Logs for November 2018

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58 logs posted for November 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
11/01 Early Morning The Shit Keeps Coming Avi and Nick
Late Afternoon Finding Ryans Emily and Ryans
Evening Ink on the Line Robyn and Squeaks
Evening Family Is What You Make It Devon, Jared, and Richard
11/02 Late Morning That Nazi Asi and Huruma
Afternoon With A Little Help Delia, Emily, Eve, Ezra, Luther, and Squeaks Hands of Mary
11/03 Late Morning Breaking Fast Devon, Emily, and Jared
11/04 Night Must Be A Full Moon Jim and Megan
11/05 Wee Hours Color Blind Delia and Robyn
Morning Birthday Breakfast Kay
Evening Raise a Glass Asi, Kay, Marlowe, and Monica
11/06 Evening Fake Dating Trope Felix and Ghost
Late Night Hate Medina
11/07 Wee Hours Bomb Scare Emily
Morning Myth Busters Eve, Gillian, and Lene
Afternoon Runaways Berlin, Eileen, and Rory
Night A Miserable Little Pile Of Secrets Monica Garden of Forking Paths
11/08 Noon To Have Your Cake Bolivar and Raquelle
Afternoon Tips and Tricks Eve and Jim
Mid-Afternoon Across the Stream Eve and Gillian Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Twelve Years Gone, Part I Caspian, Donovan, Eleanor, Iris, Joanne, Mira, Niki, Richard, and Weasel
Evening Twelve Years Gone, Part II Des, Eugene, Keira, Lucille, Rex, and Zain
Late Evening Twelve Years Gone, Part III Barbara, Colette, Delia, Kaylee, Lance, Megan, Nick, Rue, Scott, and Tasha
Night A Different Sort of Memorial Cassandra, Emily, Eve, Hailey, Lynette, Nicole, Raquelle, Robyn, and Squeaks
11/10 Morning Code Talkers Brynn, Emily, Lance, Squeaks
Noon Digital Breadcrumbs Alia and Asi Fires of Creation
11/11 Late Afternoon Out of Office Avi
Night Please Refrain From Smoking Chess, Eve, Luther, and Monica Fires of Creation
Night It's Oh So Quiet Kaylee and Luther
11/12 Dawn Cat's Eye Tsai Fires of Creation
Afternoon Nothing Choi, Kenner, and Rhys Dark Below
11/13 Wee Hours Will You Recognize Me? Lucille Garden of Forking Paths
11/14 Wee Hours How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sophia Delia and Nick
11/15 Noon Awkward Family Reunions Berlin and Richard
Afternoon Sissy Dearest Delia, Lucille, and Sofia
Afternoon Project Walkabout Pines and Squeaks
11/17 Morning The Doctor at the Crossroads Richard and Sera Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Thought and Memory Gillian, Kaylee, and Squeaks
Evening Popcorn at Sea Nicole and Pippa Garden of Forking Paths
11/18 Late Morning Snowball Games Brynn, Emily, Jim, Peyton, Sibyl and Squeaks
11/19 Evening Inescapable Huruma and Megan
11/20 Afternoon More of the Gang Arrives Brynn and Weasel
Night The Things That Broke Us Monica and Richard
Late Night Are You Not Entertained? Asi, Eileen, Finn, Logan, Lucille, and Sasha
11/21 Mid-morning Strange Things Are Afoot Atticus, Cassandra, and Richard
11/22 Evening Que Sera Sera Des and Mara Garden of Forking Paths
11/24 Late Evening Will You Call My Name Delia, Njorun, and Ryans
11/26 Afternoon Hypocupremia, Part II Colette, Huruma, Lucille, Rue, and Ryans Hunters
11/27 Afternoon Wolves In The Library Berlin, Emily, and Squeaks
Afternoon Printing Errors Gillian and Squeaks
Evening Bibliopaths and Beer Jonathan and Marlowe
11/29 Late Afternoon A Present for Everyone Brynn, Geneva, Hailey, Lance, Squeaks and Weasel
Evening The Sectioning Solution Asi and T.Amas
11/30 Morning Double-Edged Litany Hana and Jiba Fires of Creation
Morning What Alice Found There Alia, Barbara, Kaylee, and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Night When You're Done Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Evening The Sectioning Solution Asi and T.Amas
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