Logs for November 2008

321 logs posted for November 2008.

Date Title Participants
11/01 Paint Me Destruction Gillian and Sylar
The Other Tiger Mallory and Teo
Trust Takes Time Diego, Hana, and Helena
Misinterpretation Peter
Die Me, Dichotomy Gillian and Peter
Yesterday is Today Gillian
Welcome To Now Gillian and Sylar
Chatter By The Water Cooler Ethan, Sylar and Wu-Long
11/02 Toast Abby and Deckard
Chase The Morning Eve and Helena
Remonstrance and Requital Peter and Sabra
Around The World In 80 Boxcars Abby, Alexander, and Teo
Nice Try, But No Forgiveness Elle and Niki
Normal Is Subjective Abby, Alexander, and Helena
11/03 In The Box Ethan and Kazimir
Women With A Mission Gwendolyn, Niki, and Sabra
Hey There, You Elle, Odessa and Peter
Your Best Interest Sylar and Zachery
Of Intimacy And Such Eve and Teo
Just The Beginning Gillian and Sylar
To Put It Bluntly Ethan, Felix, Madeline and Munin
Consummate Bitch Ethan, Felix, Madeline, Munin and Sylar
All She Wants To Do Is Dance Alexander, Hana, Helena, Kain, and Teo
Out Of The Fire, Into The Doghouse Alexander, Niki, and Teo
11/04 Signal To Noise Christian and Teo
Exercises In Apolitical Prejudice Wu-Long
One of Us, Two of Them Grant, Lee, and Peter
It's Still Ivy League Cat and Jennifer
The Many And The Few Abby, Alexander, Colette, Deckard, Delilah, Helena, and Jezebel
Featherlight Pam and Teo
Key Lime Gratitude Munin and Sylar
The Voodoo That You Do Amato, Ethan and Munin
Didn't You Turn Into A Feeb? Felix and Elisabeth
11/05 Remember, Remember Kaydence and Matt
Birthday Cake Kaydence and Matt
Breadcrumbs Colette
Where Loyalties Lie Ethan, Amato, and Sierra
For Want of Chinese Food Elle, Felix, and Jacob
The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe Alexander, Colette, Elisabeth, Helena, Mallory, and Teo
A To Z Adam and Zoe
Make a Splash Ethan, Jenny, Sylar and Wu-Long
If At First You Don't Succeed Dina and Sylar
11/06 Sharp Edges Kain and Munin
Gutterball Alexander, Amato, Deckard, Munin and Teodoro
Connections Abby, Alexander, Conrad, Helena, and Teo
An Unwelcome Revelation Sierra and Wu-Long
Fire And Fury Alexander, Ethan and Sylar
A Small World Abby
The Janitor's Angel Abby, Ethan
Suture Dina, Munin, Sylar and Wu-Long
11/07 For Lack Of Zombies Christian and Teo
Somebody and Nobody Mallory and Wireless
Expected Arrival Heather and Montag
Three's A Crowd Brian, Colette and Delilah
Killing Business Amato, Ethan, Munin and Sylar
Mio Fratellino Romero Romero and Teo
Horrible Company adam and Elle
After Naivete Abby and Teo
Did You Just Ask Me Out On A Date? Abby, Elisabeth, and Trask
Friday Night Fever Brian, Cat, Conrad, Elisabeth, Helena, Jennifer, and Trask
11/08 Bugger Cat and Teo
Confession Amato and Munin
The Reason for the Name Hana and Teo
Trust Is Like Ice Cream Gillian and Sylar
If You're Happy And You Know It Deckard, Huruma and Magnes
Stand In The Rain Helena and Peter
Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood Elisabeth and Trask
Black and White Christian and Wireless
The Murderer Or The Madman Christian and Teo
Two Years Gone Brian, Colette, Delilah, Elisabeth, Erim, Heather, Helena, Isabelle, Karl, Melinda, Pam, Teo and Ygraine
Considerations Colette and Ygraine
Son of a Bitch Conrad and Elisabeth
On Proximity of Friends and Enemies Hagan and Peter
Moonlit Sonatas Eve and Sylar
Don't Shoot The Messenger Abby, Eve, Hana, Helena, and Teo
Unorthodox Rooftop Party Amato, Dina, Elias, Ethan, Sylar and Wu-Long
Primal Gillian, Gladstone, Mischa and Sylar
Schroedinger Gillian and Sylar
11/09 Jump Montag and Sabra
The Extra Mile Anselm and Colette
Revelations and Reunions Eve, Jezebel, Mallory, and Brian
Wife Number One Jillion And One Elle and Montag
A Tainted Touch Claire and Kazimir
The Howell Family Ethan
Turnabout Amato, Dina, Ethan, Munin, Sylar
Private Care Dina, Kazimir, Munin and Sylar
11/10 That's So Johnny Snow Gillian and Sylar
Pharmaceutical Philosophies Amato and Eve
Being Thirteen Elisabeth and Teo
Fixing It Up Eve and Jezebel
IOU adam, Elle, Huruma and Montag
The Doctor Is Out Elle and Peter
So Much Melted Ice Cream Amato, Munin, Odessa and Sylar
Welcome to the Vanguard Ethan, Kazimir, Odessa, Sylar and Wu-Long
If I Were Special... Abby and Colette
Guilt Colette and Jennifer
Haven't Failed Yet Bryan, Haitian, and Sabra
Midnight Oil Peter and Sabra
Hello, Goodbye Brian, Helena, and Peter
11/11 Gifts Dina, Munin and Sylar
Closing In Colette and Ygraine
The Painted Paths Kazimir and Sylar
So It Was Written Amato and Kazimir
Not the Perfect House Dad Amato, Ethan, Dina, Munin, Odessa and Wu-Long
Bullet List Bennet, Hana and Helena
Strange Meetings Elvis and Brian
Impulse Amato and Munin
Mens Rea Munin and Sylar
Roses and Pizza Trask and Elisabeth
Clusterfuck Abby, Deckard, Simon and Teo
11/12 Nine Lives Kazimir, Odessa and Sierra
God, That's Vile! Ethan, Odessa and Sylar
How To Sneak Into Carnegie Hall Hana and Helena
Miracles, Massage and Make-overs Abby, Jezebel and Ygraine
School Sucks Elisabeth and Mallory
Smoke and Mirrors Helena and Teo
The Bikers' Club Elvis, Hana, and Jezebel
Reunions Abby, Alexander, Brian, Helena, Jennifer, and Teo
A Kind Gesture Deckard and Felix
Under A Pale Moon Huruma and Munin
From Frying Pan to Fire Felix, Munin and Peter
Rearrangements Kazimir, Munin and Sylar
Repercussions Munin and Sylar
11/13 Kiss And Make Up Christian and Teo
Strangers Elisabeth and Niki
A Captive Audience Felix and Peter
The New TA Elisabeth and Simon
Tea And Sympathy Helena, Jennifer, and Ygraine
The Morality Police Have Left The Building Abby, Alexander, Cat, Helena, and Teo
An Offer for Eve Bennet and Eve
A New Set of Sins Amato and Sylar
Customer Service Deckard, Sierra, and Wu-Long
A Very Brief Rendezvous Amato and Munin
Pop Ethan and Odessa
11/14 For the Birds Munin
Schroedinger's Cat Cat and Peter
Reversible Ethan, Odessa and Wu-Long
Glad To Be Of Help Helena and Romero
Make Me A List Conrad and Helena
Give It Another Go Christian and Peter
Jamie Chambers Elias and Sylar
Of Snails, Cats and Dog Jezebel and Ygraine
Chivalry Abby, Brian, and Deckard
Worth One Bullet Amato, Dina, Ethan and Kazimir
Blessed are the Doomed Abby and Deckard
Rooftop Serenade Cat and Helena
The Right Choice Abby, Brian, and Helena
Bump In The Night Munin and Peter
Some Courtesy, Some Sympathy, and Some Taste Odessa and Sylar
11/15 It's Cold in Siberia Trask and Eve
Plants and Dreams Eve and Jezebel
Clinch Alexander and Teo
On The Parting Of Ways Alexander, Helena, and Trask
Grey Cells and Waffles Odessa and Sylar
In Need of Help Colette and Munin
Know Not Wisdom or Fear Kazimir and Odessa
Which Peter Was It? Alexander, Cat, and Helena
My Life Sucks Amato, Deckard, Elias and Ethan
Exciting? Interesting. Gillian and Sylar
Dichotomy Munin and Sylar
Moving On Up Elias and Dina
Friends? Elisabeth and Niki
11/16 The Watchmaker's Argument Gillian and Sylar
New Terrorist in Town Isabelle and Karl
On the Clock Brian, Deckard, and Simon
Have Wheels, Will Fall Abby, Eve, Jezebel and Pam
Teachers And Students Amato and Dina
Spies Like Us Gwendolyn, The Haitian, and Rami
Echoes of Fire Colette, Felix, Judah, and Tamara
The Sword of Rebellion Erim, Karl, and Melinda
Terror at Tea-time Abby, Alexander, Grace and Teo
Ghosts in the Shell Odessa and Wu-Long
From PARIAH With Love Dina, Ethan and Odessa
A Little Less Than... Dina and Odessa
Prospective Pet Parent Pam and Rami
11/17 Allegedly adam and Odessa
It's Stupid Cat and Gillian
A Promise is a Promise Munin and Sylar
Doomed To It, Chained To It Hagan and Sylar
Ben From Boston Ben and Simon
Glitter and Rainbows Deckard and Odessa
Multicultural Experience Ethan, Odessa and Wu-Long
Motorcycle Mamas Elvis and Helena
Twice Bitten Alexander, Teo and Trask
Come To Terms Colette
Ken And Barbie's Big Night Out Conrad, Helena, and Kain
The Kiss Heard Round the Roller Rink Simon and Jezebel
Sanctuary Munin, Magnes, Deckard, and Felix
11/18 Display Odessa and Sylar
Job Training Ben, Brian and Ygraine
Of Footlongs and Terrorists Mahoney and Rami
The Notebook Conrad and Deckard
Different People, Different Needs Elle and Peter
See SCOUT Hunt Hagan, Pam and William
Hello, Wrong Number Alexander, Ben, and Helena
Do You Think He Likes Me? Alexander and Helena
The Return Of Xerxes Christian and Teo
Tainted Memories Kain and Zoe
Doubt Amato and Felix
Once Upon A Midnight Dreary Deckard, Felix, Mack, Munin and Sylar
Accommodating Munin, Sylar and Wu-Long
Two If By Land Kazimir
11/19 ... Or I'll Sit In Your Lap Cat, Helena, and Conrad
Big Shot Brian and Simon
What's The Worst That Could Happen? Samir and Teo
Does Not Want Alexander, Ben, Conrad, Helena, Romero, Samir, and Teo
This Way Alexander and Teo
Subtle Deckard, Felix, Pam and Wu-Long
The Blunter Side Kiyoshi and Kenneth
Hypothetically Deckard and Diego
I Think I'm Paranoid Odessa, Peter and Sylar
The Count of Three Gillian and Sylar
11/20 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game adam, Elle, and Huruma
ELVIS LIVES! Abby, Elvis and Teo
Solitary Colette
Lies of Omission Elisabeth and Trask
Far Be It From Me Amato, Ethan, Munin, Odessa and Wu-Long
Misdirection Kazimir
Safety Third Christian and Teo
No Truce Felix and Wu-Long
Go Diego Go Alexander, Brian, Diego, Eve, Hagan, Helena, and Teo
Living Legacy Jenny and Sylar
A Walk In The Park Conrad and Elisabeth
Coffee Klatch Elisabeth, Felix, Abby, and Quimby
11/21 Ignition Isabelle and Peter
Nines, Zeroes, and Newspapers Mohinder, Tamara, and Teo
Hunches And Speculations Gwendolyn, Niki, and Peter
What A Lovely Way To Burn Dina, Elias, Elisabeth, Ethan, Mallory, Teo and Wu-Long
Still Burning Elisabeth, Simon and Wu-Long
Vehicular Manslaughter For The Win Gillian, Gwendolyn, Niki and Peter
Courting Trouble Niki and Elisabeth
Pulse Gillian and Peter
Modes of Operation Elle and Montag
To Peter, From Sylar, With Love Sylar
He's A Liar Gillian and Sylar
Cheap Shot Abby, Christian, Deckard, Magnes and Wu-Long
Time Is Running Out Abby, Alexander, Deckard, Gillian, Helena, Mallory and Peter
Last Kiss Ethan
How to Save the World Ethan and Munin
This Is Fucked Elias
Not Quite Stasi Hagan and Felix
11/22 Any Questions? Kazimir and Sylar
The Healing Miracle Abby, Ben and Teo
The Road Taken Elisabeth and Trask
Promise Me Helena and Peter
Magnum XXL Christian and Deckard
Bypass Elle and Peter
For The Good Of Everyone Elle
Easily Done Cat and Hana
The Beginning of Something Troublesome Conrad and Marla
Chasing Rainbows Grace and Kent
Hold Your Liquor Brian, Cat, Claire, Conrad, Helena, Owen, and Rosa
11/23 Witness Protection: It Sucks Conrad, Deckard, Hana and Teo
Black and Blue Ben, Elle, and Hagan
Bike Lesson Elvis and Helena
The Plate Spinners Rami, Felix and Pam
Quiet Now Alexander and Teo
Something Said Sylar and Zachery
11/24 Hot Dogs And Irony Dina and Helena
Do A Fairy A Favor Felix and Marla
Welcome Home, Honey Elle, Gwendolyn, Hugh, Mohinder, and Niki
Taken on Faith Abby, Elvis and Teo
The Writing in the Dust Amato
Every Confidence Rami and Mohinder
11/25 Late Teo and Wu-Long
When You're Gone Munin and Wu-Long
Their Weaknesses Ethan and Odessa
Expletive Deleted Abby, Conrad, Deckard and Hagan
Think Outside The Box Alexander, Ben, and Helena
Knitting Needle Stab Wounds Claire and Teo
The Radio Star Is Dead Again Casey, Elle, and Hugh
Why Deckard and Teo
11/26 Just Ask Alice Helena and Sylar
The Nature of Fear Cat, Colette, Grace, and Wireless
Datura Odessa and Sylar
Little Sunshine Odessa and Sylar
H8 You So Much Ethan and Dina
Home-Hunting Abby, Alexander, Tamara and Teo
But It's Better If You Do Ethan and Odessa
Ditcher Gillian and Kent
The Nothing Is Coming To Swallow The World Conrad, Helena, and Teo
11/27 Return to Sender Helena and Peter
For The Children Christian and Teo
Said The Spider To The Fly Abby, Brian, Elisabeth, Felix and Helena
Descent Abby, Brian, Helena and Peter
Don't Talk About... Odessa, Sylar and Wu-Long
Something To Be Thankful For Gillian and Sylar
The Cat's Cradle Rami and Tamara
Sad Turkey Abby and Hagan
11/28 Confessions and Nightmares Elisabeth and Trask
Unofficial Business Peter and Sabra
Pity Party Pie Brian and Helena
Muster Hana and Teo
Happy Here Colette and Judah
Not a Stripper Deckard and Jezebel
A Present For Hana Hana and Helena
Echolocation Conrad and Elisabeth
Date Night Hana/Wireless and Mallory
The Wrong Fed Abby, Christian and Teo
Shoulds, Whys, and Why-Nots Odessa and Wu-Long
11/29 Light on Water, Part I Helena and Trent
Lesson to Vanguard Hana/Wireless and Mallory
Where The Bear Shits Ben, Brian, Hagan and Teo
Live Together, Die Alone Brian, Helena, and Peter
Blame Game Brian and Deckard
Complicated Munin and Sylar
A Modicum Of Trust Brian and Teo
Light on Water, Part II Brian, Colette, Conrad, Grace, Helena, Liu, Song and Trent
I'm a Monster Colette, Grace, Judah and Ygraine
All Those Dark Things Gillian and Peter
Harm's Reach Abby, Deckard and Teo
Flint Deckard Saves The World Abby, Deckard and Teo
Enemy Of Your Enemy Gillian, Peter and Sylar
Kisses and Queries Ethan and Odessa
Not An Accident Gillian and Sylar
11/30 After Gillian and Sylar
Colin Farrell Can Probably Skate Abby, Hagan, Pam, Tamara and Teo
At Arm's Length And Holding Abby, Elisabeth, Munin and Teo
That's What I Said Casey and Elle
Secrets Lead to Suffering Abby and Niki
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