for a chitchat regarding the immediate future of Summer Meadows. Brennan, Melissa, Michelle, Praeger and Vincent
02/22 Nemo Saltat Sobrius Part I The Corinthian Hotel's ballroom is the centerpiece on the eve of its grand opening and the location around which both allies and enemies congregate. Daphne, Delilah, Eileen, Eve, Gillian, Helena, Melissa, Michael, Kaylee, Logan, Nicole, Peter, Rachel, Raith, Raphael, Sanderson and Wendy
02/23 Puppies and Updates Delilah runs into Melissa at the lounge; they talk of puppies, the evolved, and a lack of straight men. Delilah and Melissa
02/23 Old Home Week Leonard shows up with a 'new' face, that Melissa recognizes from Moab. Alexander and Melissa
02/24 Guinea Pigs Ygraine wanders into the Den and her and Melissa talk about abilities and experimentation. Melissa and Ygraine
02/25 Puppies and Tricks Puppies, tricks, names, dancing and idealism are discussed. Just another day at the Den! Melissa, Tony and Ygraine
02/25 Bump Buddies and Tough Love Melissa, Magnes and Delilah run into each. They discuss puppies, bump buddies, and Melissa gives Magnes some tough love. Delilah, Magnes and Melissa
02/26 Seen In a New Light Melissa goes to pick up an evolved to take to the Den and discovers she's already met Luke. Luke and Melissa
02/28 Relatively Quiet Day Brennan stops by the Den, to make nice with Melissa and pitch in a hand. Brennan and Melissa

March 2010 - 53 logs

melmar10.jpg Trouble begins brewing, in many different forms. Injuries, plagues, explosions, and grenades to name a few. On the plus side, new friends are made, conquests begun, and a day-job is found. Sadly, Melissa's life may be changing abruptly. And soon.
Date Title Summary Cast
03/02 Dive, Dive, Dive Peter and Melissa meet. They talk about abilities, their potential, and Peter suffers from Guilt. Melissa and Peter
03/03 As Fun as a Math Test Melissa, Mortimer and Lucille all happen to converge on the street. Words are exchanged and snowballs are thrown. Lucille, Melissa, Mortimer
03/03 I'm Normal, Missy! Rachel and Melissa meet, talk about jerks, normal vs special, and going AWOL. Melissa and Rachel
03/04 Midtown Wonderland A snow day in the Midtown ruins starts innocently enough, but ghosts from the past bring about a showdown that results in a display of powers that surprises most everyone. Carson, Doyle, Gillian, Jenny, Kaitlyn, Magnes, Melissa and Tommy
03/04 Prisons and Promises Alexander and Melissa talk in the Den about Moab, healers, and cute butts. Alexander and Melissa
03/05 The Plague Den Megan brings 4 sick kids to the Den. Melissa tries something new. Megan and Melissa
03/05 Toys For Tots Brennan and Melissa hit Toys R Us to get toys for the sick kids at the Den Brennan and Melissa
03/06 Flyers and Flirtations The exchange of the former goes much better than the latter for one party advertiser when he meets a cute but sleepy Ferry(wo)man. Anders and Melissa
03/06 CH-BOOM! says the grenade — just a normal day in New York for Danko, but Daphne and Melissa don't find it so ordinary. Huruma looms ambiguously. Danko, Daphne, Huruma and Melissa
03/07 Sidewalk Therapist Magnes and Melissa take a walk, advice is given. Magnes and Melissa
03/08 Wayward Snowflake There was nothing accidental about this tragedy in Little Italy, and the Ferry comes into possession of a wayward snowflake. Felix, Liette, Lucille and Melissa
03/08 It's a Secret After recovering Liette from a terrible accident, Melissa sees to her care with the unexpected arrival of Doctor Brennan. Brennan, Liette and Melissa
03/09 The Best Night Ever Roosevelt residents and friends try to party like it's 1999. Unfortunately, it's 2010, and the state of New York has other ideas. Anders, Bedlam, Black, Cat, Cooper, Helena, Luke, Lola and Melissa
03/10 Breaking Eggs Melissa rebukes Luke for his actions the previous night, and he responds with microwaving an egg. Luke and Melissa
03/10 Freak Out in Central Park, Doctor Brennan discovers how much of a leash he'll need to keep on Liette, while Cat is given elucidation about the strange young girl, and Liette learns a terrible word from Luke. Brennan, Cat, Liette, Luke, Melissa and Rachel
03/11 Childhood Mourning Melissa gets a call from the Den. Megan has Bad News. Megan and Melissa
03/12 Something Wrong With The World An early morning meet in the park leads to conversation about serious subjects. Magnes and Melissa
03/12 Penguins, Prophets, and Plagues One of each comes when members of the Ferrymen converge on the Brick House. Colette, Else, Melissa and Ygraine
03/12 At Fault Colette and Melissa stake out Nicole's apartment, waiting for the elder Nichols' return. Colette, Melissa and Nicole
03/13 "Ordinary" Heroes An accident caused by ordinary means on the Brooklyn Bridge brings an ecclectic group of people together to act as both heroes and victims. Abby, Doyle, Logan, Luke, Melissa, Meredith, Odessa, Peter, Rachel and Ryans
03/14 Losing My Goth Cred That's me in the corner. That's me in the spot. light. losing all my goth cred. Oh, no, I've said too much. I haven't said enough. Odessa, Melissa, and Luke share a table at The Surly Wench. Luke, Melissa and Odessa
03/15 Pause, Rewind, Delete Magnes and Melissa get movies, talk about dates and public use of power. Magnes and Melissa
03/15 Responsibilities Brennan and Melissa talk about responsibilities, including those to Liette. Also, Rebel. Brennan and Melissa
03/15 Boys Boys Boys Odessa draws some stares with her attempts at a new look. Raquelle meets some potential new clients. Abby figures out where her uniform jacket has gone off to. Melissa makes a new friend. And as the title suggests, the topic of boys definitely comes up. Abby, Melissa, Odessa and Raquelle
03/16 Corroboration It turns out that most of the Ferry's operatives are more or less on the same page. What to do about an impending viral epidemic and Harve Brennan are the main topics of discussion at the meet, but Colette has a proposition of her own. Alexander, Cat, Colette, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Joseph, Melissa, Meredith, Scott and Ygraine
03/17 In The Shadow Of Death The Petrelli Manor becomes ground zero for an attack by the smoke man. Angela, Kaylee, Melissa, Peter, The Smoke Man
03/17 A Keen Interest Melissa has one in Peter and Angela has one in Melissa. Angela and Melissa
03/19 Cute, Single, Straight All the single ladies put your hands up! … Put your hand down, Abby. Deckard is your DESTINY. You've got Caliban. DESTINY!!!! Abby, Melissa and Odessa
03/19 Gossip And Germs Delilah and Melissa gossip a bit, then Delilah gets a new roommate. Daphne, Delilah and Melissa
03/20 Gossip And Movies Melissa pays Abby a visit. They talk about guys, the sick, and watch Blazing Saddles! Abby and Melissa
03/20 Keeping in Touch Magnes invites Melissa over. They talk about Kendall, girls, and geeky things. Magnes and Melissa
03/21 Cutting Queue The tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to eat freely (or at least for free) at Saint John's are disrupted by a disturbance of the domestic variety. Doyle, Isis, Kaitlyn, Magnes, Melissa and Noriko
03/22 Run and Hide Magnes and Melissa discuss Kendall. Tony, Mel and Magnes discuss the attack at the Petrelli mansion. Magnes, Melissa and Tony
03/23 Doctoring Melissa runs into Brennan. They talk about current events, and he gives her a useful present. Brennan and Melissa
03/23 Finally Meeting Doyle and Melissa talk about recent events at the lighthouse, kids, and a certain Company agent. Former. Doyle and Melissa
03/23 L for Losers Daphne, Kendall and Delilah get worse, and the Den gets a new patient. Anders, Daphne, Delilah, Helena, Kendall and Melissa
03/24 Good Guys Don't Wear Black Odessa comes clean about some of her dark past to Melissa, who seems to shrug it off and suggest they watch movies instead. Melissa and Odessa
03/25 No Damsel Melissa and Magnes discuss matters of life and death, while Sable keeps it classy. Magnes, Melissa and Sable
03/25 Healer, I'm Not Melissa Pierce comes to make a demand of the Miracle Doctor of St.Luke's, but makes an unexpected discovery… Darren and Melissa
03/25 Yes, Mom Melissa helps Kendall, who talks about his power and his parents. Kendall and Melissa
03/25 Hey, You Ever Seen This Before Mel comes over with a bit of a strange skin problem and some questions. Abby and Melissa
03/26 Missing Them Brennan has a favor to ask of Melissa. Brennan and Melissa
03/28 Will You Be My Mom? Melissa finds Kendall curled up in a hallway. They talk about parents. Kendall and Melissa
03/29 By The Hand Of The Prince Cat, Melissa, Liette, Brennan, twins, snow. Two elevens and a sideways eight are brought up as well as a phrase heard from a sick woman. Brennan, Cat, Liette and Melissa
03/29 Proof Not Positive Cat and Melissa discuss children and what to do about them. Cat and Melissa
03/29 Origami And Burglary Tony and Melissa discuss the flu and plans on how to fight it. Melissa and Tony
03/29 Go To School or I'll Kick Your Ass Melissa comes by to give Kendall a portable DVD player and the movie K-9, and holds a conversation with him and Anders tries to flirt with no success. Anders, Kendall and Melissa
03/29 The Hulk's Baby Aliens Melissa meets Abby. They talk about what the green handprint on Mel's arm might mean. Abby and Melissa
03/29 The Great Soup Breakout Helena brings the patients soup and they get in trouble with the landlady for not being in quarantine. Anders, Delilah, Helena, Kendall and Melissa
03/30 Put It Down In a scene whose title can be taken more than one way, the feral dog pack roaming Staten Island grows bolder still and launches an assault on the Garden during the last hour of daylight. Brennan, Cat, Gillian, Hailey, Joseph, Lance and Melissa
03/31 Imprint Melissa Pierce comes looking for Doctor Stevens in the hopes of discovering what he knows about the glowing mark he left on her arm. Darren and Melissa
03/31 A Literal Underground Railroad Darren Stevens, in an attempt to run from his past deeds, finds himself in a most unlikely place… Abby, Darren, Melissa and Tony
03/31 Demand, Demand, Demand More ground rules are laid down for Kendall by Melissa, and she shares the joy of Labyrinth. Kendall and Melissa

April 2010 - 43 logs

melapr10.jpg The month starts off in a really bad way. The Den is evacuated, heart to hearts are had, questions answered, and Melissa starts to come to terms with taking in a sixteen year old. And that's just the beginning.
Date Title Summary Cast
04/01 Like Cockroaches The Den is roused by an emergency phonecall in the wee hours, and an evacuation takes place. Anders, Alexander, Brennan, Corbin, Daphne, Delilah, Else, Francois, Kendall, Liette, Melissa, Mouse and Teo
04/02 A Lack of Yelling Joseph and Melissa discuss the recent events at the Den. Joseph and Melissa
04/03 A Different Type Of Racism Kendall and Melissa talk about parents, racism and Liette. Kendall and Melissa
04/03 Healing? Or Not Abby meets with Melissa to discuss green handprints and Kazimir. Abby and Melissa
04/04 Things Fall Into Place Brennan scrabbles his way to the brick house to catch up to Melissa, Liette, Kendall and the others who are taking refuge there. Brennan, Kendall, Liette, Melissa and Rourke
04/05 Acquisition Rights A Ferrymeet is called at McRae's safehouse on Staten Island to discuss what is to be done about the H5N10 virus and its effect on the network. For once, the operatives in attendance arrive at an unanimous decision. Alexander, Chuckles, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Jericho, McRae, Melissa, Meredith, Raith and Teo
04/06 Would you Do It? Abby and Melissa discuss Darren, stress, and play a what-if game involving abilities. Abby and Melissa
04/07 See You Later, Dick Melissa sits down at Ash's table, and the two spend a meal harassing each other. Ash and Melissa
04/08 If You Turn Into A Fly Monster... Mel comes to babysit Abby in case she ends up sprouting wings, multiple eyes and starts looking like that company shrink. Abby and Melissa
04/08 The Monster's Cage When the sign says Do not tap on glass don't tap on the glass. Darren and Melissa
04/08 The Monster's Heart After unintentionally letting loose with his ability, Doctor Darren Stevens flees the Ferry, only to be hunted down by two of its own. Abby, Darren and Melissa
04/08 Margaritas And Brownies Melissa comes over to visit, bringing booze and brownies. They talk about Easter, in a way. Abby and Melissa
04/09 That Happy Thing Melissa brings breakfast to Odessa to sweeten her up before asking a favour. The two discuss life. Melissa and Odessa
04/09 Tony's Angel Tony requests information from Melissa. Melissa and Tony
04/09 Up In Smoke As temperatures continue to plummet in New York City, people try to stay warm however they can. Sometimes, this can lead to bad situations as things go up in smoke. Abby, Colette, Eileen, Maddie, Magnes, Melissa and Tommy
04/10 I Want a Pet Dinosaur Melissa checks up on Kendall, letting him know she's getting them a house and would introduce him to a mysterious female time manipulator. Kendall and Melissa
04/10 Not A Visit Melissa drops by Magnes's place, not to visit, but with purpose. Magnes and Melissa
04/11 His and Hers Peter comes clean to Melissa… Melissa and Peter
04/11 Go Get Drunk Melissa calls Abby in a very unusual state. Abby gives some good short-term advice. Abby and Melissa
04/11 Ice Cold Tequila Ash runs into Melissa on the street with a bottle of Tequila in hand. Ash and Melissa
04/11 Did I Ever Tell you... A drunk Melissa pays a visit to a high Odessa. The two discuss Peter, boys in general, and Odessa's strange upbringing. Melissa and Odessa
04/12 Cabbage and Kindness Rain walks into Biddy's and finds a depressed Melissa Melissa and Rain
04/13 I Really Needed This Melissa visits Raquelle's salon to get her hair fixed, and gets a mood booster. Melissa and Raquelle
04/13 I Doubt It's Haunted Melissa shows Kendall their new house, party plans are made. Kendall and Melissa
04/13 Non-Mutual Hatred Melissa runs into Ash again. They start to bond over nachos, but the bonding is halted. Ash and Melissa
04/14 Fire and Ice Melissa dreams, and her unconscious mind gives her a nudge. Melissa
04/14 The 11th Hour A newly purposed Ferrymen safehouse in the ruins of Midtown becomes the center of an emergency evacuation when a high-value target of a clandestine government organization leads a heavily armed extraction team to the Ferry's front door. A race against time and the life of an innocent hangs in the balance; but is one girl's life worth the cost, or will the Ferry be forced to make a difficult decision? Brennan, Cat, Eileen, Liette, Melissa, Raith, Rourke, and Vincent
04/14 Multi-Ability Temper Tantrum Wanting to go home, Liette throws a temper tantrum, forcing harsh action to stop her. Claire Bennet finds herself in the presence of the girl that Rebel asked her to find. Cat, Claire, Jonas, Liette, Melissa, and Rourke
04/15 Whatever Cost The Ferry assembles to vote on what to do with Liette in light of the Institute raid on the Armory. Bennet, Eileen, Gillian, Helena, Joseph, Melissa, Raith, Rourke and Scott
04/15 Conventional Healing Melissa arrives at Francois' doorstep for some doctoring, and they trade comments on severed ties, age and the ability to heal. Francois and Melissa
04/16 A Whole New Ballgame Magnes has a present for Melissa, and she just ends up worrying him. Magnes and Melissa
04/16 What Have I Become? Melissa runs into Ash again. He asks some good questions. Ash and Melissa
04/19 When The Going Gets Tough... …some people quit. Melissa and Scott
04/20 Another Brick in the Wall There's more in the basement of Melissa's new home than she and Kendall bargained for. The assembled discuss what to do about the ghosts therein. Colette, Kendall, Magnes, Melissa and Odessa
04/21 Handyman Ash plays handyman at Melissa's new house. Ash and Melissa
04/21 To the Benefit of Everyone Melissa seeks a favour from Angela. Angela and Melissa
04/21 Potential Futures Mel visits Abby, and they talk about current events and potential futures. Abby and Melissa
04/22 A Peaceful Solution Melissa and Brennan discuss Liette and the weather. Brennan and Melissa
04/23 Paint Kendall uses his powers for the forces of good, AKA interior decorating. Kendall and Melissa
04/26 A Side Of Fun Melissa predicts a dark future for Felix if he can't get some downtime. Felix and Melissa
04/27 Skeletons In The Wall Cavities Sable comes over for some destruction, and they discover the body behind the wall in the basement. Now, what to do with it… Kendall, Melissa and Sable
04/28 Populate The Earth Abby and Mel talk about Vegas, fake IDs, and sex. Abby and Melissa
04/29 The Venetian Effect Four people arrive for their first night in Las Vegas after what seems like months of winter and heartbreak. Abby, Gillian, Kendall and Melissa

May 2010 - 8 logs

melmay10.jpg This month starts off on a warm note with a week long trip to Vegas. And bailing out her 'son'. Back home things are still crazy, and there are more questions, and a skeleton to deal with, along with Kendall's education.
Date Title Summary Cast
05/02 Cruisin' the Strip Melissa and Kendall see the sights in Vegas, and discuss the weather back home. Kendall and Melissa
05/05 They Got Flare Abigail and Melissa take in the Flare demonstrations at the Court in Harrah's Abby and Melissa
05/05 I'd Rather Be In Jail Kendall is arrested for cheating at gambling and for being underaged, but a friend of Abigail's bails him out, releasing him to Melissa's wrath. Caliban, Kendall and Melissa
05/07 Inked The trio of females in Vegas get tattoos Abby, Gillian and Melissa
05/11 A Shady Education Tony comes over to check on Melissa, and ends up giving Kendall an odd education. Kendall, Melissa and Tony
05/12 Not Really Hawaii In between Tony's flirting, he and Melissa manage to talk about several important topics. Melissa and Tony
05/12 The Chore Melissa takes care of a chore, and ponders some important things. Melissa
05/22 Born In The U.S.A As the sharp edge of an elongated winter fades away, as the blizzards pull back from obscuring visibility and as the lights come back on, there is something to see as men and women across New York City take stock of what's to come and what has been. There is also something to hear — you need only listen. Bella, Bao-Wei, Caliban, Claire, Eileen, Harper, Joseph, Kain, Kaylee, Knox, Ling, Linderman, Logan, Matt, Melissa, Mohinder, Nathan, Nicole, Odessa, Peter, Rupe, Ryans, Susan, Thompson, Veronica and Vincent

June 2010 - 41 logs

meljun10.jpg The snow and ice begin to melt. And that's only the beginning. There's work to be done at the club, a new job to take, and a rabbit hole to be gone down. And it's an old friend who offers the red pill.
Date Title Summary Cast
06/01 It Survived Like A Cockroach Mr. Muggles finds a new play partner and much desired attention from three people and starts his journey home. Magnes, Melissa and Quinn
06/07 Plans to Party Kendall and Melissa discuss dogs, taking over the world, and parties. Kendall and Melissa
06/09 A New Job In Hell As Melissa prepares for the impending Grand Opening of Tartarus, Robyn Quinn shows up with the goal of finding a new job. Melissa and Quinn
06/09 Hell Of A Shopping Trip Mel goes shopping for Kendall's birthday, discovers that she hates geek shopping, and scares a mom. Melissa
06/09 Return Policy Peter comes to discuss something with Melissa and makes an offer for her to follow him into the most dangerous rabbit hole ever, or return to her ordinary life. Messiah's return policy is somewhat unusual. Melissa and Peter
06/09 The Path to Hell Messiah's membership is called together for the first time. Ash, Claire, Harrison, Huruma, Magnes, Melissa and Peter
06/11 Pissing Off The Pain Girl Ash and Melissa discuss Messiah, birthdays and murder. Ash and Melissa
06/12 It's Party Time Mel decides to throw a party for Kendall's 17th birthday. He makes out like a bandit, and fun is had by all. Abby, Ash, Elaine, Harrison, Kendall, Magnes, Melissa, Quinn and Sable
06/13 The Novice And The Veteran Melissa and Harrison discuss the evolved, Messiah, and training. Harrison and Melissa
06/13 Dying for a Vision Melissa makes a change, and thinks about the vision she had. Melissa
06/14 Guns and Illusions Mel talks to Kendall about a dangerous future and helps him figure something out about his ability. Kendall and Melissa
06/14 Planning A Big Night At Tartarus, Quinn meets with Melissa to get several things squared away before the impending Grand Opening. Melissa and Quinn
06/14 Pro-Evolved to the End It's a badge Melissa brandishes proudly and one Eileen probably doesn't deserve. Eileen and Melissa
06/15 A Measure of Trust Peter meets with Ash and Mel and the trio talk about Messiah and the Institute and the problems they're already facing. Ash, Melissa and Peter
06/15 Playing the Game Melissa questions Peter about Messiah, the past, and the present, then leaves him speechless. Melissa and Peter
06/16 Mini-Road Trip Melissa goes with Abby to get something fixed, and the two catch-up on current events. Abby and Melissa
06/16 An Invitation to be Sold Having leapt at the chance to use a delivery to check out a new club, Ygraine finds herself being recruited to go on the auction-block…. Melissa and Ygraine
06/16 Settling Back Into Things Melissa pays Brennan at the Suresh Center for something more than catch up. Brennan and Melissa
06/16 The First Rule of Fight Club Ash begins to teach Harrison some basics when it comes to fighting…Melissa joins…for a little while at least. Ash, Harrison and Melissa
06/17 Playing Intelligence Melissa goes to Cat, trying to find out all she knows about Luis and the Institute. Cat and Melissa
06/17 Wolves and Sheep Melissa and Huruma circle each other while talking about Messiah. Huruma and Melissa
06/17 Cliff Notes Melissa pays a visit to Messiah's tactician, and things don't go quite how she expects. Melissa and Rupe
06/18 Teaching Pain Magnes comes over to show Melissa how to fight. Magnes and Melissa
06/19 Luke the Nuke On another saturday night Evolved fighting in the center stage, it's Luke vs Gabriel and Melissa vs Finney. Cardinal, Finney, Gabriel, Luke and Melissa
06/20 Man And Fowl Alike A convergence of man and beast, in the form of post religious noshing. Some people enjoy the Penguins that swarm, others? They just want to hunt. Adam, Brennan, Kendall, Magnes, and Melissa
06/20 Stitches and Slings Francois is called to patch up Melissa's latest injury. Francois and Melissa
06/21 Run, Hide or Die Melissa outlines Kendall's options for staying alive in a dangerous world. Kendall and Melissa
06/22 Bullets, Food And Movies Abby arrives bearing gifts and chiding Melissa for overworking. They end, as usual, with a movie. Abby and Melissa
06/22 Two Hands Melissa visits Abby and Peter to watch movies, and instead there is healing and drinking and awkwardness. Abby, Melissa and Peter
06/23 It Can Wait Peter returns home to find Goldilocks in his bed, sound asleep. Melissa and Peter
06/24 Housewarming Gifts Melissa comes bearing gifts for Abby. Abby and Melissa
06/25 Preparations Quinn and Melissa make some last minute preparations for Tartarus's grand opening, and Mel shows Quinn their special raffle items. Melissa and Quinn
06/25 To Hell With Charity The grand opening of Tartarus is celebrated with a charity event including a raffle, date auction, and live music. Abby, Caliban, Cardinal, Elaine, Felix, Holly, Magnes, Melissa, Peyton, Quinn, Sable and Ygraine
06/26 The Downstairs Neighbor Abby and Melissa take care of Mel's unfortunate downstairs neighbor. Abby and Melissa
06/27 Baby Phobia Melissa drops by Abby's place, and is confronted with something she didn't know she had a phobia about. Huruma, however, seems quite comfortable. Abby, Huruma and Melissa
06/28 Glamorous Darling Melissa goes to Raquelle to fix a problem and become glamorous. Melissa and Raquelle
06/28 Don't Hold Your Breath Peter tells Melissa about her first Messiah assignment, and breaks her heart a little. Melissa and Peter
06/29 Without Good Humor This day might have gone by with a great deal less pain when Humanis First makes a stance at a mobile registration in Battery Park City. Cardinal, Daphne, Melissa, Mortimer and Nadira
06/29 Split Second The physical wounds are easier to stitch together than the emotional ones after a split-second decision is questioned in the aftermath of a hate crime. Daphne, Francois, Melissa, Nadira and Teo
06/30 Efficient Messiah unites to complete an assignment that takes them out to Montana and they discover just how lethal acting as a team can be. Harrison, Julian, Melissa, Riggs and Peter
06/30 Loss of Innocence In the aftermath of her first Messiah mission, Melissa mourns the loss of something she didn't know she valued. Melissa

July 2010 - 42 logs

meljul10.jpg When the previous month ends with a couple of explosions, you can only hope the new month is going to get better. Unfortunately for Melissa, a beat down seems to set the tone for July.
Date Title Summary Cast
07/01 Even With Jose... In attempt to drown psychological Pain, Melissa gets a side of physical when she tries to stop Humanis First groupies from defacing a store. Melissa
07/02 Sorry I Called Melissa calls Peter for help, and he decides to clean up her mess. Melissa and Peter
07/02 Hell's New Hire Nadira returns to Tartarus for an evening, and after a talk with the manager ends up with a job. Melissa, Nadira and Quinn
07/05 Terrorist Support Group Melissa gathers fellow Messiah newcomers to discuss themselves, their powers… and their difficulties. Faron, Harrison, Melissa and Perry
07/05 Your Turn Melissa seeks a meet with Gabriel, then fights not to get off subject. Gabriel and Melissa
07/06 It Should Matter Melissa runs into Ash at the Messiah headquarters, and topics like murder, innocence and kissing come up. Ash and Melissa
07/06 Terrorist Beach Party Several members of Messiah meet to relax at the beach. But it seems as though even a normal beach party has to have a surprise ending when this group is involved. Ash, Faron, Harrison, Huruma, Melissa and Perry
07/06 Just Like Marseilles A game of blackjack goes awry when Raith and Teo interview an old friend about Eileen's whereabouts. Melissa assists. Delgado, Felix, Melissa, Raith, Sasha and Teo
07/07 Welcome to Hell, Population Us After rescuing Ling from the Institute, Melissa, Peter and Knox try to get information from her, and convince her to hide out for a while from common enemies. Knox, Ling, Melissa and Peter
07/07 The Game of Trust Melissa shows Ling around her temporary home, and warns her about the fanboy and the lech. Ling and Melissa
07/07 A Southern Call A call from one friend checking in with another starts off pleasant, then devolves into darker topics. Abby and Melissa
07/08 Young Enough Kendall meets his newest roommate, and neither is sure that they like the other. Kendall, Ling and Melissa
07/08 To Serve in Hell Melissa recruits Ling to help with some hair issues, and they end up having some serious conversation about hell, business, and wolves. Ling and Melissa
07/09 The Pick Up Melissa picks Abby up from the airport, and they spend the ride home catching up. Abby and Melissa
07/11 Black on Black A random meet turns into a debate in methods of various pro-evolved groups. And flirting. Cardinal and Melissa
07/12 Intentions Peter pays a visit to the Little Green House, and Melissa helps him convince Ling that their intentions should become hers. Ling, Melissa and Peter
07/12 Westerns and Questions Socializing abounds in Melissa's home Faron, Kendall, Ling and Melissa
07/13 Sunken Treasures Melissa organizes some of Messiah to go diving, to investigate some wreckage found previously during an impromptu beach party. What they find is not what they expect, nor is it pleasant. Faron, Harrison, Ling, Magnes, Melissa and Peter
07/14 Everyone's Best Interests The day after their underwater adventure, Ling and Melissa talk about Messiah, their lives, and the future. Ling and Melissa
07/15 Construction and Murder Melissa has a favor to ask of Ash, then ends up giving him bad news which he takes rather poorly. Ash and Melissa
07/15 Cookies and Liquor Daphne and Melissa manage to bump themselves from 'acquaintances' to 'friends' status as they discuss lifesavers, food, Europe, art, and the nature of the President's underpants. Daphne and Melissa
07/16 Things Are Heating Up After Abby drops by Mel's place for a visit, the conversation gets heated. And so does Abby. Abby and Melissa
07/17 A Girl's Night In Melissa gets two of her friends together for a night in. Daphne, Ling and Melissa
07/20 One Crisis at a Time When Abigail Beauchamp goes digging through the past with Messiah's help, she uncovers a secret that was not meant to be shared, and an unexpected phone call reveals a terrible new crisis. Abby, Francois, Lacombe, Melissa, Peter and Risa
07/20 Hangover For a Cure Melissa and Francois return to Mel's house, where she tries to comfort with movies. A hangover seems like a better solution. Francois and Melissa
07/22 More Options Melissa asks Daphne and Abby over to ask the speedster for potential help in rescuing a mutual friend and recent kidnap victim. Abby, Daphne and Melissa
07/23 Nurses Do a Crap-ton More than Bedpans Just a chat at the Suresh Center about Melissa's new career thoughts. Brennan, Megan and Melissa
07/23 Look Ma, No Stitches! Melissa and Ling go to retrieve a person of interest for Messiah. Ling is smokin', and Mel does not need stitches. Ling and Melissa
07/24 Altercation An altercation outside a Ferry safehouse on a public street in Queens escalates to physical violence. Abby, Delgado, Kaylee, Melissa and Nadia
07/25 From Philosophy to Food Fight A gathering at the little green house by the harbor. Kendall, Melissa and Perry
07/25 Ambush Messiah liberates a familiar face from Institute captivity. Claire, Faron, Gabriel, Ling, Melissa and Sasha
07/27 Sing Birdy, Sing Ling and Melissa meet at an abandoned shop in order to question a Humanis First prisoner they'd kidnapped. Unfortunately, unexpected events lead to it becoming more than just an interrogation, and leaves the Little Green House short one occupant. Kendall, Ling and Melissa
07/27 The Cleanup Melissa begins to clean up the mess that was once Jacob Shields, and has a minor breakdown once the truth of what's happened hits her. Melissa
07/27 A Far, Far Better Thing Peter arrives to help Melissa with the aftermath of her interrogation, and the conversation turns to more personal matters. Melissa and Peter
07/28 Tequila, Vodka, and Shrooms Melissa is drinking, Daphne joins in. Men bashing and pizza ordering ensue. Daphne and Melissa
07/28 Someone To Talk To Melissa has been looking for just that, and manages to find it in Ling Chao Ling and Melissa
07/28 Complicated and Intuition A support group gets some newcomers and some old faces as well as interesting questions. Amato, Brennan, Delilah, Isabella, Melissa and Nadia
07/29 Community Service Luke is required to do community service under the watchful eye of Dan Schwimmerfarb, his probation officer. Melissa enters, and sparks fly. Dan, Luke and Melissa
07/29 Preemptive Strike Messiah moves on a cell of Humanis First, and a killer in the night makes a move on one of Messiah. Ash, Claire, Gabriel, Harrison, Knox, Kris, Lacombe, Melissa, Peter, Perry, Rickham, Riggs, Rupe, and West
07/30 Off On the Wrong Foot Melissa and Sasha have their first real conversation, and get off to a bad start. Will they ever be friends? Melissa and Sasha
07/30 Pain and Criticism Melissa visits the infirmary to see if she can help, and ends up making things worse for Ash - and only semi-unintentionally. Ash and Melissa
07/31 Fruit Basket Two men and a bartender have a conversation about civil rights and discrimination - one of them has ulterior motives, which expand when the bar's owner arrives. Cardinal, Jaiden, Melissa and Nadira

August 2010 - 33 logs

melaug10.jpg With plans to raid the Institute, Kendall AWOL, and her social life changing, there is no telling what disasters this next month will bring.
Date Title Summary Cast
08/01 Open Mic Night It's Open Mic Night at the Blue Moon Cafe and Bookstore! Aric, Delilah, Eileen, Elaine, Melissa, Quinn and Sable
08/02 The Prodigal Son Returns Kendall finally returns home, and he and Melissa talk serious business. Kendall and Melissa
08/06 Pride and Providence Amato and Nick meet again, with Melissa as a spectator, and this time Amato's questions are answered. Amato, Melissa and Nick
08/07 Eat, Drink and Be Distracted Melissa and Daphne visit Francois to offer both Daphne's speed to the upcoming mission to rescue Teo and companionship to the despairing Frenchman. Daphne, Francois and Melissa
08/07 Something to Discuss Kendall, Ling, and Melissa collide for the first time together since the teenager ran away, and are left with just that after Kendall expresses an unexpected interest. Kendall, Ling Melissa
08/08 Hidden Answers Melissa visits the unopened Abbey, and both her and Abby hide the answers to questions from each other. Abby and Melissa
08/09 Old Spice Kendall decides to play with his powers a bit, heavily influenced by a deoderant commercial. Kendall (With a Melissa cameo)
08/09 A Foreign Notion Once again Melissa runs into Nick. This time she gets a bit of information out of him, and presents a foreign notion to him. Melissa and Nick
08/10 Lasagna and Dead Dogs Abby intends to give Melissa a cooking lesson, but instead Sasha makes himself at home, and gives Melissa a present. It isn't an orchid. Abby, Melissa and Sasha
08/11 Geeks and Their Toys Melissa confronts Kendall about his Old Spice antics, then ends up urging him to go be a real boy and not just a geek. It doesn't completely work. Kendall and Melissa
08/11 Tactical Reassessment Messiah attempts to hold a tactical meeting regarding the attack on Staten Island Hospital, but an undercurrent of personal issues makes tactical coordination difficult. Ash, Claire, Gabriel, Huruma, Ling, Melissa, Peter, and Rupe
08/12 Preparing for the End Melissa takes care of a few things prior to the raid on the Institute. Just in case. Responsibility sucks. Melissa
08/12 Down in Flames, Part II A joint attack against the Staten Island Hospital to liberate the captives there stumbles upon the grisly work of Doctor Dmitri Gregor Claire, Colette, Daphne, Francois, Gillian, Gregor, Kris, Lynette, Magnes, Melissa, Noriko, Peter, Teo and West
08/13 Longest Two Hours of Your Life In which a triage tent is really more like Grand Central. Cat, Jaiden, Lynette, Megan and Melissa
08/13 Not a Kid Anymore Melissa returns home after the Institute raid, and discovers that Kendall is, in fact, growing up. Kendall and Melissa
08/14 Immature Strategy Melissa finds Sasha. After some argument, she asks him for a favor. Melissa and Sasha
08/17 A Promise Kept Peter comes to made good on a promise, and ends up the one suffering for it. Kendall learns a new trick, and Melissa wants to kill Magnes. Kendall, Lynette, Magnes, Melissa and Peter
08/17 Maddening Kendall tries to gain membership to Messiah. But while he's told no, Melissa gets a bit more responsibility in the group and Peter is as maddening as ever. Kendall, Melissa and Peter
08/19 Buy a Date Tartarus holds its second date auction, and again, it's a success. And at least one person gets a little overwhelmed by it. Amadeus, Aric, Cardinal, Kendall, Linus, Lola, Melissa, Nadia, Nadira, Peyton, Quinn, Rain and Raquelle
08/20 A Smiling Stylist Kendall is dragged by Melissa to Raquelle for a haircut. They both get a surprise, then Kendall gets a job offer. Kendall, Melissa and Raquelle
08/22 Goldilocks and the Bear Injured and spooked, Nick asks for a favor from a stranger, and gets more kindness than he expected from Melissa. Melissa and Nick
08/23 Hardly Priest-Like A random meeting at the Suresh Center leads to a serious discussion in which Melissa is priest-like. Sorta. Delia and Melissa
08/24 Estimated Casualties Messiah has a heated discussion about future plans as a new member is introduced to the ranks. Ash, Harrison, Huruma, Ling, Melissa, Oleander, Peter, Rupe
08/26 Analogies Melissa brings takeout breakfast home, and she and Kendall eat it as she lets him know she's be going off on another 'mission' tonight. Kendall and Melissa
08/27 Messiah Complex Messiah comes together in mourning the deaths of their own one day after a mission goes decidedly wrong. Ash, Claire, Huruma, Kendall, Knox, Kris, Ling, Melissa, Oleander, Peter, Rebel, Rickham, Riggs, Risa, Rupe, Thalia and West
08/27 Guilt and Grief Returning home after the wake, Melissa and Ling discuss their guilt, and Mel learns something new that has her in tears. Ling and Melissa
08/27 Grief's a Slippery Bastard Melissa receives a late night phone call, and has to deliver bad news. Melissa and Raquelle
08/27 Stay Safe, Dammit A walk meant to clear her mind ends up having Melissa run into Nick, who does a better job of distracting her. Melissa and Nick
08/28 Not Good News What Quinn receives when she stops to see Kendall and Melissa on a whim. Melissa and Quinn
08/28 Cannibalize Some cultures eat their dead. When the Ferry come together to mourn theirs, they do it to the living. Abby, Bennet, Barbara, Cardinal, Cat, Daphne, Delilah, Eileen, Joseph, Kaylee, Melissa, Quinn, Reynold, Sable, Susan and Tasha
08/28 We'll Take Care of You Abby helps Mel get home, then stays to comfort her. Abby and Melissa
08/29 Jack Gets All The Glory Against all odds, a professed bad boy manages to do something nice for someone in need — and actually enjoys it. Melissa and Nick
08/30 Blood, Violence and Hot Guys Raquelle comes bearing goodies, and a frilly apron. Melissa and Raquelle

September 2010 - 38 logs

melsep10.jpg Kendall's dead and Melissa feels guilty over it. And that's only the beginning of her eighth month in the city. With the government cracking down on Registration, who knows what other horrors await her as summer dies.
Date Title Summary Cast
09/01 Blood and Water Peter drops by with news about the news. Instead families and puzzles are discussed. Melissa and Peter
09/02 Hi, I would Like to Be a Terrorist Lynette drops in on a couple Messiah members to get a better rundown on the organization. Ling, Lynette and Melissa
09/03 Feel Like a Monster There once was a young woman that took a trip across the pond, most of what she experienced was thought destroyed. Melissa and Ling witness what happens, when she remembers it all. (Warning: Some what graphic.) Claire, Ling and Melissa
09/06 And Now For Something Completely Different Melissa calls an impromptu meeting with two of Tartarus's employees to discuss a new type of event for the club. Melissa, Nadira and Quinn
09/08 A Renewed Acquaintance When Edgar answers a want ad, he doesn't just get a job. Edgar and Melissa
09/09 The Blackest of Sheep Amato offers to help Nick find self forgiveness while Melissa is frustrated with the lack of answers coming from the two men when the three converge in an unlikely and forgotten place. Amato, Melissa and Nick
09/10 Terrorism and Flowers Rarely Go Together A phone call leads to flowers for Melissa, and a new family for Edgar. Edgar and Melissa
09/10 Morphine and Mummies A chat about the upcoming ball at Tartarus turns into a discuss on abilities and nazis. Melissa and Nadira
09/11 Talking to a Brick Wall Mel tracks Nick down with intervention on her mind, except he's stubborn, even when she remembers something important. Melissa and Nick
09/11 Gotta Run Somewhere Melissa brings home pizza, and Edgar runs off. Edgar and Melissa
09/11 Make Me Fabulous Melissa invites Raquelle over for pizza and booze, and asks just one request. Make me fabulous. Melissa and Raquelle
09/12 Expanding Your Horizons Melissa encourages Ling to try new things, while telling her the latest Messiah recruitment news. Ling and Melissa
09/13 Time To Unwind A barbeque meant to allow people relax instead has a quiche-bearing Rupert showing up, and Peter stealing both beer and abilities. Also, boobcakes. Abby, Daphne, Edgar, Jesse, Ling, Lynette, Melissa, Nadira, Peter, Quinn, Raquelle, Rupe, Smedley, and West
09/14 Are You A Terrorist? Quinn comes by to ask Melissa a very important question, and Melissa gets an answer of her own. Melissa and Quinn
09/15 A Letter To Write Melissa has a letter to write, but it brings up several old memories. Melissa
09/15 Discriminating Melissa attempts to get to the bottom of the Ruskin conundrum and sets a bridge on fire in the process. Eileen and Melissa
09/17 Clandestine, For Now Ling turns to Melissa with the information recently gained from Richard Cardinal Ling and Melissa
09/18 Paranoia Is Like A Virus Delia and Melissa meet for the second time, and have a lot to discuss before Delia flees. Delia and Melissa
09/19 Pick Up On Aisle -- What? Card, Liquor, and Munchies — The perfect combination for a special occasion. Melissa manages to lure an unsuspecting television personality out while making a former beau angry. Edgar? He just wanted to get a card. Edgar, Melissa, Nick and Russo
09/19 Tequila's Totally My Drink Melissa and Brad head to a bar, where both proceed to get thoroughly smashed. Also, the world as we know it ends. Melissa and Russo
09/19 Just a Little Drunk Melissa comes homes from drinking, and Ling doesn't approve. Discussion ensues. Ling and Melissa
09/20 Parlor Tricks Random Run Ins Gone Wrong Brand, Edgar, Katya, Lydia and Melissa
09/21 False Proposal When Russo shows up to take Melissa out on her first ever date, things go well…at first. Melissa and Russo
09/22 Tonight We Karaoke In Hell Tartarus hosts a karaoke night. The choices in music aren't quite what was expected, but both amusement and awe are had. Amadeus, Daphne, Delia, Edgar, Jaiden, Keira, Ling, Luke, Melissa, Nadira, Raquelle, Russo, Smedley and Toru
09/23 The Substitute Melissa Pierce is made an offer by an agent of Samuel Sullivan in exchange for the life of Kendall Cunningham, but when it comes at a high cos,t, Melissa is forced to put herself in a difficult position, with many lives hanging on the line. Arnold, Delilah, Hiro, Kendall and Melissa
09/23 Time Travel or Refrain Trip? Melissa shares some good news with Ling, who thinks it's the results of a refrain trip rather than the truth. Ling and Melissa
09/24 Delay Tactics In an effort to avoid going clothes shopping, Kendall asks Melissa about some of the things he missed while dead. Kendall and Melissa
09/24 Casper's Revenge After dragging Kendall shopping, Melissa drags him to Raquelle's salon for a haircut and some revenge. Kendall, Melissa and Raquelle
09/24 Underscore The opening of d'Sarthe's is an evening of making connections. It is also one of the grandest displays of impolite society. Abbot, Evan, Daphne, Cardinal, Kendall, Ling, Logan, Marie, Melissa, Montague, Nicole, Roderick, Savannah and Tess
09/25 Going Swimming Melissa and Ling approach Kaylee about looking for signs that they have been messed with mentally. Kaylee, Ling and Melissa
09/26 Unfortunate Good News Melissa visits Abby to tell her the good news about Kendall. The reaction she gets isn't the one she was expecting. Abby and Melissa
09/27 Where Rebels Dare People from Messiah, Endgame and the Ferrymen come together to meet Rebel and hear his plan for their survival. Alia, Bennet, Cardinal, Cat, Elisabeth, Huruma, Linus, Melissa, Niki, Rebel, Ryans and West
09/27 A Lack of Trust Melissa tries to see where Rebel stands regarding Rupert, but both leave not quite knowing if trust is deserved. Melissa and Rebel
09/28 Story Of My Life Russo comes over to do some apology gardening, which leads to a shocking discovery Melissa and Russo
09/28 Armageddon It, Are You Getting It? Melissa's choice of movies is fairly tragic considering the news she just delivered. Five words or less? She's not allowed to go. Another five words or less? Kendall ruins the moment. Edgar, Kendall, Ling Melissa and Russo
09/29 Make The Right Choice When Melissa Pierce confronts her uncle, the Operations Director of the Department of Homeland Security, she is confronted in turn by a choice. Melissa and Pierce
09/29 Nothing's Guaranteed Cat visits Melissa in lockup at DHS headquarters, but makes no guarantees. Cat and Melissa
09/30 Where Credit Is Due At the request of Jason Piece, Matt Parkman talks to the newest prisoner of DHS, and she manages to offend him. Matt and Melissa

October 2010 - 27 logs

meloct10.jpg When the month starts off with Melissa in DHS custody, the rest of the month can only get better….Right?
Date Title Summary Cast
10/01 Curiouser and Curiouser Unknown to Melissa, Matt Parkman decides to take a trip through her mind, and is surprised at what he finds. Matt and Melissa
10/04 Whatever This Is Upon her release from DHS custody, Melissa calls Russo for a ride. But a simple ride turns into a conversation as Russo takes care of her. Melissa and Russo
10/04 Surprise Homecoming Melissa returns home after her brief incarceration to give some semi-good news to two of her roommates. Kendall, Ling, Melissa and Russo
10/06 Almost Domestic Melissa pays Russo a visit, and is surprised by how almost domestic they turn out to be. Melissa and Russo
10/07 Good News/Bad News A secret meeting on the beach has Kaylee giving Melissa the news she wanted to hear…and some she didn't. Kaylee and Melissa
10/08 Labyrinth Ball Tartarus hosts a masquerade. Some people take advantage of anonymity, while others put on a display of evolved abilities. Delia, Delilah, Jaiden, Kendall, Melissa, Monica, Nadira, Nick, Quinn, Raquelle, Rhys and Ygraine
10/9 Enemy of My Enemy En route to Seattle and more distant locales, a former Moab inmate confronts one of the faces of the Company who put her there. Gael, Huruma and Melissa
10/10 Cold, Bored and Worried With little else to do, three of Rebel's astronauts to be have a little chat. Alia, Gael and Melissa
10/12 Operation Goliath, Part I The team arrives in China, where Bennet explains the plan and gives Alia a present from Rebel. Alia, Bennet, Gael, Huruma, Melissa and Ryans
10/13 Operation Goliath, Part II Half of the China team makes their way to the shuttle, only to meet with several interesting problems. Claude, Gael, Linus, Melissa and Ryans
10/13 The Second Sun The launch that sends four people into space starts off bad, and just gets worse. Gael, Linus, Melissa, Rebel, Ryans and Wireless
10/14 Reaching Doesn't Mean Rushing Upon hearing of her return to earth, Russo pays Melissa a visit. Sweetness is had, when they can avoid serious topics. Melissa and Russo
10/16 Building a Plan Ling and Kendall come to see Melissa following her return from China, and Melissa shares her plan for how to handle Rupert… Kendall, Ling and Melissa
10/18 Bargaining Melissa pays a visit to DHS Headquarters, voluntarily, in order to give Matt Parkman something he wants, for something she wants. Matt and Melissa
10/19 Gambling on Trust Melissa relays the results of her meeting with Parkman to Ling, and both find themselves suffering from a lack of trust in others. Ling and Melissa
10/19 Walking the Grey Line Members of Messiah +1 meet to discuss the issue with Rupert and try to regroup. Alexander, Ash, Cardinal, Griffin, Huruma, Kris, Ling, Lynette, Melissa, Nadira, Peter, Risa and West
10/21 No Boom Today One crisis is past - or at least badly set back - but another one looms, with only a short time to fill in the gaps. Gael and Melissa
10/21 Rocky Horror Karaoke Once again Tartarus hosts karaoke night, this time with a theme. Brand, Harmony, Kendall, Melissa, Quinn, Raquelle and Ygraine
10/23 A Little Assistance It's what Melissa is asking Eileen for. Eileen and Melissa
10/24 Rupert Hunting Hana and Melissa meet to discuss their current favorite subject. Hana and Melissa
10/24 How Handy Gabriel is the next to be recruited by Melissa in the war against Ruperts. Gabriel and Melissa
10/25 Tracking A Ghost Ling and Melissa meet to try to figure out how to find a missing mastermind. Ling and Melissa
10/26 It Is So, So Time While working at the Suresh Center, Melissa meets another person needing help. Melissa and Skyler
10/27 Cheap Dates Mel and Alex catch up, and then discover that neither has a tolerance for alcohol. Alexander and Melissa
10/30 Burning Hair and Brimstone Unsuspecting clients step into a haunted salon, and things of course go awry. But all's well that ends well. Harmony, Kendall, Melissa, Peyton and Raquelle

Scenes from the past

Date Title Summary Cast
04/14/09 With One Eye Open After the events of Moab Penitentiary, a marginally younger Melissa finds herself in an alternative history that threatens to redirect the course of her life. Maeve and Melissa
04/14/09 Like A True Nature's Child Russo and Edgar chase down Melissa's history, leading to a violent confrontation on a Utah highway, and no one winds up where they expect. Edgar, Maeve, Melissa and Russo

November 2010 - 20 logs

melnov10.jpg Like most months since arriving in New York, November is filled with disasters and personal problems for Melissa, and murder and mayhem in the first week sets the tone.
Date Title Summary Cast
11/02 Noncommittal It's what Russo is, and what drives Melissa nuts. Melissa and Russo
11/03 Contemporary Prophecy The reopening of a gallery leads to an odd mix of people showing an interest in one artist's work. Barbara, Cat, Harmony, Lynette, Melissa and Veronica
11/05 Get Out Melissa brings Quinn in to talk about Tartarus operations, and both discover that they've been up to more than they realised. Melissa and Quinn
11/05 United We Stand, Part I In an effort to make a plan to deal with Rupert Carmichael, Messiah discovers wolves at the gate, and wolves within… Ash, Edgar, Griffin, Harper, Juliette, Kris, Ling, Lynette, Matt, Melissa, Perry, Peter, Risa, Sanderson and West
11/07 United We Stand, Part III Following up on intelligence offered by Knox, Melissa leads a team into the heart of Midtown to track down and exterminate Rupert Carmichael, but her team winds up unknowingly playing into another man's design unknowingly… Ash, Eileen, Gabriel, Gael, Knox, Ling, Melissa, Mika, Nadira, Oleander, Rickham, Rupe and Thalia
11/07 United We Stand, Part IV New York City braces for the coming storm, and minute by minute, the future foretold approaches… Lots.
11/08 Just Getting Worse Melissa pays a visit to Richard Cardinal, and an exchange of information is had. Cardinal and Melissa
11/08 The Guns Turned Inwards Something of a self-fulfilling prophecy unravels on Roosevelt Island when factors that were not anticipated play into fate. It begins with a voice, and ends with death or a black hood. Audrey, Black, Edgar, Lydia, Melissa, Monica, Mynama, Nadia and Veronica
11/08 Not That Country Anymore People gathered at the makeshift field hospital to have their injuries tended to discover that the country has changed since the hour of noon. Joanna, Jonas, Knox, Lexington, Logan, Melissa, Oleander, Pandora and Sasha
11/08 Exodus, Part II When a pick up point for Ferry evacuation is already compromised, a small group of Evolved use their talents to fight their way through to freedom. Daphne, Kendall, Lynette, Melissa and Nelly
11/09 A Small Favour Before leaving for Pollepel Island, Melissa visits Quinn, and small favours are exchanged. Melissa and Quinn
11/10 Babies for Dummies Melissa calls on Brennan for some help before she goes insane. Brennan and Melissa
11/10 It's a Burp Melissa struggles to get over her intense fear of her newest stray. Melissa
11/14 They Will Be Remembered Citizens gather to mourn their dead and pray for the lost. Cat, Kayla, Melissa and Peyton
11/14 Martinis and Corsets Three converge in Tartarus over a few drinks and discussion. Melissa, Nadira and Reuben
11/20 Road to Damascus Some of Messiah's remaining members meet to discuss what to do next. Lynette, Marjorie, Melissa, Nadira and Perry
11/22 In The Wake of the Riots People gather at Tartarus to remember the dead and hope for the living. Anna, Griffin, Kendall, Melissa, Milton and Nadira
11/27 Booze and Intimidation Dong-tian decides to make a business proposal to Melissa, and Gael holds potentially useful information. Dong-tian, Gael and Melissa
11/28 Securing a Pitch Melissa Pierce gets a visitor seeking a reference, and ends up finding the person he was looking for. Kincaid and Melissa

Scenes from the past

Date Title Summary Cast
12/26/1890 Net and Pin, Part I A casualty of the time war is rescued, but not without a vicious fight. Daphne, Deborah, Edgar, Elle, Hiro, Joseph, Kaylee, Linda, Malachi, Margaret, Melissa, Quinn, Samuel, Timothy and Ygraine

December 2010 - 16 logs

meldec10.jpg It's not the worst holiday season that Melissa's ever had, but it's certainly not the best. However, things do seem to be looking up at times, and she does her best to make sure a child's first Christmas is the best ever. Also, ice skating.
Date Title Summary Cast
12/01 Can't Buy Me Love Tartarus hosts another date auction, this time for those affected by the November 8th riots. Christine, Elaine, Harmony, Kendall, Kincaid, Kristen, Magnes, Melissa and Quinn
12/04 Is That Your Blood? Another fight night at the Center Stage leads to more than just violence and money changing hands. Calvin, Cardinal, Dax, Dong-Tian, Eileen, Griffin, Harmony, Ingrid, Jason, Joshua, Lene, Logan, Lola, Luke and Melissa
12/05 Adaptation and Manipulation A date/business meeting turns into two people hanging out and trying to avoid talking about themselves. Kincaid and Melissa
12/07 We Were Friends Past tense, if Gael's intel is to be believed. Gael and Melissa
12/08 Not Okay, But Safe Melissa tracks down an old friend to find some answers. Odessa enlists her as an informant of sorts. Melissa and Odessa
12/08 Little Things Like Christmas Trees It's what keeps some people going through bad times. Melissa's no exception. Junko and Melissa
12/09 Misunderstandings Kendall visits Melissa, and the wrong things are said to each other. Kendall and Melissa
12/09 Goths and Geeks They run amok in a pizzeria, and one of them makes a waiter very happy. Dax and Melissa
12/14 He Know You're Offering His Dick To Your Friends? Melissa and Odessa talk about sex, life, and family. Not necessarily intermingled or in that order. Melissa and Odessa
12/17 Hell of a Christmas Tartarus is closed down for a Christmas party, in which a fabulous Santa shows up, along with an elf and some lack of Christmas cheer. Anna, Cardinal, Daphne, Gael, Griffin, Harrison, Kendall, Melissa, Nadira, Quinn, Raquelle and Ygraine
12/19 A Barrel of Monkeys Calvin is drunk and Melissa is Melissa. Calvin and Melissa
12/20 Shattered Glass Never a Messiah meeting without strife. Priorities are contested as disaster to come clashes with disaster past. Griffin, Melissa, Nadira and Perry
12/24 Silent Night, Part II While the FBI are searching for a terrorist, an unexpected guest winds up playing substitute to a young girl who was destined to die on Christmas Eve. Brian, Cardinal, Elisabeth, Gideon, Lene, Melissa, Nick, Perry, Skyler, Toru, Warren, and Yana
12/24 Loyalty and Loneliness In the aftermath of d'Sarthe's, two Messianics speak on happiness and companionship, or the lack thereof. Melissa and Perry
12/30 Dr. Raquelle Raquelle invites Kendall and Melissa over to his apartment to patch things up between the two. Kendall, Melissa and Raquelle
12/31 Next Week May Never Come Melissa gets a visitor at Tartarus on New Years Eve. Kincaid has some explaining to do about the Christmas present he'd had delivered to her the week before. Kincaid and Melissa

January 2011 - 26 logs

meljan11.jpg Unfortunately 2011 begins with Melissa being a royal bitch to just about everyone. Luckily a request for a Christmas present turns the mood around. But will the rest of the month, much less the year, go as well?
Date Title Summary Cast
01/03 All The Arrangements Perry finds Melissa in a state miserable, and soon finds himself bound for a state distant. Melissa and Perry
01/04 Her Personal Ken Doll It's what Perry becomes for a day when he puts his trust in Melissa. Melissa and Perry
01/04 Mobile Interrogation Room Melissa's car turns into one when she decides to give Lene a ride home. Lene and Melissa
01/07 No Two Weeks Notice Quinn gives Melissa a break, then takes one of her own. Melissa and Quinn
01/08 Spilled Blood Despite all the excuses given, it's what people come to the Center Stage for. Dax, Elle, Gael, Kailin, Lola, Melissa, Nick and Perry
01/09 Already Divided A trio of clandestine operators convene. Cardinal, Melissa and Perry
01/10 Well Deserved Vacation Perry accompanies Melissa on a trip to Hawaii. Neither could have predicted where it would end up leading. Melissa and Perry
01/11 The Morning After Day 2 of Melissa's vacation dawns with a bit of awkwardness that turns into sweetness. Melissa and Perry
01/12 Princess Charming and Sleeping Beauty Roles are reversed, a bit, then finally set aright, though it takes all day to happen. Melissa and Perry
01/13 When Fire and Water Kiss Amazing things happens when polar opposites meet. Melissa and Perry
01/14 A Place For Romance In one day Melissa and Perry experience romance, amazement, heat and fantasy. Melissa and Perry
01/15 Hope and Hope Not In Vain The last full day in paradise is bittersweet, but with more sweet than bitter. Melissa and Perry
01/16 Going Home Like all good things, Hawaii must end, and Perry and Melissa make their way back to New York. Melissa and Perry
01/17 Present For Baby Barter Melissa returns with gifts to buy back her young ward from affectionate wardens. Elaine, Melissa, Perry and Quinn
01/19 Deserved Pain Kincaid has it, Melissa tries to take it away, and they both agree he deserves it. Kincaid and Melissa
01/20 Perceptive Levels of Alone Not knowing the truth of the matter, Colette Nichols seeks out Messiah at the source the Ferrymen Council recommended: an old friend. Colette and Melissa
01/20 I Swear To Tell The Truth Minor truths come out, and business finally discussed. Melissa and Perry
01/23 High Expectations, Higher Hopes A meet with a stranger ends up pushing Melissa's higher than she might have expected. Kellar and Melissa
01/23 The Gold Standard Some thuglets try to prove their stuff but end up getting a bit more than bargained for on the Gold Standard Gunshot Sounding Sunday. Abby, Bao-Wei, Calvin, Daphne, Melissa and Ziadie
01/26 We Need To Adapt Or Die Richard comes with a warning for Melissa. Cardinal and Melissa
01/27 Hi Neighbor Melissa meets one of her neighbors, and ends up offering him a job. Sort of. Devon and Melissa
01/29 Paranoia and Hope Melissa and Perry discuss the latest news, and while both are wary, hope remains Melissa and Perry
01/30 United in Outrage In desperation and anger, Colette turns to Messiah for help in finding her father, and putting an end to Colonel Heller. Colette, Melissa and Perry
01/31 Bisection Roosevelt Island finds itself at the heart of destruction when something terrible creates new and uncompromising divisions. Delilah, Devon, JJ, Luke, Melissa and Ygraine
01/31 Just A Dome While investigating the mysterious barrier itself, Melissa and Devon make projections for the immediate future, until the present proves to be even more so. Devon and Melissa
01/31 Under the Ground Survivors of the Dome realise that there's more to the barrier than meets the eye when they make a gruesome discovery underground. Devon, Jaiden, JJ, Luke, Melissa, Perry and Ygraine

February 2011 - 13 logs

melfeb11.jpg There's a bubble, there's gotta be trouble! But she's not alone, and for the first time in a while, she has hope for the future.
Date Title Summary Cast
02/01 A Merry (Un)Birthday In the midst of dealing with being trapped, Perry still finds time to (belatedly) celebrate Melissa's birthday. Melissa and Perry
02/08 Finding the Center Small groups of people trapped within the Dome gather, in hopes of finding something at the center of the bubble. Devon, Doyle, Elle, JJ, Jaiden, Melissa and Perry
02/11 Salem, Part I Roosevelt Island doesn't know what hit it when efforts to purge the island of its own Evolved light the night on fire. Amadeus, Devon, Edgar, Feng, Keagan, Melissa, Perry and Ygraine
02/12 Fire Power The Roosevelt Island denizens break through to Queens, but not without cost. Who pays may surprise you. Or not. Brand, Devon, Doyle, Edgar, Elle, Lydia, Melissa and Perry
02/12 Tomorrow Might Not Stink So Much Stealing a moment of quiet after the exodus from Roosevelt Island, Devon and Melissa discuss the events and formulate a measure for humanity. Devon and Melissa
02/12 Bad Pennies In spite of frayed (and fraying) nerves, information is exchanged and help offered between a group of people who just seem to keep finding themselves in 'interesting' situations…. Devon, Jaiden, Melissa and Ygraine
02/12 Democracy In the Dome Those stuck in the Dome meet to discuss their survival. Devon, Doyle, Elle, Jaiden, Keagan, Melissa, Perry and Ygraine
02/15 Difficulties Processing After a very horrifying experience, Devon returns to Roosevelt Island and Melissa to tell of what happened. Devon and Melissa
02/17 Deceptively A rescue attempt turns into something much worse… Melissa
02/20 Red Hands Humanis First look for who's to blame by way of public execution, but who has bloody hands— may not surprise you remotely. Brand, Brennan, Kincaid, Malcolm, Melissa and Ryans
02/20 A Whole Different World Melissa and Brennan attempt to get some Amp, the legal way, but a discovery is made that others… have already come that way before. Just not so legally. Brennan and Melissa
02/20 Blue Sky, Part I A convergence of forces allow for the Dome's end to be within reach, but there is no reward without cost. Brand, JJ, Kincaid, Malcolm, Melissa and Ryans
02/20/11 Right vs. Best Melissa and Ryans work to recover Malcolm, and Francois helps to make it worth it. Francois, Malcolm, Melissa and Ryans

March 2011 - 4 logs

melmar11.jpg For once, a month in New York isn't characterized by disaster or heartache. For Melissa, March is about family and making new friends. (We call them investments here!)
Date Title Summary Cast
03/05/11 To Help Us Testing the strength of friendship and trust, Perry and Melissa ask Devon to join them. Devon, Melissa and Perry
03/28/11 A Terrorist Family Devon's return to the home of Melissa and Perry brings more than just a quiet reunion and a change of scenery. Devon, Melissa and Perry
03/31/11 Burning Puppets Messiah of the past and present dreams of Messiah of the future. Amanda, Aric and Melissa
03/31/11 Not A Saint Just a couple of good samaritans. Devon, Melissa and Trevor

April 2011 - 13 logs

melapr11.jpg This April Melissa gets to do a lot of what she likes doing — helping people — and gets some dreams that leave her torn. But business keeps rolling along. And better than ever!
Date Title Summary Cast
04/03/11 An Investment A job for Trevor is decided on, but for now he's just an investment. Devon, Melissa and Trevor
04/06/11 Not A Factor Messiah has a reunion, a new family member, and some complications. Devon, Griffin, Melissa, Nadira and Perry
04/06/11 I'm Always Careful There's warnings and assurances, and promises for an ass kicking. Devon and Melissa
04/07/11 Baby Fix Two women get theirs when Melissa stops by with Junko. Elaine, Melissa and Quinn
04/08/11 The Missing Stocking Christmas isn't the same without all the stockings. Melissa
04/08/11 Around The Dinner Table Dinner is finally arranged for Melissa, her adoptive family, and a +1. And it has to start off with Serious Business. Devon, Kendall, Melissa, Perry and Valerie
04/11/11 Easy On You Devon introduces Graeme to Melissa, and things work out although not in the sort of help that had been originally expected. Devon, Graeme and Melissa
04/14/11 Helping People People always need it and some people step up to try and fill in the position. Melissa
04/14/11 Whatever Happens After awakening from another potentially troubling dream, Melissa confides in Devon about it. Devon and Melissa
04/18/11 Not That Little Boy Anymore After dreaming of her son, Melissa comes face to face with him for the first time. Kincaid and Melissa
04/19/11 Future Blame A visit from a woman worried about someone else's past sheds light on recent events. Elaine, Melissa and Quinn
04/27/11 Family Stuff Family isn't for secrets. Not real family. But family is a touchy topic, too. (In other words: family stuff is complicated.) Devon, Graeme and Melissa
04/29/11 Love Is Blind Tartarus hosts another date auction for charity, but mixes it up with costumes and a concert. Aimee, Devon, Elaine, Elle, Evan, Graeme, Kendall, Melissa, Quinn, Trevor and Yana
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